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Speech-language Pathology Assistant Programs Online

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Common Skills Used By Speech Pathology Assistants

MTI Online Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program

As with every profession, speech therapy assistant skills cover a range of areas. Here are a few of the commonly used skills speech pathology assistants usethough its important to note that they dont guarantee youll become an SLPA and hold that position.

  • Critical Thinking. By recognizing a wide variety of speech and communication disorders, you can practice and work on building robust problem-solving and analytical skills. Critical thinking skills may also help you apply the scientific method to patients and clients.
  • Communication and Patience. Apart from identifying communication abnormalities, SLPAs are often comfortable communicating their findings to patients and clients, in conjunction with SLPs. This may empower you to build strong relationships with them, and help to improve their care.

Is A Bachelor’s In Speech Pathology Worth It

Most prospective college students wonder whether it’s worth investing time and money into higher education. While you may be interested in speech-language pathology as a field, it’s important to consider a variety of factors before enrolling in an online bachelor’s program. You should carefully evaluate your personal commitments, financial circumstances, and career goals, as well as the prospect of pursuing an online degree.

Online programs typically allow students to learn at their own pace, so a distance learning format may be a suitable alternative to an in-person degree if you work or have family commitments. However, for students who value the opportunity to network or engage regularly with their peers, the online format may prove alienating.

You may also want to consider this list of additional pros and cons before deciding to enroll in an online bachelor’s in speech pathology.

How Long Does It Take To Get An Online Speech Pathology Masters

Most full-time students complete speech pathology masters programs in about two years.

This can vary based on the structure of your universitys academic calendar. In general, though, you should expect your program to be at least this long since youll need time to complete your clinical practicums.

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What Will You Do

A speech-language pathology assistant is a certified support professional. You will work under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist. The SLPA performs specific therapy-related tasks that are prescribed and directed by their supervisor.

As a member of a speech-language therapy team, the SLPA helps children and adults with communication disorders. You will improve their ability to speak, listen and interact with others. SLPAs are responsible for following the directed treatment plant of their supervisor. You will also work independently to

  • Deliver therapy services to children and adults
  • Taking and tracking data
  • Various other roles and responsibilities within their scope of practice

The SLPA works closely with others in a variety of settings including

  • Early intervention
  • Schools

Requirements For Certificate Completion


To receive the SLPA Certificate from the University of Montana, a student must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Complete a minimum of 23 credits, of which at least 51% of the required number of credits are earned from the University of Montana-Missoula.
  • Possess a minimum grade average of 2.7 in all work attempted at the University of Montana-Missoula and a minimum grade of C or better in all courses that count toward program requirements.
  • Transcripts are subject to review, and student must be enrolled in the SLPA Certificate program.

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    %* Job Placement Rate

    If your busy life is keeping you from getting the degree you always wanted, Mitchell Tech has the answer! Enroll in our ONLINE Speech-Language Pathology Assistant program!

    One in six Americans has a speech, hearing or language disorder. These disorders affect infants, children, adults and the elderly. A communication disorder may affect a persons ability to pronounce sounds intelligibly, to understand what is being said, to process and remember spoken information, to use appropriate vocabulary and grammar, to speak fluently without stuttering, or to use his or her voice appropriately. Accidents, illnesses, birth defects and substance abuse can all contribute to communication disorders. These disorders isolate people from their friends, family and the community and limit job and educational opportunities. Speech-Language Pathology Assistants help these individuals to recover their ability to speak, understand and interact with others.

    This online program is offered for either a two-year or three-year plan, depending upon the students needs.

    What do Speech-Language Pathology Assistants do?SLPAs work under the direct supervision of licensed or certified speech-language pathologists to provide clerical support, administer speech, language and hearing screenings, assist in communication assessments, provide articulation and language therapy services, and assist with documentation of speech-language pathology services.

    Speech Language Pathology Assistant

    The Elms Speech Language Pathology Assistant degrees and certificate are school focused, preparing you to assist speech-language pathologists with improving childrens ability to learn, read, write, and communicate with others in the classroom.

    Our programs online delivery method is designed to prepare you for the job market wherever you live. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in speech-language professions is expected to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average of all occupations.

    The 20- and 21-month online SLPA programs include plans of study for earning an associates degree, second bachelors degree, or certificate, or completing a bachelors degree. Individuals must have an associates degree in order to apply to the SLPA bachelors degree completion program.

    in which you plan to seek employment before beginning this program.)

    You may apply to a program with the required official high school or GED transcript or an associates degree, or bachelors degree, satisfy Elms core requirements, and complete the prescribed curriculum of your specific degree program. When you finish the degree or certificate program, you will be awarded the appropriate degree or certificate.

    All classes are held online and taught by Elms faculty. By completing your coursework in a 20- or 21-month period, you can save thousands of dollars by completing your degree in this uniquely affordable program.

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    Tuition And Mandatory Fees

    Cost of attendance will follow the University of Montanas tuition and fees matrix found on the Business Services website under Student Tuition & Fees. Fees are subject to change per academic school year with Board of Regents approval. CSD Leveling Certificate Programtuition and fees are delineated on the Undergraduate and Post Baccalaureate matrix. For an estimation of total tuition and fees, contact Student Accounts within Business Services at

    Are You Seeking A State Credential As An Slpa

    Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Program at Oklahoma City Community College

    If you hold a CSD Bachelors degree and you need a professional option, check out Mitchell Techs online service. Mitchell Techs award-winning program is affordable and is designed specifically for those who need clinical fieldwork hours required to practice as an SLPA. Just two classes and a supervised fieldwork** experience in your local area may allow you to obtain your states SLPA credential.***

    Want to learn more? Email Mitchell Tech department head/instructor Jennifer Schultz or call 995-7245.

    **Must complete a minimum 25 hours of observation of speech-language pathology services prior to enrolling in Clinical Fieldwork. ***Requirements for Speech-Language Pathology Assistants  vary from state-to-state. MTI will attempt to determine whether our coursework will meet your states requirements, but this is not possiblein all cases. Please contact program director Jennifer Schultz to discuss your states requirements. Mitchell Tech strongly encourages prospective students to verify that Mitchell Techs coursework will meet their states requirements. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association website has information regarding state requirements on their website at .

    This program is eligible for federal financial aid.

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    Best Online Slpa Programs For 2022

    We spotlight three best-in-class online SLPA programsbelow to help jumpstart your school search. Each school profiled offers high-quality programming complete with the flexible delivery methods, affordable tuition rates, and certification prep resources you need to become a skilled SLPA. Discover what sets each school apart and learn more about what a typical program entails.

    Elms College

    A Catholic-affiliated school located in central Massachusetts, Elms College administers over 30 courses of study, including several online speech pathology assistant programs. Its curriculum focuses on school-based applications and equips learners from all walks of life for roles helping children improve their communication skills in the classroom. Popular courses look at phonetics and phonology, autism spectrum disorders, rehabilitation practices, and language development across the lifespan.

    Prospective students choose from four different plans of study: an associate degree, a bachelors degree, a certificate, and a second bachelors degree for career changers. The school uses fully online formats for each path, including a blend of synchronous and asynchronous experiences . New students complete the program with a cohort of peers, and most graduate in two years or less after receiving focused instruction and completing clinical labs and practicum experiences. Qualified applicants need a relevant associate degree earned at an accredited institution.

    Chemeketa Community College

    How Do You Become A Speech Pathologist

    Becoming a practicing speech pathologist requires earning a graduate degree in the field and becoming licensed.

    Heres what a typical path to a career in speech-language pathology might look like:

  • Earn a bachelors degree and take essential prerequisite courses.
  • Apply to masters programs with CAA accreditation.
  • Complete an accredited masters program that includes 400 clinical hours.
  • Pass the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology.
  • Complete a 1,260-hour Clinical Fellowship .
  • Apply for the Certificate of Clinical Competence .
  • Obtain additional licensure as required in your state.
  • Maintain your certification with continuing education.
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    Finding Slpa Programs Online

    Speech language pathology assistant programs online are the new hotness. Its true that the pandemic pushed a lot of education toward remote options. But SLPA programs online have been around a lot longer.

    That makes them ideal for anyone who is already keeping a busy schedule because of family or work. You can juggle schoolwork into your lunch break one day, then turn around and do it after dinner the next whatever time works.

    And with advanced online communication systems like digital whiteboards, chat channels, and video conferencing, you get all the interaction you need with instructors and fellow students.

    Overview Of Online Speech Pathology Degrees


    Online speech pathology programs are available at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. You can also get a certificate in SLP. However, those interested in becoming licensed speech-language pathologists will need a master’s degree. Master’s programs typically include 36 credits of coursework and take around two years of full-time study to complete. A doctoral degree in speech pathology can prepare students for advanced clinical roles, research positions, or a teaching career. An online bachelor’s in SLP is designed to provide a solid educational foundation to pursue graduate studies in the field or apply for entry-level SLP positions. In some cases, you can begin working as a SLPA in a clinic or similar healthcare setting with simply an associate degree. An online SLP certificate, which typically requires 24 credits and may also include clinical training hours, can also prepare you to work under the supervision of a licensed speech-language pathologist.

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    Can You Prepare For A Speech Pathology Assistant Career With A Bachelors In Speech Pathology

    In a word: yes. A Bachelor of Speech Pathology may help to prepare you for a career as a speech pathology assistant. As ASHA notes, a bachelors degree in a speech-language pathology or communication disorders program is one of the acceptable academic courses that SLPAs can complete.

    However, its important to note that while a bachelors degree in speech language pathology may help you on your journey to become a speech-language pathology assistant, there are other pathways you may take. According to ASHA, options include completing an SLPA associate degree program, which are generally shorter than full undergraduate courses.

    Some SLPAs also come to the profession from outside speech pathology altogether. For instance, as long as you complete a bachelors or associate degree, even in an unrelated subject, you may still be able to become a certified SLPAyoull just need to complete ASHAs Online Assistant Education Modules.

    More broadly, students normally have to also complete a period of fieldwork before becoming fully qualifiedas well as continue on-the-job training once theyve found a role.

    In short: everyones path is different. Though a Bachelor of Speech Pathology degree can be a valid first step toward becoming an SLPA, there are plenty of other options too.

    List Of Colleges That Offer A Masters Degree For Speech Pathology Online

    The following school list is in alphabetical order. To be included, a college or university must be regionally accredited and offer degree programs online or in a hybrid format.

    Established in 1845, Baylor University is a privately run university affiliated with the Baptist Church. They are located in Waco, Texas and were originally founded by the last Congress of the Texas Republic.

    This makes them the oldest tertiary-level institution in the state. Their main urban campus is 1,000 acres and serves over 17,000 students.

    • Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Baylor is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges.

    California State University at Northridge dates back to 1972, after the old San Fernando State Valley School was restructured and integrated into the States public university system.

    They serve over 38,000 students on their main campus, located in a residential suburb of the city of Los Angeles and are one of the most diverse public universities in the country.

    • Masters in Communicative Disorders

    CSU Northridge is accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission .

    East Carolina University is one of the leading public research institutions in the State of North Carolina. They date back to 1907, although they were originally founded as a teacher training school.

    • Masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders
    • Masters in Communication Science & Disorders
    • Masters in Speech-Language Pathology

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    How To Become A Speech Pathology Assistant

    For those interested in the speech-language pathology discipline, training as a speech therapist assistant may lead to a career that aligns with personal goals and offers opportunities for both impact and learning. Supporting speech language pathologists , they carry out critical work, from conducting language screenings to helping as interpreters.

    Read on for more information on some common steps for how to become a speech therapy assistant, and what it can mean for your professional development.

    A majority of this information included in this guide was soured from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association . To learn more about this national organization or speech-language pathology practice, visit their website.

    Sponsored Online Speech Pathology Programs

    What You Will Learn

    Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant Program

    The speech language pathology assistant can assist the speech language pathologist by providing services in multiple settings. Speech language pathology assistants can increase the frequency, efficiency, and availability of services for people who experience communication disorders, can help increase access to care for diverse populations, and increase diversity in the workforce by having different levels of entry into the profession. As a speech language pathology assistant, you will help a licensed speech language pathologist in a variety of areas, such as:

    • conduct therapy in the areas of receptive and/or expressive language, articulation, fluency, augmentative/alternative communication , and oral motor skills
    • prepare materials for speech/language therapy
    • schedule clients for speech/language therapy
    • maintain files and billing insurance
    • maintain equipment

    Graduates from the program may be eligible for registration with the NC Board and will be supervised by a licensed speech language pathologist when employed in various work settings, including schools, home health, and private practices. There is currently no accrediting body for speech language pathology assistant programs at the associate degree level speech language pathology assistants in the state are regulated by the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists.

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    What Bachelor’s Degree Is Best For Speech Pathology

    A bachelor’s in speech pathology is ideal if your goal is to pursue graduate studies in the field. However, degrees in areas such as psychology, linguistics, and language development are also relevant to SLP.

    If you choose to major in speech pathology, you can either get an online bachelor of arts or an online bachelor of science. Though both SLP programs teach students about communication sciences disorders and give them experience in clinical practice, there are different electives students can take in each. For a BA, students may take liberal arts electives such as philosophy, creative writing, and theater. A BS program may include more electives in mathematics and science. Some core online courses include:

    • Anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing
    • Speech and hearing science
    • Disorders of swallowing

    Despite the overlap in core coursework, a BS has a slight advantage over a BA if your goal is to pursue graduate studies in speech language pathology. This is because some master’s programs expect students to have previous coursework in the physical or health sciences. However, either degree in this field has the advantage over a non SLP-related bachelor’s degree. While many graduate programs don’t expect previous credit hours in speech pathology, some may require students to complete field-specific hours between being accepted into the program and beginning their coursework.

    Speech Pathology Certifications To Advance Your Career

    While a graduate degree and state licensure are required to work as a speech pathologist, specialized certifications can benefit professionals in many ways. Certification tells potential employers and clients that a practitioner has the professional training and experience to provide quality care. Some certifications also require practitioners to continue their education, ensuring they are up to date on best practices and scientific research in their field. Below are two certifications you can get with an online bachelor’s in speech pathology.

    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association C-SLPA certification: You can become a certified SLPA after getting an online bachelor’s, associate degree, or certificate in a related speech therapy area from an accredited institution. Individuals may also apply if they have a minimum of a 2-year degree with relevant coursework in communication disorders or language development. They must pay a one-time fee, submit their application materials, and pass the Assistants Certification Exam.
    • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association C-AA certification: Those who don’t meet the C-SLPA criteria can still become certified audiology assistants. Applicants must have either a bachelor’s degree, high school diploma, GED, or a military job series certificate in audiology. Practical hour requirements for certification vary based on the applicant’s educational qualifications.

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