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Which Programming Language Is For Artificial Intelligence And Neural Network

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What Is The Best Language For Machine Learning In 2022

Introduction to Neural Networks with Example in HINDI | Artificial Intelligence

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Machine learning is a great example of a technology that has recently come from academia and theoretical studies to practical applications and supporting business activities on a daily basis. With the critical mass gathered, the industry needs to fit the various needs and niches that use different tech stacks.

The key effect of the versatility and applicability of the machine learning-based solutions is the rise in funding and investments. According to the PwC estimations, there are up to $15.7 trillion to gain by 2030 simply by applying AI in global business and economy. Also, the company predicts that the GDP boost by local economies can reach up to 26%.

Source: PwCs Global Artificial Intelligence Study: Exploiting the AI Revolution

But all above can be gained only by a good implementation done by skilledengineers. And thats not that easy to achieve. A data scientist, data engineer, and machine learning engineer are neither easy to find nor cheap. These are highly qualified specialists, who can currently cherry-pick their employer.

Also, data science uses a slightly different tech stack than programming per se – but fear not, we will guide you through the best and most popular options when it comes to AI development!

Which Is Better For Ai Java Or Python

Python is more suitable for Data science and artificial intelligence. AI developers prefer Python over Java because of its simplicity, ease of use, and accessibility. However, a big advantage of Java over Python is in performance. Python is easier to use/learn and offers more simplicity of code generally.

Learn The Best Programming Languages For Ai Today

The proliferation of artificial intelligence has had a major impact on the field of software development, and its importance will continue well into the future. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and related technologies are advancing quickly, and their influence on the lives of people around the world will continue to grow as well. The future is bright for this technology, and software developers who are interested in entering the field should take note. The best is still yet to come, and picking up AI skills can have a major impact on your career.

You have many programming languages to choose from when learning about AI programming, and the best fit for you will depend on how easy or technical you want the process to be. If you already have experience with a specific language, your existing knowledge can provide a great foundation for additional learning. Another option is to look at popular implementations of AI used in the real world what languages are they using?

Learning the skills to develop AI applications is critical for modern programmers. Completing a coding bootcamp, such as Berkeley Coding Boot Camp, can jump-start your coding proficiency and teach you about concepts like artificial intelligence, browser-based programming technologies, server-side development, working with databases and more.

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Google Colab: Removing The Hardware Bottleneck Of Ai Programming

To further complement Pythons offering, Googles Colab service offers free access to cloud-based GPUs to run AI applications.

This is achieved by offering a Jupyter Notebook interface in the web browser that connects to Googles network of GPU resources a valuable tool for any student, researcher, or ML engineer.

Of course, many of the libraries we rely on, ranging from NumPy to PyTorch or Tensorflow, are all supported with Colab that aid in the AI programming pipeline.

Some Of Its Most Popular Libraries Are

Running An Artificial Neural Network On An Arduino Uno

TensorFlow, for machine learning workloads and working with datasets

scikit-learn, for training machine learning models

PyTorch, for computer vision and natural language processing

Keras, as the code interface for highly complex mathematical calculations and operations

SparkMLlib, like Apache Sparks Machine Learning library, making machine learning easy for everyone with tools like algorithms and utilities

MXNet, as another one of Apaches library for easing deep learning workflows

Theano, as the library for defining, optimizing and evaluating mathematical expressions

Pybrain, for powerful machine learning algorithms

Also, Python has surpassed Java and became the 2nd most popular language according to GitHub repositories contributions. In fact, Stack Overflow calls it the fastest growing major programming language.

Java is considered one of the best programming languages in the world and the last 20 years of its use is proof of that.

With its high user-friendliness, flexible nature and platform independence, Java has been used for developing for AI in various ways, read on to know about some of them:

TensorFlowTensorFlows list of supported programming languages also includes Java with an API. The support isnt as feature-rich as other fully supported languages, but its there and is being improved at a rapid pace.

Deep Java Library Built by Amazon to create and deploy deep learning abilities using Java.

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C And C++: Low Level Implementations

Although C and C++ play a role in artificial intelligence programming, they are often found at low-level implementations of various functions and libraries across higher level programming languages.

If we consider PyTorch for Python as an example, 52.5% of the codebase is written in C++, with 3.1% in C. 62% of TensorFlows codebase is written in C++. 34% of NumPy is written in C.

C++ does have a maintained library for Machine Learning tasks in the form of MLPack, offering a fast and efficient framework with bindings to other languages .

But for the most part, C and C++ are found where functions need to be efficient, especially in large number crunching algorithms.

How To Learn Artificial Intelligence: Top Resources

  • Udemy. Udemy is one of the most popular online learning platforms for learning artificial intelligence. The website is full of free and premium courses teaching beginner to advanced levels of AI development.
  • Coursera. Coursera is a reliable platform for artificial intelligence courses. Most of the Coursera courses are designed by world-class professors. You can also study in certificate programs offered by universities on Coursera.
  • The AI Podcast. If you have access to SoundCloud and love to learn by listening, you can benefit from listening to the AI Podcast. During each podcast, you can learn from machine learning, deep learning, and other AI experts from around the globe.
  • Books. Reading will always be one of the most effective ways to learn something new. Some great books for artificial intelligence are Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach and Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies.
  • . YouTube is great for learning the fundamentals of artificial intelligence because it contains videos and other visual aids that make it easy to follow, all for free. Some great YouTube channels for learning AI are Henry AI Labs, 3Blue1Brown, and Simons Institute.

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Machine Learning Programming Languages

In fact, hiring an AI-related specialist is even more challenging than finding a good software engineer. Both professionals deal with code and computers, but while programming is obscure-yet-understandable, data science can be seen as a black box with little to no knowledge of the process. In the end it is not about programming the computer but teaching the machine to program itself – a whole different story.

Also, while nearly every tech specialist has his or her own intuition about modern programming languages, yet the direct usage and the possible appliances in machine learning of a particular programming language are significantly different. As you can see below.

Python: The Dominant Ai Programming Language

Training my First NEURAL NETWORK in C and SFML – AI Tutorial

The object oriented programming language Python is the number one programming language for AI development in 2021, and therefore the best programming language to recommend for those interested in AI.

We can observe from reliable sources such as the 2021 Stack Overflow Developer Survey that Python stands as the number 3 most popular technology period, only with HTML and JavaScript surpassing it in the rankings.

This popularity is corroborated by the PYPL rankings, where Python is number 1 with an over 10% gap from the number 2 spot, Java.

PYPL measures the popularity of programming languages based on google searches for tutorials of that language.

So not only is Python a well-established general purpose programming language, there are also more software engineers learning it today than any other programming language and this is undoubtedly due to the adoption Python is getting from the artificial intelligence community.

Search results for artificial intelligence projects on GitHub are dominated by Python projects, accompanied by Java projects and Jupyter Notebooks projects with Jupyter Notebook being a valuable tool for executing code in stages while visualising results.

At the foundational level, Python packages like NumPy, Scikit Learn, Matplot Lib and Pandas give the programming language capabilities to perform many calculations as efficiently as possible.

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Top 5 Most Popular Languages For Artificial Intelligence Programming

With a plethora of opportunities for both application and development, it is safe to say that Artificial Intelligence has found a profitable place in the business world.

Even so, the growth we have seen in recent years does not compare with what the near future holds and it is here where it is expected that both companies and developers will be able to make the right decisions regarding the programming languages they will implement in order to develop the full potential of this disruptive technology in their businesses.

What Does Artificial Intelligence Represent In The Business Environment

If you ever wondered why ads on social networks seem designed exclusively for you or why on certain occasions the Uber service is more expensive, you can thank artificial intelligence that, through Machine Learning or machine learning has allowed companies like Facebook, Uber or Airbnb to create algorithms to recognize behavioral patterns, convert them into data and then cross them with others such as: weather, schedule, special dates or current traffic to make autonomous decisions and set the prices of their services dynamically or offer precisely the products that a particular user needs in a timely manner.

If your company is looking to integrate an artificial intelligence solution and undertake its own development, we have created a list of the best programming languages for deploying AI systems that all developers should have in their technology toolkit.

Our top 5 most popular programming languages for producing AI applications:

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Python For Machine Learning

Python is undoubtedly a leader with 57% of data scientists using it and 33% preferring it over other programming languages. The language is elegant, lightweight and as simple to use as a programming language can be.

It is also a versatile language that supports various usages and when used in a proper framework with a good set of libraries it can also power web apps or some heavy scripting in business usage.

Artificial Intelligence Programming For Beginners

Online Course: Basic Artificial Neural Networks in Python from Coursera ...

If you want to work as an AI engineer, the first computer language you should learn is Python. You can start learning other programming languages once you have learned Python and its uses in AI development. The most important programming language for AI developers is Python, and most of them never learn any other languages during their careers.

What programming language for artificial intelligence is the best for beginners?

The majority of these resources are open source, so anyone can use them for nothing. You may install Python packages straight on your computer for little to no money, and there are a ton of online forums where you can get instructional materials. The best method to learn Python is through bootcamps.

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Why Is Python Preferred For Artificial Intelligence Programming

Pythons popularity in artificial intelligence programming is due in part to its rich library ecosystem. Pythons libraries and frameworks streamline coding, provide supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, support the construction and training of artificial neural networks, and much more. These open-source tools also optimize development while reducing overhead costs.

Because Python is highly portable and extensible, it can be integrated with AI systems that are coded in other languages. Python can even execute cross-language tasks, and this flexibility makes it a top choice for artificial intelligence programming. Pythons flexibility also extends to the variety of programming styles the language supports. Python allows programmers to code in an imperative, functional, object-oriented, or procedural stylemeaning you use the programming approach that best supports your AI solution.

Since youre hereCurious about a career in data science? Experiment with ourfree data science learning path, or join our Data Science Bootcamp, where youll only pay tuition after getting a job in the field. Were confident because our courses work check out our student success stories to get inspired.

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Java For Ai And Machine Learning

Java is a popular general-purpose and high-level computer programming language. Its a fast, secure, and transparent language that is supported by different frameworks and libraries. Java stands out from other programming languages because it is easy to debug , user-friendly, and runs on most platforms. Also, Java works well with search engine algorithms, and supports large scale projects.

Java is mostly used to develop desktop application. Its also used in the following areas:

  • Transaction management in banks
  • Needs a JVM to function
  • Expensive memory management

If youre interested in learning Java as a programming language for AI and ML, then head over to the following sites:

Codegym : Codegym is an online programming course that is 80 per cent based on practice. This site is gamified and teaches you all you need to know in order to become a Java developer

Coursera : Coursera is an online learning platform that offers massive online courses, degrees, and specialisation.

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Languages Used In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of human life as we are now highly dependent on machines. Artificial Intelligence is a very important technology to develop and build new computer programs and systems, which can be used to simulate various intelligence processes like learning, reasoning, etc.

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What is a Neural Network | Neural Networks Explained in 7 Minutes | Edureka

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Figure 5.8 Tesla traffic-aware cruise control. Source: Podfeet / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 US.

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C++ For Ai And Machine Learning

Developed in 1983 by Bjarne Stroustrup, C++ is the fastest programming language, perfect for time-sensitive AI projects. Its used in writing applications when performance and proper use of resources are essential. It also gives room for extensive use of algorithms and AI statistical techniques, and supports re-using programs for development.

C++ may not be your first choice when developing an AI application it is, however, perfect for people working in an embedded environment who can’t afford the overhead cost of the Java Virtual Machine.

C++ is used for resource-intensive applications, AI in games and robot locomotion, and rapid execution of projects due to its high level of performance and efficiency.

Prominent AI/ML users: Google. Google makes use of C++ in various areas of search engine optimisation, especially in Google Chrome


  • Better level and efficiency of control


  • Difficult to maintain

Some places to learn about C++ for AI and ML include:

Learn C++ : This free online learning platform is devoted to teaching students how to program in C++.

Solo Learn : Solo Learn is an online learning platform with the largest collection of free code learning content from beginner to pro. Students are free to choose from thousands of programming topics and learn to code on the platform.

Java And Scala: Big Data For Ai Programming

Large amounts of data are required to train AI applications, so the ability to store and process at scale is a key component of any AI based deployment.

For this reason, Java and Scala have gained adoption among machine learning engineers, mostly because of its tight integration with Apache Spark, with its parallel and distributed computing capabilities.

Java Virtual Machine technology also allows these programming languages to be efficiently fast to carry out processor-heavy tasks.

Apache Spark is a powerful data analytics engine for large scale processing written in Scala, making Java arguably the best programming language for scaling large data applications.

Spark comes with its own machine learning library, namely MLlib, hosting a range of tools for common Java machine learning algorithms. Spark also supports Python and R.

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Top 6 Ai Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

Artificial intelligence is an essential element of many software development projects that allows developers to create software that can perceive, learn, reason and solve problems much in the way a human mind operates. Learning how to apply artificial intelligence is critical for many job roles, especially for those interested in pursuing a career in programming.

Choosing the right language can help you get a leg up in this quickly growing field, but many people struggle with where to begin. However, getting a start now can help you ride the waves of change into the future. To help you plan your studies, weve analyzed the major programming languages and identified those which are best suited for artificial intelligence development. As you read, keep in mind that AI is still a relatively new innovation, so whats considered the industry standard in programming today could change over the next few years.

If youre interested in AI programming but unsure where to get started, there are a number of options for anyone wanting to learn to code, including self-teaching applications, coding bootcamps or full-time college degree programs. Below, well cover the top options for learning AI-focused programming, as well as the best languages to learn for AI development.

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