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Speech Therapy For Stuttering Adults

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+ What Are Some Of The Signs And Symptoms Of Stuttering

What is Voluntary Stuttering?

Characteristics of people who stutter often include: the repetition of words or parts of syllables, words or phrases, seeming out of breath, speech that gets completely stopped or blocked, and secondary behaviors like ticks or jerky blinking. People who stutter often prolong sounds in order to delay the rest of the sentence when feeling stuck.

A stutter can manifest in different ways. For example, W-W-W What time is it?

In this example, part of the word is being repeated and it takes several attempts to successfully complete the word what.

Another example is, What day are you free for din, din, din, diner?

This particular sentence displays several interjections. This can be considered a form of stalling because of an individuals difficulty saying the words you and free smoothly one after another.

About The Orpheus Study

Scientists believe that stuttering may be caused by having too much of a chemical, called dopamine, in the brain. So, it is thought that medicines which lower the amount of dopamine in the brain can help reduce stuttering. The ORPHEUS study is trying to find out if an investigational medicine, or active medicine, may help to stabilize the levels of dopamine in your brain and can help to improve speech fluency in men aged 18-55 whose stuttering started as a child.

The ORPHEUS study has been designed to understand more about how safe and tolerable the active medicine is. It has previously been tested in clinical trials for other medical conditions.

  • The active medicine will be compared to a placebo. A placebo looks like the active medicine but does not contain any active ingredients. The active medicine and placebo are referred to collectively as the study medicine. The study medicines are taken as capsules, once a day by mouth.
  • There is a 50/50 chance of receiving either the active medicine or the placebo, and neither you nor the study team will know which study medicine you take during the study.

What does taking part involve?

The ORPHEUS study will take around 18 weeks for you to complete. During this time, you will need to visit the study site about 12times. There will be 2 additional visits carried out remotely.

What medicine will be tested?

The active medicine in the ORPHEUS study has not been approved to treat people who stutter.

How Many People In India Have Stuttering

The prevalence of stuttering in India is 10% as compared to countries like Great Britain, Australia, and America, which have prevalences of 0.75-1%. That is an estimated 11 to 12 million people in India. According to a survey report, only 45% of people with stuttering know about speech therapy as a treatment option while 55 % are still unaware.

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How Can I Help A Friend Or Family Member Who Stutters

If youre talking with someone who has a stutter, its important that you let them speak at their own pace. Trying to rush their speech will only make it more difficult for them to finish sharing their thoughts.

You also shouldnt try to finish their sentences for them. Be patient and allow them finish on their own. Not only will this help them work on their stuttering, it can have a positive impact on their overall sense of well-being.

Long-term support is crucial to helping your loved one work manage their stutter.

Is There A Cure For Stuttering

Improving Speech Clarity for Teens and Adults with Down Syndrome

Its crucial to note that stuttering cant be cured with a single approach, technology, or drug. When speaking, many people who stutter are urged to slow down or just relax. These suggestions, while well-intentioned, indicate the perception that stuttering is caused by worry and that person who stutters can control their stuttering if they try hard enough. Its not that simple or easy to speak without stuttering.

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How Common Is Stuttering In Adults

More common than people think. Approximately 1% of the general population stutters, but the ratio of males to females who stutter is approximately 4:1!

Men are four times more likely to need adult speech therapy for stuttering. The reason is unclear, but it may be linked with genetic factors females could be more resistant to inheriting a stutter and/or could have better recovery rates than males. The bottom line is that there are many adults who stutter, but there are fewer female adults who stutter.

How To Do Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercise To Stop Stuttering At Home

During costal breathing, the instructor or therapist asks the person to sit or lie flat on their back. The aim is to achieve relaxation. The person should bend his knees and get sufficient head support.

The person who stutters should place one hand on their chest and the other on their belly. They should inhale through their nose slowly and calmly. They need to feel the air fill up their stomach as the hand rises and moves forward. Their shoulders and chest should remain immobile.

Next, they should begin exhaling. The hand on their chest should remain still.

It is a simple breathing exercise for stuttering. You can find guide videos on YouTube as well. We have one right here, so you can practice it for 5 minutes every day at least thrice.

You will notice that with regular practice, it will help you manage your fear or anticipation of stuttering. It may even reduce escape and avoidance behaviors.

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Why Do Some Adults Stutter And How To Stop Stuttering In Adults

Many of us occasionally stumble, but stuttering in adults impacts the daily lives of about 3 million Americans. Speech pathology can offer adults speech therapy to help to stop stuttering.

Stuttering in adults can be a mild annoyance that can be worked around, while for others, it’s a major handicap that affects every aspect of their life. If you’re one of the adults who stutter, don’t feel alone. There are speech pathology resources available to help you stop your stutter and speak more fluently. Adult speech therapy techniques can help at any age. This post will help you get started on your journey to better communication.

How Does An Expert Diagnose Stuttering

What is Open Stuttering?

The differential diagnosis of stuttering should only be made by professionals. Only a doctor, speech-language pathologist or speech therapist can diagnose stuttering and its type.

Since stuttering may have different causes, it is important to consult a healthcare professional for the correct diagnosis.

An SLP may perform several assessments including speech rate analysis, stuttering severity tests and language skill tests before arriving at a conclusion. The diagnosis will depend upon multiple factors including the age of the individual, their family history and the severity of stuttering.

The SLP will also determine how the disorder affects the personâs mental health, social skills and their overall ability to function.

Stuttering is a childhood-onset fluency disorder. According to DSM V, it has a couple of diagnostic criteria.

  • Disturbances in the flow of speech and interruptions that are unsuitable for the personâs age and/or linguistic skills. These should persist over time and should have one or more of the following traits –
    • Repetitions of sounds and syllables
    • Prolongations of vowels and consonants
    • Pauses within a word
    • Substitutions of feared words
  • Anxiety about speaking and limitations in social participation, effective communication, academic or occupational performances.
  • Typically, the onset is early, in the developmental years .
  • The disfluency is not due to sensory or speech-motor deficit, or neurological causes .
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    Why Do We Need Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials are important to understand more about whether a potential treatment may be better than current treatments. Clinical trials also help us learn more about the side effects of a potential treatment. Thousands of people all around the world take part in clinical trials every year. The medicines we buy at the pharmacy or at the doctors have all been tested inclinical trials before.

    About The Camperdown Program

    The Camperdown program is a behavioural treatment which has been developed for adults who stutter. The treatment technique used is Prolonged Speech which is taught without reference to traditional descriptions of speech targets unlike other programs such as Prolonged Speech or Smooth Speech. Instead, clients are encouraged to use whatever features of the Prolonged Speech pattern they require to control their stuttering and are free to individualise their speech pattern. There are four stages in the program:

  • Stage 1 Teaching of treatment Components
  • Stage 2 Instatement of Stutter-free speech within treatment environment
  • Stage 3 Generalisation of stutter-free speech into everyday situations
  • Stage 4 Maintenance of stutter-free speech
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    How To Practice Light Articulatory Contact Exercise

    You can learn light contacts at home from the video.

    Your speech therapist will help you practice light articulatory contact on all consonants. You will learn how to implement it on single-syllable words/sounds. Gradually, you will learn to apply the technique on initial, medial, and final positions.

    For example â you will learn how to establish light articulatory contact on the consonant /p/ in pink, poppy, and top.

    Soon, you will graduate to phrase level, sentence level, and conversational level applications of light articulatory contact.

    Once you learn this technique from your therapist, you can always practice it at home alone or with family.

    What Causes Stuttering In Adults

    Dr Spectra

    We all have disruptions or disfluencies in our speech, so no one speaks flawlessly all of the time. These disturbances, or disfluencies, are more severe and occur more frequently in adults who stutter. Stuttering fades away in youth for some people, while it continues into adulthood for others. So what causes stuttering in adults?

    Stuttering is thought to be caused by a variety of variables, including genetics, language development, environment, and brain function. These aspects, when combined, can have an impact on the speech of a person who stutters.

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    Challenge Yourself To Approach And Overcome New Situations

    Make a list of things that scare you right now.

    For example, answering phone calls, placing an order via phone, talking to a new guest, or speaking during a Zoom meeting.

    Next, once you begin to see improvements in your speech after you practice your stuttering exercises, breathing and yoga daily, try to face one challenge at a time.

    At first, you may find it tough to step outside your comfort zone. Joining virtual stuttering support groups and attending moderated video calling sessions with other PWS can help you garner the confidence you need for approaching the new situations.

    Make it a part of your exercise to challenge yourself each day while at home by stepping out of your comfort zone.

    Speech Therapy Treatments For Stuttering

    If you or a loved one has a stutter, youre not alone.

    But if youre wondering where can I find a speech therapist for stuttering adults near me, youre in the right place.

    At New Horizons Wellness Services, our adult speech therapists treat clients of all ages who are in need of support in the areas of speech, language, cognition, oral motor, fluency and social communication.

    Our goal is to empower clients to gain the skills and communicative confidence that they need to thrive at school, at home, and in every facet of life.

    Which leads us to the topic of stuttering, which youve likely heard about at some point.

    It might have been from a movie , a TV show, or perhaps you or someone you know stutters.

    Speech language pathologists are the professionals who typically work with individuals who stutter.

    They can help at all ages a speech pathologist for kids or teenagers starts from age two and up, but stuttering can affect you into adulthood.

    Lets take a closer look.

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    What Can Adult Speech Therapy Do For Me

    Many of our clients come to AIS having already “tried it all.” We will introduce ways of thinking and speaking that you never thought possible. Our adult speech services include individual therapy sessions, group therapy, intensive treatment programs, and the support to help you along the way.

    AIS offers holistic treatment that is individualized according to each person’s unique needs. While every person is different, therapy commonly involves:

    • Learning ways to physically manage moments of stuttering without struggle or physical tension
    • Reducing negative thoughts and emotional reactions to stuttering using cognitive-behavioral approaches , including systematic exposure and fear reduction training
    • Enhancing overall communication skills, including the ability to engage in everyday conversations, complete professional interviews, and make public presentations.
    • Building confidence in your ability to communicate freely and comfortably
    • Working with your family, friends, and teachers, as appropriate, to help them understand your stutter and how they can best support your therapy

    Speaking To Someone Who Stammers

    Online Stuttering Therapy at AIS

    When talking to someone who stammers, try to:

    • avoid finishing their sentences if they’re struggling to get their words out
    • give them enough time to finish what they’re saying without interrupting
    • avoid asking them to speak faster or more slowly
    • show interest in what they’re saying, not how they’re saying it, and maintain eye contact

    Speak slowly and calmly when talking to a young child who stammers. Use short sentences and simple language to reduce the communication demands on the child.

    Do not overwhelm your child by talking too quickly. Make sure you give them time to understand and process what you’ve said, and work out their response.

    Page last reviewed: 15 November 2019 Next review due: 15 November 2022

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    What Is Stuttering Is It The Same As Stammering Or Cluttering

    Stuttering and stammering mean the same thing. Stammering is the word often used in Britain stuttering is commonly used in New Zealand, Australia and America. Cluttering is an altogether different disorder, often mistaken for stuttering.

    Stuttering is an involuntary interruption to the flow of talking. This can occur in different ways:

    • Prolongations That fffffffish is swimming.

    • Blocks I.I like vanilla.

    • Repeating sounds or syllables, e.g. B b b but its my turn.

    • Repeating words, e.g. Can can can I be next?

    Stuttering usually begins between 2 and 4 years of age. In many cases, stuttering will emerge when children begin to put words together in short sentences. The onset of stuttering may be gradual or suden, with some children going to bed speaking fluently and waking the next morning stuttering quite severely. The severity of stuttering will vary from child to child, however typically children will begin stuttering by repeating words such as I, I, I like that one or Can, can, can I have a drink?

    Adult speech therapy can help adults stop stuttering.

    Over time the stuttering may change and begin to include prolongations and blocks. Some children will also display signs of tension and struggle. Some may react to stuttering with statements such as Mommy, I cant talk or gestures of frustration, e.g. foot stomping. Others will go on speaking, seemingly unconcerned.

    Treatment May Not Remove Speech

    Adults who stutter may continue to possess some speech-processing deficits even after the completion of successful treatment. Brain imaging studies show that adults with stuttering may continue to display lower-than-average left-brain activity, despite receiving complete speech therapy sessions by an expert.

    Dealing with residual stuttering is a long-term commitment and it can be a continuing task for the client and his/her therapist. A study conducted recently where a majority of the 216 participants chose fluency over freedom from stuttering as their therapy goal.

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    + How Common Is Stuttering

    In many cases, a stutter will first appear as early as two-and-a-half years old. Children are often unaware and unbothered by their stutter. With age though, if the stutter persists, people become increasingly more aware and more bothered by their difficulties. This is particularly because of the way others react to their speech.

    Of course, every case is different. There is not conclusive evidence to explain why some individuals overcome their stutter during childhood, while others have their stutter persist into adulthood.

    At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy, our experienced team of speech-language pathologists supports teens and adults exclusively. No matter how big or small your communication concern is, we can help.

    Will Insurance Pay For My Speech Therapy

    Carrier Phrases for Speech, Language, Stuttering and Voice Therapy ...

    Based on your individual policy, your health coverage may reimburse costs for your or your child’s stuttering therapy services. For those who cannot receive insurance reimbursement, or those whose reimbursement is still insufficient, we encourage you to apply for our financial assistance.

    Learn more about insurance coverage and AIS financial assistance

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    Our Experienced Speech Therapists Can Help

    Something else that sets us apart? The therapists at AIS are specialists in fluency disorders. All of our therapists are highly trained in treating stuttering, and are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

    AIS Director Heather Grossman, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BCS-F and Atlanta Clinic Director Carl Herder, M.A., CCC-SLP, BCS-F are two of the 200 Board-Certified Specialists in Fluency Disorders in the entire country. Further, all of the therapists at AIS have received advanced specialty training in comprehensive assessment and treatment for people with speech fluency disorders .

    You will find our therapists on the referral lists from these other leading organizations:

    • The American Board of Fluency and Fluency Disorders
    • The National Stuttering Association
    • The Stuttering Foundation of America

    Get to know our therapists and learn more about AIS financial assistance for stuttering therapy

    Signs & Symptoms Of Stuttering

    Stuttering is a communication disorder where speech has disruptions comprised of repetitions of sounds and words, prolongations of sounds, and blocks, where no sound is produced. People who stutter may show other physical behaviors when they stutter such as facial tensing and loss of eye contact.

    Many young children stutter easily and do not react negatively. But older teens and adults commonly report negative feelings about their speech including concerns about how others perceive them or how stuttering might prevent them from pursuing their goals. In addition, people who stutter often experience negative emotions including fear, shame, and anger.

    Not all people who stutter do so noticeably. Many people stutter âcovertly,â meaning they use tricks and avoidance behaviors such as inserting interjections to postpone saying a difficult word. Those who conceal their stuttering often report great fear related to speaking and can definitely benefit from speech therapy.

    Stuttering is confusing! The more you try to be fluent, the more you may find yourself struggling. When comfortable and free to speak openly, many people stutter less. We have worked with clients to navigate all of these aspects of stuttering and can help you do the same.

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