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What Code Language Should I Learn

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How I Drew Conclusions For This Article

Which programming language should you choose?

The original version of this article one of our most popular articles ever was based on both my experiences in robotics and those of my colleagues combined with many opinions that I had found in online forums.

For this updated version of the article, I’ve brought in some more objective data about the most popular programming languages among engineers and the most common programming languages at the time of writing. I’ve also researched the newer languages that have been popping up since the first version of this article.

This new data has changed some of the items on the list, but not much. The same programming languages remain as popular as they were when I wrote the first version.

It’s also worth pointing out that some widely popular languages are not common in robotics. For example, Javascript and PHP are used extensively in web development but hardly at all in robotics.

Benefits Of Learning Python

Python is one of the most chosen programming languages to learn first for its wide use and simplicity. It is a great stepping stone to learning more complex programming languages and frameworks!

Here are the benefits of learning python:

  • Across industries, developers rely on Python for automation, big data, and data mining. It is ideal for general-purpose applications.
  • It is used to develop prototypes. Python is simple, easy to read and work with, and most importantly very versatile.
  • Python is ideally suited for large development projects, first-time developers, and multi-programmers.
  • An entry-levelPython developers annual salary on average is US $ 59,888 and can go up to $111,605 based on experience and skill.

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What Is The Best Programming Language For Machine Learning

Q& A sites and data science forums are buzzing with the same questions over and over again: Im new in data science, what language should I learn? Whats the best language for machine learning?

Theres an abundance of articles attempting to answer these questions, either based on personal experience or on job offer data. heres so much more activity in machine learning than job offers in the West can describe, however, and peer opinions are of course very valuable but often conflicting and as such may confuse the novices. We turned instead to our hard data from 2,000+ data scientists and machine learning developers who responded to our latest survey about which languages they use and what projects theyre working on along with many other interesting things about their machine learning activities and training. Then, being data scientists ourselves, we couldnt help but run a few models to see which are the most important factors that are correlated to language selection. We compared the top-5 languages and the results prove that there is no simple answer to the which language? question. It depends on what youre trying to build, what your background is and why you got involved in machine learning in the first place.

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What If I Learn The Wrong Programming Language

There really is not a wrong programming language to learn. As you can tell from above, there is a demand for programmers with knowledge of any language. The beautiful thing about programming is that finding a job is based on aptitude. The fact that you were able to learn one language means that you are capable of learning another. Once you have learned a language it becomes much easier to learn another, and, the more languages you learn, the easier it is to keep learning more.

Many companies will actually let you pick the language you take your skills and aptitude test in during an interview. This may not even be the primary language they use, but if you can write great code in one language, you can learn to do it in another. This is why there really is no wrong language to learn.

If I Know What Job I Want Already Then What Languages Should I Learn

Which Coding Language Should You Learn?

If I want to become a software engineer

Languages youd learn: JavaScript, HTML, Ruby, CSS

Perfect for: Practical types, tinkerers

What you can do: The ever-reliable engineer. Its the prototypical job in tech, but its a pretty vague term. A software engineer can analyze user needs and use code to create software, fix software, or improve software. Some software engineers call themselves developers and vice-versa

Learning the languages of a software engineer will lead to a lot of opportunities in tech. If you look ahead, you can see these coding languages pop up in other disciplines. For example, its not uncommon for an experienced software engineer to have acquired the skills to become a data scientist.

If I want to become a front-end developer

Languages youd learn: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Perfect for: Creative types, fans of a great user experience, anyone who wants to create a website

What you can do: HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are the front-facing languages of the web. Theres usually some debate about the best languages to learn for a specific career, but everyone agrees on these three for front-end web development. They work in harmony and together create everything you see on the web.

If I want to become a back-end developer

Languages youd learn: PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, SQL

Perfect for: The well-organized, dependable types

If I want to become a full-stack developer

Languages youd learn: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, SQL

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What Are Some Of The Most Popular Programming Languages And What Are They Used For

As you probably know, there are many different programming languages, and what you learn should be based on the type of web development youre interested in pursuing. You should start with a beginner-friendly language and then move on to high-level languages as you hone your skills and expand your toolkit.

We are going to cover the most popular languages, what theyre used for, their pros, cons, job demand, and salary range.

As a side note: The chart above shows the relative popularity based on how many GitHub pulls are made per year for that language. This chart and all the charts below are based on data from GitHut 2.0, created by littleark.


JavaScript is the most popular language among developers and is the best beginner-friendly language to learn. Many developers today start by learning JavaScript because of its versatility. Its often used to build websites, web servers, iOs apps, and other mobile apps. JavaScript is a full-stack language, meaning you can use it server-side as well as in front-end web development. This is a great way to get started programming simply for the fact that you can work on any part of a project using this language.

JavaScript is also very popular because of its simplicity to learn. Its used everywhere on the web because of its speed as it can be run immediately on a client-side browser. JavaScript meshes very well with other languages, meaning you can use it in a wide variety of applications.









Start With Html And Css

Web development is an essential building block in programming. Its a great way to introduce kids to the world of coding, and HTML is the best place to start.

Going straight to programming isnt a bad idea. However, putting kids through a basic markup language like HTML is an excellent springboard. Its a language that tells a web browser how to display web content. HTML tags define web page data and their structures. Browsers then interpret the code and display the website as intended.

HTML is mainly used to tell structural arrangements apart, such as headers, paragraphs, forms, links, etc.

CSS works hand in hand with HTML. Its used to add design properties to HTML elements. For example, it tells the web browser the color, size, and position of a text. It can also be used to describe other things like the background color.

This website and most of its design properties are a product of HTML, CSS, and other languages.

While HTML and CSS are not considered full-blown programming languages, they contain elements that can introduce your kids to coding.

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The 5 Types Of Programming Language

We already know that some languages are either high level or low level, but there’s another key difference we need to be aware of, and that’s how each language functions.

There are 5 types of programming language design architecture:

  • Procedural programming language
  • Logic based programming language

These refer to how the language actually works.

For now you dont really need to know the exact details, but whats important is to understand that each language will work in slightly different ways, depending on which of these 5 designs they are built around.

Maybe they work in a sequence of actions, maybe they call information or tasks from saved states, or maybe they have separate code for different elements etc.

I only mention this here because some people find certain programming types easier to learn than others, and so were also taking that into consideration when we recommend which language to learn.

What Programming Language Should I Learn First In 2022

Which Programming Language Should You Learn First?

Most peoples journey toward learning to program starts with a single late-night Google search.

Usually its something like Learn ______

But how do they decide which language to search for?

They always joke about Java on Silicon Valley. I guess I should learn that.

Haskell. So hot right now. Haskell.

That Go gopher is just so gosh-darn cute.

And then theres the rest of us. Well probably search for something like:

Which programming language should I learn first?

Few questions are so commonly asked that they get the full infographic treatment. But this is one of them:

But before you run off to learn Ruby because you enjoyed playing with Play-Doh as a kid, let me remind you: the stakes are pretty high here.

It will take you hundreds of hours of practice to become even remotely competent with your first programming language.

So you should consider the following factors:

  • the job market for the language
  • the long term prospects for the language
  • how easy the language is to learn
  • what projects you can build while youre learning

Every year brings new programming languages, and with them, new academic papers. And new web comics.

Seriously. Check out this gem from last month:

When it comes to choosing a first programming language, theres no shortage of options. To narrow it down a bit, here are the most common Google searches related to learning programming, over the past 12 years:

Java has had its ups and downs.

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Without Wasting Time Lets Know What Programming Language Should I Learn

Are you trying to build a carrier software engineering section? Or you also want to make a developer that all over the world wants to become or are you passionate enough to enter the programming world.

Then you are at the right place because through this blog you will get the proper guidance of what programming language should I learn.

A programming language is an interesting and vast subject and it has various species that every engineer wants to learn to keep his career in mind.

Before learning the programming language first everyone to make sure in which field they have made their career because the programming language is a very wide subject and is difficult to learn every language with perfection.

No one is perfect in this field because every day there is change in coding because of updation in languages and one should have to stay connected with the programming language over time for better results.

So before learning what and why programming language should I learn to make sure you have the basic knowledge of programming language what programming is and how we should use this and how it works.

Can I Learn Coding At 50 Years Old

Image by

Let me clear up one thing before we get into anything else: you are not too old to code. Beginners of all ages are welcome to learn to code, and there is no age limit. When faced with insecurity and uncertainty, it is sometimes unrealistic for older adults to set a goal for themselves.

While I had always loved coding, I was still unsure how to begin. I knew I wanted to do something with computers, but I was unsure where to start. I decided to learn to code while working as an accountant because thats what I wanted to do. I obtained a job as a Software Developer within a year of enrolling in courses from Codecademy and Udacity. If youre over the age of 50, you can still get a job as a web developer. At the age of 55, Matt Edwards began to pursue a career as a software developer. After taking coding classes in the past, he realized he didnt want to be an accountant any more and made the decision to pursue a career change. Following his study of Codecademy and Udacity, he was able to land a job as a Software Developer in a year. Anyone can become a web developer, regardless of age or educational level. Youre in a great position now to learn and make some changes in your life.

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Finding The Best Programming Language For Your Goals

Why do you want to learn a programming language? Are you programming just for fun? Curious about what coding is like? Trying to build something specific or get a new job? Answering this question is a great way to get an idea of what language might be best to start with.

If youre just learning for fun, pick any language you like! Some popular languages for those starting out include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or Python.

Web development

If youre at the very beginning of your coding journey, you’ll want to learn basic markup languages like HTML and CSS to get your foot in the door. These two are essential to front-end web development and can be used to structure and design attractive web pages with interactive elements.

Learning HTML and CSS is an excellent starting point for those who want to build websites from the ground up. Once youre familiar with HTML/CSS, you can move on to languages and libraries like JavaScript, Node.js, or React to give your website the functionality it needs. Keep in mind that youll need to showcase a diverse portfolio of your past projects to become a Web Developer.

Data science and analysis

Want to analyze data? SQL is great for data management, and Python and R are good starting places for data visualization. Ruby, JavaScript, and Python are useful for automating tasks.

If you dont know any developers personally, create a thread in the Codecademy forums or our to ask for advice.

Top 10 Programming Languages To Learn In 2022

8 easiest programming language to learn for beginners in 2020 (With ...

A programming language refers to the means of communication that is used by humans to instruct computers to perform specified tasks. These languages use particular coding syntax to create programs to perform specialized tasks. Software programming is a lucrative career option. As per the survey, programming jobs are expected to rise by 21% by the year 2028. Wikipedia claims that there are around 700 programming languages. So deciding which one to learn can be confusing.

To add to more confusion new and better programming languages are added to the list every year. But dont worry we are here to rescue you. After taking into consideration career perceptive, future demands, business requirements, and features of different programming languages we are here with our list of ten programming languages.

In this blog, we will discuss the top 10 programming languages to learn in 2022. So lets get started.

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Average Salaries For The Most In

The salary data for each language is focused on the United States, and is based on the average between salaries reported on Indeed and Glassdoor. Because TypeScript had limited salary data, it was not included on the list and can be considered similar to the salary for JavaScript.

For beginner coders its important to note that these are average salaries, and not to be expected at your first job. However, successful engineers can expect to meet or exceed the salaries listed below within a couple of years.

Benefits Of Learning C#

C# is often regarded as one of the most versatile programming languages ideal to build robust applications across the ecosystem. It is object-oriented and the learning curve is not steep, making it perfect for beginners.

  • C# is very versatile and allows engineers to build applications that run in the .NET ecosystem
  • Engineers who are well versed in C and C++ can easily master C#, they do not need any special training
  • C# is a natural fit for building dynamic websites and applications. As it is object-oriented websites built using C# are easily scalable and very efficient
  • According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a C# engineer is US $89,000 a year.

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Which Coding Language Should I Learn First

Code Fellowsâ own vice president of education, Brook Riggio, breaks down the differences between coding languages and shares his suggestions about which language you should learn first.

One question we hear a lot from people interested in joining the tech industry is, âWhich coding language should I learn first?â Depending on who you ask, you may find discrepancies in the answers to that questionâand for good reason. There are something like 700 coding languages in existence to play with and dozens worthy to master for professionals. No wonder taking that first step can be so intimidating.

But stepping into tech doesnât need to be a scary thingâcoding is for everyone, and weâre here to help you make your way from a beginner to a professional developer. If youâre looking for a quick answer to which coding language to learn first, weâd say itâs JavaScript . But itâs more nuanced than that. Below, we go over some of the most popular programming languages currently used in the software industryâspecifically in Seattleâand why JavaScript is our top pick.

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