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Speech Language Pathology Programs California

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University Of The Pacific

Speech Pathology Career Profile

There is both a Master’s degree and Doctorate in Audiology offered by that is offered by the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Science that is accredited by the ASHA. Students can choose from two length variations for the Master’s degree. The first is a four-semester track that will supplement a student that already has received a Bachelor’s degree in the field. The other is a six-semester option for those that have completed the degree in a different discipline. All students taking this program have passed the national Praxis examination.

Some courses will be split within a semester. For example, Adult Neurological Disorders, Research Methods, and Aural Rehabilitation are courses that are completed in either the first second eight weeks. These courses are taken in the second year for the 24-month path and in the first few semesters for the 15-month variation. The Doctorate of Audiology is also accelerated and takes three years to complete.

Hanen: It Takes Two To Talk

We are happy to offer the Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk, parent training class. This program is designed specifically for parents of children age birth to 5 years old who have been identified as having a language delay. Taught in a small group setting, over an 8-week period, we will teach you how to become your child’s most important language teacher. You will learn practical strategies to turn everyday activities, like meal time, story time, and bath time into enjoyable language learning opportunities for your child.

High Employment Levels And Job Growth For Californias Slps

The California Employment Development Department expects the number of jobs for speech-language pathologists to increase by 29% in the ten-year period leading up to 2028. This is an almost unheard-of level of growth that is expected to contribute to more 1,400 SLP jobs becoming available in California each year.

California is already home to more than 14,600 SLPs as of 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not surprisingly, that places California in the number on spot with the highest employment level for SLPs in the nation. The Los Angeles area alone is home to nearly 5,900 licensed SLPs, the 3rd highest number of any metropolitan area in the country.

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Qualifications For Registration As A Speech

An associate of arts or sciences degree from a speech-language pathology assistant program accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and approved by the Board or evidence of completion of a bachelor’s degree program in speech-language pathology or communication disorders from an institution listed in the “Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education” handbook issued by the American Council on Education, and completion of the field work experience as required in Section 1399.170.10 from a Board-approved program, or completion of a minimum of seventy hours of field work experience or clinical experience equivalent to that required in Section 1399.170.10 in a bachelor’s degree program as recognized in this subsection.

  • The equivalent field work hours or clinical experience completed in a bachelor’s degree program in speech-language pathology or communication disorders shall be evaluated for verification by the current training program director
  • In the event that the field work experience or clinical experience completed in the bachelor’s degree program is deemed deficient by the authorized representative of a board-approved speech-language pathology assistant training program, the applicant may petition the Board for reconsideration.

California Code of Regulations 1399.170.11

Why Choose Guardian Angel


In 1993, 7-year-old Danny Kassab was struck by car traveling 60 mph. As a result of his injuries, he became paralyzed from the neck down and dependent on a ventilator to breathe. Our family rallied behind Danny. We all became caregivers. We learned first-hand what it means to dedicate every day to taking care of a loved one in need. We discovered the joys and the challenges. Guardian Angel Home Health Care was founded in his name, by his family, to help others caring for those in need.

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Tips From Other Parents:

  • Make a rule that video games are only for weekends, not for school nights- this creates the idea that it is a treat, not just something you do every day. It also prevents the fight about doing homework and going to bed on time

  • Turn off screens at dinner. Make a commitment as a family to disconnect during dinner. Talk about your day, make jokes, enjoy your food without the distraction of your phone or the background noise of your tv.

  • Stay strong! Many of you may see these tips and be thinking Oh no, its too late. My kid spends hours on screens each day. You are not alone. You can do it! Little by little, work with your child to find new things they enjoy to replace that screen time. You cant expect them to do it on their own. Be transparent with them of why you think this is a priority and work as a TEAM to find ways to spend your days TOGETHER doing other things besides relying on screens.

Amy Kilby MA CCC-SLP

Program Learning Outcomes: Ms Speech

Students will:

1. Demonstrate appropriate comportment and knowledge of professional standards:

a. Show professional and ethical behavior with superiors, clients and colleagues in clinical settings

b. Demonstrate understanding of professional practice patterns and ethical standards.

2. Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and knowledge of the effects of cultural difference on communication.

3. Demonstrate professional entry-level knowledge and clinical application of:

a. The theories and models underlying typical and atypical speech, language, cognition, auditory and swallowing processes, as well as changes associated with normal aging.

b. Diagnostic and therapeutic techniques for speech, language, cognition, swallowing and auditory disorders across the lifespan.

4. Integrate theoretical knowledge with clinical experience and application of research literature in clinical practice in order to problem-solve clinical cases.

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Types Of Speech Pathology Graduate Programs

Graduate speech pathologist programs might issue a few different degrees. The type of degree youre working toward could in some cases significantly impact the nature of the program and the prerequisites.

Some programs might tend to be designed for students with little to no speech and language pathology experience. Meanwhile, more advanced speech pathology degrees might require an educational and professional SLP background.

Speech Pathology Terms To Know

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Fieldwork Experience Program at CSUN

Speech language pathology is a broad discipline in itself. So its no wonder that graduate speech pathology programs could be equally diverse. Many programs may survey speech language pathology as a whole, building a generalized expertise.

Others may instead focus primarily on one area of responsibility. It is also important to note that speech pathologists are often referred to as speech therapists. That is why sometimes you may hear the term speech therapist degree.

Here are some other important terms you might come across when youre reading about these programs. This may help you better understand what each program and course might entail, and choose one that works for you.

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Why Earn Your Ms In Speech

Learn with a cohortThe program has been designed as a cohort model, with students completing the masters degree in two years including two summers. Students enter the program as a cohort, take all classes in sequence together, and must attend full time. Due to the rigorous schedule of the program, students are highly discouraged from working while pursuing the degree.

Gain real-world experienceA minimum of 400 supervised clinical hours will be earned in school, community and medical settings. Formative and summative assessments of students’ academic and clinical progress, are embedded in all academic and clinical education aspects of the program.

The course details the specialized skills necessary for conducting diagnostic assessment.

Online Ms: Pursue Slp Certification Study Ft/pt

Speech@Emerson enables you to earn an MS online and pursue SLP certification in as few as 20 mos. Learn the same curriculum as the on-campus program. Study FT or PT.

  • Prepares you to pursue certification as an SLP generalist
  • In-person clinical placements at faculty-approved partner sites
  • As few as 20 months to complete


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Speech Pathology Graduate Programs & Therapy In California

Speech language pathology graduate programs are generally concerned with therapy. Classes may look at identifying disorders and providing treatment. The goal is to help a patient or client function independently in a healthy way.

Graduate speech pathology programs may be more theoretical in nature and focus on developing expertise regarding systems and conditions. Programs that prepare students and train speech pathologists might also cover treatment models, research, and related topics.

Take The Next Step Toward Living Your Purpose

SUPER Vision is underway at Peter Burnett Elementary School in ...

As you make decisions about graduate school, keep in mind the full social, spiritual and educational experience awaiting you at CBU. Here, you will be supported by professors, staff and fellow students who will help you discover your strengths and challenge you to do more than you ever thought you could. Let us equip you with the education, training and opportunities you’ll need to start making a unique difference doing what you love.

Application Deadline

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Typical Curriculum Roadmaps Of The Program Of Study: Ms Speech

The State-side Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology is designed to be a full-time, 5 semester program. Summer semester at CSUN is not expected to be required for academic progression, therefore the most typical 5 semester program of study includes: Fall1, Spring1, Fall2, Spring2, Fall-final. For the first two semesters, students typically enroll in 14 units each semester. In the final three semesters, most students typically enroll in 9 units. Clinical practica are offered every summer, and students may request to move some required practica to summer. Students who may want to move a practicum experience to the summer semester should consult early with financial aid services to determine financial aid eligibility for summer tuition and fees.

The following are typical program sequences for students in the State-side Residential M.S. program. The admissions coordinator assists in placing students into a sequence that is appropriate for their academic and clinical needs:

Typical Curriculum Roadmap: Pattern One:

Fall #1: CD500, CD502, CD552, CD558, Spring #1: CD501, CD659, CD660, CD651 Fall #2: CD 668, CD663, CD674,Spring #2: SPED544CD, CD661Fall-Final: CD 662, CD 672A, CD 697

Typical Curriculum Roadmap: Pattern Two:

Fall #1: CD500, CD502, CD558, CD651, Spring #1: CD501, CD659, CD660, CD552 Fall #2: CD 668, CD 663, CD 661,Spring #2: SPED544CD, CD 674Fall-Final: CD 662, CD 672A, CD 697

Commitment To Racial Equity

As part of one of the most diverse campuses in the nation, the opportunity to address racial discrimination and inequity is personal. The Cal State East Bay’s University Diversity Officer has issued a strong call for action and curated resources to promote social justice on our campus and in our communities.

Similarly, the strong call for action is also heard in the need to address systemic racism and the resulting inequities in speech pathology and the educational path to it. To begin to understand and address these issues, we have formed the SLHS Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee, which is working to implement immediate and meaningful steps to begin to address these inequities. Faculty, staff, and students continue to meet to reflect on our current situation, to identify departmental priorities, and to establish short and long term goals to better meet the needs of our BILAPOC students and their allies. Updates on committee goals and actions are available .

We welcome your feedback and recommendations via our departments on-line process for submitting feedback about our program, which is anonymous but also gives the option to be contacted. The direct link is HERE. Anti-racism education opportunities are regularly updated HERE.

Together, we can and will do better.

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Office Features & Services

  • One sensory integration room for sensory needs.
  • Four speech therapy rooms for private speech and language therapy
  • One conference room for families to meet with therapist, if needed.
  • Large waiting room area, with play area.
  • Wheel chair accessibility.
  • Large one level parking lot/free parking.
  • Clean restrooms with changing tables.
  • A variety of payment methods, cash, credit cards, checks.

Masters In Speech Pathology Programs In California

SLPs – How We Help in Schools

Many build their curricula to help students become credentialed to practice as a speech language pathologist. Thats because a masters degree is often a prerequisite for obtaining those credentials.

However, different types of speech language pathology roles may have different professional requirements. This could impact the courses offered. For example, a masters program focused on speech language pathology in an educational setting might be somewhat different from one that is more clinically focused.

If youre looking for a speech language pathology master program to work toward licensure, make sure you review the specific requirements in your state.

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Speech Language Pathology Career Info

As a speech language pathologists, or speech therapist, you may may work in a variety of settings. This could range from hospitals to schools to local clinics. Speech pathologists are generally responsible for diagnosing and treating communication and swallowing disorders.

The typical entry-level education for speech-language pathologists is a masters in speech pathology degree. That makes graduate education an important aspect of achieving career goals in this area.

Speech language pathologists also might need certification or licensure, though the specific credential needed might vary by work area, discipline, and even location.

In 2020, the median annual salary for speech-language pathologists was $80,480. This could vary by state and level of advancement. The job outlook is also much faster than average, predicted to grow by 29% between 2020 and 2030.

Graduate Strategic Plans: Ms Speech

The Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences perseveres in a long-standing history as a leader in preparing students to enter the profession of speech-language pathology through exemplary clinical and academic teaching, research, and client services. One of the tenets identified in the Vision of the Department is that all programs in Communication Disorders and Sciences will be recognized for forward-thinking program development and innovative community engagement.

For the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology, long-term strategic plans are developed, evaluated and modified on an annual basis, meeting the 2020 Council on Academic Accreditation 1.5 standard. Graduate students, alumni, advisory board members, and other interested parties may view the strategic plans developed for the Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology by clicking the links below.

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Get Some Helpful Tools

  • Some bluelight blocking glasses can be helpful to protect your childs eyes from the blue light of the computer/ipad screen. These can be found on amazon.

  • Offer various options for seating. Some examples include: a beanbag chair, a yoga ball or peanut shaped ball for more movement, or a supportive chair that keeps their feet flat on the ground, and their knees and hips at a 90 degree bend for optimal support.

  • Online videos or books for movement breaks, meditation, kids yoga, or other movement activities can be useful for short breaks in between lessons.

Remember to offer options when your child is having a hard time focusing. Alternative seating, breaks, and adequate nutrition and sleep will all help with this. Most importantly, dont be too hard on yourself or on them! This is an adjustment for us all, and were doing the best we can. Remind them of this, were all in this together, and here to support each other through this difficult time!

Please feel free to reach out to your SLP or OT for any specific recommendations to help your child be most successful during this online learning change!

Amy Kilby MA, CCC-SLP

Slp Salaries And How Experience Influences Earning Potential

California Telepractice Requirements for Audiologists and Speech ...

Strong salaries continue to dominate the SLP field and reaching a six-figure salary isnt out of the question here.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , speech-language pathologists earned an average, annual salary of $77,510 as of May 2019. The top earners in the profession earned an average salary of $97,770.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Associations 2019 annual SLP Healthcare Survey reported a similar annual average salary for speech-language pathologists of $78,000. Those in the top 25th percentile earned an average salary of $92,000.

Speech-language pathologists share similar qualifications, including a graduate education in speech-language pathology thats been accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology , pre-licensure professional experiences, a state license and, in many cases, the through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for licensure or recognize it as a path to licensure).

Because of these fairly standard license and practice requirements, you wont find much difference in salaries here. However, where you practice and how long youve been practicing does influence your earning power in the SLP field.

According to ASHA, SLPs with 1-3 years of experience earned an average salary of $66,000. Salaries continue to grow until reaching a peak at about 20 years of experience:

  • 4-6 years: $72,000
  • 19-21 years: $100,000

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Master Of Science Speech

The State-side Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology is designed to be a full-time, 5 semester program. Summer semester at CSUN is required for academic progression, therefore the most typical 5 semester program of study includes: Fall1, Spring1, Fall2, Spring2, Fall-final. For the first two semesters, students should plant to enroll in 14 units each semester. In the final three semesters, most students typically enroll in 9 units. Clinical practica are offered every summer, and students may request to move some required practica to summer. Students who may want to move a practicum experience to the summer semester should consult early with financial aid services to determine financial aid eligibility for summer tuition and fees.

Guardian Angels Home Memory Care Services

Compassionate, Experienced Care for Those Suffering From Alzheimers

There is no cure for Alzheimers Disease but you can improve a loved ones quality of life by keeping them in the safety and comfort of their home environment for as long as possible.

Guardian Angel understands the enormous challenges of caring for a loved one suffering from Alzheimers. We understand the progression of the disease. We not only work to improve a patients quality of life today, we can help you plan for the next stage of the disease. Our certified Guardian Angel staff will coordinate closely with your medical team to provide personalized home care. Well offer compassionate, expert Alzheimers in home care to help your loved one through the constant struggles of memory loss.

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