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Data Collection And Processing

University of Pittsburgh, English Language Institute

Originally, the collected data resided on a server: relational data and textual data were kept in a MySQL database, and all external files that went with them such as MS Word documents and recorded audio files were stored separately.A web interface running MySQL query with a drop-down menu then let researchers specify parameters of their interest and access textual and audio data. However, issues with server maintenance and advancement in tools for corpus analysis brought us to the adoption of a different approach: publishing the textual portion of the dataset in the form of .csv files, which researchers can then analyze in full with the aid of Python or R.

Linguistic Processing Of Text

Finally, the last stage involved adding interpretive layers to the text, i.e., some basic levels of linguistic information such as number of tokens, tokenization, part-of-speech tags, and lemmatization.

TokenizationFor tokenization, we adopted NLTK’s scheme based on Penn Treebank, which has long been the standard within the natural language processing community and therefore will be crucial in being able to apply popular NLP applications to our text. We augmented this scheme by applying additional pre- and post- processing. The pre-processing normalized punctuation, which as one might expect was highly irregular in learners’ writing contributing to tokenization errors. In post-processing, we further broke up punctuation and tokens that were not properly tokenized apart. Importantly, we selectively broke up hyphenated tokens that should not be treated as a single lexical item. In deciding what constitutes a single lexical unit and what does not we consulted the list of to 100,000 frequent words from the Corpus of Contemporary American English , determining those found in the list to be in the former group.

There was one remaining issue with adopting NLTK’s tokenization scheme: it famously separates out all symbols and punctuation into their own tokens , which means its token count will be greatly inflated compared to what’s commonly thought of as “word count” in general and further the concept of “text length” within the SLA community.

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English As A Second Language Programs Of Study

Our non-credit classes are available to learners of English who are:

  • overseas and want to come to the University of Pittsburgh to improve their English
  • in the City of Pittsburgh and surrounding areas or anywhere in the US
  • studying at an English program in the US but want to transfer to our program
  • students, staff, and faculty at the University of Pittsburgh
  • For classes in the Intensive English Program and the Speaking & Listening for Communication course, University of Pittsburgh employee education benefits may be available for eligible faculty, staff, librarians, research associates, and post-doctoral research associates and scholars, as well as their spouse/domestic partner and dependent child.

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The University Of Pittsburgh English Language Institute Corpus

Version 1.1Contact:

This repository contains the dataset, as well as additional tools and tutorials, for the University of Pittsburgh English Language Institute Corpus .

Corpus citation:Juffs, A., Han, N-R., & Naismith, B. . The University of Pittsburgh English Language Corpus .

Classes And Skills Developed

ELI Night 2

The program focuses on developing language skills for academic, professional and personal needs.


  • writing essays and research papers


  • developing comprehension skills for understanding lectures

  • understanding authentic audio and video

  • increasing comprehension of conversational English


  • learning to understand grammar in listening and reading

  • using appropriate grammar to communicate effectively in speaking and in writing

The first week of the program includes several orientation sessions the last week of the program includes final exams and a closing ceremony. All students receive a final grade report. Students who successfully complete a course will receive a certificate of attendance.

Students should be prepared to use their own laptop or device for assessments completed during class and for final exams. A limited number of laptops may be available for students to borrow for an 8-hour period from the University Library System and Pitt IT.

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English Language Institute At The University Of Pittsburgh Torch Education


: English Language Institute at the University of Pittsburgh

: Intensive English Program, , Summer Programs, Community Education Courses, Custom-Designed Programs

Intensive English Program

Application Process And Deadlines

  • Submit a completed application and pay the required entrance exam fee by the appropriate deadline.
  • The ELI will contact the applicant to schedule an entrance exam.
  • The applicant completes the entrance exam.
  • The ELI contacts the applicant with the results of the entrance exam and provides instructions for how to pay the application fee.
  • After the application fee is paid, the applicant will receive an acceptance letter to the IEP and an I-20 if applicable.
  • Please note that admission to the ELI does not include admission to a degree program at the University of Pittsburgh. For information about conditional admission and language proficiency waivers that are available to ELI students, visit our Application page.

    for more information about the Intensive English Program or if you have questions about the application process.

    For more information about the ELI’s accreditation, visit:

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    Eli Students And Teachers

    First and foremost, we wish to thank and acknowledge the students of the ELI for their spoken and written contributions to PELIC, and for graciously allowing us to publicly share this data. We hope that the research stemming from their work will improve the quality of learning and teaching for other students in similar contexts who are striving to attain academic readiness.

    We also wish to thank the teachers and administrators of the ELI for their assistance in diligently collecting the data from the students.

    Estudiar Ingls En Pittsburgh: English Language Institute University Of Pittsburgh

    The English Language Institute (ELI) at UTEP: Ready to Make Your Experience a Remarkable One

    El instituto de lenguas en la Universidad de Pittsburgh ofrece cursos de inglés como segunda lengua a estudiantes internacionales con distintos propositos. El Instituto tiene una rica selección de cursos para ayudar a sus estudiantes alcanzar sus metas académicas. Los estudiantes aprenderán de profesores experimentados, harán parte de una Universidad prestigiosa y participarán en actividades fuera de la Institución.

    Instituto: Instituto de Inglés, Universidad de PittsburghDirección: Parkvale Building, Room M13, 200 Meyran Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pensilvania 15260, Estados UnidosTeléfono: 412-624-5901

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    Welcome To The Summer Language Institute

    Welcome to the Summer Language Institute’s website!

    Please visit our program pages for the details, including dates, costs, scholarship opportunities in each out our ten languages. Prospective program participants are welcome to subscribe to our mailing list below or to email us directly at with your questions about the institute, our application process, or your individual situation and learning goals. If you are exploring funding options for prospective participation at SLI 2022, you may wish to consult the list of scholarships on our Funding Your Study page.

    Our applications are no longer automatically accessible on our program pages, but students interested in beginning a late application should email us at to inquiry whether there is space in their program of interest and whether rush processing of their application will be possible.

    SLI is currently making plans for a combination of in-person, online and abroad programs at the 2022 institute. Format options are given on our program pages, but, as formats may be adjusted to respond to travel circumstances and student demand, applicants are also welcome to reach out to us with questions or to discuss whether their language and level is under consideration for online participation.

    Why Study English At Chatham

    Students attending the Chatham ELP greatly benefit from excellent and caring teachers a conversation partner program and many activities to improve English a beautiful and safe campus centrally located in Pittsburgh, access to all facilities and services on campus, including free bus services and easy access to world-famous attractions such as Niagara Falls, Frank Lloyd Wrights Fallingwater, and Washington, D.C.

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