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Dictationio App To Convert Voice To Text

5 Best Free Text to Speech Software with Natural Voices | 2022 [Free TTS]

Dictation.io free speech to text app is useful for generating emails, letters, essays, etc. through voice commands. It checks the document for punctuation errors and typos once you are done dictating. You can then export your transcriptions in .txt format.

Dictation.io Voice to Text Software Features

  • Recognises multiplelanguages

It can be used for voice to text Hindi typing. In addition, it recognises other languages such as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

  • Secure transcription

Allvoice converted texts are stored on your browser rather than being uploaded ona third-party platform.

  • Suitable for people withspecial needs

Dictation.iois a helpful tool for people with Carpal Tunnel syndrome and repetitive straininjury in the hand.

  • Publishing your texts

Youcan put your converted text on the internet by hitting the publish button.

  • Support service

Incase of a grievance, you can directly contact the developers through the onlineweb form or email.

Speech to text app pricing: Dictation.io is a free voice to text software.

Availability: Dictation.io is a voice to text app for PC and is available for use on windows, mac OS, Linux and Google Chrome.

How Much Does It Cost

As we reiterated earlier, Murf is affordable, especially considering pricing for other similar tools. And yes, they have different pricing plans you can choose from. Here, check out their different plans along with their pricing.

Free plan: Murfs free plan is exactly what it is. It doesnt cost anything to signup for this plan. The only caveat with this option is that it has limited features, so you may need more than this for your voiceover projects.

Basic plan: The Basic plan from Murf costs $13 per month. And if you were to signup for the annual package, youll pay $156. This plan has many remarkable features you can leverage for creating high-quality voiceovers.

Pro plan: Murfs Pro plan has many fantastic features youll love. It is the most popular plan currently offered by the company. In terms of pricing, Murfs Pro plan costs $26 per month. You can sign up for the yearly package for only $312.

Enterprise solution: The Enterprise plan from Murf is the most expensive plan from the company. So it doesnt surprise us that it has more features than all the other plans. Signing up for this package costs $167 monthly. Similarly, opting for the annual package will cost $1999.

Customize Speech Models To Your Needs

Tailor your speech models to understand organization- and industry-specific terminology. Overcome speech recognition barriers such as background noise, accents, or unique vocabulary. Customize your models by uploading audio data and transcripts. Automatically generate custom models using Office 365 data to optimize speech recognition accuracy for your organization.

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Best Dictation Software 2022

This tutorial compares the top Dictation Software with features and pricing. Select the best voice to text software for your requirements:

Dictation software allows you to speak instead of typing. The application has a text-to-speech recognition feature and converts spoken words to text. The technology has come a long way, allowing you to dictate documents with up to 95 percent accuracy.

What You Will Learn:

Try My #1 Recommendation Training And Hosting Platform

7 Best Free Text to Speech (TTS) Software (2020)

In addition to synchronizing custom vocabularies between the mobile app and desktop Dragon software, the app also removes and adds boilerplate chunks of text with a single command. The Dragon Anywhere app itself is the only way to translate text. However, you cannot copy and paste text from it into other programs. Despite these caveats, it is still a great app for all your speech-to-text needs.

  • Dictation, syncing with Dragon Professional, and cloud services compatible with Android and iOS.
  • There is a free 7-day trial, a $149.99 annual fee, and a $14.99 monthly fee.

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How To Choose The Best Speech

Our criteria for choosing the best speech-to-text apps for Android and iPhones include the following factors:

Accuracy: A guaranteed accuracy level or customers experiencing strong accuracy with the speech-to-text app was a hugely important factor when choosing apps for our list. Accuracy is a crucial feature that ensures the app will save you time in the long run because you wont have to go through and extensively edit the transcript.

User-friendliness: User-friendliness is crucial to the functionality of any app. If we found the app unwieldy, difficult to use, or not organized intuitively, we didnt include the app on our list.

Pricing: We looked for apps that are reasonably priced and included the prices throughout our list so that you are aware of all fees going into using the app.

High customer ratings: We checked that the following speech-to-text apps for Android and iPhones had high customer ratings and satisfaction online.

Multi-language support: We looked for apps with multiple language support to fit many language needs.

App compatibility: Speech-to-text apps that are compatible with other apps or integrate within other apps were prioritized on our list. This is an essential feature if you want to use the app among multiple platforms and apps.

No additional software required: We prioritized apps that only needed one software or app to use and skipped any apps that required multiple downloads or software to operate thoroughly.

Features Built To Increase Productivity & Efficiency For Both Voice Typing & Regular Key Typing

For many of us, key-typing is slow and thus time-consuming. Speechnotes lets you type at the speed of speech .Speechnotes lets you move from voice-typing to key-typing seamlessly. This way, you can dictate when convenient and type when more appropriate. You can also dictate and edit your text results right away, and continue dictating. No need to go through app modes or even stop dictation.Insert punctuation marks by speech or by a single click.

Other features built for productivity for both type of typing are:Auto save that saves the document in real time upon any change, so you don’t ever have to disturb yourself with it.Export to Google Drive or download as a document to your computer.One click to email, or print your note.Automatic smart capitalization of letters at the beginning of sentences.No Login, registration, installation, or download needed. Works “right out of the box”. So, where are all the automatically saved notes stored? Speechnotes stores all your data on your own computer, through your browser. The advantage is that you don’t have to sign in. The disadvantage is that you cannot access these documents from other computers. For that – Speechnotes lets you export to Google Drive. Another small disadvantage is that after many many notes, you might run out of storage room, so, it’s a good practice to delete from time-to-time unnecessary older notes.Unlimited usage for free.

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Just Press Record For Voice Typing Online

Just Press Record audio text converterapp lets you record and transcribe documents with just one tap. It also safelybacks all your transcribed files to iCloud. While recording the audio to beconverted to text, you can clip unwanted parts.

JustPress Record Speech to Text Software Features

  • Multiple language support

This speech to text appsupports more than 30 languages in addition to your devices language.

  • High quality audio

Easily convert speech totext by making use of high-quality audio recording in 96 KHz and 24 bit format.

  • Quick sharing of convertedtext documents

You can share transcribedfiles quickly over mails and messages.

  • Convert audio to textthrough apple watch

You can convert speech totext by using apple watch and store upto 12 transcribed documents at a time.

  • Automatic syncing

Recordings made on applewatch are automatically stored in your iPhone.

Voicetyping app pricing: Just Press Record isavailable for download on apple app store for 367.24.

Availability: Just Press Record is a popular voice to text app for iPhone, iPad and apple watch users.

Best Online: Google Voice Typing

Best Free Speech to Text Tool

Google Docs

Google Docs includes many features, such as multi-user collaboration, add-on compatibility, and version history. However, the Web-based word processor also supports Google’s Voice Typing functionality, making it among the best online speech to text solutions available. All you need is a Google account, Chrome web browser, and a reliable Internet connection.

To get started with speech to text, open a document in , and select “Voice typing…” from the “Tools” menu. After allowing the browser to access your computer’s microphone, click the microphone box to start speaking, and Voice Typing will convert your words to text in real-time.

For best results, you must speak clearly, and at an average pace. Google Voice Typing allows dictation in many languages , and you can select one via the microphone box before you start speaking. All standard operations such as selecting or editing text, applying formats, or moving the cursor to a specified point in the document, can be done using voice commands.

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What Is Dictation Software

As you search online for dictation software, keep in mind that it can include all different types of apps and services. The terms dictation software, speech-to-text, voice recognition, voice-to-text, and speech recognition can all mean a program that converts your voice to text on a screen in real-time. But sometimes lumped into a search for these terms are products that provide something else entirely.

For example, some products will transcribe audio files to text, but they do not transcribe your voice to text in real-time. Others market themselves as personal AI assistants and may include a dictation component. And you may run across companies that provide transcription servicesusing humans to transcribe your voice files to text.

Then there are those AI assistants built into many of the devices we use each day: Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana. These are fine for scheduling meetings, playing music, and finding a place to eat, but they aren’t designed to transcribe your articles, meetings, and other documents.

For this review, we’ve focused on software, whether standalone or embedded in a device, meant for transcribing speech to text.

But as the technology has improved over the last 20 years and costs have come down, dictation software is now as a tool to increase productivity almost instantly. Look no further than the changed working environment in the wake of COVID-19: more working from home means more opportunity to do things like dictate emails.

Why Should You Use Our Free Speech To Text Online Software

Its quick, its simple and its totally free. Our speech to text / speech recognition software makes it easier than ever to turn your voice and diction into typed-out transcriptions. Our functional software allows you the chance to start dictation, save your transcription as a text, save your voice transcription as a word document, print your transcription, send by email, and more.

Using our transcription and voice to text recognition tool, you can dictate a text and see it typed out all.

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A Free Alternative To Dragon Naturally Speaking

Speechnotes is completely free & comparable in its accuracy to Dragon Natuarlly Speaking. Many of you told us that in some ways, it even outperforms Dragon.We should mention though, that Speechnotes is an alternative to Dragon for dictation purposes only, not for voice controlling other software and not for voice-typing within other software. Dragon has these additional capabilities.If you need to dictate an article though, you will find Speechnotes not only cheaper, but perhaps even better for you.

Free Speech To Text Software And Services

Text to Speech with key Full Version ~ Free Software Downlooad

Efficiency is critical to success in the workplace. The faster you get results, the more time you have on your hands to focus on more strategic tasks. However, converting audio recordings to text, personal notes, and other documents manually is an essential but tedious and time-wasting task.

Free speech to text software


Fortunately, a free technology called speech-to-text software is available which allows you to type without the use of your hands, and use your voice to write documents.

This software dates back to the early 1990s with its first commercial release, and at the time it was clunky, time-consuming, and frustrating for beginners.

Speech-to-text recognition software recognizes the user’s voice and converts it into written words with the help of artificial intelligence. Also, most software uses voice commands to meet punctuation and formatting needs.

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List Of Top Dictation Software

Here is a list of popular Dictation Software:

  • Dragon Speech Recognition Solutions
    • Accuracy of 99 percent
    • 256-bit document encryption

    Verdict: Dragon Speech Recognition software is great for legal professionals and students. The price may be a bit high, but it is worth it for professionals due to high accuracy and cloud document management feature.

    Price: Price varies for professionals and students. Dragon Home is for students that have a onetime fee of $155. Professional firms are charged a yearly subscription which starts at $116 per user, per year. A free trial is available for 7 days that allows you to test the functionality of the software.

    Best Overall: Dragon Professional Individual

    Dragon Professional Individual

    Dragon has always been the gold standard of speech recognition programs, which continues to be the case even today. Packed with a truckload of features and extensive customization capabilities, Dragon Professional Individual is undeniably the best speech-to-text software available. Its next-generation speech engine uses “Deep Learning” technology, thereby allowing the program to adapt to the user’s voice and environmental variationseven when they’re dictating.

    Thanks to the “Smart Format Rules” feature, users can easily configure how they want specific items to appear. Dragon Professional Individual’s advanced personalization features allow it to be tailored for maximum efficiency and productivity. You can import or export custom word lists for acronyms and unique business-specific terms. Plus you can configure custom voice commands for quickly inserting frequently used content in documents and even create time-saving macros to automate multi-step tasks with simple voice commands.

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    Ibm Speech To Text App

    Also known as IBM Watson, IBM Speech to Text voice typing app works on artificial intelligence. In addition to converting spoken words to written text, it extends API for attaching speech transcription capabilities to apps.

    IBM Speech to text Software Features

    • Real timespeech recognition

    Watsontranscribes spoken words and phrases in real time even from low quality audio.

    • Multiplelanguage support

    IBM Watsonidentifies over 7 languages other than English.

    • Accuratespeech engine

    The speech totext app recognises specific keywords, terminologies and names spoken in youraudio.

    • Analysis oftranscription
    • Securelybacked to the cloud

    All yourtranscriptions are backed to IBM cloud servers

    Voice text to speech pricing: IBM text to speech software price starts from 1.47 per minute.

    Availability: IBM voice to text online app for Windows and mac OS users.

    How to Find the Best Speech to Text Apps for Android & iPhone

    With the competition for the best speech to textapps growing, app developers are coming up with new intrinsic features everyday. In some of the best speech to text apps for Android and iPhone, you getthe following features:

    Easy integrationwith other apps: The best speech to text software enables easyintegration with other writing related apps for writing SMSs, emails, or tweets.

    Added dictionary: The audio to text converter app should also feature a custom dictionary for adding personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.


    Speech To Text Online Notepadprofessional Accurate & Free Speech Recognition Text Editordistraction

    Best Text To Speech Software 2022

    Speechnotes is a powerful speech-enabled online notepad, designed to empower your ideas by implementing a clean & efficient design, so you can focus on your thoughts.We strive to provide the best online dictation tool by engaging cutting-edge speech-recognition technology for the most accurate results technology can achieve today, together with incorporating built-in tools to increase users’ efficiency, productivity and comfort.

    Works entirely online in your Chrome browser. No download, no install and even no registration needed, so you can start working right away.

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    What Are The Applications Of Speech To Text

    Speech to text has quickly transcended from everyday use on phones in homes to applications in industries like marketing, banking, and medical. Speech recognition applications reveal how voice to text technology can increase the efficiency of simple tasks and extend to tasks that humans have traditionally performed.

    What To Consider When Choosing An Online Voice Recorder

    The most important thing to consider when looking for an online voice recorder is quality. With the right audio recorder, you donât need to compromise resolution because youâre recording online. Find online software with local recording that can record your voice in high resolution without worrying about internet issues getting in the way. The better your recording quality, the less editing but for quick fixes look for software that already comes with some easy editing tools.

    Youâll want tools for automatic noise suppression, echo cancellation, and easy audio clip creation. The ability to download separate participant tracks is also helpful in giving you more editing control. Donât forget to check out recording filesâ formats. While MP3 audio is better when it comes to storage space, WAV files are crisper and better for fine-tune editing. Other than that, automatic transcription will save you plenty of labor time and a voice recorder mobile app will give you the freedom to record on-the-go.

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    How To Use Google Docs To Convert Speech To Text

    To use Google Docs to convert speech to text, start by opening a Google Doc with your browser. Then, click Tools and click the microphone icon. Start speaking at a normal pace and volume so the Doc can pick up your audio easily. Please note that this accessibility feature is only available when Google Docs is open within a Chrome browser.

    Who Can Benefit From Speechnotes

    Best text to speech software In 2020

    Anyone who is tired of ordinary key-typing might find Speechnotes useful. It might also be helpful specifically for people with difficulties in typing. Such difficulties could be of a result of physical condition, or simply not mastering the keyboard typing technique in an early enough age.In addition, people who type a lot as their profession or hobby might find Speechnotes very useful as long keyboard typing might be very tyring, and even have medical implications as side effects. Needless to say, transcribers will find Speechnotes super helpful, as they can listen to a recording and repeat the speech into the mic, to get Speechnotes to transcribe it for them.

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