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Worksheets For Parts Of Speech

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Parts of Speech English Grammar Lessons and Worksheets

When children study grammar, one of the most basic lessons they learn involves the parts of speech. The term refers to the category to which words are assigned based on how they function in a sentence. Knowing and understanding the parts of speech help children avoid grammar errors and write more effectively.

What Are The Parts Of Speech

Just like a character in a play, a part of speech is to a sentence. All words used in a sentence follow one of the categories of parts of speech. How a word is placed in a sentence to be delivered determines its part of speech.

There are general considered to be eight parts of speech in the English language. Based on frequency of usage they would be nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Nouns give sentences subjects such as things, places, and people names. Verbs tell us what action is taking place. The tense of the verb must always agree with the subject of the sentence. Verbs can also be used to express a state of being. Adjectives are your normal run of the mill descriptive words. We use adjectives all the time to modify nouns and pronouns. Pronouns give us diversity by allow use to replace common names with other names. Without them language would seem much more formal than it does in today’s spoken form. Adverbs basically are you’re main word modifiers . When you need to join something, be it a clause, phrase, or just words, we use conjunctions. Need to really express emotion in your writing, then you need an injection Need to make a phrase? You’ll probably need little words called prepositions.

The Different Parts of Speech

1. Noun

The United States of America is the wealthiest country in the world.

My shoelaces are tied up.

Basketball is playing worldwide.

2. Pronouns

I have a beautiful dress for the festival.

S Of Speech Online Activities

Noun Types Online Practice Activity Here are twenty online practice problems to review types of nouns.

Parts of Speech App Looking for online practice with parts of speech? How about video lessons and user profiles? You might like this FREE parts of speech app. I spent WAY too long building it. I hope that you like it.Parts of Speech App

Parts of Speech Video Game: This is a fun, browser based video game where students play the role of a ninja. The object is to get to the end of each level, while dispatching enemies and acquiring secret powers along the way. Students learn and review parts of speech and sentence structure concepts in a way that rewards them for mastery with in game benefits. I hope that students have fun while learning the parts of speech with this game.

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S Of Speech Activities

There are eight parts of speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, interjections, and articles. Learning to identify each part of speech is essential to mastering how to write standard English. If you are looking for worksheets and activities to help your students better understand parts of speech, youve come to the right place. Check out these parts of speech activities:

S Of Speech Worksheets

Parts Of Speech Worksheets High School Grammar Have Fun Teaching

Learning the parts of speech will help your students better understand how languages work. A strong knowledge of the parts of speech is requisite to language study and also mastering ones own language. Understanding how the parts of speech work will allow students to learn the rules of sentence structure and grammar. I hope that these free parts of speech worksheets will help you achieve your goal.

Ive organized the worksheets on this page based on parts of speech. In order to keep this page from scrolling on forever, Ive only included some of my worksheets. If you are interested in a particular part of speech, like nouns for instance, click the link at the beginning or end of each section to see all of my resources for that topic.

Parts of Speech Worksheets

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The Eight Parts Of Speech

English grammar is composed of eight basic parts of speech:

  • Nouns: Name a person, place, thing, or idea. Some examples are “dog,” “cat,” “table,” “playground,” and “freedom.”
  • Pronouns: Take the place of a noun. You might use “she” in place of “girl” or “he” instead of “Billy.”
  • Verbs: Show action or a state of being. Verbs include the words “run,” “look,” “sit,” “am,” and “is.”
  • Adjectives: Describe or modify a noun or a pronoun. Adjectives give details such as color, size, or shape.
  • Adverbs: Describe or modify a verb, adjective, or another adverb. These words often end in “-ly,” such as “quickly,” “quietly,” and “softly.”
  • Prepositions: Begin phrases called prepositional phrases that describe the relationship between other words in the sentence. Words such as “by,” “to,” and “between” are prepositions. Examples of their use in a sentence include: “The girl sat the lake.” “The boy stood between his parents.”
  • Conjunctions: Join two words or clauses. The most common conjunctions are “and,” “but,” and “or.”
  • Interjections: Show strong feeling. They’re often followed by an exclamation point, such as “Oh!” or “Hey!”

Try some fun activities with your children to help them learn to identify each part of speech. One activity could be using a different colored pencil for each part of speech and underlining them in old magazines or newspapers.

Print out these parts of speech worksheets for your children to complete:

Free Parts Of Speech Worksheets

These grammar worksheets review the different parts of speech they compliment our earlier noun, pronoun, verb, adjective and adverb worksheets.

  • Write a noun for each adjective
  • Identify nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • The articles “a”, “an”, “the”
  • Select the right word: this / that / these / those
  • Select the right word: enough / either
  • Nouns, verbs and adjectives mixed practice
  • Completing stories with the correct parts of speech
  • Introducing conjunctions
  • Coordinating conjunctions
  • Prepositional phrases and their objects
  • Prepositional phrases as adjectives or adverbs
  • Coordinating conjunctions

Sample parts of speech Worksheet

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S Of Speech Vocabulary

Spend some time discussing parts of speech with your students or children. Provide plenty of examples of each. Then, have students complete this parts of speech vocabulary sheet.

For some enjoyable practice identifying parts of speech, pull out some of the children’s favorite books and find examples of the different parts of speech. You could treat it like a scavenger hunt, searching for an example of each.

Hidden Parts Of Speech Worksheets

Grade 6 – English – Parts of Speech / WorksheetCloud Online Lesson

These worksheets were designed to give children a fun way to practice identifying what the part of speech to which many common words belong. Children as young as first and second grade are now learning to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more, and these worksheets allow them to color while they practice!

These worksheets were designed to give children a fun way to practice identifying what the part of speech to which many common words belong. Children as young as first and second grade are now learning to identify nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more, and these worksheets allow them to color while they practice! The patterns and designs presented also assist in giving the children a clue as to what part of speech each word might be, and help the worksheet to be almost self-checking! Please note that careful attention was paid to the reading level of all of the words presented, so that children as young as first grade should be able to successfully complete the worksheets – as long as they have been introduced to the parts of speech on the page. File includes 33 pages – 27 worksheets utilizing over 230 parts of speech words, with reference lists, coloring keys for easy checking and instructions.

nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns , reflexive pronouns, possessive pronouns, conjunctions, interjections

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