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What Are The Best Coding Languages To Learn

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Best Programming Languages To Learn: The Rest Of The Pack

The Best Programming Language to Learn First in 2021

Below are the other programming languages that round out the top 10 list. Although these are not as sought after as the above languages, there is still a great deal of demand for C, C++ and C#, as well as PHP, Perl and Ruby.

Many legacy systems are built using these languages, so the need for engineers to maintain and improve upon those systems remains high. Additionally, the dwindling talent pool for some of these languages can cause salaries to rise as companies compete to find the few and best engineers.

Average Salaries For The Most In

The salary data for each language is focused on the United States, and is based on the average between salaries reported on Indeed and Glassdoor. Because TypeScript had limited salary data, it was not included on the list and can be considered similar to the salary for JavaScript.

For beginner coders its important to note that these are average salaries, and not to be expected at your first job. However, successful engineers can expect to meet or exceed the salaries listed below within a couple of years.

Top Programming Languages To Learn

The best programming languages to learn are those currently in high demand. The following programming languages were determined using several qualifiers. They often offer , are versatile for several positions and are likely to remain in demand for a long time.

Here are seven programming languages to consider learning:

Please note that no entity or company mentioned in this article is affiliated with Indeed.

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Programmming Skills Are In Demand

David Dodge gives 10 compelling reasons that kids should learn to code and another 5 reasons why coding is more important than you think. The key takeaway is that, as the world of industry becomes more automated, computer science graduates are going to become increasingly in demand, while other sectors cut back on staff.

Coding is now required in more and more university courses and not just those that are specifically Computer Science based. Computer Science graduates are in high demand, and can command higher starting salaries than almost any other degree.

Due to the increase in the use of technology in all sectors, its estimated that graduates in Computer Science will have better employment prospects and more career flexibility in future. For this reason, more and more students are choosing to study Computer Science, with a 7.6% increase in the UK in 2020. This is a trend thats set to continue as the need for computer workers grows in almost every industry.

The high demand for computer graduates has also had a positive effect on salaries. As can be seen in the graph below, they have been growing year on year and are forecast to continue growing.

In conclusion, teaching your kid to code provides them with a valuable skill in every sense of the word!

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Wrapping Up And Next Steps

Tech Fishy

Whether youre just getting started or youre just wanting to learn a new programming language, Educative is here to help. Our curated courses and tutorials help you master new coding languages and skills and prepare you for real-world software development. Our courses are hands-on, including interactive code widgets directly in your web browser. Get started with a new language today with one of our From Scratch courses. Some options include:

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Benefits Of Learning C#

C# is often regarded as one of the most versatile programming languages ideal to build robust applications across the ecosystem. It is object-oriented and the learning curve is not steep, making it perfect for beginners.

  • C# is very versatile and allows engineers to build applications that run in the .NET ecosystem
  • Engineers who are well versed in C and C++ can easily master C#, they do not need any special training
  • C# is a natural fit for building dynamic websites and applications. As it is object-oriented websites built using C# are easily scalable and very efficient
  • According to Glassdoor, the average pay for a C# engineer is US $89,000 a year.

From Java To Python These Language Skills Are In The Highest Demand For It Employers

Be well-versed in these programming languages.

There are hundreds of programming languages out there, from the well-known to the ultra-obscure, and gaining fluency with one or more is a must if you want to make yourself a hot ticket for employers and score awesome coding jobs.

Sure, there are plenty of colleges and universities offering coding courses and degrees, along with tech bootcamps for those who want to learn outside of traditional university settings. But deciding where to specialize can be a daunting choice for beginning codersas well as more experienced ones who want to stay on top of the latest trends in the IT world.

Fortunately, it doesnt have to be. CyberCoders, one of the countrys leading IT recruiting firms, compiled data to determine the five most sought-after coding language skills for job seekers.

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What Coding Language Should I Learn

We have to consider multiple factors before concluding on one answer. You need to first analyze your requirement, why are you trying to learn a programming language, and what you wish to achieve. Once that is clear you could consider one from this list below:

  • If you are a beginner and looking for something easy and widely used: Python
  • Looking for a strong foundation to make you a master developer in the future: C, C++, C#
  • Are you looking for a developer job or want to make mobile applications using a robust language: Java
  • Want to try front-end development but also want the language to be versatile for backend, mobile applications, and game development: Javascript
  • Are you programming for your startups website and looking for a reliable programming language that has consistent processes: Ruby

Benefits Of Learning Javascript

Top 10 Programming Languages In 2021| Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2021 | Simplilearn

The biggest concern that most developers have is the number of languages they need to learn. One for frontend, one for backend, one for mobile apps, and a whole other one for game development. Needless to say, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming. What is the solution to this? What Coding Language Should I Learn to solve all these problems? The answer is.. Javascript!

What are the benefits of learning Javascript:

  • Gone are the days when Javascript was only used for basic website development. It is now an integral part of websites and applications, nearly 95% of them
  • It is the default language of the internet. Therefore, you can run and test your code in the browser. There is no need to create a special development environment or any kind of setup in a text editor.
  • Versatile and is used in big data, cloud development, frontend, backend, blockchain, machine learning, AI, automation, and a whole lot more!
  • In the United States, JavaScript developers earn an average yearly salary of $117,576 per year, as per Indeed.

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Are You Ready To Discover Your College Program

Programming languages operate at the foundation of coding, computer programming, software engineering, and related positions. There are many programming languages, and you will likely need to learn multiple languages over the course of your career.

According to StackOverflow’s 2020 developer survey, the most in-demand and commonly used programming languages are JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL. Python and Java round out the top five.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers‘ publication, “Spectrum,” reported in 2022 that the top languages were Python, C, C++, C#, and Java.

Weighted rankings also indicated Python was the top trending language. SQL is the best programming language to learn when impressing future employers.

Figuring out the top programming language to learn may seem daunting. By understanding how these languages work, relate to one another, and apply within computer technology, we can help you decide.

What Are The Different Types Of Programming Languages

Every programming language is different. While each programming language has its unique syntax, how its written, run, and compiled can change everything.

Kinsta spoiled me so bad that I demand that level of service from every provider now. We also try to be at that level with our SaaS tool support.

Suganthan Mohanadasan from @Suganthanmn

Many developers prefer to work with certain types of languages. Its also a lot easier to migrate between similar languages, so the first programming language you learn matters.

So what are the different types of programming languages? Theres a difference between scripting and programming languages? Lets take a look.

You should also note that many people just use programming languages to refer to all coding languages as a whole. A scripting language is a specialized programming language, but not all programming languages are scripting languages.

Not all languages below are programming languages in the strictest sense, but theyre all used for coding.

Its time to dive in!

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What Coding Language Should I Learn First

Picking the right programming language when you are just starting is not easy. You need to understand what sets each coding language apart. And most importantly, you must see what will help your career flourish. The first coding language you learn is your first exposure to the world of IT and programming. It has the power to help you fall in or out of love with the entire space!

Most Popular Programming Languages List

Learn to Code: What
Widely used in data analysis, machine learning, and general statistical computing amongst others. Easy to moderate to learn. Rating: 3.5/5 Not as popular as the other major programming languages. Rating: 3/5
Solidity Used for smart contract development, decentralized applications, etc. Relatively easy to learn, however, it is a new language and may have limited support compared to other languages. Rating: 3.5/5 Popularity is limited to the growing blockchain ecosystem. Rating: 3/5

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Popular Programming Languages To Choose From

If youre considering a career in coding, stick to mainstream languages when youre getting started. They generate the highest demand in the tech industry, with most job openings listing them as required skills for entry-level developers.

Heres a list of some of the most popular programming languages and what theyre used for:


C++ is a powerful, all-purpose programming language used for building applications with faster performance and far more effective scalability. In fact, the basic foundation of most Windows software was written in C++.

C++ is ideal for managing resource-heavy applications, like web browsers, operating systems, desktop apps, cloud computing, and even video games. Its used in a variety of industries, including VR, robotics, software and game development, and scientific computing. The key features of this language are its cross-platform hardware support and adaptability to a changing internal environment.


C# is Microsofts programming language. Being one of the most popular languages, it has since been adopted into the Windows, Linux, and iOS and Android platforms. C# is also known for having a huge collection of libraries and frameworks.

Its often the language of choice for game developers and mobile app creators, though its also used in enterprise software like Azure and IoT. If youre interested in game design, youll most likely encounter C# when building assets in the Unity engine for a new game.





The 11 Easiest Programming Languages To Learn According To Developers

Considering a career as a developer?

The first step is deciding which programming language to learn. Programming languages allow developers to tell computers what to do. Each language comes with its own advantages, and many of their functions overlap. And with over 600 languages to choose from, it can be hard to figure where to start.

The good news is, there are a few languages that stand out amongst developers as go-tos for beginners. So, to make your decision a little easier, lets explore 11 of the easiest programming languages to learn.

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The 5 Easiest Programming Languages To Learn

Getting started on your path to becoming a programmer or software developer can feel a bit intimidating. There are a lot of programming languages, frameworks, and technologies available, and choosing the best options to learn in the beginning can be difficult.

Finding the best programming language for you depends on what you want to achieve with your programming knowledge. Are you looking for the easiest programming language to learn? HTML can help you get started. Do you want a universal language thats applicable in many contexts? Python could be a good choice for you. Understanding your goals can help you decide where to focus your efforts to help achieve your career aspirations.

This list of the easiest programming languages to learn can help you determine where to get started on your coding journey.

Most Important Coding Languages To Learn

The Best Programming Language To Learn In 2020

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What Is The Difference Between Programming And Coding

In short, coding is a part of programming. Coding involves using programming languages to translate human instructions into a language machines understand.

Coders design, write, and test code using specific symbols and keywords. Much of what coders do is trial and error to find an operational code that gives proper instructions.

Programmers plan, develop, and maintain programs that use code. Programmers often know how to code, but their skills to organize and structure programs are more crucial.

They use a multi-stage process that includes creating outlines, designing algorithms and flowcharts, applying complex rules and syntax, and testing and documenting software performance.

Programming Languages Vs Scripting Languages Vs Markup Languages

At this point, it is worth mentioning that every language fits into a specific category.

There are three categories of languages:

  • Programming languages
  • Scripting languages

Programming languages are used for writing logical sets of instructions for computers to execute and solve a problem.

Programming languages are written in a human-readable form but get converted to machine code .

And this conversion happens with the help of a compiler, which fully translates at once all the instructions written in a high-level programming language into something the computer’s CPU can easily understand.

Once the instructions are in a machine-readable form, the computer executes them, and they can run on the machine.

Scripting languages go hand in hand with programming languages you can think of them as a subset or subcategory of programming languages.

The main difference between programming and scripting languages is how each gets compiled.

Scripting languages get intrerpreted rather than compiled.

Scripting languages use an interpreter which translates each instruction, executes it, and then moves on to the next instruction and continues to do the same line by line instead of all at once as a compiler does.

are presentational languages and not programming or scripting languages. They are entirely different since they don’t involve logical processing.

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What Programming Language Should You Learn First

Thinking about learning to code but not sure where to start? One of the most common questions we hear is, What programming language should I learn first?

The answer is: it depends. As Web Developer Pat DePuydt explains in the video below, the tech industry changes fast. And, with over 600 possible languages to choose from, it can feel daunting to find the one that best suits your needs.

Still, it basically comes down to what you’re looking to achieve. Here, well explore some of the most popular languages so that you’ll have a better idea of which one is right for you.

But, before we dive into different programming languages, let’s first address some common questions.

How To Learn Web Development

8 easiest programming language to learn for beginners in 2020 (With ...

Now that you know a lot more about how to find the best coding language to learn for yourself, you might be considering entering deeper into web development itself

Learning to program for the web can happen in two major waysyou go to school and enroll in a web development course, or learn web development as part of your Computer Science degree, for example. The other option is to take the self-taught route.

These two paths are highly dependent on you as a person and the other things youre currently involved in in your life.

Finding the best way that will work for you is the most prudent approach. If you are working, then part-time, self-paced online courses might be your best bet. If you are a student with a winter break, a short online coding bootcamp might be the best way to go.

You mightnt have the money to pay for any courses, and therefore your option would be learning from free YouTube videos, books, free coding classes, and articles.

The most important thing is to ensure that you get good learning resources that will help you learn coding concepts with increasing complexity.

As soon as you start to master the basics, for example, data structures and algorithms, you should start to practice via simple coding challenges. Depending on your learning resources and methods, you might find them integrated into your learning material. If not, find sites where you can participate in coding challenges like CoderByte or leetcode, for example.

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