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Speech From Father Of The Bride

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What Is The Best Way To Finish A Father Of The Bride Speech

Greatest Father of the Bride Speech Ever!

A simple toast to the bride and groom is the perfect ending to a father of the bride speech. Wish them a happy and healthy life together and end with inviting the wedding guests to join you in a heartfelt toast to the beautiful bride and her new husband.

If your son in law is next in line to deliver a wedding speech you could round of your speech by introducing him to the wedding reception.

Father Of The Bride I

Before I say anything else, I want to thank you all for being here. I know it means a lot to the bride and the groom. And it means a lot to me, too. It is wonderful seeing all of my friends and family members in the same roomand celebrating such a special event.

I suspect that most of you know me. If not, Im , the father of the bride. And Ill be telling you a little more about my little princess and her new husband.

Let me start with my daughter. Shes truly an angel. A kinder, more loving, more caring individual would be hard to come by. When I think back on her childhood, its hard for me to come back to this day and to realize that shes getting married. That shes growing up.

It seems just like the other day that .

A short while later, she was out the door and ready for college. I can still remember the day we dropped her off at school. .

And it wasnt that much later that she introduced us to . After hearing about him for monthsabout how great, and smart, and a good influence he waswe finally got to meet him when he came to dinner.

Id be lying if I told you everything went smoothly from the start. For him, I think it was difficult to be thrown into the situation. .

And sure, I was protective of my daughter at first. I love her and I want the best for her. And if wasnt the best, then he just wasnt good enough.

To welcome to the family. And please take good care of my daughter.

Give Some Advice In Your Father Of The Bride Speech

You are older and wiser, so if it makes sense for you, give the new couple a piece of advice toward a happy marriage or just happiness in general in your father of the bride speech. Whether youre married, divorced, or happily single doesn’t matter. If you dont feel equipped to offer advice, then don’t force it. But, considering how many dads love to offer unsolicited advice to their children, this is a great opportunity.

If you are married, offer your secret. It can be real or a joke. But try to avoid sexist tropes, if you can. Jokes like, Married men always have the same boss, are tired and overused. More importantly than that, it presents an image of marriage to the new couple that isnt ideal. If you do have genuine advice, though, feel free to offer it even if you arent married. Don’t joke about the divorce rate, though. It will only succeed in ensuing awkwardness for everyone present.

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Complete Father Of The Bride Speech Examples

To give you some quick inspiration, heres a warm and witty Father of the Bride speech I wrote for an imaginary couple, Sarah and Scott.

If youre in the market for a very short blink and youll miss it Father of the Bride speech, the Confetti website has an example.

If youre hungry for more examples, the Hitched website also has a handy database of sample speeches uploaded by its readers.

Minute 5 Words Of Wisdom

Emotional Father of the Bride Speech Quotes and Toasts

About this section

It is traditional to wrap up the Father of the Bride speech with a few words of wisdom to help the newlyweds enjoy a long and happy future together.

This can be an opportunity for humour, but its always best to come up with some thoughts that are personal to you and your family, rather than using a stock line taken from the internet.

What to do

Write Words of Wisdom. Underline it.

Think of a small piece of advice you can offer your daughter and her new husband based on your own experiences and write it down.

The advice might relate to

  • how to avoid/resolve conflict
  • how to keep the relationship fresh
  • how to focus on whats important in life

This would normally be heartfelt advice for future happiness based on your own experiences of marriage.

But if you do want to try something humorous, you could relate your wise comments back to the earlier observations and stories about your daughter.

For example you could give tongue-in-cheek advice to the groom about handling his new bride, based on your experiences as her father.

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Father Of The Bride Speech Jokes

Dads are infamous for their jokes, so feel free to sprinkle some into your speech, but don’t go overboard. A little humor goes a long way and be sure to keep it light-hearted, tasteful, and funny.

Here are a few of our favorite father of the bride speech jokes, all submitted by wedding planners themselves:

“I will miss being the man you always run to for guidance, but I won’t miss getting the bills for your designer handbag obsession.” – Goldberg

“Whenever you are wrong, admit it. Whenever you are right, shut up!” – Parks

A Few Serious Ones Too

Weddings are a roller coaster ride of emotions, especially for you and everyone close to the couple. People will laugh, theyll cry, theyll be overwhelmed, and then theyd cry again. Your speech should have the same element too. It should be able to elicit different feelings and reactions from the audience and the couple. Also, your daughter would appreciate it if you do more than joke around on her wedding day. You may also see campaign speech examples.

Use your speech as a chance to say the things youve always wanted to say to your baby girl, even if it means youd cry a little . Shed love to see the sincerity.

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Welcome To The Family

Although you might have a million things to say about your daughter, don’t forget to say something about their new partner. This is a chance for you to officially welcome them to the family. Be positive and offer your thoughts on them as a couple, and what the next chapter brings for them as newlyweds.

Short Father Of The Bride Speeches

Greatest Father of the Bride Speech Ever

There are many weddings where keeping your speech short and simple is the way to go. Use this easy outline to make sure you dont miss anything important. It covers everything you need in a step-by-step format, from the intro to the parting wisdom and toast.

This outline shows that you dont need to be on the mic for more than a few minutes to say everything you need. This short, sweet speech template begins with a brief memory of the bride as a child. From there, it transitions into thank-yous and kind words and ends with a quick but heartfelt toast.

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Talk About The Grooms Parents

Include Some Brief Information Regarding the grooms Parents in your father of the bride speech. They are now part of your extended family. You are going to spend time with them around the holidays, birthdays, and other events.

Thank them for being a part of the special day and for becoming a member of your family. You should also thank them for any contribution they made to the wedding. You could congratulate them on the excellent job they did raising their son. Also, let them know how delighted you are to have all of them join your family.

Simple Father Of The Bride Speech Jokes

  • Ive been told by not to have a drink before the speech, so I apologise if I seem in a rush to get to the end!
  • Funny, intelligent, kind, and good-looking. My daughter definitely gets all of those traits from me!
  • Im sure we can all agree how wonderful and tasteful this day has been. Im sorry to have ended it all here with my speech.
  • My daughter has asked that I dont share anything embarrassing. So, thats my speech over, goodnight folks!

As the proud father of the bride, it is my duty and honour to give the first speech. I must admit, I am a little apprehensive today, and being a Tranmere Rovers fan Im not used to being in large gatherings, so please bear with me.

“What a magnificent venue Sophie and Nick have chosen today. It was impossible to get her out her Cinderella costume as a kid so its a dream come true she was able to marry at this beautiful castle today, and a huge hand to all the staff who helped their day come together.

“Sophie will always be my little princess, but, for the sake of my bank balance, Im grateful she found her Prince Charming. The bravery with which he handles her demands for chicken nuggets at 1am and his chivalrous acceptance of having all her ASOS deliveries sent to his work told me he was the one! And thankfully Sophie realised that too!

“I dont want to embarrass my daughter any further Ill leave that for the dance floor so please raise a glass with me instead to the new Mr and Mrs!

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The Importance Of The Speech

As the brides father, you have a big role besides walking your darling daughter down the aisle. You have to give a toast to the new couple to set the tone of the reception. The father of the brides speech is meant to floor the bride.

As the father, you have the most insight into the woman getting married. You raised her, so your unique perspective is what matters because everyone else might not know her that well. The moment can be very daunting, especially with all eyes in you, but you need to make the moment blissful and a real highlight to her day.

When talking about her earlier years, you can toast her a bit, make some light fun of her but do not embarrass her. The speech should not involve any pointless stories about the brides childhood but only those relevant to the occasion.

This speech is for the new couple, so it should focus on them, not on the person delivering it. The brides father welcomes and thanks the wedding attendees and acknowledges the new in-laws in the speech. As such, the speech should be heart-warming, and funny.

Templates For Funny Father Of The Bride Speech

9+ Father of the Bride Speech Samples

5. Good , I hope you are all having a great time. If you dont know who I am, then you arent listening to our wonderful emcee. Im just kidding. Im , s dad.

Im proud to have a daughter who is , traits which she definitely got from me. Your mother disagrees with me, which is actually one of your similarities with her you both love to start arguments. Im just kidding, honey.

Everyone, lets toast to the lovely newlyweds, and !

Thank you all for listening. Everyone, please raise your glass as a toast to the newlyweds!

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Father Of The Bride Speech Example

Seek inspiration from this original father of the bride speech:

I’ve long been ridiculed by my wife, family members, and now-adult children for my so-called “awful” dad jokes, so bear with me as I try to keep those to a minimum. As the father of the bride, the pressure is on me to deliver a poignant, powerful speech. Hopefully, I live up to your expectations. If not, there’s the door.

But seriously, before I burst into tears, I wanted to take a quick second to thank all of our guests for coming out here today to celebrate Alex and Sam’s big day. We feel so lucky to have such an amazing group of loved ones.

I’ve been picturing Alex’s wedding day in my head since we first brought her home from the hospital. Honestly, I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how fast Alex has grown up. It’s hard to believe I’m standing here today, in front of you all, giving this speech. When I look into my daughter’s eyes, I am amazed. Instead of the little girl who’d force me to play dress-up, watch Disney movies, and host fake tea parties with her stuffed animals, I now see a beautiful bride and an all-around exceptional young woman. And I am left speechless.

Sam, you make the perfect addition to our family, and I’m so excited to call you my new . I wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

Now that I’m all puffy-eyed, please join me in toasting to this incredible couple before we get back to the dance floor!

Father Of The Bride Speech Template

While youll want your wedding speech to be completely unique, it can help to follow a tried and tested template when you start to write and then let the original ideas start to flow from there

1. Introduce Yourself

Introduce yourself and welcome all the guests to the special day .

2. Talk About The Bride

Talk about how proud you are of her achievements etc. and also provide funny anecdotes about her as a little girl that are relevant to who she is today.

3. Pay Tribute To The Woman She Has Become

Talk about her job or anything she does that makes you proud now as well as any relevant stories about her as an adult.

4. Talk About How The Bride Met Her New Spouse

Make sure to include any funny stories from when you first met him or her. For example, is he/she normally full of bravado but was nervous as hell asking you if he/she could marry your daughter? Talk about the groom and their family and how happy you are to have them join your family.

5. Give Some Advice On Marriage

Best not to do this if youve been divorced 4 times, although you could joke about this in your speech, or just give some general advice about life. Perhaps you were told something on your wedding day that youve always remembered and want to pass on.

6. Raise A Toast To The Happy Couple

Try and make this as personalised as possible and unique to the couple. You could just toast their happy marriage or come up with a list of a few specific wishes that you want the guests to toast to.

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When Does The Father Of The Bride Speak

The traditional order of the wedding speakers is as follows:

  • Father of the bride
  • However, in reality this order is just a convention. These days other members of the wedding party may feature in the list of speakers, for instance: maid of honour, mother of the bride, father of the groom, etc. These more contemporary roles may replace traditional roles or be in addition to the traditional line-up.

    Whatever the case, the most important thing for you to do is to confirm exactly whos speaking at your daughters wedding and where your speech fits into the overall itinerary.

    Faq Father Of The Bride Speech

    Father of the Bride Gives a Heartfelt Speech

    What should the brides father say during his speech?

    Welcome the guests, tales and praises about your daughter, a welcome to your new son-in-law or daughter-in-law, words of advice, and a toast to the new pair are all part of a typical father of the bride speech.

    How lengthy should the brides fathers speech be?

    Six minutes. Keep it brief. Even if youve been looking forward to this day for years, keep your toast brief and sweet. The best length for a speech is roughly five or six minutes, with three minutes being the very minimum.

    Whats the best way to conclude the father of the brides speech?

    Your father of the brides speech should finish with a toast, as is customary. Please join me in standing and raising your glasses to the happy couple on their wedding day. The toast does not have to be appropriate. It should be no more than the length of the speech.

    At the rehearsal dinner, does the father of the bride give a speech?

    The Father of the Bride or the Father of the Groom traditionally delivers the rehearsal dinner speech. The Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bride, and Groom may offer short remarks or toasts at the rehearsal dinner, although it is not required.

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    Edit And Practice Till You Are Perfect

    It is nearly impossible to come up with the perfect speech in one try. First, prepare the rough draft and read it aloud. Then, make necessary changes and fine-tune it several times until it sounds perfect.

    You need not memorize it since you can carry notes to the venue. But practice it several times till the sequence comes to you quickly. It will help you appear more confident and make eye contact with the couple and guests during the speech.

    How Long Should The Speech Last

    One of the most common mistakes people make when delivering wedding speeches is making them long. Traditionally, the father of the brides speech is the first to be delivered, usually just before the main meal ends.

    Naturally, you will have a lot to say about your daughter and the new life she is beginning, but remember that more people are waiting to give their speeches.

    The father of the brides speech is usually the first to be delivered, so keep it short but sweet. The speech shouldnt be too long, so focus on keeping it around five minutes. People at weddings get impatient quickly, and you dont want them getting antsy and moving around with you on stage.

    An overlong oration dampens the wedding proceedings and limits other speakers time on the mic.

    Sometimes the speech is delivered before breakfast, so stick to five to seven minutes to avoid people becoming fidgety. Naturally, you will want to give the best speech to make your daughters day memorable, but dont overstay your welcome.

    In most cases, this speech is usually a warm-up act to other speeches, so keep it short but meaningful. You can practice ahead and time yourself beforehand to ensure your timing is perfect after writing it on paper.

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