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Speech Pathology Online Masters Programs

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Why Earn Your Masters In Speech

WCU’s Master of Speech Language Pathology Program

The baby boomer population is aging, and advances in medical technology are increasingly effective at helping at-risk populations and trauma survivors thrive. With these positive developments in health and wellness often come challenges in the form of speech, communication, swallowing, and/or hearing disorders.

The National Institute of Health estimates disorders related to speech, language, hearing, or swallowing have affected about one in 12 children between 3 and 17 years old in the past 12 months. In all, these disorders may affect as many as 10% of Americans, contributing to an annual economic impact of up to $186 billion.*

With your online Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Maryville, you can help address a vital social need and bring your patients an improved quality of life. Our program is designed to help people with a bachelors degree or professional certificate in a relevant field like communication sciences and disorders complete their education and maximize their career potential. With proven technology and resources and industry-standard techniques, we can prepare you to evaluate speech, language, and swallowing disorders, as well as related physiological and cognitive capabilities of patients of all ages, then develop treatment and rehabilitative solutions in consultation with clinicians and educators.

*Robert J. Ruben, Redefining the Survival of the Fittest: Communication Disorders in the 21st Century

Overview Of Affordable Online Speech Pathology Master’s Degrees

A master’s degree in speech-language pathology enables students to gain the skills and experience necessary to treat patients. Graduate students also learn the physiological means of human speech production, the causes of language and swallowing impairments, and common methods for assessing and treating clients from various populations. Alumni who pass the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology are entitled to call themselves SLPs, which is generally preferred over the colloquial term “speech therapists.”

According to Wiley Education Services, many students are attracted to the relative affordability of online degrees because tuition can be lower for these programs.

When this program is delivered in the online format, students watch recorded lectures, respond to written discussions, and complete assignments at their convenience. Although most of the courses and requirements can be completed online, SLP programs will typically require in-person clinical placements under the supervision of a clinician in a school or treatment facility. The students can usually arrange to work at a site close to their location.

According to Wiley Education Services, many students are attracted to the relative affordability of online degrees because tuition can be lower for these programs. They also appreciate that many online colleges have generous credit-transfer policies that provide a quicker path to graduation.

Slp Graduate Program Prerequisites

Students enter the University of Montana Masters degree program with 1) an undergraduate degree with a communicative sciences and disorders undergraduate major, or 2) an undergraduate degree in a non-CSD area with the additional completion of leveling CSD leveling courses. The CSD prerequisite courses include the following :

  • CSD 205 Clinical Application & Observation in SLP & Audiology
  • CSD 210 Speech & Lang Development
  • CSD 222 Intro to Audiology
  • CSD 265 Developmental Speech & Language Disorders and Treatment
  • CSD 320 Phonological Development & Phonetics
  • CSD 330 Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech & Swallowing Mechanisms
  • CSD 331 Neurological Bases of Communication & Swallowing Disorders
  • CSD 365 Acquired Communication & Swallowing Disorders
  • CSD 420 Speech and Hearing Science
  • CSD 450 Intro to Aural Rehabilitation

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University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire

The University of Wisconsin Eau Claires online Masters program in Communication Sciences and Disorders is a 54-credit program. It is considered part-time, but students must enroll for 2-6 credits per semester.

The coursework is similar among all students, but some may need extra courses to meet prerequisites, resulting in a heavier course load. The program offers scholarships.

Program: Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Tuition: $700

  • Communication Changes and Disorders of the Older Adult
  • Fluency Disorders
  • Voice and Resonance Disorders

Do You Have To Write A Thesis For A Masters In Speech Pathology

The 11 Best Online Speech Language Pathology Masters Degree Programs ...

Yes, most programs require students to complete a thesis or research project in order to graduate. The thesis is generally completed during the students final year of study and is meant to showcase the students knowledge and expertise in the field of speech pathology.

To become a speech pathologist, you must first obtain a masters degree in the field. Those interested in speech pathology will discover even more as they pursue a PhD. While a doctorate can be completed in less than three years, it can lead to a lot more information about human speech. The number of doctoral speech pathology degree programs available online has made it easier than ever to choose a doctorate program from an ASHA-accredited program. Because hands-on experience is required for the development of clinical skills, a clinical doctorate may not be entirely online. SLP careers are financially rewarding and fulfilling. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , a garden-variety speech pathologist can expect to earn $80,480 per year. A doctorate will most likely take you to the upper end of the six figure range. A person with the highest salary in a profession can earn more than $122,790 per year.

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Master Of Public Health In Health Promotion Education And Behavior Professional Online Program

The Master of Public Health in Health Promotion, Education, and Behavior Professional Online Program is designed for practitioners in health department, community, school and worksite settings who are deeply concerned about human welfare and require the flexibility of an online program. The curriculum provides highly transferable, interdisciplinary skills that will help make you a more impactful agent of change in your career and in peoples lives. This program will train you to become a leader and advocate for change in organizations and in the environment to facilitate healthful practices develop programs aimed at promoting good health at the personal, organizational, and public-policy levels evaluate health programs and policies to ensure they are meeting objectives and societal needs and develop and disseminate knowledge through systematic research and evaluation.

Learn more about the online program in our Frequently Asked Questions .

What Can You Do With An Online Masters In Speech

One benefit of the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology is the streamlined career outcomes. This credential is primarily intended to help you build the skills, knowledge, and understanding to pursue a career as a certified speech-language pathologist. This is a growing field that allows for a career that is both rewarding and stable.

As a speech-language pathologist, youll have the opportunity to work with individuals of all ages to diagnose and treat existing communication or swallowing disorders, or to help enact preventive measures.

Speech, communication, and swallowing disorders can arise from a number of circumstances. When they do, you can be the one to help patients find their voices.

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Apply For Online Speech Pathology Programs Today

It is terrific that you can now go into this highly rewarding specialty by taking a masters in speech pathology online, making it easy to start your path towards an in-demand career as a Speech Language Pathologist. If you need to take prerequisite courses before you apply, many of these schools also offer online courses to meet the requirements. With many jobs awaiting you, and many people needing these services, now is the time to get your ducks in a row to apply for one of these affordable speech pathology graduate programs.

Distance Education Degree Programs

Nevada State College starts new Speech-Language Pathology Masters Program

While a number of core courses are available via distance education in programs across the Arnold School, we have three master’s degree programs that are offered completely via distance education: the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, the Master of Public Health in Health Services Policy and Management, and the Master of Public Health Professional Online Program in Health Promotion, Education and Behavior.

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Speech Pathology Programs Salary And Future Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the median income for a speech-language pathologist in 2020 was approximately $80,480. Pay levels vary with the industry of employment and number of years a pathologist has practiced.

Potential career opportunities for speech language pathologists are expected to grow at a faster than average rate, with 29 percent growth expected between 2020 and 2030. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 203,500 people will be employed as speech-language pathologists by 2030.

Top States for Employment for Speech-Language Pathologists


What Is The Average Speech Pathology Masters Tuition

The first step to becoming a speech pathologist is to attend a master of speech pathology program. The latest research on graduate school costs comes from the National Center for Education Statistics . The latest research on graduate school costs comes from the National Center for Education Statistics . According to the NCES, in the 2016-2017 school year, average costs for graduate tuition and fees were $18,416. Typically, a speech pathology masters program takes two years of full-time study, bringing the average tuition and fees total to around $36,832.

Costs tend to be higher in private institutions compared to public institutions . You can offset graduate school costs with scholarships and grants and possibly by choosing a public school in the state you reside in.

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How Much Does An Online Master’s In Speech Pathology Cost

The eight schools ranked above represent the most affordable options for an online master’s degree in speech pathology. The median annual tuition rate on this list is $14,950.

Online tuition can be more affordable than in-person tuition. Colleges often charge the same rate or lower for online degrees as for campus programs, and public schools may even charge the in-state rate regardless of an online student’s residency.

In addition to tuition, students will need to buy school supplies, such as textbooks, and pay assorted fees. However, online students don’t need to consider a college’s room and board costs or commute expenses.

After graduating, prospective SLPs need to pay ASHA for certification, which can cost $250-$550 a year. To help alleviate costs, online students should apply for as much financial aid as possible.

Why Earn Your Masters In Speech Language Pathology Online

Now is Your Best Chance to Join a Premier Master

There are many benefits to gaining a speech pathology masters degree online as opposed to the more traditional on campus format. For one, online slp degrees allow for the flexibility to take classes on your own schedule, often integrating class times that allow for students to hold full or part-time jobs on the side. Other reasons include being to access top tier universities regardless of location and commuting time savings.

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List Of Colleges That Offer A Masters Degree For Speech Pathology Online

The following school list is in alphabetical order. To be included, a college or university must be regionally accredited and offer degree programs online or in a hybrid format.

Established in 1845, Baylor University is a privately run university affiliated with the Baptist Church. They are located in Waco, Texas and were originally founded by the last Congress of the Texas Republic.

This makes them the oldest tertiary-level institution in the state. Their main urban campus is 1,000 acres and serves over 17,000 students.

  • Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders

Baylor is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

California State University at Northridge dates back to 1972, after the old San Fernando State Valley School was restructured and integrated into the States public university system.

They serve over 38,000 students on their main campus, located in a residential suburb of the city of Los Angeles and are one of the most diverse public universities in the country.

  • Masters in Communicative Disorders

CSU Northridge is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission .

East Carolina University is one of the leading public research institutions in the State of North Carolina. They date back to 1907, although they were originally founded as a teacher training school.

  • Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Masters in Communication Science & Disorders
  • Masters in Speech-Language Pathology

Masters In Speech Pathology Faq

You may have questions even after youve chosen the best speech pathology school for you. Here are some common questions about SLP programs:

Is speech pathology graduate school competitive?

While applying for SLP programs may be competitive, there are various strategies that could help your application stand out. Be sure to put a lot of effort into your personal statement, ask for letters of recommendation from people who know you well and create a CV that demonstrates relevant experiences . Start working on your application well in advance before its due so you have ample time to perfect itthis way, you can work toward having a higher likelihood of getting into the best speech pathology schools.

How long does it take to become a speech language pathologist?

To become a speech pathologist, an undergraduate degree and masters degree are required in most states. Generally, undergraduate programs last four years. The majority of SLP masters programs typically take two years to complete if you study full time. Hands-on training is also required to become a speech pathologist. After earning your degree, additional time will be needed to become certified by applying to ASHA for the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology.

How much does it cost to get a Master of Speech Pathology?Do SLP programs offer masters degree specializations?

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Will I Need To Get A Doctoral Degree To Practice As A Speech Pathologist

No, it is not necessary for graduate students to earn doctoral degrees to practice as speech pathologists. However, depending on their career goals, students who have earned master’s degrees may want to consider pursuing one of the two types of doctoral degrees available in speech-language pathology. A clinical doctorate prepares speech pathologists for advanced leadership roles in clinical settings, such as a master clinician or clinical administrator. By contrast, a Ph.D. in speech pathology prepares students for research and teaching roles in academia.

Masters Programs In Speech Pathology: Overview

NYU Graduate Program – Speech-Language Pathology FAQ

When considering a Masters in Speech Pathology, you should be prepared to work with all types of people with speech issues, language barriers and swallowing problems. Often classified as a division of communication studies, speech-language pathology involves evaluating, diagnosing and best treating communication issues and swallowing disorders in people of all ages.

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The Emerson Community Online

With speech and communication as two of our founding principles, our high-level expertise in the communication disorders space represents our steadfast dedication to providing aspiring SLPs with the tools and techniques needed to support todays clients, families, and caregivers. And we are honored to offer this same level of excellence in SLP education online to driven, compassionate professionals across the country.

Take The Next Step Toward Living Your Purpose

As you make decisions about graduate school, keep in mind the full social, spiritual and educational experience awaiting you at CBU. Here, you will be supported by professors, staff and fellow students who will help you discover your strengths and challenge you to do more than you ever thought you could. Let us equip you with the education, training and opportunities you’ll need to start making a unique difference doing what you love.

Application Deadline

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How Do I Fulfill The Clinical Practice Requirement For An Online Master’s In Speech Pathology Program

When students are completing SLP degrees online, they’ll work with program staff to make arrangements for field placement. The objective is to find a recognized healthcare or educational facility where the student can work under the supervision of licensed speech pathologists. Upon completing their clinical experience, students may be asked to pass an exam or complete a project to document that they have gained the appropriate level of skill.

Is An Online Speech

Master of Arts in Speech

For students who want to make a difference in people’s lives by becoming licensed speech-language pathologists, a master’s degree from an accredited graduate school is essential. But is entering the profession worth the effort? Clark says she thinks it’s “so worth it” but advises prospective students to examine the data around SLP education and employment.

For her part, Clark describes therapy breakthroughs as the most rewarding aspect of her work. “I can still remember every time that a child has spoken their first word in my session, because it moves you,” she says. “I love being able to experience the joy that they experience.”

“The breakthroughs make everything worth it because communication is key to life. If you’re having trouble with it, or if you can’t communicate, it breaks down everything. So being able to help people improve such a big, important part of their life is incredibly rewarding.”

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What Is Your Motivation For Choosing A Masters In Speech Pathology Program

Theres a lot of work that goes into getting a speech-language pathology graduate degree, so be sure youre fully committed to it before you start.

Before you decide to earn you graduate degree in speech pathology the American Speech-Language Hearing Association recommends you ask yourself the following questions:

Pursue A Meaningful Career With Your Masters In Speech

Communication is vital to our shared social experience. Its the basis of our relationships, entertainment, commerce, and information sharing. But for some such as children with autism, trauma survivors, stroke patients, and the aging population communication may come as a challenge. For others, it may not come at all.

You can make a powerful difference in peoples lives. With your online Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Maryville, you can prepare for a rewarding career in speech-language pathology and help people overcome communication barriers. We designed our program based on the Big 9 areas of expected competencies established by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and the Council on Academic Accreditation for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology , so your online graduate degree can prepare you to thrive in this field and help others participate more fully in society.

Speech-language pathology can be a rewarding career. In fact, U.S. News & World Report ranked it the No. 7 best job in America for 2021. This is your chance to help patients find their voice and make meaningful connections and we can help you do it. Lets be brave together.

Learn from a curriculum based on ASHA and CAA competencies.

Get personalized support and counseling from application through graduation.

Learn from a faculty of experienced speech-language pathology practitioners.

Choose from fall or spring start dates, and complete in only 5 semesters.

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