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Speech Language Pathology Vs Audiology

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What Is Speech Pathology

The Future of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language pathologists, or speech therapists, help patients deal with speech and language difficulties or problems as well as swallowing disorders. These may or may not be life threatening. For example, while one patient may be an infant who is unable to swallow properly, another may visit a speech therapist for assistance in getting rid of an accent . They may work with young children to help get rid of speech impediments, or they may work with elderly patients who have suffered a stroke and can no longer communicate the way they used to.

Canadian Alliance Of Audiology And Speech

The Canadian Alliance of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Regulators is a national coalition of regulators of the professions of audiology and speech language pathology across Canada.

The Alliance members work together on matters which support the regulatory mandate of each provincial jurisdiction to protect the public interest in a consistent national approach.

CAASPR is a virtual organization. Please direct enquiries through our Contact Us page.

Should I Be An Audiologist Or A Speech Pathologist

Its always up to you to decide which kind of work you will enjoy more. But there is a big fat hint in the employment numbers that might tip you toward one or the other: the number of jobs for SLPs is expected to increase by 25% between 2019-2029, while its just 13% for audiologists. The fact that so many SLPs work in education means that if you enjoy working with kids, that might be your jam. Audiologists also frequently work with kids, but their practice base really covers all ages.

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Experiential Learning And Co

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of communication disorders through observations and participation in activities and at the Northeastern University Speech-Language and Hearing Center. Externship in schools, hospitals, or other relevant settings will also broaden studentsâ exposure and prepare them for graduate study or employment.

Why Bsc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology

  • Audio and Video are the two essential components of representing anything these days. So, it becomes a job of immense satisfaction and pride if one becomes, say- a radiologist or pathologist.
  • The course deals with the fundamentals of speech and voice-related issues in humans.
  • One gets to study in detail the advanced functioning of critical hearing technology and innovate further in that niche.
  • It is an emerging field therefore, one can experience drastic growth in his career.
  • It offers a host of technical and medical jobs as it is closely attached to the medical field. So, this could be a great option for those looking to enter the field of biology with a different set of subjects.
  • The course will be suited for those with an aspiration to work selflessly for the good of differently-abled people.

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Notice To Prospective Licensees Current Licensees Renewing Their Licenses And Stakeholders

Applicants can apply for new licenses and renew licenses online. TDLR strongly encourages you to take advantage of the opportunity to apply or renew online. The process is secure and easy to use and faster than submitting paper-based applications and supporting documents, especially as TDLR deals with significant staffing issues related to COVID-19.

  • Applications submitted online can take 30 days to process once TDLR receives all required documents.
  • Applications submitted by mail may face significant delays, which may take up to 90 days once TDLR receives all required documents.

Access the online licensing system here. If you need to submit a document outside of the online application, please scan the document and send it to TDLR using our online customer service form.

If you need to submit a transcript, please ask your university to send electronic transcripts to TDLR at instead of mailing in an original or certified copy of an original transcript. If your need to submit other documents, such as receipt of fingerprint submission, please scan the document and send it electronically to TDLR using our Customer Service form.

Thank you for helping us process your application or renewal more quickly.

What Is An Audiologist

Audiologists are medical professionals who diagnose and treat issues related to hearing and balance, including tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, and noise sensitivity. If the diagnosed issue is treatable by a medical doctor, audiologists will refer their patients to an ENT specialist otherwise, they will explore options such as hearing aids and aural rehabilitation .

A doctoral degree is necessary to practice audiology. Several undergraduate degrees can lead to advanced study and later becoming an audiologist, such as a Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. Audiologists work in many occupational areas, including hospitals, doctors offices, and schools, and some work as independent contractors.

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A Wide Range Of Speech

Patients of the Mcgill University Health Centre with hearing and speech difficulties can count on a team of four audiologists, ten speech-language pathologists and two administrative assistants that work across its four adult hospitals.

Collaborating to treat hearing loss

At the Glen site, audiologists work with patients that experiences hearing impairment, are involved in diagnosing the extent of the hearing loss, assessing the patients needs and treatment options and informing patients about the most effective hearing amplification devices. When it comes to treating hearing difficulties, audiologists often collaborate with Ear, Nose and Throat surgeons, for example when patients receive Bone Anchored Hearing Aids .

This device involves a surgical procedure to place an implant under the skin on the bone above and behind the ear, explains Janet Mackay, audiologist at the MUHC. This permits the sound to be converted from the hearing aid microphone to a bone-vibrated signal which will transmit to the inner ear through skull bones. Audiologists are involved in assessing patients for BAHA candidacy and programming these devices once the surgery is completed.

A new team member at the Glen site

Monitoring patients over time to find new solutions

Following an assessment of a patients ability to communicate, Kalyna will recommend strategies for both the patient and the family to help maintain communication.

Interdisciplinary collaboration at the MGH

Unr School Of Medicine Diversity Statement

The Future of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine recognizes that diversity promotes excellence in education, research and health care. Our school is an inclusive and engaged community and recognizes the added value that students, faculty and staff from different backgrounds bring to the educational experience. We strive to develop culturally competent graduates to care for the residents of Nevada and the nation.

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Licensing And Certification For Speech Pathologists Vs Audiologists

Enrolling in a CAA-accredited speech-pathology graduate program is critical for getting a license. SLPs also have to complete a period of supervised training and pass the Praxis exam for speech-language pathology on their way to getting the Certificate of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology . Thats a national level board certification of competence that many employers look for to maintain high standards in the field.

ASHA also offers the CCC-A, which is the audiologist equivalent of the CCC-SLP. Audiologists have a different test to pass and more hours of supervised practice to fulfill, in line with their more advanced degree.

Every state has separate licensing requirements, but earning the CCC-SLP or CCC-A is either accepted itself as a qualification, or has standards that mean you will meet state rules across the country. Some states also require a jurisprudence exam from applicants in both fields.

Th Legislative Session Update

May 27, 2020

Notice to Health Care Practitioners of New Training Requirement

House Bill 2059 requires certain health care practitioners to complete a Health and Human Services Commission approved human trafficking prevention training course to renew their license. The bill also requires HHSC to post a list of approved courses on their website. Licensees are required to comply with the training requirements beginning September 1, 2020. For more information, visit our Human Trafficking Prevention Training for Health Care Practitioners webpage.

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Global Approach To Education

All students take advantage of St. John’s location in dynamic New York City. Our faculty and Career Center have strong ties to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area. Students make New York their classroom through innovative courses like Discover New York.

Students also benefit from St. John’s focus on an international academic experience. The University offers extensive study abroad courses during the academic year as well as the winter and summer semesters. Students can live and learn at St. John’s Rome, Italy, campus and Paris, France, location.

Audiology And Speech Language Pathology Are Closely Related Disciplines

Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month!

For speech pathologists to correct issues in speech and language, they have to know what is going on with the patients hearing. Hearing loss, after all, is one of the major contributors to many speech problems.

Thats where audiologists come in. Their training in testing hearing and diagnosing auditory disorders is critical for speech pathologists to design their own treatments. And audiologists have the expertise to fix speech disorders that stem directly from hearing problems by fixing those hearing issues directly.

In most cases, speech pathologists and audiologists work together closely to develop treatment plans and monitor progress.

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After Bsc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology

There are many options after completing your BSc in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology. Generally, students go for a master’s degree in order to fully grasp the advanced elements of the subject. After that, they go for a Ph.D. if they want to dive even deeper in the subject and contribute to the research work in the field.

Prepare For A Great Career

When youre a student in Western Michigan University’s Department of Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences, you will experience unique academic, research and clinical opportunities, preparing you to be part of the next generation of speech, language and hearing professionals.

The fields of audiology and speech-language pathology are both highly ranked in US News and World Reports listing of healthcare jobs. The employment rate is rising in both fields and both career paths offer a wide range of work environments. These are good paying careers that are highly rewarding and highly impactful.

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Bsc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology: Quick Facts

  • A three-year bachelor’s degree offered in the field of Audio/Speech disorders and related domains. It provides one degree in Audiology and in Speech Language Pathology.
  • One has to pass class 12 with science stream and with at least 55% marks in order to be eligible for this course.
  • The aim of the course is to produce manpower of formidable skill and competence who can deal with speech and hearing-related disorders.
  • There are a variety of exams conducted for admission to colleges providing this course- IPU CET, NEET, JAM, etc.
  • The course provides jobs and placements in a variety of domains, including a speech therapist, business development manager, clinical specialist and many more.
  • The salary of a graduate after completing this course can be anywhere from ?3L to ?10L.

Differences In Audiologist Vs Speech Language Pathologist Salary

Telepractice: Providing Audiology and SLP Services at a Distance

Lets start off with the fact that these are both fun, well-paying jobs. Youre going to be working as a respected professional with a solid take-home salary, doing work that changes lives. Thats a kind of pay that you cant take to the bank but would never give up, either.

Many people wonder about which job would pull down the biggest paychecks, though. But the difference between speech pathologist and audiologist salaries isnt as big as you would expect based on the educational differences. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2020 audiologists enjoyed a median annual salary of $81,030, while speech-language pathologists were paid $80,480.

At the top end, after years of experience and advanced certification, audiologists can make more than $128,160 while SLPs in the top ten percent earn over $122,790 per year.

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What Speech Pathologist Vs Audiologist Career Tracks Look Like

In addition to the different educational tracks, speech pathology careers can look very different from audiology careers.

Most speech pathologists work in education. According to ASHA, about 43 percent of SLPs are employed by schools or other educational services. They do a lot of hands-on therapy, developing unique treatment plans for patients and getting in a lot of direct contact. Its a rewarding process to watch a patient who has had difficulty feeding themselves learn to chew and swallow properly, or see a kid who cant communicate learn to form words.

Audiologists, on the other hand, primarily work in healthcare services such as clinics, hospitals, or in private practice. Their jobs can involve a lot more standardized diagnostic process, administering hearing tests or conducting technical evaluations. They routinely fit patients for hearing aids, also.

Department Of Speech Pathology And Audiology

Welcome to the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality educational, research, and clinical services to both our students and the community. Speech Pathology and Audiology offers a pre-professional B.S. degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology and professional graduate degrees in Speech-Language Pathology. We are very proud of our department and welcome you to explore and discover what a professional career in speech pathology and audiology has to offer you.

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Bsc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology: Subjects

The subjects are under 2 broad categories: Audiology and Pathology.


  • Human Communication: Understanding how we communicate and bond through languages, signs and text.
  • Hearing Science: Focusing on the scientific workings behind our hearing sense.
  • Management of Hearing Impairments: Understanding the art of dealing with hearing impaired persons and communicating effectively with them.
  • Paediatric, Diagnostic and Rehabilitative audiology: Studying all the different streams associated with audiology.


  • Speech and Language Therapeutics: Studying how to give speech therapy and improve language swallowing.
  • Fluency Disorders: Understanding the basics of this disorder and measures to work upon.
  • Speech and Language Development Disorders: Understanding and renovating the methods of communication to deal with this disorder.
  • Neurogenic language disorders: Studying about Aphasias.
  • Motor Speech Disorders: Apraxia of speech and Dysarthria.
  • Hearing Psychology: Understanding the mechanism of hearing and how it affects us mentally and physically.
  • Articulation phonological disorders: Learning about the various hindrances that occur in the production of individual sound/speech.

The Ontario Infant Hearing Program

Audiologist and Speech

Mount Sinai Hospital is also a training site for audiologists who want to work with the Ontario Infant Hearing Program .

The IHP is a province-wide program of the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. The Program aims to identify all infants with permanent hearing impairment, and give parents the information they need to make timely, informed decisions. By maximizing family communication and language development, the program reduces the delay in learning language and helps the development of reading skills

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All About Bsc Audiology And Speech Language Pathology

Mentioned below are few of the crucial facts about a BSc Audiology and Speech Language Pathology course for your reference,

  • BSc in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology is a three-year UG course that primarily deals in the development of innovation in languages.
  • It is a full-time course with specialisations in different fields. It also includes voice therapies and swallowing of speech.
  • It is the fundamental learning of problems associated with the speech/voice of an individual. It generally involves a variety of sub-domains, which together cater to the specific needs of a person.
  • It trains one to become an audiologist or a pathologist of speech, among many other sub-domain specific roles, that will be discussed in this article.
  • The final goal is to produce manpower of formidable skill and competence who can deal with speech/hearing disorders.

What Is A Bachelor Of Audiology And Speech

If youre not sure which path you want to follow, there is a great option for you at the undergraduate level: a BS in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. These programs lay the groundwork for either a masters in SLP or a doctorate in audiology with coursework in speech and hearing sciences, phonology disorders, neurology of speech and hearing, and rehabilitation techniques.

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What Is Audiology

Audiology is the branch of medicine that gives us audiologists – specialized doctors trained and licensed to screen and test hearing and devise methods of treatment to improve hearing. According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, audiologist provide patient-centered care in the prevention, identification, diagnosis, and evidence-based treatment of hearing, balance, and other auditory disorders for people of all ages. They work closely with patients, especially those struggling with hearing loss, to help figure out to what degree the patient has lost the hearing, identify the cause of that loss, and create a treatment plan for restoring or dealing with that hearing loss. This may also involve the family of the patient, as it can be quite traumatic and confusing when a loved one loses such a vital part of themselves.

Audiologists may help patients begin to learn sign language and lip reading. They must also use critical thinking skills to determine the problem at-hand and come up with additional treatment options if the initial plan doesnt pan out. They may act as counselor, teacher, and doctor.

What Is A Speech

Counseling and Interviewing in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology

Speech-language pathologists work in a wide array of environments, helping people manage and overcome disorders of the mouth, throat, and tongue, many of which impact communication. Those in this role, which requires at least a masters degree and certification, help manage symptoms stemming from issues such as Parkinsons, a cleft palate, hearing loss, or a brain injury/stroke. They also help people overcome nonphysical difficulties, such as stuttering. Speech-language pathologists can work alone or in groups and are commonly found in educational services as well as in doctors offices and professional offices. In schools, a common work environment for speech-language pathologists, they help students with communication problems by coaching language use, fluency, and articulation.

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