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Text To Speech App For Windows

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Imb Watson Speech To Text

Tutorial: Free Text-to-Speech Windows App (Balabolka)

IBM Watson Speech to Text is a cloud-based speech to text recognition software. It has the option to transcribe in real-time, as well as the ability to download multiple audio files and then transcribe and translate them collectively.

The app has features that allow you to use smart formatting, timestamps and implement editing for technical words, acronyms, and numbers.


  • The app is easy to install and use
  • It has a feature for smart formatting
  • The software allows you to process multiple audio files at one point in time


  • The app may be considered expensive
  • Its ability to recognize multiple speakers may be a bit complex to use


The software costs 80 USD per month or 960 USD per year.

Speechify An Alternative To Narrator

Those who are looking to get something more out of their text-to-speech app should check out Speechify, one of the most popular TTS apps available today. Speechifys API was initially designed to assist those struggling with dyslexia and reading difficulty, but anyone can benefit from its many amazing features.

Currently, Speechify supports over fourteen different languages, and there are many AI voices and accents for each language. One of the main advantages of Speechify is that the app is so intuitive and easy to use, but tutorials are available if you want to get the most out of it.

Thankfully, you wont need to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how things work. Instead, you will be able to use it as soon as you download it on your device. The app works on Windows devicesas well as Android and Apple devices that support iOS and MacOS .

What makes Speechify the best text-to-speech software is its natural-sounding voices. High-quality voices are designed to sound as if a real human was reading the text, and it is one of many reasons why Speechify is a go-to app for users across the globe. You can also easily customize the voices to your preference!

Speechify additionally offers OCR or optical character recognition, which means that it can analyze a and convert the written text into wav or mp3 files. Most apps allow you to use standard programs like Microsoft Word or , but Speechify can process nearly every type of text file you can think of.

Basic Navigation With Tab Key Arrow Keys And Keyboard Shortcuts

With Tab and the arrow keys, you can jump between interactive controls like buttons, checkboxes, and links.

  • To open a hyperlink on a web page, go to it with the tab and arrow keys. Then, press Enter to open the page.
  • To find out more about a link, press Narrator + Ctrl + D and Narrator can tell you the page title behind the link.
  • To find out more about an image, press Narrator + Ctrl + D and Narrator will read a description of the image.

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Read4me Clipboard Reader And Text To Mp3 Converter

Read4Me Clipboard Reader is a free text to speech software. It can read any text you type. It can also read the contents of the clipboard for you. You can convert any TXT file directly to MP3 file. You can change the volume and speech rate easily by moving slider. You can download more voices from the internet by using given link in the program window.

Text To Speech App Android

Best 10 Free Speech to Text Windows 10 Software in 2021

The Text-to-Speech App by TK Solutions is a great tool for voice narration. The app’s interface is simple and straightforward. It synthesizes voices in different languages and settings. Users can adjust the voice settings to create even more authentic results.

The app doesn’t provide an option to upload documents but the auto-expanding text box allows unlimited text-to-speech conversion. It is available for free in Playstore and supports over 30 voices and languages. Audio files can be saved in WAV format and shared with friends and family. You can also save text for future use.

Platform: Android | Costs: Free. In-app purchases | Rating: 4.3

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Best Speech To Text Recognition Software For Windows 11

To fully utilize the benefits of speech to text recognition software, you need to look for apps that cater directly to your business needs.

Here we have chosen some of the best speech to text recognition software available for Windows 11 along with its positives and negatives so that you can easily find an app that matches all your business needs.

Best Dictation Software For Typing In Google Docs

Google Docs includes a dictation feature that’s both highly accurate and easy to use, called but you have to be using Chrome to access this feature. Just go to Tools > Voice typing, and a microphone icon will appear on the left. Click on it, and start talking. If you’re idle for about 30 seconds, the microphone automatically stops. Click on it again to resume. You can use the same process to dictate speaker notes in a Slides presentation.

If you need help or you want a list of commands, click on the question mark within the microphone icon. Help will pop up on the right where you can scroll or search to find voice commands such as punctuation, text formatting, editing, and even moving around your document.

Google Docs voice typing price: Free

Google Docs voice typing accuracy: Out of 207 words dictated, nine words were incorrect, giving it a 96% accuracy. Most of the errors were for capitalizing words in the middle of sentences, such as untold, decline, and discovery.

Recommendation: If you’re a Google Docs power user and want dictation capability, voice typing is an excellent choice for its accuracy and many voice commands.

, which means you can automatically do things like save form entries to Google Docs, create new documents whenever something happens in your other apps, or create project management tasks for each new document.

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Zip Up Files And Email Them

So youve got a few files you need to send to a contact, but how do you go about it? You could take the conventional route by opening up Mail, finding the attachment feature and picking your files from the disk, but theres a Shortcut that can speed the process up.

From the Gallery screen, search for and install a shortcut called Zip and Email. It simply asks you to select one or more files, which are then compressed in an archive and attached to a blank email. The same shortcut will also appear in the share sheet across macOS.

Does Balabolka Support Multiple File Formats

Easiest Speech To Text Dictate Method Windows 10, Microsoft Word Office Products Dictation

With Balabolka, you can save text in multiple file formats, including MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, and MP4. The program can also read clipboard content and documents saved as ODT, DOC, FB2, EPUB, RTF, PDF, or HTML files. While Balabolka automatically detects TTS computer voices installed on your system, you can download more from the internet.

With high quality and flexibility, Balabolka is at par with most paid and subscription-based text-to-speech software. Since it has a simple and clean interface, this tool is perfect for beginners, especially the ones who havent previously used a text-to-speech program. Most importantly, Balabolka offers several configuration options, allowing you to change various settings, including the type of voice, articulation, rate, quality, file size, etc. With support for multiple file formats, this free text-to-speech program is an excellent choice for Windows PCs.

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How To Enable Text

Microsoft has been experimenting with text-to-speech technology for quite some time. In fact, Windows 2000 and XP had TTS software included with the OS. The app was known as Microsoft Sam, and users could explore this functionality with narration and so much more.

As with every early project, however, Microsoft Sam was a bit clunky. It was more than obvious that the voice was AI-generated, and the quality of text-to-speech has significantly improved since.

Microsoft went through many changes and improvements of its TTS software. Windows Vista and Windows 7 had Microsoft Anna, and Windows 8 introduced several new voiceover options. Today, Microsoft 10 uses Hazel, David, George, Susan, Zira, and Mark as default voices.

To turn on text-to-speech on your PC, all you need to do is go to Settings, click on Ease of Access, and you should notice the Narrator section of the page. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Windows key + Ctrl + Enter to start Narrator.

Here, you will also get the chance to customize the entire experience, choose different voices, adjust speed of the playback, and so much more.

Benefits Of Using Text

Using text-to-speech can be a perfect way to overcome difficulties in life. Some people struggle with reading, and this includes conditions like dyslexia, ADHD, and other disabilities such as visual impairments.

Using a TTS tool means you wont need to read on your own, and you can use your headphones or speakers to listen to the text as you would with audiobooks or podcasts. But even if you dont have anything against traditional reading, using TTS software can still be a great idea.

You can save so much time and be able to better multitask by using text-to-speech by listening to the content. Furthermore, text-to-speech apps can be quite helpful with e-learning. You might enjoy listening to books while relaxing, and it will make your life better overall.

Many people also prefer TTS tools as a way to learn a new language since it is possible for them to hear a language while reading it. They can learn by hearing proper pronunciations while following the text on the screen.

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Voice Aloud Reader Tts Reader Android

Voice Aloud Reader by Hyperionics Technology is an excellent and user-friendly text-to-speech app. With Voice Aloud, there are various ways it can read the text. Paste the URL or document and it will start converting it into text. The best part is that it automatically parses and reads the relevant text and removes the menu and other stuff.

The app can convert from all kinds of text inputs including documents, HTML files, ebooks, and more. It makes for a great beginner’s text-to-speech app with a good onboarding process. When installed for the first time, it guides the users on how to best use it.

A great feature is the night mode and sleep time. Night mode reduces strain on the eye at night while the sleep timer will stop the app from running automatically after a certain time. Voice Aloud offers a free download from the PlayStore. It’s not available for iOS.

App Store: Playstore | Costs: Free plan | Rating: 4.1

Best Free Dictation Software For Occasional Use

Best text

SpeechTexter is supported only using the Chrome browser or with the Android mobile app . Many free dictation sites have an annoying number of ads, but this one keeps it to a manageable one or two. And they do have a privacy policy that states that, while they don’t store any of your text, it is processed by Google’s servers. Just keep that in mind.

To start, select your language. Then in the top-left corner, click Start, and begin. As you’re talking, your speech is captured in a pop-up window briefly and then quickly transcribed on the screen with little delay. As you talk, a word count displays in real-time at the bottom-right.

Voice commands are placed handily to the right of the main window. If you want to create your own command, click the pencil icon, then the plus sign and add a command. I added a command, “quotes,” for quotation marks and changed the command for “period” to “stop.” You can edit your speech like you would in any basic word processing program, then save it as a .txt or Word file. Enabling the auto-save feature prevents you from losing work if your browser or window is closed inadvertently. If that happens, just bring the site back up, and your previous dictation will appear on the screen.

SpeechTexter price: Free

Recommendation: If you use Chrome and occasionally need dictation, SpeechTexter is a good choice for its accuracy and ease of use.

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Readaloud Is A Great Free Text

ReadAloud is a handy Windows 10 app that converts web pages, news articles, documents, books and other electronic documentation into speech. The free app is currently available for Windows 10 PC, and a Windows 10 Mobile version is in the works.

ReadAloud has logged more than 150,000 downloads and can be a useful app to have when reading an electronic document isn’t ideal. ReadAloud has support for multiple file formats, highlights sentences being read and allows you to create your own content to be read aloud.

The user interface isn’t overly complicated and has plenty of options to customize ReadAloud to better fit your needs . If you are in the market for a text-to-speech converter, ReadAloud is well worth a try.

ReadAloud’s main screen is designed with simplicity in mind and has start options to create a custom document, import a web page or open a document file from your local drive. The main screen also displays the most-recently listened-to documents and a menu button sits in the left corner of the screen to open up ReadAloud’s menu options. These options include a Home Button to return you to the app’s primary screen, view any pinned documents, access the app’s settings, visit the app’s Store, view the About page and access the Help Section.

If you are in the market for a text-to-speech conversion app, ReadAloud should be on your short list. It’s free to use with optional paid upgrades, it’s easy to grasp, and it just plain works well.

Multiple Voice Options File Formats And More

Balabolka is one of the most efficient, free text-to-speech software, which boasts of flexibility and quality worthy of a paid or subscription-based platform. Unlike ReadPlease and TextAloud, the program produces high-quality speech with several configuration options. In addition to this, you can choose from various options in the settings menu to improve the quality of playback and clarity.

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Dragon Speech Recognition Software

Dragon speech recognition software was created by Nuance, and it is capable of accurately translating your voice into text without having to use your keyboard at all.

The tool is perfect for those who want to do stuff quickly, on the go. With over two decades of continuous development and thanks to the advanced AI, Dragon delivers over-the-top speech recognition.

When we talk about advanced AI, we mean really advanced, like Machine Learning. The software will adapt to your words and learn how to better distinguish between them.

This results in a crisp and clear translation, which in turn means that you will speak fluently, casually, and effortlessly.

Lets have a look at Dragons main features:

  • Up to 99% speech recognition out of the box
  • Create, edit, and format documents with your voice
  • Use voice commands to navigate the Web or create Emails
  • Deep learning engine continuously adjusts to your voice
  • Dictate text and listen back to it
  • Touchscreen device optimization

How Students And Teachers Benefit From Text

TypeIt ReadIt Free Text-To-Speech Software For Windows 10, 8.1, 7 – TTS App Tutorial

A text-to-speech application is a useful addition to the educational sector. There are countless benefits and no disadvantages, at least none that are relevant.

As a result of programs like these, educators have an easier time communicating with students with dyslexia. Besides, students are better able to complete assignments and handle their homework.

Using these tools has become an increasingly popular practice for writers of all kinds. It would be best if you never made mistakes while writing something that gets closely examined and graded.

Furthermore, text-to-speech software is not limited to your PC, laptop, or tablet. Various applications for your phone can also provide the same benefits.

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Simple Text Reader Tts Reader Ios Android

Simple Text Reader is a free tool to read written content on your Android or iOS. It uses iOS voices to select from various languages and switch between voices .

The tool is easy and convenient to use. Share any text or website, press the play button, and the TTS reader will read it for you. This is among the best text-to-speech apps if you simply want to have read several types of documents including plain text, HTML files, text files, web pages, images on the web page, etc.

Simple Text Reader features multiple languages and voice support. You can adjust reading speed and location, cache and bookmark reading locations, various files support, import text from other apps, etc.

App Store: iOS | Playstore | Costs: Free plan | Rating: 4.5

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