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Speech Therapy Cpt Codes 2021

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Time Units In Speech Therapy Medical Billing

2021 CPT Codes for Audiology and SLP Telepractice Services | Outsource Strategies International

Some medical codes for speech therapists are time-based CPT codes following Medicares time units. The general notation for time-based CPT codes as found in the CPT book are:

  • The first hour of a speech-generating device evaluation
  • Each additional 30 minutes of the SGD evaluation
  • Aphasia evaluation, per hour
  • The first hour of an aural rehabilitation evaluation
  • Each additional 15 minutes of the aural rehabilitation evaluation

The chart below outlines the time units to be reported based on the time specified in the medical documentation. For CPT codes designated as 15 minutes, multiple coding represents the minimum face-to-face treatment for the CPT code to be reported.

1 unit

68 minutes to < 83 minutes

6 units

83 minutes to < 98 minutes

For example, consider the medical documentation from a therapy session with the patient. Suppose the healthcare professional documented that the time spent with the patient was 25 minutes of face-to-face time.

In this case, the number of units for that CPT code would be 2. Why? Because the healthcare professional codes based on the timespan associated with given time units. Since 25 minutes falls between 23 and 38 minutes, 2 units should be reported.

The key to billing CPT codes is to understand whether it is a time-based CPT code or an untimed CPT code. If there is no time designated in the official descriptor, the code represents a typical session and should only be reported as one unit.

Improve Revenue Collection With Comprehensive Knowledge Of Coding Procedures

Current Procedural Terminology codes, more commonly called CPT codes, standardize medical tracking and billing for diagnostic, medical, and surgical procedures. Every task conducted by a health care practitioner has a unique five-digit number. Insurers review the submitted codes to determine the correct provider reimbursement for a patients visit.

CPT codes were created and copyrighted by the American Medical Association . The organization updates and maintains these codes as new treatments become available and older modalities become obsolete. Comprehensive knowledge of CPT codes and how they work can help physical therapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists ensure prompt, accurate billing for their services.

Currently, CPT codes fall into four main areas of classification:

  • PLA codes: lab testing
  • Category I: vaccines, medications, devices, services, treatments, and procedures
  • Category II: quality of care and performance metrics
  • Category III: procedures and services that use new modalities

Some CPT codes, commonly called bundled services, cover several different related procedures or treatments.

When the insurance company reviews the CPT codes for a patient visit, the company reimburses the provider based on the rates in the agreement with that practice. In other words, therapists from different practices do not necessarily receive the same insurance payments even when providing identical services.

What Is The Difference Between Cpt Codes And Hcpcs Codes

HCPCS, sometimes pronounced hicks-picks, stands for the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System. HCPCS codes were developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and are based on the AMAs CPT codes. Most of the codes between CPT and HCPCS are the same, but when billing solely for Medicare and Medicaid services, clinics should only use HCPCS codes. Some third-party insurance providers also mandate HCPCS over CPT codes for billing, so be sure to check with payers which coding set they prefer prior to submitting claims.

Like CPT codes, there are a couple of classifications for HCPCS codes.

  • Level I: These codes share an identical CPT code and are numeric.
  • Level II: These alphanumeric codes cover non-physician products or supplies and some additional procedures that are not included in CPT codes.

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Cpt Codes For Cognitive

The CPT codes that address cognitive communication impairments with your clients differ from others for speech-language pathology, as these codes are timed.

CPT® code 96125

Use CPT ® code 96125 for each hour spent administering, scoring, and documenting a standardized cognitive assessment.

CPT® code 97129

Code 97129 is used for the first 15 minutes of therapy targeting cognitive communication. Since this code covers the first 15 minutes, only use 97129 once per day. This treatment code can also be used in conjunction with other speech pathology codes if multiple areas of need were addressed in a treatment session. For example, if you spent time addressing swallowing or motor speech deficits, you would also code for those activities.

CPT® code 97130

If your cognitive communication therapy is longer than 15-minutes, use the add-on CPT® code 97130. Since 97130 is an add-on CPT® code, it should always be billed in conjunction with 97129. Together, both of these CPT® codes bill for the treatment of attention, memory, executive function, or compensatory strategy training.

Speech Therapy Cpt Codes Summary

List Of Physical Therapy Cpt Codes 2020

Treatment is under the Speech therapy CPT codes 92507 code for speech, language, voice, communication, and auditory processing issues. Each patient goes through a variety of developmental programs under the supervision of a doctor. Here are a couple of such examples:

  • Sign language is a communication strategy used in speech treatment.
  • Lip-reading training
  • Auditory system rehabilitation

People with this illness are typically children who have difficulty absorbing new information. A lack of brain-ear connection is often to a fault. Even if a patients hearing is normal, an auditory processing problem might make it difficult to grasp what they hear. The paperwork must include the following items:

  • To communicate, you must be able to move your body while speaking.
  • The patients ability to generate and express themselves orally will assess by reading and understanding written material and employing good verbal communication.
  • The ability to make speaking sounds will assess.
  • Following the patients medical history, physicians do a physical examination that includes information on speech and language, hearing loss, and physical and mental development.

Speech and language evaluations may carry out. When deficiencies are detected, a treatment plan may develop for the patient. Speech therapy, hearing aids, and other options are available.

Additional SGD testing occurs every 30 minutes throughout the first hour of a speech-generating device evaluation.

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What Cpt Codes Are Used For Speech Therapy

Most of the CPT codes for speech therapy appear in the 9200 section of the AMAs CPT code book, but SLPs can also use physical therapy codes in the 9700 section with some exceptions. Codes can range from assessing swallowing function to language comprehension to group or individual therapy assessments and treatment.

Below is a sampling of CPT codes that speech-language pathologists may use to bill for their services:

  • 92507 Individual treatment for disorder of communication, voice, language, speech, or auditory processing
  • 92508 Group treatment for disorder of communication, voice, language, speech, or auditory processing
  • 92521 Evaluation of speech fluency
  • 92522 Evaluation of sound production during speech
  • 92523 Evaluation of sound production along with language expression and comprehension
  • 92524 Qualitative and behavioral resonance and voice analysis
  • 92526 Feeding or swallowing dysfunction treatment
  • 92607 Alternative communication device evaluation
  • 92609 Alternative communication device management and therapy
  • 92610 Swallowing function evaluation
  • 96125 Cognitive testing with a standardized instrument
  • 97125 Cognitive function interventions
  • 97129 Therapeutic intervention of cognitive function and compensatory strategies to manage performance of an activity

Cpt Codes For Voice Interventions

CPT® code 92524

Code 92524 is used for the behavioral evaluation of voice and resonance. Use this code if you didnt perform any instrumental assessment during your evaluation.

CPT® code 92520

If you performed an acoustic or aerodynamic assessment, you need to use CPT ® code 92520 to bill for those procedures.

CPT® code 31579

If you also performed additional instrumental assessments like videostroboscopy, you need to bill CPT® code 31579. Keep in mind that the use of the CPT® code 31579 without physician supervision varies from state to state.

The treatment code for therapy targeting a voice disorder is 92507.

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Evaluation Of Speech Fluency

When using code 92521, the evaluation must provide information about:

  • The patients fluency level with a quantitative and/or qualitative measurement and/or a measurement of speaking rate .
  • Fluency may be documented through:
    • a description of severity and frequency.
    • results of a commercial stuttering severity instrument.
    • a description of severity and frequency, secondary characteristics, self-awareness/self-correction/perception, and types of dysfluencies.

What Is Speech Therapy

Pathology and Laboratory CPT Medical Coding for the CPC and CCS Exams

Speech language therapy involves patients who require specific treatment relating to how they form and produce language and noises. Three of the most common speech disorders include stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria, all of which have different symptoms and causes that can be treated and improved on by using therapeutic strategies. Because speech disorders vary so significantly, it is imperative that speech therapists are both highly trained and can adapt flexibly to new scenarios. Working in speech therapy is an exciting healthcare career there are often positive clinical outcomes, which means happy and improved patients. However, just like working in any field of healthcare, speech therapy requires a high amount of organization and efficiency – which means having a good knowledge ofSOAP notes for speech language therapists, and understanding common CPT codes.

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Cpt Codes For Speech Therapy Medical Billing

As a speech therapist business, it is extremely important that you are updated and informed about the most recent changes in medical billing. As Iâm sure you know, understanding the ins and outs of the billing process can be a particularly difficult area to manage. Regulations change frequently, and even the smallest mistake can lead to a claim rejection or denial. In turn, these slip-ups cause a halt in reimbursement, making it a lengthy and difficult process to receive payment for your services. However, with time and effort, there is no reason why your practice shouldnât perfect its billing process. To help you out, weâve provided some information on the top 3 CPT codes that are used in billing so you canimprove your speech language therapy outcomes and processes.

Cpt Coding And Billing For Speech Therapy Services

  • Course Description

An accurate understanding of the coding and billing process is critical for rehab professionals. 2021 CPT Coding & Billing for Speech Therapy Services covers the correct use of CPT codes used by speech-language pathologists and speech-language assistants in all outpatient settings including private practice, hospital-based outpatient departments, rehabilitation agencies, schools, comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities, skilled nursing facilities doing Part B and in a patients home.

The course will review the definition of substantial time-based CPT codes per the American Medical Association in order to bill correctly to the Medicare program and private insurance carriers. Billing scenarios are discussed and reviewed to ensure speech-language pathologists can accurately charge patients correctly for their services. Lastly, the webinar will review National Correct Coding Initiative Procedure-to-Procedure edits and the use of Modifier 59 as they pertain to outpatient speech therapy services.

At the conclusion of this webinar presentation, participants will be able to:

Mr. Gawenda is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Michigan Physical Therapy Association . Mr. Gawenda is the Past President of the Section on Health Policy & Administration of the APTA as well as Past President of the Michigan Association of Medical Rehabilitation Program Administrators.

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Medicare Will Not Pay For Student

According to Chapter 15 the Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, only the services of the therapist can be billed and paid under Medicare Part B. The services performed by a student are not reimbursed even if provided under line of sight supervision of the therapist.

That said, student participation in a service does not automatically make it non-reimbursable. Section 230.B goes on to state that students may assist in services rendered by a licensed SLP or deliver services under the direct guidance and supervision of the licensed provider. This guidance also applies to group therapy services.

A Timed And Untimed Codes

List Of Physical Therapy Cpt Codes 2020

When reporting service units for CPT/HCPCS codes where the procedure is not defined by a specific timeframe , the provider enters “1” in the field labeled “units.” For untimed codes, units are reported based on the number of times the procedure is performed, as described in the CPT/HCPCS code definition.

EXAMPLE: A member received a speech-language pathology evaluation represented by HCPCS “untimed” code 92521. Regardless of the number of minutes spent providing this service, only one unit of service is appropriately billed on the same day.

Several CPT codes used for therapy modalities, procedures, tests and measurements specify that the direct time spent in patient contact is 15 minutes. Providers report these “timed” procedure codes for services delivered on any single calendar day using CPT codes and the appropriate number of 15-minute units of service.

EXAMPLE: A member received a total of 60 minutes of occupational therapy, e.g., HCPCS “timed” code 97530 which is defined in 15-minute units, on a given date of service. The provider would then report 4 units of code 97530.

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Speech Therapy Assessment Guide For Pathologists

When it comes to an assessment guide for speech language therapy, there is a range of different things you need to be aware of. Firstly, itâs important to differentiate between infants, children, adolescents, and adults. Developmental stages of life will largely impact how individuals can speak and will allow you to identify whether or not symptoms are serious, or just a reflection of the patientâs age. Additionally, if the individual has another diagnosis, this may be related to their speech issues. During your sessions with a patient, these are some of the first pieces of information you need to gather. Consequently, you can begin to formulate your own hypotheses regarding potential diagnoses, before conducting various assessments to determine the pathology of their speech issues. Some of the most commonly used speech therapy assessments include Bayley Scales of Infant and Toddler Development, PLS-5 English Assessment, Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, and Differential Ability Scales Assessment. When you are setting the KPIs for your speech language practice, a good measure for the scope of your business is to assess how accurate the assessment guides you have in place are – you may also choose to focus on introducing new tests in order to cater to a wider number of patients.

Cpt Codes Used In Speech Therapy Medical Billing

Each CPT code describes an individual medical, diagnostic, or surgical procedure or service. Each code was created by AMA to best reflect the service rendered by the provider.

The medical coders job is to choose the code that best reflects the service rendered by the healthcare professional.

Below, we will describe three CPT codes in detail. Well look at the requirements for performing these procedures as well as documenting them using the correct medical codes for speech therapist.

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Early And Periodic Screening Diagnostic And Treatment

8.280.4.E Other EPSDT Benefits

Other health care services may include other EPSDT benefits if the need for such services is identified. The services are a benefit when they meet the following requirements:

  • All goods and services described in Section 1905 of the Social Security Act are a covered benefit under EPSDT when medically necessary as defined at 10 C.C.R. 2505-10, Section, regardless of whether such goods and services are covered under the Colorado Medicaid State Plan.
  • For the purposes of EPSDT, medical necessity includes a good or service that will, or is reasonably expected to, assist the client to achieve or maintain maximum functional capacity in performing one or more Activities of Daily Living and meets the criteria set forth at Section – g.
  • The service provides a safe environment or situation for the child.
  • The service is not for the convenience of the caregiver.
  • The service is medically necessary.
  • The service is not experimental or investigational and is generally accepted by the medical community for the purpose stated.
  • The service is the least costly.
  • B Counting Minutes For Timed Codes In 15 Minute Units

    What is a Modifier in Medical Coding? CPT and HCPCS Modifiers for Beginners

    When only one service is provided in a day, providers should not bill for services performed for less than 8 minutes. For any single timed CPT code in the same day measured in 15-minute units, providers bill a single 15-minute unit for treatment greater than or equal to 8 minutes through and including 22 minutes. If the duration of a single modality or procedure in a day is greater than or equal to 23 minutes, through and including 37 minutes, then 2 units should be billed. Time intervals for 1 through 8 units are as follows:

    113 minutes through 127 minutes

    The pattern remains the same for treatment times in excess of 2 hours.

    When more than one service represented by 15-minute timed codes is performed in a single day, the total number of minutes of service determines the number of timed units billed. See example 1 below.

    If any 15-minute timed service that is performed for 7 minutes or less than 7 minutes on the same day as another 15-minute timed service that was also performed for 7 minutes or less and the total time of the two is 8 minutes or greater than 8 minutes, then bill one unit for the service performed for the most minutes. This is correct because the total time is greater than the minimum time for one unit. The same logic is applied when three or more different services are provided for 7 minutes or less than 7 minutes. See example 5 below.

    See the chart above. The 47 minutes falls within the range for 3 units = 38 to 52 minutes.

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    What Is A Cpt Code

    Current Procedural Terminology is a set of codes that are used to describe medical, diagnostic, and surgical procedures and services. The American Medical Association created CPT codes as a standard way of describing healthcare services. A multidisciplinary panel regularly reviews and updates the codes to accurately represent developing medical advances. CPT codes are used in a variety of situations including medical billing.

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