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Speech Therapy Toys For 2 Year Olds

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What Kinds Of Toys Encourage Language

Toddler Speech Practice Video and Techniques – Speech Therapy Tips from Chatterbox NYC- Speech Delay

There is no set formula for what to look for in toys to help with speech delays. Many different types of talking toys for toddlers can be used to help your child develop their skills and increase their vocabulary. However, when selecting toys to encourage speech, there are a few general guidelines you should keep in mind.

First, look for more open-ended toys. These are toys that encourage creative play and arent designed to be used in just one way. When your child is encouraged to use their imagination and come up with different ways to play with a toy, it can help him or her produce new words. Many of the toys you played with as a child, that were less reliant on technology, are also a good place to start. Children can be very creative when building with blocks, driving cars or trucks around, or playing with a baby doll.

Another thing to look for when selecting toys to help toddlers talk is toys that your child can relate to and make a connection with. Look for toys or games that will encourage your child to role-play and engage in familiar activities with their toys. For example, your toddler is likely very familiar with the routine of getting dressed or sitting down at the table to eat a meal, so buying a baby doll with a few accessories can encourage him or her to re-enact these activities and use some of the words you use when performing these activities.

Year Old Speech Milestones

Your baby is growing up so quickly, theyll soon be a toddler before you know it.

Preschool may be around the corner, but youre feeling concerned. Your child isnt speaking as clearly or as often as you expected by now. Maybe other kids just seem to be more verbal, talkative, or engaging.

Are they on track with 2 year old speech milestones compared to others? Learn more about what you should know, how you can help, and if speech therapy at home may be right for you and your child.

What are some 2 year old speech milestones? What is normal speech for a 2 year old?

At 24 months of age, your 2 year old should meet the following speech milestones:

  • Be able to say sentences with at least two to four words
  • Use and understand at least 50 words
  • Follow simple instructions
  • Shows excitement when interacting with other children
  • Look for familiar objects around a room, or call out loud and name specific objects

If your child is still occasionally babbling or speaking in a way where you cant understand everything precisely, dont worry. At 2 years old, parents and caregivers should understand roughly 50% of a childs speech.

When should I be concerned about my 2 year olds speech?

If your child hasnt yet met all these 2 year old speech milestones, you shouldnt worry. Each childs development journey is unique. What you can do is ensure you express your concerns with your childs doctor.

Does my 2 year old have a speech delay? How do I know?

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What Should I Do

The more interactive conversation and play kids are involved in, the more they learn. Reading books, singing, playing word games, and simply talking to toddlers builds their vocabulary and teaches listening skills. Here are a few suggestions to help encourage your childs communication skills:

  • Talk to your toddler about what they did during the day or plan to do tomorrow: I think its going to rain this afternoon. What shall we do? Or discuss the days events at bedtime.
  • Read favorite books together and ask questions, like What is this? or What is the bear doing? Encourage your child to join in with words or let your child read to you.

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Speech Therapy Toys For One Year

Continuing to read and talk to your 1-year-old remains important. Below are some other speech learning toys you can begin to incorporate around this age:

Touch and feel picture cards:Touch and feel picture cards are a great way to help your toddler learn and experiment with words. These picture cards have different textures that you can describe as your child feels and compares the differences between the cards.

Toy microphone:Echo microphones are very exciting to children. They can hear the sounds and the words they made echoed back, which can encourage them to make new sounds and try out new words.

Most Effective Speech Therapy Activities For Toddlers

Speech Therapy Toys For 2 Year Olds

Every baby may not speak at the same pace every child is different. But there are speech therapy activities for toddlers that you can do to help your child learn to talk.

Use simple soundsUse simple sounds like da and ma or ba and aa or ooh to babies even when they are newborn. These vowels and consonants have a great response from children. These simple speech therapy activities help your child to talk. As they grow, they listen and try to imitate you.

Speak slowly so baby can understandTry to use simple words and friendly tones. Your toddler can understand what you are saying if you talk to her face to face. Make eye contact and speak slowly and patiently. If the child repeats the words incorrectly just gently repeat the words in the correct manner, so she understands the difference.

TV does NOT help to get children to talkDont turn on the TV as soon as you get home or have it on constantly when your toddler is in the room. Contrary to what you may think the TV is not considered part of speech therapy activities. Contact with people is crucial in the language development process.

Play with your childPlaying is a good way to communicate with your child and also build motor skills and many other benefits. Allow your toddler to tell you what to do. Stay in the background and do only what you are asked to do. Playing with your child builds confidence without pressurizing your child to talk. Playing is a fun part of your speech therapy activities!

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Shape Sorter Battat Sound Puzzle Box

As a rule, I dont like shape sorters for teaching language because parents usually expect their child to learn the words for shapes such as circle or triangle, when their kids cant even say simpler words like milk or ball. For new talkers, we always want to focus on the functional words a child needs in his everyday life. How many times should a child ask you for a square as hes going about his day? Not many!

But I have found one shaper sorter toy that I do like. Mine is several years old so its not quite the same as this one here, but its close! There are shapes, but with cute animals on top. The thing I love is that the toy makes a very cool sound when the animal slides down the chute. You can still teach and have a child practice matching like you would with any other shape sorter toy, but this one is an attention getter, and not as boring as the traditional shape sorter.

For children who are nonverbal, I mostly target play sounds and exclamatory words with this toy by making the animal sound as were choosing which animal to get and modeling the whoo sound the toy makes as the shapes slide down the chute. Of course you can work on your early requesting signs and words for more or please or again and the location word in as youre inserting the shape.

Best Toys For Speech Therapy: Talking Toys For Toddlers

If you ask a speech therapist which talking toys for toddlers they recommend using, many of their recommendations will be similar to what we shared above. The most important thing is to get your child interacting with the toys and modelling language for them. That being said, there are a few other speech therapy toys and talking toys for toddlers you may want to consider based on the age of your child.

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Developing Speech And Language

As speech develops, parents and children often become frustrated with each other because children want to express themselves, but dont have the ability yet to articulate what they want to say. In these situations, parents tend to see a lot more tantrums and meltdowns. It is not because their child has bad behavior, but because they simply dont have the skills to project what they want to communicate. That is why parents can use visual charts, games, or the point and retrieve method to discover their childs needs and wants.

Many people tend to think that speech and language are the same thing. However, both are very different. And, children may experience delays in one or the other.

Toys For Speech And Language: Best Of Therapy Tools June 2021

Speech Therapy for 2 Year Old at Home | Tips From a Speech Therapist

Some of our favorite toys for speech and language. ‘Best of’ from June 2021! 6 months to 5 years.

The quality of the play you can give to or facilitate for your loved one/therapy client is an enormous piece of their social, cognitive, and emotional development. This is true from a language-based perspective as well as a cognitive-physical perspective.

Think about the different motor skills required to manipulate blocks and puzzles when compared to watching a video on a tablet. While playing with blocks, your child is likely using both of their shoulders, arms, fingers, etc., in contrast to maybe just holding a tablet or extending their index finger to watch a video.

Which would you suspect elicits more of a natural, social-emotional exchange? It is not to be said that digital resources cannot be both educational and interactive however, they are not a proper substitute for toys that can be manipulated and promote hands-on engagement.

Below is a list of toys, in which most can be used for a multitude of functions and promote different levels of language development. From motor development to categorical concepts, this list has got you covered.*

*Please note that the toys below reflect recommendations within each approximate age range. Please read all labels advised by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to determine if the toy is safe for use.

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Stoie’s International Wooden Music Set For Toddlers

Best Musical Toy

Recommended age: 2 years+

These instruments can encourage your child to make a range of sounds even if they cannot yet form words. Banging things with the drumsticks and saying bam bam or hitting the triangle and saying ting ting are skills that progress toward healthy speech.

You can also help your child recognize the rhythms of speech and the sound patterns of words by hitting different notes on the xylophone as you say a phrase. Play the same notes again, and encourage your child to repeat your phrases or go high to low in tone.

Plus, theres singing, leaving pauses for your child to fill in the blanks in songs, and so on. For example, Sing Twinkle, twinkle, little and pause, giving your child the chance to fill in the blank with star.

Toys For Constructive Play

Through constructive play, toddlers learn about materials, get curious and use their imagination, and experimentlooking for new and exciting ways to use the materials they have.

Any play a toddler is engaged in that involves constructing something new with materials they have is considered constructive play. Think: building, crafting, stacking, sorting…all that good stuff!

Our fav toys for constructive play are:

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Toys For Speech Development

Open-ended toys are a popular type of speech toys for toddlers. These talking toys for toddlers can be used in numerous ways and can encourage your toddler to experiment with new and different words.

When looking for toys for speech development, choose exciting options that will keep your toddler engaged. Consider toys that your toddler could use to recreate familiar activities and events where they can incorporate some of the language they hear you using throughout the day.

Some great options to consider when selecting toys to encourage speech development in your toddler include:

Baby dolls: Whether your child is a girl or a boy, a baby doll can be a very beneficial speech therapy toy. As children play with their baby doll, they will likely begin to use more of the words you use with them. For example, when pretending to feed the doll, they could start to use words like spoon, bowl, open, milk, bottle, and so on.

Animal sets and stuffed animals: Most children love animals and are very interested in them. Animal sets and stuffed animals are among some of the best speech toys for toddlers. Toddlers can make the different sounds the animals make as they play, repeat the animal names, and engage in creative play with these sets.

With a cartoon design baby accessory such as a baby hair brush or a baby grooming kit that will pique the interest of your child, they will be encouraged to make sounds to interact with you.

Looking For More Speech Therapy Toys And Games

Top 20 Speech Therapy Toys For 2 Year Olds  Toddler Talk
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Shannon developed a passion for understanding and facilitating communication at a young age through a personal experience with a family member. She learned vital lessons that have transcended into her professional career as a speech and language pathologist. Contributing to a childs progress and celebrating that progress is a driving force in her career and she is truly passionate about and takes great pride in being a speech and language pathologist. Shannon completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Florida and spends every Saturday during the fall cheering on the Florida Gators and watching SEC football. She loves hopping on a boat and exploring new restaurants in Boston.

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Toys To Get Your Toddler Talking

At Adeline’s first birthday she was only babbling “mama”

One of the things people ask me about most often is, How did you get Adeline to talk? or What toys do you like to get your toddler to talk? At 14 months old, Addie was not talking, she was only babbling “mama”. We decided to enroll her in speech therapy privately through our insurance and also through our Maryland state early intervention program which is called Infants & Toddlers. At the time, many people told us to wait, and Infants and Toddlers really did not want to add kids for speech until they were two.

At 14 months old, we began speech therapy 6x per month

At 14 months old, Addies language skills were in the 4-6 month old range. I knew she was behind, but those scores were a wake up call.

The best gift or thing you can give to your child to help with their language development is YOU. Your TIME, DEDICATION, ATTENTION, FOLLOW THROUGH, CONSISTENCY, is going to be the thing that makes the most difference. You can have all the toys in the world, but if you aren’t playing/talking/reading/ and spending meaningful 1:1 undivided attention with your child, they are not going to make progress.

Mollybee Kids Toddler Scavenger Hunt

Best Low-Pressure

Recommended age: 2 years+

A simple set of cards on a ring, this toddler scavenger hunt provides simple questions to ask your child and everyday household objects for them to find.

You can then encourage your little one to tell you what they are looking for, where they found an item, or where they will search next.

This toy has the added advantage of being small and portable, so you can take this and play wherever you go.

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We All Scream For Ice Cream 25 Piece Set

“Learned about different sizes with portions, serving, and placing items onto the cone into the spoon and into the plate. Great practice for motor skills. Imagination play, taking turns and requesting what he would like and saying thank you or please correctly. Waiting his turn to order and to be the ice man. Cleaning up and following instructions.”

Year Old Speech Checklist

Toddler At-Home Activity: How Play Food Helps Toddlers Talk: Tips from a Speech Therapist

Speech therapy is the treatment of speech disorders. When you think of speech disorders, you probably imagine people who dont speak at all, or who have a hard time pronouncing words. But there are many different types of speech disorders that can affect people of all ages.

Speech therapy is designed to help children learn to speak more clearly and effectively. It also works with kids who have other difficulties communicating, like trouble understanding what others say to them.

In children between the ages of two and four years old, its common for speech therapy to focus on learning skills like how to form words correctly when talking and use those words in sentences. This involves working with your childs physical strength and coordination as well as their cognitive development so they can understand language better.

For example, if a two-year-old has trouble pronouncing certain sounds then these will be addressed during therapy sessions by showing videos that demonstrate how to make those sounds correctly while also practicing them verbally with an adult who has good pronunciation skills themselves .

Another way this might work would be for an SLP to play games with young children where they have fun using their voice correctly.

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Toys To Help Toddlers Talk

By the time they are two years old, most toddlers have developed a vocabulary of about 50 words . You can help this learning process by choosing toys that actively promote language development.

But which toys help toddlers talk?

Weve combined the knowledge and experiences of the Mom Loves Best team, advice from speech and language professionals, and a slew of reviews from real-life testers. The result is this guide to the best toys to help toddlers talk.

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