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Speech For Celebration Of Life

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Hold A Paddle Out Ceremony

Shaquille O’Neal Speaks at A Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant

Paddle out ceremonies can be spiritual and lovely, especially if youre honoring someone who was an avid surfer or who loved the ocean or beach.

To hold this floating memorial service, guests paddle out on surfboards, usually carrying flowers or leis as they form a human circle. If your loved one was cremated, you could even scatter some or all of his or her ashes into the water during the ceremony.

Make Personal Statements During Your Speech

There is not a specific way to talk about the death of someone that will make everyone feel better during a celebration of life event. The best thing that someone can say during a speech or eulogy is using words to show that you care or that may be helpful in some way to the mourners.

Some ideas for what to say during your speech include statements of hope, a story or memory about the person, or something else that you feel is necessary to share about the deceased person. It is best not to use cliché phrases, or quotes about your experience with the death of the person or your grief. Often, sharing happy memories can be helpful for not only you but to everyone who is attending, to bring happiness around the event.

Dont Be Afraid To Feel

In addition, keep your composed and truly personalised eulogy to a reasonable length. This ensures the funeral is exclusive and individual. Let your tribute mirror the individuals principles, beliefs and morals. Moreover, represent you and your family in a way that feels manageable to everyone. Your eulogy is an important contribution at a memorial service, too. Make it a meaningful tribute speech!

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How Can You Stay Composed While Giving The Eulogy

The person who is most composed is not necessarily the most effective speaker, states Miller.

This is especially the case during a eulogy where one might expect to see some feeling. If there are some tears, or if your voice quivers, no one is going to fault you. Emotion is to be expected.

However, you dont want to be so overwhelmed by your emotions that you are unable to give the eulogy. Again, rehearsing the eulogy is key.

Miller advises: It is in your rehearsal that you start to process the feelings that are attached to what you are going to say.

Its not just about making things sound good or getting everything in the right order, because its in the rehearsal that you give yourself permission to feel the sadness, the loss, to feel the bittersweet moments you might be talking about, or the gratitude and humour.

Give yourself permission to feel those emotions every time that you rehearse so that that when you get up in front of your audience, youve already been through it.

A technique you can use when you are giving the eulogy to keep your emotions in check is to be aware of the connection between your feet and the ground underneath.

When you are aware of having both feet planted on the ground, it tends to keep you in your body and in the room, present and not off somewhere with your feelings, advises Miller.

One final piece of advice Miller has on this subject is that it is important to understand that emotions may come up, and if they do, just let them flow.

Celebration Of Life Eulogies Songs


Lastly, the uncontrollable emotional roller coaster of losing a loved one is intense, uncomfortable, and distressful. The pain you feel is deep. Does the thought of never being able to hold your loved one again, leave you feeling sick? I understand, I had an immensely tight bond with my mum. It was close, special and a unique relationship, because I was her only daughter among three sons. She was everything to me.

Meaningful tribute speech for a funeral ceremony and for funeral officiants Its not about me as an officiants right now, its about you. Here are more links and I wish you much strength during this sad time.

Take care Use my personal funeral tribute speech in praise of my mum and craft your own unique eulogy. Here is the heartfelt and memorable eulogy example for all funeral officiants to your. Feel free to adjust the template, so that it sounds like your own voice.

Do you need help with planning a funeral service? For a non-religious celebrant led funeral service in Holland. Contact me, today.

About Clover Jean:

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Include Special Memories Stories And Qualities Of The Deceased In The Eulogy

For paragraphs 6 to 9 of the eulogy, share special memories and stories about the deceased. Use this template to cover these topics:

After you have covered biographical information about the deceased is the time to delve into any special memories or stories.

You can use some humour here, if you wish. But be careful to use humour that is appropriate for the occasion and that others will find tasteful.

For example:

  • My dad would always volunteer to be the coach for our football team. We loved going camping and fishing with him on the weekends, though we spent more time joking around than actually catching any fish. Family was the most important thing to my dad. He would always say, Family will always be there to watch your back, so be nice to your brothers!
  • My sister Jane was a huge animal lover. She had many pets and volunteered her time at the local animal shelter. We would always joke that she can never wear black without being covered by cat hair.
  • My favourite memory of James is the time we took a road trip across the country together. Our goal was to get across the country within one week. However, the trip ended up taking two weeks because John had brought with him an out-of-date map, and we ended up taking the longest route possible. Or, as James liked to put it, the scenic route. James was always a positive person and found the best in every situation.

Next, talk about the deceaseds life achievements, talents, hobbies and passions.

For example:

For example:

Can You Give Me An Example Of A Eulogy

No problem. Heres a short eulogy example to inspire you to get started with writing a eulogy today:

Good afternoon, everyone. We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Maria Elizabeth Rickley. For anyone who doesnt know me, my name is Hannah Rickley and Maria was my grandmother, or Nona as we all called her.

My Nona was an incredible woman. She was adored by her husband, Paul, as well as her three children and six grandchildren. Her hard work, her caring nature, her humour and her love of life are some of the many traits that characterized this amazing and loving person.

My Nona was born on July 19, 1935 on a small farm in Caserta, Italy. Her childhood can be best described as humble, but full of adventure. Working with her family on their family farm in Italy, Maria learned how to sheer sheep, milk cows, and the secret recipe of the Depetrillo tomato sauce that has been in our family for generations and is better than any restaurant or family recipe I have ever tasted. She enjoyed walking the fields with her mother, Liza, moving the cattle from pasture to pasture, and sharing stories stories that my Nona would later tell me while I sat cuddling in her lap.

If you are looking for more eulogy examples, please see our companion post you will find 30+ beautiful examples of eulogies that you can use today.

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Read Your Eulogy Aloud To A Family Member

In addition to reading the eulogy aloud to yourself, in order to work out the kinks and to memorize it, you should also read it aloud to a trusted family member or friend in order to get constructive feedback.

Everything might sound great to you, but others might find that one of your jokes is a little inappropriate or that your wording is a little awkward or confusing.

It can be really helpful to get a second opinion from someone whose feedback you value. This will only make your eulogy better.

Lastly, family members and friends might also be able to give you ideas or stories that you could incorporate into your eulogy. As the old saying goes: Many hands make light work.

Briefly Explain How You Knew Their Loved Ones And How They Changed Your Life

Michael Jordan Speaks at A Celebration of Life for Kobe and Gianna Bryant

While returning from a business trip, my father dropped dead from a massive heart attack when I was 20. It seems that all anyone said was: Im sorry for your loss.

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I found myself thinking: You have no idea what Im feeling, and then the more I heard it, the angrier I became, thinking cynically: You really arent sorry!

My point? When I go to a Celebration of Life, the first thing I do when I meet one of the family is to:

  • Introduce myself. If you feel comfortable, it is appropriate to say: I cant begin to imagine what you are going through.
  • Briefly explain how I knew their loved ones and how they changed my life. A short, funny story about the deceased person may lighten the profound sorrow the person is feeling.
  • Ask: What can I do to help?
  • End with a reassuring smile.
  • Thank them.

I have found that being short, sweet, supportive, and sincere can be very comforting to the family.

Program Designer | Teacher and Blogger | Motivational Speaker, Whole New Take

Most people consider Celebration of Life Services the obvious place to honor and respect the departed and to comfort grieving relatives for their loss, but too often, there are moments when this purpose gets overlooked or forgotten.

Unfortunately, such lapses are particularly misguided and regrettable during CoVID since even close family members who attend the memorial service may not have been able to be with the deceased during their last moments.

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Sample Celebration Of Life Service Program

Similar to a celebration of life invitation, youll want a program to help guests know what they can expect from the service. A program typically includes a brief biography of the deceased before an itinerary of events. The program communicates who will deliver a eulogy, perform readings, or sing a hymn, and the order of events. Programs may also include words to hymns so that guests can sing along.

Once you’re done customizing your program, you can print it on stationery paper with an elegant design like this Gartner Studios one.

Front Cover

Sally M. Jenkins


Entrance Music: Fire and Rain by James Taylor

Welcome and Introduction: Mark Jenkins

Eulogy: Alice Jenkins

Hymn: I Watch The Sunrise by John Glynn

Reading: Excerpt from William Shakespeares The Tempest

Reflection Song: Angels by Robbie Williams

Prayer: Psalm 23

Poem: She Is Gone by David Harkins

Exit Music: Spirit in the Sky by Norman Greenbaum


You can include the same obituary you ran in a local newspaper or posted online in this section. You may add additional information or pare down the information to make sure it fits in the allotted space. An obituary will look something like this:

On December 1, 2019, Sally Jenkins passed away after a long battle with chronic illness. She was 49 years old.

Sally is survived by her husband Mark and daughter Alice. At a future date, her family will invite friends and family to scatter Sallys ashes in the natural Florida environment she loved.

The 45 Most Inspiring Celebration Of Life Quotes

Sometimes after a death youll want to celebrate the life of whoever has passed. You may attend a celebration of life ceremony, rather than a funeral.

Some people and families prefer the upbeat, positive feeling that comes from celebrating the deceaseds life, rather than mourning their loss.

And a good way to remember someone in the most positive way is with some life celebration quotes.

It can be really heartwarming to look back on a passed loved ones life with these inspiring memorial quotes. Rather than focusing on how sad it is theyre gone you can reminisce on the cherished memories you shared.

You may even want to use these quotes and sayings in a eulogy. When trying to find words to bring hope and comfort after losing someone it can help to talk about all they achieved and how their life was well lived.

Whatever way you choose to use them we hope youll find these celebration of life quotes and images inspiring.

Celebrate and treasure the memory of someone special and hold onto those memories in your heart.

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Would You Consider Sharing It

It would help others enormously.

Every day people look for suggestions on how to a write eulogy or for eulogy examples. I know because of what I see in my website visitor statistics.

I also know because of the comments people leave under speeches. They are so grateful to have found a eulogy expressing how they feel. For instance the comments on Eulogy for my Son, on Eulogy for my Grandmother – Bertha, or Sharon Catley’s poem for her Mother, Journey’s End.

You know how it generally is with a speech of this sort. Typically there is very little time to prepare and you want to get it right.

Reading what others have done helps in the best possible way.

These eulogies inspire and give people the courage to do what they need to do.

Despite our differences what we all have in common is the desire to speak about our loved ones the very best way we can.

The more samples we have, the more likely a person is going to find a speech that resonates and meets their needs.

You too could help by submitting the eulogy you’ve written. It’s really simple to do.

How Should You Prepare For Delivering A Eulogy

Celebration Of Life Speech Examples

Make sure you start preparing the eulogy right away. Do not wait until the night before to start writing the eulogy because you need time to rehearse, warns Miller.

The sooner you get the eulogy ready, and the more time you have to rehearse, the better the eulogy will be.

The best way to practice the eulogy is to stand and deliver the eulogy in the same manner that you will do at the actual funeral or memorial service.

Reading over your speech while sitting on your couch does not count as rehearsal, advises Miller. You need to get on your feet and practice going through it out loud.

Although this seems like a really obvious part of preparation, it is actually quite frequently overlooked. No car company would introduce a new model of car without extensive testing, says Miller.

The same thing goes with a speech. Why would you want the first time going through your speech to be in front of the listeners? You wouldnt.

It is important to give yourself as much as possible to rehearse the eulogy beforehand. Repeated rehearsals will help you identify which parts of the eulogy are easy to get through, and which parts of the eulogy might be more challenging.

You should also time how long it takes you to give the eulogy. Most people are told the amount of time they have been allotted at the funeral or memorial service to speak. If you dont time your eulogy, you wont have an accurate idea of how long it is.

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Things To Consider For The Celebration Of Life Services

Who To Invite

The service can be small and intimate with only the immediate family present. My mother’s service included my siblings, a grandchild and a few close friends.

A larger service would include friends, persons from the business community and extended family.

Where To Hold The Service

At one time, churches were the most common place to have a memorial service. Now a service can be held at a funeral home, a personal home, an outdoor garden, or a rented hall.

For my mother’s internment, in a different city, we had quite a large gathering. Relatives who could not make it to the memorial service in winter weather, came to honor her at this time. This service took place many months later.

I was comfortable that only the immediate family were present for the first service.

Whom You Would Like To Lead The Service

An ordained minister does not have to lead celebration services.

The spiritual advisor or clergy to the deceased, or family member of the deceased may officiate instead.

A good idea is to have someone lead who is comfortable in that position, if not a clergy member.


Two or three speakers, who have prepared a five to eight minute speech, are a good number to have. They can be spaced throughout the service, or speak one after the other. At some celebration of life services, there is a time for persons participating to stand up and say a few words.

Time Limit For The Service

Music – What Kind And When

What Types Of Remembrance Things To Display

Guest Book

Eulogy Examples For Your Father

Writing a eulogy for your dad may be really tough. How do you memorialize your hero amid grief and emotion? We hope these tips and the example below will help you in your process.

  • Talk about his best qualities
  • Capture his essence through dad jokes and the things that made you laugh
  • Tell about the things you will miss most about him
  • Describe his role in your upbringing
  • Here is a eulogy example for your father:

    My dad was my hero. He could make every person feel like they were the most important person in the world. Growing up, I knew that I could always ask Dad for help and he would be willing to drop anything to lend a hand. He was a rock of stability in my childhood and a source of strength for our whole family.

    My father was a man who infused fun into the most mundane tasks. I remember how he would turn our bedtime routine into an adventure that included highlights from our favorite storybooks. He was a kind and thoughtful person. Every night at the dinner table, he encouraged us to talk about the things we were grateful for, and always had yummy treats for us kids hidden in the back of the pantry. I will miss you, Dad, and Ill always hold onto the amazing memories we shared together.

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