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Yonsei University Korean Language Program

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Why Learn Korean From Yonsei University

Korean Uni & Language Center Online Application – Yonsei example

Yonsei University is one of the top universities in South Korea. It is also one of the top 100 universities in the world, according to QS World University Ranking. Every year international students from various countries are taking Korean language program at Yonsei University, both online or on campus. There are around 1,600 people from 60 countries taking the regular Korean program on campus each year.

Its Korean Language Institute has been established since 1959.

Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

The Yonsei UniversityKorean Language Institute provides instruction in Korean as a foreign language for international students and businesspeople in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul.

Established in 1959, over 62,000 students from more than 120 countries have studied at Yonsei KLI.

Most students have come from Japan , United States or China .

As of May 2022, the newly formed Teachers Union of Yonsei KLI has begun publicly protesting against the institute administrations expectation of free labor. Students have generally voiced solidarity with the union protests, which are ongoing.

Study Korean At The Most Popular Korean Language Institute At Yonsei University

These days, many people wish to come to Korea to study and learn Korean, but figuring out the process as a foreigner can be difficult.

Today we will go over the curriculum and application process for Yonsei University’s language program, which is the most popular one in Korea.

Creatrip offers a convenient to use service for applying, so keep on reading to find out more!

*This post would be best viewed on a computer browser as it handles more complex information.

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Korea Universityyonsei University Rivalry

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Korea UniversityYonsei University rivalry

Native name
Football, baseball, basketball, rugby, ice hockey
  • Korea University
  • Yonsei University

The KoreaYonsei rivalry is the college rivalry between two universities located in Seoul, South Korea, Yonsei University and Korea University. Located within the same city, the campuses are only thirty minutes apart. Korea University’s symbol and mascot is the Tiger and Yonsei University’s is the Eagle. Hence, match-ups between the two institutions are referred to as “Tigers vs Eagles”.

A long-running gag between the two universities is the order of the two universities when referring to the rivalry. Yonsei University refers to it as the “Yonsei-Korea” rivalry , whereas Korea University refers to it as the “Korea-Yonsei” rivalry . The order of which university is mentioned first in official reports depends on who is the designated away team for that year.

Compliance With University Policies

Yonsei University

– Registering as a Yonsei student constitutes a commitment by the student to abide by University policies, rules and regulations, including those concerning registration, academic performance, student conduct, health and safety, use of the libraries and computing resources, university facilities, and the payment of fees. – Students should take responsibility for informing themselves of applicable University policies, rules and regulations. Academic departments and other divisions of the university communicate essential and timely information to students through the University homepage bulletin board. It is the responsibility of the student to check these announcements that may affect his or her program.

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Creatrip Language School Service Procedure

Keep in mind that the required information and document screening takes 2-5 business days.

The school’s document review takes 2-3 weeks from the date the school receives the documents

If any physical documents are lost or missing, you will need to re-submit them and cover any fees.

If the school requests additional information, you may need to submit additional documents and pay any associated fees.

If you have any other inquiries such as self-isolation policy or dormitory application, please contact

Step 1
Certificate of employment or other training If there is more than a 1 year education gap

*If necessary, additional documents may be requested by school or government agencies

Yonsei University Korean Language Standalone Program

Yonsei University in Seoul is the oldest and most prestigious private university in South Korea. Persevering through generations of political turmoil, this institution is a leading force in the countrys modernization, industrialization, and democratization.

The dynamic capital Seoul is on your doorstep at Yonsei University where you study in a thrilling culturally modern environment. The main campus is spacious, natural, and picturesque, built into a mountain and just minutes from the economic, political, and cultural hubs of Seoul’s metropolitan downtown.

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Sangnam Institute Of Management

The Sangnam Institute of Management was founded in 1999 with the financial support of the Honorary Chairman of LG Group, Cha-Kyung Koo. SIM is affiliated with the Yonsei School of Business, which is one of the leading business schools in Korea. Since its inception, SIM has striven to achieve its founding goal of providing world-class executive education. Each year, Sangnam delivers over 25 executive programs to about 250 companies producing more than 1200 graduates. Over the last two decades, Sangnam has accumulated expertise in executive education and its competence is proven in world-wide rankings. In the Financial Times Rankings for custom programs, Sangnam ranked #70 in the world and the only school in Korea on the list in 2019. For more information, please visit our website.

Extracurricular Activities & Cultural Events

ðstudy Korean in Seoulð°ð· at Korea’s best universityð Yonsei Korean Language Institute ð?

Discover the thrill of young contemporary Korean culture and contrasting traditions in one of the most exciting cities in the world. KLI at Yonsei University serves up first-hand experiences, such as Korean movie nights, cooking classes, pottery sessions, and many cultural exchanges that open the door to this vibrant, young society. A pairing with a Yonsei student unveils Korean life off campus, so you can really immerse yourself in the language and culture around you.

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Global Institute Of Theology


Established in 2015, Global Institute of Theology is an English-language graduate program in theology for international students around the globe, with 35 international students from 14 countries. Located at the Yonsei International Campus in Songdo, Incheon, GIT educates global Christian leaders of emerging Christian countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America to embrace the cultural and theological diversity of the global community.

Majors Offered

Overview Of Korean Language Programs

So, lets just take a look at a typical language program in Korea. Most courses are divided into six levels, and one level is a ten-week course. If a student starts at level 1, it would take them one and a half years to complete the language program. Students can be placed at any level depending on their current level by taking a placement test.

Students who have completed the language course can sufficiently study at a Korean university. Although there might be a little difficulty, of course, most of the language barrier will be gone. Students would need further practice to perfect Korean, a solid foundation can be formed by attending these language courses.

One thing to note is that people of all ages attend these Korean language schools. So, dont worry if you are too old or too young to go. Also, dont worry if your test scores or grades are too low. They basically accept everybody that applies. So, if you want to learn Korean, this is a good way.

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Documents To Submit To The Embassy

Provided by the school
Tuberculosis Certificate *18 countries at high risk for Tuberculosis must submit a certificate, including a chest X-ray, at a designated hospital. For a list of designated hospitals in your country, please contact your local Korean Embassy.*High risk countries: Vietnam, Thailand, China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, East Timor, Kyrgyzstan

* Visas are not guaranteed by Creatrip or the school, so please prepare documents and application carefully and thoroughly.* You must apply to extend your visa every 3 months after entering the country.

Ties With Domestic Professional Sports

Learn to Speak Korean 1

The long-standing athletic traditions of both universities has been tied with domestic professional sports, most notably in football and basketball. Criticism has been directed towards the duopoly of the two universities due to the perception that athletes, especially in domestic football, rely on their alma mater‘s reputation rather than skills to gain a spot in the national team or the institutions having an upper hand in recruiting the country’s best talent.

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Transfer Credits And Equivalent Courses At This University

Check out the courses that previous students have transferred back to UBC in the last 5 years using our Course Search Tool. If you don’t see a particular course you listed, it simply means you need to submit it as a new course request through the Transfer Credit Portal while on your Go Global experience. For more information, please visit the Go Global Transfer Credit webpage.

Online Korean Language Course By Yonsei University

Interested in learning a new language? Why not the Korean language? Yonsei University and Coursera is offering Korean language course. The course is an elementary-level and consist of 5 lessons , you will learn 4 skills, including reading, listening, speaking and writing.

The course focuses on expressions used in daily life dialogue, greetings, introductions, basic conversation, etc. Each lesson will provide pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar lessons and quizzes to evaluate your learning.

Yonsei University is a top-ranked private research institute in Seoul, the heart of South Korea, ranked 85th in QS World Ranking for 2021. Yonsei University also offers 1000 in-campus courses for different degree programs for international students. The acceptance rate is 40% only due to competition and international standards. They also offer various scholarships to continuing and new students.

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Reviews Of Korean Language Schools Tuition And Admissions Information

Here, I will give you a comprehensive review of each of these schools. However, I will just link to the admissions information because that can be found on the university website. I hope that that will make it more convenient for you since you dont have to search for it yourself.

Sogang University Korean Language Education Center

  • Tuition 1,770,000 KRW per semester
  • Since 1990, Sogang University has been offering language courses to students who want to learn Korean. There are over 3,500 students who attend Sogang Language School each year. According to the reviews that Ive read on the internet, this school seems to be the best in Korea. It focuses heavily on the conversation, and the classes are small. One reviewer said that he enjoyed the atmosphere and the small class size. I highly recommend this university if you want to learn conversational Korean more than academic Korean such as grammar and reading .

Yonsei University Korean Language Institute

Ewha Womans University Korean Language Program

To see what other students have to say about their experiences about language school, go to different forums where students share their experiences. I highly recommend Reddit and Quora to get an unbiased opinion. By reading different perspectives, you will know the pros and cons of each language program. That way, you will choose what is best for you.

About The Korean Language Institute Was Established On April 1st 1959 As The First Institute To Provide Intensive Korean Language Courses The Kli Not Only Has Been Offering Korean Culture But Also Played A Role Introducing Korean Culture And History Through Its Language Training To Students Missionaries And Diplomatsall Teachers Are Experienced And Specially Trained To Teach Korean To Non

KLI Program, Yonsei University: Review

The Korean Language Institute was established on April 1st, 1959 as the first institute to provide intensive Korean language courses. The KLI not only has been offering Korean culture but also played a role introducing Korean culture and history through its language training to students, missionaries and diplomats.All teachers are experienced and specially trained to teach Korean to non-native speakers.The attentive KLI staff continually work towards providing an enriched environment for their students.Today, the KLI has turned into a large-scale institute where 160 instructors teach approximately 2,300 students per term. 8,100 studentshave graduated from KLI in the past 62 years and total of 146,520 students from 151 countries have studied Korean at KLI.KLI students come from all over the world and from all walks of life. The result is a lively, international mix of students who provide a stimulating environment for learning the Korean language.

  • Available levelsLevel 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Level 6

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Graduate School Of International Studies


Yonsei GSIS is Koreas leading professional graduate school dedicated exclusively to international studies. With all courses taught in English, GSIS is composed of 400 students and faculty with the highest international student enrollment in Korea. Its dynamic and rigorous curriculum equips students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to excel globally in the private and public sectors.

Majors Offered

GSIS majors are largely divided into three majors. The Korean Studies major offers a Master of Arts and a Ph.D. in Korean Studies. The International Cooperation major offers a Master of Global Affairs & Policy, and a Ph.D. in International Studies. The International Trade, Finance & Management major offers a Master of Global Economy & Strategy and a Ph.D. in International Studies as well as a Ph.D. in Strategy and Organization.


GSIS offers a wide variety of institutional and external scholarships. Institutional scholarships include Merit-based, Need-based, Work-Study, Teaching/Research, and Internship scholarships. External scholarships provide financial aid to international students that include full-tuition waiver and stipend. For more information, you can go to the GSIS website.& nbsp

Benefits Of Using Creatrip Language School Service

After you submit your documents for the language school application, we will review them to be sure that all necessary documents have been turned in.

We will fill out the application form for admission to the language school based on the personal information and documents you provide.

If you pay for the admission fee and tuition through this link, we will deliver it directly to the school, so there is no need to worry about international transaction fees.

*Visa is the student’s responsibility, so please check your country’s Korean embassy website for details on visas.

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Yonsei International Summer School

The Yonsei International Summer School opened its doors in 1985 and since then, YISS has become an integral part of campus life based on a unique blend of Korean and global cultures. YISS offers about 100 courses in 7 different areas for 6 weeks in summer and continues to grow and evolve, accommodating the needs of a rapidly changing student body and meeting the challenges of a fast-paced global society.

Winter Abroad At Yonsei


Yonsei University offers a 6-week winter program at its Sinchon campus for international students who would like to enjoy the winter in Seoul. The winter program is composed of two separate 3-week sessions, with intensive morning coursework and unique afternoon Korean language and Taekwondo classes. During weekends, students can enjoy Korean winter activities. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with your coursework, meeting professors in an intimate setting, and to enjoy the companionship of students from all over the world.

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Yonsei University At A Glance

Yonsei University, along with Seoul National University and Korea University, make up the top three universities representative of Korea, commonly referred to by the acronym “SKY”.

Since it is very close to Hongdae and Sinchon, it is a convenient university for international students.

The campus, while being in a downtown area, is still very spacious and has a leisurely feel to it.

Since Sinchon is right in front of Yonsei, there are many places to shop, eat, and hang out with your new friends!

The largest event at Yonsei is a sports competition against Korea University.

The cheering match is really fierce and fun, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for a great Korean college student experience.

Yonsei University holds writing contests, festivals, and various Korean cultural experience events, so you will have plenty of opportunities to learn more about Korean culture as well as language.

Link to pay application and tuition fees

Top 3 Korean Language Schools Tips And Tuition Fees

If you want to attend a university in Korea or just simply learn Korean, you need to read this article! This is a comprehensive review of top language schools in Korea. These are compiled from various sources on the internet, and this review contains the opinions of people who have actually attended these universities. In this article, I will discuss the overview, the benefits, and the reviews of top Korean language courses available in these universities.

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