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Teaching English As Second Language

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How to teach an ESL class (English as a Second Language)

This is another great strategy that I learned from one of my teachers. But as I mentioned earlier, you have to be 100% sure that you made the right choice. Harry Potter, as you may have already realized, works like magic in this situation.

Start with enough to catch their interest and attention. Then encourage them to come up with alternate endings and new characters. The possibilities are endless and the learning process will happen without them even realizing it. The only thing that may stand in your way is the teaching methodology. Adapt that to your students best interest and you should be ok.

Bonus tip: Good teachers may be different from a students point of view. Look for inspiration everywhere around you. Even in cinematography! Start with Damien Chazelles masterpiece Whiplash and observe how a teacher should not behave. Seriously. That guy was the king of all awful teachers.

Attend Educational Shows To Get Inspired

One of the most inspiring educational shows that you can ever go to is The Bett Show. Hundreds of companies from all over the world gather at Bett every year to discuss how education can change the future using the latest technologies.

My guess is that this kind of event can inspire you to be a better teacher to your young students. Every day, technology becomes a bigger part of their worlds and we, as teachers, should keep up with the pace. Until super smartphones or super-smart robots will eventually replace us, we are still a crucial part of the global learning process. Although I find it hard to believe that scientists will ever be able to create a software so developed that it replicates the energy, dedication, and enthusiasm of a good teacher.

Becoming An Esl Teacher

For those just getting started in teaching English as a second language, there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself as you set out on your path.

  • Where do I want to teach?Teaching ESL in your home country can be a great opportunity to help students who are trying to acclimate to a new home. For those looking for travel and adventure, teaching ESL abroad might be the more attractive option.
  • Who do I want to teach?Teaching English as a second language offers options for who you want to teach. Teaching children in classrooms might be the path that some find most rewarding, while others might prefer to teach adults in classrooms, short-term language schools, or corporate settings. Both have advantages as well as challenges, and as such can be one of the more important choices future ESL teachers can make.
  • How Long Do You Want To Teach? Some people choose to go into teaching ESL as a long term career option, while others use it as a way to experience the world and travel for a while. If you arent sure, you can approach it with the gusto of a long term teacher and then move on if the time feels right.
  • Once you have thought about questions, then the next step is to become an ESL teacher.

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    Utilize Existing Tried And True Resources

    Another rookie mistake: dont reinvent the wheel! In my first year, I spent hours every night creating all of my materials from scratch. Because I worked with multiple grade levels, this translated to A LOT of extra work.

    Perfectionist that I am, I convinced myself that if I didn’t do it myself, it wouldn’t be done right. I invented my own games and created entire PowerPoint presentations on topics that had certainly been presented before by other teachers. As time passed though, I began to look for resources that allowed me to work smarter and not harder.

    Some of my favorite sites of teaching resources include:

    If working with more than one age group, learn to differentiate a single lesson for varying abilities and levels. This will seriously cut down on lesson planning time!

    Teach Language Skills Across The Curriculum

    Teaching English as a Second Language

    English language learners should not be learning the fundamentals of English in isolation they should be applying their developing language skills to rich academic content in all subjects.

    It is key that in mainstream classrooms, teachers understand their role as language teachers, says Valentina Gonzalez, a district leader in Katy, Texas, suggesting that all teachers should be aware of the specialized idiom they work within. If we teach math, then we teach the language of mathematics. If we teach science, then we teach the language of science. Math teachers, in other words, should take the time to teach the unfamiliar vocabulary of mathematicsadd, subtract, calculator, solveconcurrently with the teaching of math skills.

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    Check Out These 12 Crucial Tips And Pointers To Help Make Your First Year Of Teaching Tefl Overseas Smooth And Successful

    Teaching abroad for the first time can be a stressful prospect. While your introduction to teaching will undoubtedly be filled with trial and error, we want to give you some top tips and pointers to help you mentally prepare for the adventure ahead of you and avoid some common pitfalls that new teachers teaching English as a foreign language experience.

    Understand And Get To Know Your Students

    Your students and their learning are your priority but it’s not always as simple as waltzing into your classroom and making English-speaking magic happen. Every age group has different needs, interests, and levels of development. Familiarize yourself with your students, whether young children or adults, to understand how to best connect with them.

    Some top tips for creating a bond with your students are:

    • Learn names! in some schools or language centers, you may have hundreds of students you see each week. It’s difficult but make an effort to learn their names and something about them. These icebreakers are great for the first week — make learning names into a game!
    • Appeal to all learners: students can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or a mix of two or more learning styles. Try to incorporate a combination of these styles into your lessons. You may also want to let children choose where they want to work in the room away from their desks as long as it’s not disruptive.
    • Teach to the reach: use students interest in music, TV, tech, pop culture, etc. to your advantage by incorporating these topics into lessons and projects.
    • Provide extra support to children with learning difficulties or disabilities: some countries may not have established support for children with special learning needs. It may take some extra time and effort but it’s worth it to adapt lessons to include these students and make sure they have equal opportunities for success.

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    What Does Ofqual Regulation Mean

    This course is regulated by TQUK, an Ofqual recognised awarding organisation. According to Ofquals qualifications framework, it has been assessed to be of the same level and difficulty as the following: a diploma of higher education , a foundation degree, 2 years at university and the CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL qualifications.

    How To Teach English In A Fun Way: Create

    MY Principles Of Teaching English As A Second Language: Efficient Communication

    Creation is catharsis. Give your students time and some keywords and you will be amazed.

    • Create stories. In high school, I had quite a big list of words I could not ever remember and my English teacher advised me to create a story using these words. Her technique worked like magic. To this day, I still create stories with words that I tend to forget.
    • Create poems. Your students might be reluctant to this strategy, but the creation process will rock their world making them proud of themselves.
    • Or rap battles. This is a bonus. You dont have to be Nostradamus to foresee that students will love it!

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    Principle #: Support And Understand Your Students Learning Style

    Students come from different cultures and educational backgrounds, and have different personalities and learning methods. Each student is different from each other.

    When teaching English as a second language, its important that teachers know their students. In particular, they need to know things like:

    • Their current skill level
    • Their strengths and weaknesses
    • What challenges them

    All of this is important for preparing materials, lesson plans, activities and projects that will cater to a wide range of learning methods.

    Visuals Are Your Friends Use Them Often

    Visuals can be words on desks, handouts, and even drawings. Regardless of whether youre teaching kids or adults, visuals can help your students better relate to physical objects, which speeds up the process of picking up on words outside of their native language. A pictorial wall is also a great way to help expand the vocabulary of your students, and every great teacher knows this. You can also give your students time to watch movies in the English language, perhaps they could be subtitled to encourage active participation in the activity. In the ESL class, the old saying that a picture speaks a thousand words couldnt be closer to the truth.

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    Teaching English As A Foreign Language: Tips And Resources

    Teaching English as a second language can be a challenging task. Read here to find out how to get started.

    11 April 2022

    Teaching English as a foreign language can be a difficult task, but it can also be very rewarding. It is important to be patient with your students and make sure that they are following your lessons. Its also necessary to use different teaching methods, such as games, projects, and activities in order to keep your English learners interested and engaged in the language learning process.

    With these guidelines in mind resources at hand, you will be well on your way to becoming an effective English language teacher for non-native speakers. Let’s take a closer look at the teacher’s journey ahead of you!

    Essential Strategies For Teaching English Language Learners

    Teach English as a second language

    We interviewed educators with decades of experience in teaching ELLs and tapped a network of experts and observers to find the strategies that work.

    Over 10 percent of students in the United Statesmore than 4.8 million kidsare English language learners , and the number is on the rise. Though these students do not learn differently than their native-English-speaking peers, they do have particular educational needs.

    To learn about these needsand best practices for addressing themI interviewed a range of educators and observers, including Larry Ferlazzo, an educator and author of The ESL/ELL Teachers Survival Guide longtime teachers of English as a second language Emily Francis and Tan Huynh and the journalist Helen Thorpe, who spent a year observing a teacher who works with ELLs.

    The group emphasized that the strategies listed here, which include both big-picture mindsets and nitty-gritty teaching tactics, can be incorporated into all classrooms, benefiting both native English speakers and ELLs.

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    Types Of Esl Teaching Jobs Abroad

    ESL stands for English as a Second Language. There are many different types of ESL jobs available. ESL teachers use their expertise as fluent English speakers to teach English to students of all ability levels and ages.

    Theres no better time to explore a career as an ESL teacher overseas than right now. With a projected two billion ESL students worldwide by 2020, demand for English teachers is soaring.

    Every year, more than 100,000 new ESL teaching jobs open up at over 40,000 ESL schools worldwide. The booming global English language learning market offers thousands of job opportunities for expert English speakers of all backgrounds and experience levels, including:

    • New graduates of all majors
    • Qualified ESL instructors
    • International schools
    • Universities and colleges

    There are also plenty of online English teaching jobs for fluent English-speaking graduates based in North America. ESL jobs can be either full-time or part-time. The types of ESL teaching jobs available range from preschool, elementary, middle-school and high-school, up to college and adult level English teaching positions.

    Teaching English As A Second Language: Best Esl Teaching Strategies

    Teaching English as a second language can be a rewarding career path for many. Deciding how and where you want to teach, and then what ESL teaching strategy will be best for you and your students, are both important to success and happiness as an ESL teacher. In this article, we hope to help make the choice to become a teacher as rewarding as possible by taking a look at the different ways to become an ESL teacher, methods for teaching, and the best tools and resources for language teachers.

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    Manage Your Cultural Expectations

    The biggest mistake I made during my first year teaching English in Spain was expecting things to be similar to the way they were in the US. Things that are considered rude in my country were not considered rude in Spain. I let these things bother me to the point that I told myself I didn’t want to come back when I left. But after some careful reflection, I realized I was the problem. My expectations were not realistic and it was my job to adjust to their culture and not the other way around.

    Now going into my fifth year living in Spain, these differences still bother me from time to time but I recognize that learned cultural norms run deep and I’m unlikely to ever get over things like staring or the lack of personal space. Instead of getting upset though, I try to smile and tell myself no pasa nada.

    Wherever you end up teaching, you’re likely to encounter situations that you find upsetting, annoying, or confusing. Researching the culture beforehand can help ease you into your new life abroad. Just remember to keep an open mind!

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    A Love Of Learning And Sharing Knowledge

    Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)

    As an ESL teacher, youll probably learn nearly as much from your students as they will from you.

    If you love your work, thatll be reflected in your enthusiasm and the learning environment you create in your classroom, and thatll make your students all the more eager to learn from you. Once they catch that passion and love of learning and knowledge from you, the job of teaching quickly becomes a lot easier.

    Plus, teaching English as a Second Language isnt always easy youll need to truly be passionate about it to stay dedicated to this line of work, even when youve had a tough day or are far from home.

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    Principle #: Monitor And Assess Student Language Development

    A good teacher doesnt just teach they also look at how their students are performing.

    Language growth and improvement in students should be assessed and monitored consistently to track the progress and figure out where they might be struggling.

    That can mean sitting down with them and asking:

    • What they find difficult
    • Asking them if your teaching style is working
    • Giving constructive feedback to improve their proficiency

    Why Should I Choose A Level 5 Tefl / Tesol Course

    We introduced our Level 5 TEFL course in 2019 to provide students the opportunity to study TEFL in more depth. This is our most comprehensive TEFL course, perfect for those with no prior teaching experience who feel they would benefit from more training than a 120-hour TEFL course offers.

    Developed and written by TEFL professionals, our Level 5 TEFL Course covers the principles required to teach English as a second language. Additionally, youll be equipped with the knowledge and techniques to teach learners of all ages. Track your progress throughout your training with interactive quizzes and written assignments, which will be marked by your personal online tutor. Let us support you through every step of your TEFL journey with our exclusive TEFL Forum and personal tutor.

    Our level 5 course is regulated by OFQUAL . You can study safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the highest standard of TEFL training with one of the worlds most accredited TEFL course providers.

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    Esl Teacher Salary And Job Outlook

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary for elementary school and high school teachers is $58,600 and $60,320 respectively.1,2 It also reports that adult literacy teachers, a category that includes adult ESL teachers, earn an average median salary of $53,630.3 The related BLS category of Adult Basic and Secondary Education and Literacy Teachers and Instructors reports a median salary of $52,100 per year.4 Wages are directly affected by job location, training, education, and experience, as well as available funding for ESL programs. Job openings for ESL teachers may be more abundant in states with larger non-native English populations, such as New York, Florida, California, and Texas. While the BLS doesnt provide projections specifically for ESL teachers, it does estimate a 3% increase in elementary school jobs and a 4% increase in high school teacher jobs by 2028.1,2 Adult literacy teacher jobs, including those in ESL, are expected to drop by 10% through 2028, citing changes in government funding for these types of programs.3

    Why Choose Libertys Bachelors Degree In Teaching English As A Second Language

    Testing English As Second Language Across Achievment Tests Book for ...

    Learn from an accredited academic institution that has a history of success in teaching English as a second language both locally and abroad. Liberty University has long-standing relationships with several English teaching ministries and educational organizations across the globe. Our proven track record of strong partnerships can be greatly beneficial as you enter the workforce. English is a dominant language in business both in America and abroad, so a bachelors degree in teaching ESL online is a dynamic degree that can be used in many different contexts. Libertys teaching English as a second language online degree is taught by faculty who have years of experience in the field, so you can be confident that youre receiving a world-class education.

    Libertys bachelors degree in teaching English as a second language can be completed 100% online. While you study from the comfort of your home or office, you will complete courses that have the same rigor and advanced training as Libertys residential counterparts. You can gain the knowledge and skills needed to teach English from professors who are grounded in the Christian faith and ready to show you how to integrate biblical principles into your professional life.

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