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Speech Services By Google Android

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Check Network Preferences In Google Play Store

Remove Speech services by Google downloading English (US) update waiting for network connection!!

The Speech Services app update may get stuck if you switch to mobile data and have set the auto-update preference in Play Store to Wi-Fi only. Heres what you can do to solve that problem.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on your profile picture in the top right corner and select Settings.

Step 3: Tap on Network preferences to expand it.

Step 4: Tap on Auto-update apps and select Over any network.

After that, the Speech Services app will update without any problem. Using this solution means that all the pending app updates will utilize your mobile data to download the updates. So switch back to Over Wi-Fi only option after the updates for Speed Services download.

Disable Auto Update Of The Speech Services By Google

If a users internet connection is spotty, then the phones attempt to auto-update Speech Services by Google may not be successful. In this case, disabling the Auto-Update of Google Speech Services may solve the problem. Keep in mind a user may manually update these services if auto-update is disabled.

  • Launch Google Play Store and search for Speech Services by Google.
  • Now open the result of Speech Services by Google and tap on the three vertical ellipses .
  • Then uncheck Auto Update and close Google Play Store. Uncheck Enable Auto Update of Speech Services by Google
  • Now restart the phone and upon restart, check if the Speech Services download issue has stopped.
  • Google Speech: What Is It For

    You should know that you will not need to download the APK on your smartphone since it is an application that is preinstalled on Android. However, you may need it in case you have disposed of it or want to upgrade its features to the latest version.

    Once configured correctly, you can use it in circumstances such as the following:

    • To search for addresses on Google Maps from the car.
    • To transcribe recordings from the smartphone recorder.
    • To read books from Google Play Books, equipped with the Read Aloud feature.
    • With Google Translator to hear the translations and how the words are pronounced.
    • With TalkBack and other applications that can provide you with voice messages on the device.
    • With accessibility applications such as Voice Access, developed for people with difficulties manipulating the touch screen.
    • With any application developed to have a voice search function.
    • To learn pronunciation with language apps.

    Use the device with the Google text-to-speech and voice transcription technologies.

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    How To Manage Android Text

    Android gives you some control over the language and voice used to read text aloud when you use Select to Speak. It’s easy to change the language, accent, pitch, or speed of the synthesized text voice.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap the gear icon.

  • Tap General management.

    The placement of features can vary in different versions of Android. If you don’t find it here, use the search icon.

  • Tap Language and input.

  • Tap Text-to-speech.

  • In the menu that appears, adjust the Speech rate and Pitch until it sounds the way you want.

  • To change the language, tap Language, then choose the language you want to hear when text is read aloud.

  • Manually Update Speech Services By Google

    [APK Download] Google updates Text

    As the automatic update of Google Speech Services is failing or stuck in the update loop, then manually updating the same may do the trick.

  • Firstly, restart the Android phone and upon restart, launch Google Play Store.
  • Now search for Speech Services by Google and open its result. Manually Update the Speech Services by Google
  • Then, if an update of speech services is available, tap on it to install it, and once installed, check if the downloading issue of speech services is cleared.
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    Restart The Android Phone

    A temporary glitch may not let the speech services by Google complete the download and restarting the Android phone may clear the glitch, thus solving the problem.

  • Press/hold the Android phonespower button and once the power menu is shown, tap on Restart. Restart or Power Off the Android Phone
  • Upon restart, check if the speech services issue is cleared.
  • If not, press/hold the power button of the phone, and once the power menu is shown, tap on Shut Down or Power off.
  • Now wait for 30 seconds and then power on the phone to check if it is clear of the speech services issue.
  • Why Does Google Assistant Keep Turning On

    Google Assistant may keep turning on for a variety of reasons. It could be due to accidental activation from something you said or did, such as if you accidentally said the hotword Hey Google while talking to someone.

    Alternatively, you may have unintentionally enabled a setting that keeps it always listening. This can occur if your phone is set to always recognize OK Google, or if you dont turn off the voice activation feature while it is not in use.

    It is also possible that Google Assistant is responding to ambient noise in your surroundings, such as a television or radio. Finally, multiple people may be using the same device, causing Google Assistant to mistakenly think it is being addressed.

    In any case, you can avoid this problem by disabling voice activation or checking the active settings for any accidental triggers.

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    How Do I Turn Off Read Aloud On Android

    The process for turning off Read Aloud on Android differs depending on the device you are using. Generally, most devices come with built-in Google text-to-speech technology and the ability to turn the feature off.

    On most Android devices you can turn off Read Aloud in the Settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Text-to-speech output. You can then select the engine you are using, and then toggle the switch off.

    You may also need to go to Additional Settings to turn off any additional accessibility features.

    On some Android devices, the Read Aloud feature can be disabled in the Accessibility Settings. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility shortcut, and then turn the feature off.

    Other manufacturers may have different ways of disabling read aloud on the device. You can check your devices manual or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

    Once you have disabled Read Aloud on the device, you should have no trouble making sure that this feature stays off.

    Set The Google Play Store To Update Over Any Network

    Disable Speech services by Google downloading English US update waiting for network connection!!

    If the Google Play Store is set to update its apps over a Wi-Fi, then that may cause the issue of speech services if, due to a glitch, Google Play Store thinks the Wi-Fi network is in use as a mobile data network. Here, setting the Google Play Store to update over any network may resolve the issue.

  • Launch Google Play Store and tap on the user icon in the top right to open its menu.
  • Now select Settings and expand Network Preferences. Open Settings of the Google Play Store
  • Then set App Download Preference, Auto-Update Apps, and Auto-Play Videos to Over Any Network. Set App Download Preference, Auto-Update Apps, and Auto-Play Videos to Over Any Network
  • Now restart the Android phone after closing the Play Store and upon restart, check if the download issue of Google speech services is cleared.
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    Force Stop The Speech Services By Google

    A temporary glitch may not let the download complete for Google Speech Services as the phone is failing to execute the related modules. In this context, force stopping the speech services may clear the glitch and thus solve the problem.

  • Launch the Android phone Settings and open Apps or Applications. Open Apps in the Android Phone Settings
  • Now select Speech Services by Google and tap on Force Stop. Open Speech Services by Google in Apps
  • Then confirm to Force Stop the Google Speech Services and afterward, check if its download issue is resolved. Force Stop Speech Services by Google
  • In the case Secure Folder is used, then a user may force stop the Speech Services in the Secure Folder settings.

    How Do I Turn Off Speech Services By Google On My Android Phone

    To turn off speech services by Google on your Android phone, you will need to first open the Google app on your device. Once you have the app open, tap the menu in the top left-hand corner. From the drop-down menu, select the Settings option.

    In the Settings menu, scroll down until you find the Voice option, and then tap it. You should now see the Voice Match and Voice Model options. The Voice Match option lets you set your device so that it recognizes your voice and will respond to Ok, Google commands.

    To turn this off, tap the switch so that it is grayed out. The Voice Model setting allows you to enable and disable additional voice recognition services. If you would like to turn these off, simply tap the switch so that it is grayed out.

    Once you are finished, close the Google app, and you will have successfully turned off speech services by Google on your Android phone.

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    Solution : Reinstall Speech Services By Google

    If none of the above-given solutions gets the work done and you are still struggling with the Speech Services by Google Waiting for Network Connection notification on Android, then another easy way to fix this bug is to uninstall and reinstall the Speech Services by Google app.

    • Go to the Google Play Store.
    • Find the Speech Services by Google app and tap on it.
    • Click on the Uninstall button.
    • Once the app is uninstalled, click on the Install button to reinstall it.
    • Restart your phone and see if the notification stopped appearing on the phone or not.

    Can I Delete Google Text To Speech App

    Speech services by Google update waiting for network connection: How to ...

    Yes, you can delete the Google Text-to-Speech app. It is an app that is used to convert text into natural-sounding speech. To delete the app, you can go to the Apps section of your Android devices Settings menu.

    Select the Google Text-to-Speech app and then tap on Uninstall or Disable. You may be prompted to confirm the removal of the app, and once you have done so, the app will no longer be available on your device.

    Additionally, you can also delete the app from the Google Play Store if you have installed it from there.

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    Buggy Update In Speech Services By Google

    Speaking Email uses the Google text to speech engine, which appears as a separate app, which you can find by looking for ‘Speech Services by Google’ on your phone. If you get glitches with speech functions, for example long delays between sentences in text to speech or cutting off while attempting speech recognition, then it could be due to bugs in Speech Services. In Feb 2022 we discovered a buggy update in Speech Services by Google causing these kinds of glitching out, and the solution was to uninstall the latest update of Speech Services. You can do this by looking in system settings > apps > Speech Services by Google, and find the ‘uninstall’ button which may be under the dots menu. This is still a major problem and is the most common cause of issues reported by users lately.

    Set The Language To Auto Update At Any Time

    If the language that Google Speech Services is trying to update is set to update over Wi-Fi only, then that may cause the download issue at hand as the language settings might not match the update settings of the phone. In this scenario, setting the language to auto-update at any time may solve the problem.

  • Launch the Android phone Settings and open Google.
  • Now select Settings for Google Apps and open Search, Assistant & Voice. Open Settings for Google Apps
  • Now open Voice> > Offline Speech Recognition and select the problematic language in the All menu. Open Search, Assistant, & Voice
  • Then tap on Auto-Update and afterward, select Anytime or Auto . Open Voice in the Google Settings
  • Now restart the phone after closing the opened menus and upon restart, check if the Speech Services issue is resolved. Open Offline Speech Recognition in the Voice Settings of the Phone
  • If that fails, check if selecting Do Not Auto-Update Languages in the Auto-Update menu of step 4 clears the problem. Set Auto Update of Downloaded Languages to Update at Any Time or Do not Update
  • If not, head to Offline Speech Recognition and tap on Installed.
  • Then open the problematic language like English and tap on or Update.
  • Afterward, check if the Speech Services problem is cleared.
  • If the issue persists, head to the Manage Language Settings of the phone and long-press the problematic language .
  • Now select Uninstall and again long-press the problematic language.
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    What Does The App Speech Services By Google Do

    By: Author Olin Wade

    Speech Services by Google is a suite of machine learning and cloud-based APIs that makes it easy for developers to add powerful speech-enabled capabilities to their applications. The suite of services includes speech recognition, natural language understanding, text to speech synthesis, conversational AI, and more.

    With Googles Speech Services, developers can build applications that can transcribe spoken words accurately and quickly, understand spoken and written language contextually and accurately, and generate natural-sounding synthesized speech or voices based on text.

    The API can also be used to develop virtual assistants capable of responding to spoken requests in a conversational and confident way. Additionally, users can apply contextual understanding to automatically acknowledge and respond to phrases or sentences that include multiple data points.

    Finally, developers can use the API to provide speech translation capabilities, where one linguistic model can be used to instantly translate a phrase or phase in many languages.


    What Does Waiting For Network Connection Error Mean When Updating The Speech Services App On Android

    Stop Speech services by Google downloading English (US) update waiting for network connection!!

    If you are getting the waiting for network connection message while the Speech Services updating process, it means there is a connection issue on your phone. And, you might need to move to a strong internet connection to complete the update process. However, in the recent scenario, it is found to be a bug that is responsible for showing this Speech Service by Google update notification.

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    Top 6 Ways To Fix Speech Services By Google Download Stuck On Android

    Speech Services is an essential system app that empowers your Android phone with Googles text-to-speech and speech-to-text functionality. To provide the best possible experience, the app needs to download the latest language updates often. And when the Speech Services update fails, you may see the Waiting for network connection notification on your phone.

    Since the error mostly occurs due to a network issue, you should first rule out any problems caused by intermittent internet connections. If the internet seems alright, you can work your way through the following solutions to fix the issue for good.

    How Do I Remove Speech Services

    Removing speech services depends on what service you are referring to. If you are looking to uninstall a speech recognition program, such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can do so by going to the Start menu in Windows, then selecting Control Panel and double clicking on Add or Remove Programs.

    Then select the program you wish to remove and follow the on-screen instructions. Additionally, uninstalling the program from the programs folder or by using a third-party software uninstaller, such as Revo Uninstaller, can help to ensure that the program is completely removed from your computer.

    On the other hand, if you are looking to remove speech services from a website or web application, you will likely have to access the settings on the website or application to find any options for disabling or uninstalling speech services.

    If you are unable to find this option on the website or application, you may need to contact the website or applications customer service or technical support team to help you remove the speech services.

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    Uninstall The Updates Of The Speech Services

    If the last update applied to the Speech Services is corrupt, then that may not let the phone complete the download of the update in question and cause the issue at hand. In this context, uninstalling the updates of the Google speech services may solve the problem.

  • Launch the Android phone Settings and open Apps or Applications.
  • Now open Speech Services by Google and tap on Uninstall Updates. Some users may have to tap on the three vertical ellipses and select Uninstall Updates. Uninstall Updates of Speech Services by Google
  • Once the updates are uninstalled, restart the phone and upon restart, check if the speech services download issue is cleared.
  • How Do I Turn Off Annoying Voice Assistant

    How To Use Google Text To Speech In Android Studio

    There are a few different ways to turn off an annoying voice assistant depending on your device.

    If you own an iPhone running iOS 13 or higher, you can turn off Siri, Apples voice assistant, by going into your Settings app and selecting Siri & Search. From there, simply toggle the Listen for Hey Siri switch to the off position.

    Additionally, you can disable the Press Side Button for Siri switch if you prefer not to be able to access Siri through your Side or Home button.

    If you have an Android device, you can turn off Google Assistant by long-pressing your Home button and then tapping the three-dot icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. From there, tap Settings and then choose Google Assistant.

    On this page, you can switch the Google Assistant button to the off position to disable the feature.

    Likewise, if you own an Amazon voice activated device such as an Echo, Echo Dot or Alexa built-in device, you can disable the assistant by saying Alexa, turn off. This should switch off the voice assistant and you should not receive any further responses until it is turned back on.

    Finally, if you own a voice assistant-enabled computer, laptop or tablet, you can turn off the assistant by looking for the Voice Assistant options in your settings. Depending on your device, you may have the option to disable the assistant completely or disable it while the device is locked.

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