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Speech To Text Assistive Technology

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Voice Recognition For Ios

Using Speech-to-Text Assistive Technologies to Support Students

Voice control is available on iPad and iPhone on iOS 13 or later. Once it completes downloading a file, it needs you dont need a Wi-Fi connection.

This video will help with using it on Big Sur, the latest iOS and shows how to use dictation and also to use voice control. There haven’t been too many changes since Catalina.

Different languages can also be added once files have been downloaded.

How To Access Voice Recognition On A Mobile Device

The popularity of smartphones and tablets increases the demand for voice control and dictation among disabled and non-disabled people. Among those using assistive technology, the preference for smartphones increased from 9% to 35%, according to the CickAway Pound. A small keyboard means voice control is often easier to use.

Is There An App That Converts Speech To Text Using A Headphone Device

As mentioned in the beginning, the rapid adaptation of speech recognition technology within different commercial and assistive functions has led to the development of various speech to text devices that come with characteristic features and utility tools.

Today, students with writing disabilities are allowed to use speech to text devices as assistive technology for learning and studying purposes. In fact, students without any writing disability also frequently turn to technology as a replacement for typing long assignments. Converse Smartly® is one such device that is empowering students to get over with their educational needs.

Converse Smartly® is a proprietary text to speech software developed by Folio3, offering a technological alternative to individuals who find typing very stressful. The speech to text device from Folio3 is an intelligently developed tool that eliminates the need for typing lengthy documents altogether adding an element of convenience for users. With the strong algorithms powering the device, the tool can produce high-quality and precise transcription results to eliminate the hassles of typing.

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Microsoft 365 Voice Dictation

You will also find this speech-to-text capability built directly into Microsoft 365 products , visit Dictate in Microsoft 365 for more details. Drilling down into specific Windows 365 apps, there is also guidance on how to access these dictation features on other platforms like the web, on a smartphone, or on a tablet. Visit, for example, Dictating your Word Documents in Microsoft 365 opens a new window.

Best New Assistive Technology Tools

  • Voice Dream: Voice Dream reader is a popular piece of TTS software. It gets the job done for both students with learning disabilities and people who generally enjoy listening more than reading. Still, Voice Dream does have its downsides. It isnt free, and its also only available for iOS platforms and Android. There isnt a version for Windows-based computers.

  • Wideo: Although primarily a video-creating platform, Wideo offers text-to-speech services, too. This is one of the features that sets it apart from other software of its kind out there. Its an easy-to-use tool that pretty much gets the job done for TikTok users. But since its not a TTS tool at its core, the audio might sound a bit lifeless compared to other options.

  • Nextup: TextAloud from Nextup is another popular TTS tool on the market. Its a solid companion for everyone using Windows-based computers, as it works particularly well with Microsoft Word as well as web pages. It also comes along with productivity and proofreading tools. The only issue with it is that it isnt available for iPhones, iPads, and other Apple products, as well as Android mobile devices.

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Dragon Anywhere Dictation App

Dragon Anywhere is an excellent piece of software for people with speech problems and other disabling conditions. The app can recognise a persons unique voice and becomes more accurate over time something not all dictation apps can do.

As well as basic dictation, it enables you to edit and format documents of any length through dictation. For example, while I was trying it out I said: Hello my name is Tom and I am testing Dragon Anywhere. To make Dragon Anywhere bold, I said highlight Dragon Anywhere followed by the word bold. The highlighted text then turned bold. The same applies if you say italics or want to delete something, for example. Simplicity in an app!

You do have to remember to dictate your punctuation marks though. For example, you would need to say full stop once youve finished the sentence for it to put a full stop there. If youre unsure of the commands you can use, say what can I say? and you will see a list on the screen. You can also adjust the volume control and put on auto-correct to help with punctuation and spelling.

It also has the ability to share files and documents from device to device as it can synchronise with Dragon desktop software, such as Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon for Mac, the desktop versions of the app.

To activate voice control, simply click on the microphone icon, which will then turn green. After you have finished, say microphone off and it will turn red.

Recordings In The Classroom

Under certain circumstances, a student with a disability may be approved for a classroom accommodation that involves audio recording of lectures or visual of information written or projected on the board in order to provide equal access to this student.

Students who have been approved for this accommodation sign an agreement with OSAS, acknowledging their understanding that the recorded/photographed information is strictly for their personal use in the course, and is not to be shared with other individuals. Students also acknowledge that course lectures and materials are the protected intellectual property of the professor, and the student could be subject to disciplinary action for violating those rights and the signed agreement.

Limitations of this accommodation exist if recording or photographing would fundamentally alter the nature of the learning environment or the overall course. If the course instructor has concerns or questions about this accommodation in their course, they are invited to contact OSAS to discuss reasonable alternative accommodations the faculty might provide the student.

Instructors have the right to direct the student to stop recording during portions of the class that involve personal reflection, self-disclosure, or confidential discussions.

Office of Student Accessibility Services

3601 Watt Way

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Microsofts Native Speech To Text

Can you imagine that Microsoft, since 2002, has delivered its own text-to-speech application for each iteration of its operating system? Since the release of Vista, until Windows 10 today, Windows speech recognition has not changed much on the outside but has been significantly improved to understand dozens of accents and languages.

But lets be honest, before reading this article, how many of you knew about it?

To return to the previous point, to activate the speech recognition feature on your Windows system, simply type text to speech and click on the appropriate search result.

A new dialog box opens asking you to configure speech recognition. Follow the instructions correctly and, in a few minutes, your system will be able to understand your voice and be ready to use your voice commands.

What The Research Says About Text

Assistive Technology Series: Text-to-speech (TTS)/Speech Assistant AAC Demo

Despite the growing popularity, the research on text to speech is somewhat unclear.

While this technology allows students to access the classroom material, some researchers have found mixed results on how well students are able to comprehend the text being read to them . Furthermore, another team of researchers found that text-to-speech technologies did not impact adolescent students ability to comprehend the reading, however the students did report that they value the increased independence that the TTS software gave them .

However, one study found that students who have been diagnosed with dyslexia did benefit from the use of TTS software. This team offered students training in TTS software in a small-group format for six weeks, and saw improvements in motivation to read, improved comprehension, and improved fluency . Similarly, positive results were found in another study in which TTS was found to be effective in allowing students to access the reading material and was also perceived favourably by the students who used it, especially students in grades 6-8.

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What Are Assistive Devices

The terms assistive device or assistive technology can refer to any device that helps a person with hearing loss or a voice, speech, or language disorder to communicate. These terms often refer to devices that help a person to hear and understand what is being said more clearly or to express thoughts more easily. With the development of digital and wireless technologies, more and more devices are becoming available to help people with hearing, voice, speech, and language disorders communicate more meaningfully and participate more fully in their daily lives.

How Voice Recognition Software Assistive Technology Improves Efficiency And Safety

Voice recognition software assistive technology is a growing trend that COVID-19 has pulled into the mainstream. Consumers have gradually integrated phrases like Alexa and Hey Google into their daily lives. Speech-to-text recognition has enabled secure, contactless professional communication while assuring workforce safety in the past few years.

But how do you re-open in-person business while maintaining the demand for the global work-from-home setup? This business versatility is a primary driver for voice recognition, which often acts as a virtual assistant or task coordinator. Despite that reality, companies may still want to reduce human contact to limit the spread of other diseases.

There are many reasons voice recognition software assistive technology fails in noisy environments. An automated speech recognition system must effectively distinguish audio data input from background noise to enable high-performance audio processing. More importantly, noise reduction technology is key in optimizing voice-controlled solutions in a real-world environment.

Voice recognition software assistive technology permeates nearly all industries, including those operating in rugged environments. This article explores seven markets and describes how voice recognition enhances their post-COVID business.

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Popular Speech To Text Technology Tools

There are multiple popular speech technology tools are currently available on the market. speech-to-text a speech to text software used in schools helps students write and perform to their abilities.

The software takes what they are saying and types it down for the student. They can edit it for more accuracy and clarity and the process is faster as well as gives the student confidence and the ability to get their ideas down in a productive manner. According to the Dragon Speech Recognition Resolution website students to business professionals use the software to enhance their work productivity by working faster and smarter.

How Does Voice Recognition Software Work

Allora (by Jabbla  $2495+) is an easy to use, keyboard based, text

Voice recognition programmes work by analysing sounds and converting these to text. The software draws on a vast vocabulary and a knowledge of how English is spoken to determine what the speaker most probably said. In some programmes, specialist vocabulary or frequently used words such as names can be added through giving it documents, word lists, or using 3rd party plugins.

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Improvements In Core Reading And Writing Abilities

Research has shown that speech recognition tools can also serve a remedial function for students with learning disabilities in the areas of reading and writing. In allowing students to see the words on screen as they dictate, students can gain insight into important elements of phonemic awareness, such as sound-symbol correspondence. As students speak and see their words appear on the screen, the speech-to-text tool directly demonstrates the relationship between how a word looks and soundsxvi. This bimodal presentation of text can be especially helpful for students with learning disabilities, and is thought to be why speech recognition has been found effective in remediating reading and spelling deficits.

Another key benefit of speech recognition technologies is the error correction process. Because no speech recognition product is completely accurate, it requires users to check the accuracy of each word uttered as sentences are being dictated. When an error is made, the child must then find the correct word among a list of similar words and choose itxvii. This process necessitates that the user examine the word list closely, compare words that look or sound alike, and make decisions about the best word for the specific situation. This can give kids with LD a boost in reading and spelling as they learn to discriminate between similar wordsxviii.

How Folio3 Speech To Text Technology Could Help Students With Disabilities And Special Educational Institutes

Converse Smartly® from Folio3 is one of the leading speech to text software that has been developed using cutting-edge technology. The software is designed to offer users high-utility tools to enable them with ease of us. Powered by strong machine learning, artificial intelligence, and natural language processing algorithms, the software offers various features and tools for students with disabilities to talk through their typing needs much faster and more efficiently.

What is the best speech to text app for students?

Google Speech to text engine and Converse Smartly® are two of the leading speech recognition software for students. Both of the platforms come with higher accuracy, along with various automation features and high-utility tools that enable students to produce better content.

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Text To Speech Browser Extensions

There are speech to text tools and extensions on your computer and devices that will also give you the ability to speak and it will type in your words. If you are wanting to read back your words enable TTS or Text to Speech, Installing the appropriate extension will enable you to highlight the text you want to read and choose to speak on your extension like chrome browsers or google chrome .

The Elegant Themes business blog lists 10 Best Speech to Text Tools to Speed Up Your Writing Process. This list includes Google docs voice to text, Window, and Apple dictation and many more.

Todays speech technology is creating a positive learning and writing environment for Dyslexia and Dysgraphia students and adults. Technologies that were mostly created and designed by private industry and the U.S. Government benefit students and adults with Dyslexia and other learning difficulties. While technology improves, the learning environment for these students and adults will also improve and lead them to success.

Below are additional Speech to Text Tools and Resources

Enabling Employees In The Workplace

Assistive Technology – Speech – to – Text

There are a number of reasons for employers to embrace voice recognition. For example, RSI is a common workplace complaint caused by repetitive keyboard and mouse tasks 19% of people f working age are disabled.

Making appropriate use of voice recognition software can help employers to meet their legal duty of care to ensure the health, safety and welfare at work of their staff and to make reasonable adjustments.

Employers must take action to minimise the risk of illness or injury to their employees. Voice recognition software helps prevent fatigue and injury by offering a comfortable, ergonomic alternative to the keyboard and mouse.

Employers who do not meet their statutory responsibilities for health and safety may be taken to an employment tribunal.

They could also be vulnerable to claims of discrimination under the Equality Act if they failed to make reasonable adjustments for their disabled employees. Utilising voice recognition is a very straightforward and cost-effective adjustment that an employer can make to give a disabled member of staff equal access to everything involved in doing and keeping their job as a non-disabled employee.

Aside from concerns regarding health and safety or discrimination, employers should consider the potential efficiency and productivity gains that could be achieved by deploying voice recognition more widely, particularly for staff working on the move.

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Getting The Most Out Of Text

While the research is clearly mixed, there are some ways to ensure that TTS will work for your students. One such consideration would be to ensure that students find the right TTS voice. Having a high quality TTS voice that sounds similar to a human voice will improve reading comprehension the less robotic, the better . To preview different TTS voices and help figure out which one is most prefered by your student, visit the Acapela Group website to listen to options.

Another major consideration is the speed at which the computer presents the text. Many students will set the voice to very high speeds to get the readings done as quick as possible, however it has been shown that having the computer present the words at a rate between 140-180 words per minute is an optimal speed for students . When selecting a text-to-speech program, you should select one that has a bi-modal reading setting. Bi-modal reading is when the computer highlights the presented word as it is presented out loud . Presenting the words visually and auditorily helps the student focus on the reading task and encourages deeper comprehension.

Lastly, when using a TTS program, only select a small amount of text at any one time. If a student selects too much text at one time they may lose focus mid-stream which will negatively impact comprehension.

Microsoft Office 19 And Office 365

In Microsoft Office Word, you can use speech-to-text very easily using the Dictate option on the Home tab menu, providing you have an internet connection and a mic-enabled device. This feature used to be available for just office 365 users but is now available in Office 19. There are also some supported formatting commands. Further information is available from Microsoft Support .

The dictate feature has some customisation options, which also includes the language you want to use. It will recognise a wide range of languages, but you will need to download the database for them, and it will prompt you to do so. The dictate feature is also available in Powerpoint.

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