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Speech About Father From Daughter

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Heartfelt Eulogy Examples For Father

Awesome Father of the Bride Speech and Dance

We hope our eulogy examples will inspire you to write a heartfelt speech to honour your beloved father.

I’m so proud to share the lovely eulogies my children made at my husband’s funeral and I hope that they will help you to write equally moving eulogies for your loved ones.

The following two eulogy examples are for a father, but you could adapt them for an uncle or grandfather. The same principles apply for eulogies for mothers.

We wish you our most sincere condolences at this most difficult of times.

We have many more pages on this website which we hope will help in your grief journey. Please bookmark the site and come back after the funeral for help coping with your loss.

Father Of The Groom V

When the bride and groom approached me to do a father of the groom toast, I was pretty confused initially. I had never actually heard of such a speech. But after thinking it over, it seemed like a nice addition to the wedding.

But then I realized that I would actually have to come up with something to say. What would it be? The more I thought of it, the more it became obvious: I should tell him what I wish someone else had told me about marriage on my wedding day. So here goes.

First, you should know that marriage is mostly about patience and communication. If you cant be patient, youll end up fighting all the time. And if you cant or arent willing to communicate with each other, youll never resolve fights when they do happen.

Second, keep things lively. Marriage is a big commitment. Some dont want to make it because they dont like the thought of being with the same person for an entire lifetime. But in my opinion and from my experience, the benefits outweigh any costs. Just remember to find new ways to keep your marriage lively and exciting and you wont ever regret committing to just one person.

And finally, take good care of your wife. Make sure she feels loved, secure, and comforted. Always do what is best for her, even if it requires some sacrifice on your part.

What Should The Father Of The Bride Speech Include

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are certain things the Father of the Bride speech will traditionally cover.

  • As the first speaker, its the Father of the Brides job to officially welcome the guests.
  • He will usually mention any absent or deceased family or friends.
  • His other official duty is to raise the first toast to the bride and groom.

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Excellent Speech For A 15 Years Old Daughter

Nice speech for a 15 years old daughter

The most wonderful time for any father is when your little daughter is now a teenager. And comes to your mind those moments when you played and you felt very happy to have a daughter like her.

And as today is an unforgettable day when you celebrate the day of her 15 years old, and its your turn to dedicate the respective words during the ceremony, you are so excited and you dont know what to say and you have a little afraid about what the others can think about your words.

You can be calm now because in this section you could find the perfect words that will impress to everyone and especially that little girl that you love so much and soon will be a beautiful woman.

Example of a speech for a 15 years old daughter:

My dear daughter, even you are now a young lady, I cant forget when you was a little baby, when you woke up very early to give you milk or when you fouled your diaper and I ran to cleanse you. Those moments are deeply saved in my heart.

You always have been a very obedient daughter, thats why I feel so proud of you, I admire you a lot and today that I see you I realize that you will be a great woman soon.

In this moment I want to say you something very special, and I hope that you keep it in your heart your entire life:

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Father Of The Groom Iii

How to Write the Perfect Father of the Bride Speech, in 7 Easy Steps ...

Thank you, everyone, for being here tonight. It is truly a blessing for the bride and groom to get married in the presence of all of their friends and family members. Even I have bumped into relatives and friends I havent seen in years. So, thank you all for being here.

For those of you who dont know me, Im the father of the groom. And, tonight, Ill be delivering a short toast. Ill be telling you a little more about my son and about the woman hes marrying.

So what would I tell to someone who has never met my son before? Id tell them this. < Take out a list and unfold it.>

Number 1: . Number 2: . Number 3: .

Yes. Ive watched him grow up from a young boy into an accomplished adult. And, now, Im watching him marry a woman who he truly loves and truly cares about. I cant tell you how much, as both a father and friend, I am proud and happy to see this day.

To my son and his new brideI love you both. And I propose a toast to you. May your marriage be long-lived. May you love each other more each day. And may you learn to compromise with and understand each other more and more over time. Cheers!

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Happy Birthday Dad Speech

You make me feel grateful not only because you are an awesome dad but also because you are a perfect human being. Its a blessing to be a part of you. Happy birthday father .

It has been an awesome journey, The years that I spent with you remain the best years of my life. Traveling places, having fun in the pool, playing games and those Sunday barbeques, remembering all these still refreshes my mind.

I find my characters and behaviours highly similar to you and I really thank my genes for giving me such an awesome gift. You are a great Man, dad and I respect and admire you. With you I feel safe and free.

It is said that Age is just a number and You have proved. Keep smiling and shining Dad. May you always be in good health and Good mood.

Who Does The Father Of The Bride Thank In His Speech

Don’t forget to thank your wedding guests for attending. However, Peterson warns, “Long thank you’s are boring and not necessary.” Instead, she recommends “focus on the main folks who it would make sense for them to receive a dedicated shout-out.” For example, a special shout-out your new in-laws adds an extra-sweet touch.

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How Long Daughter Of The Bride Speech Should Be

iSave to

A wedding speech for the daughter of the bride should last between three to eight minutes. The time slot depends on whether youre an adult, little, or teenager. It also hinges on eloquence and how much you love the stage because many children are shy. In this speech, youll talk like its a direct conversation with your mom. And we assure you that it will hold the guests spellbound.

The best time to render a daughter of the bride speech is after the maid of honor. But in most cases, the daughter speaks first, and then you have to do the welcoming and greeting of guests.

  • Toast to the new couple, guests, life, love, and happiness.

How To End Father Of The Bride Speech

The Most Amazing Father of the Bride Speech EVER!


Please stand with me and raise your glass to toast the happy couple. has been the light of my life, and today I hand her over to . I know he will love and cherish her every bit as much as I do. Here is a toast to a happy and healthy life full of endless love and laughter!

Please join me in a toast to . , you have become like a son to me, and I am entrusting to you. Cherish every moment you have together. Let us all wish the happy couple a lifetime of joy!

When was only 13, she told me she wanted to marry . I watched them grow from carefree teenagers to loving and caring adults. Let us offer a toast to many years of wedded bliss!

When first showed up at our door, I couldnt have known he would be the one to steal my babys heart. But here we are today, and I couldnt be happier for them. Let us raise our glass to and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

Please join me as I raise my glass to the beautiful, kind, and loving couple. , we welcome you to our family and look forward to many years of holiday dinners, family vacations, and late-night phone calls. Cheers to !

We understand you must be all jittery about the father of the speech. However, you must follow the dos and donts mentioned in the next section, and you will be set for a heart-warming speech.

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Tales Of The Couple Arguing Or Any Particularly Nasty Embarrassing Story

First of all, this is supposed to be a perfectly happy moment with nothing but pure bliss and a lot of happy tears on the couples faces. Lets not dampen their moods by reminding them of a fight from histories ago. Also, although embarrassing stories are highly encouraged, we should know what is too much and what isnt. Extremely derogatory anecdotes will not make anyone happy. You might be interested in leadership speech examples.

Make Sure To End The Speech On A Positive Note

Ending a birthday speech on a positive note is relatively simple. Most people can wish the birthday girl a happy birthday. They might say that they cant wait to see what she accomplishes in the years to come.

A toast is also appropriate at a formal birthday party. Parents that are giving a speech can state how much they love their daughter, too.

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How To Write A Funeral Speech For Dad From A Daughter

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Its unlikely that the next time you sit down that itll be to write a funeral speech, let alone one for your dad. Regardless of your dads death came suddenly or health decline or other circumstances allowed for end-of-life planning, the process isnt any easier.

Jump ahead to these sections:

But, you can take a bit of pressure off of yourself by reading some tips and examples. You should also rest in the fact that your eulogy for your father should just be you talking about your love for him it doesnt have to be formal or frilly.

Though you may be unsure about all of the words you choose, your dad would probably love all of them just the same. After all, you are his daughter. Below, weve provided the steps you need to write a meaningful tribute speech for your dad. And, youll also find a few examples and additional resources to use as inspiration or a jumping-off point.

Top Tips To Polish Your Speech

Emotional Father of the Bride Speech Quotes and Toasts

The right length of a father of the bride speech is somewhere from 5 to 7 minutes. Anything longer than that and youd lose 80% of your audiences attention, because even adults only have the attention span of an infant especially when theres food dying to be eaten and selfies waiting to be taken. So keep it at a minimum. You may also see wedding speech examples.

Also, its only natural that you have some pretty personal things that you want to say to your little girl, especially today since shes officially a grown woman who is about to start creating her own life. But not everything you want to say should be heard by an entire crowd. You may also like special occasion speech examples.

Showing your appreciation and support of your daughters marriage and general life choices can be part of your speech, but for more personal things, itd be best to write it down for your daughter to read in private. Some things just have to be kept within the family. And it gives you the chance to write your daughter an official letter.

Another important thing to remember when you actually deliver your speech is to not print an entire copy of it. Its not a pretty sight. As an alternative, you can bring cue cards that you can use as a reference when you forget where you are in your speech .

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Starting Off With A Favorite Poem Or Quote Is Always A Good Idea

Poems and quotes are always a great way to begin a birthday speech.

If you have a favorite poem or quote that reminds you of your daughter, you can use this as an introduction. Parents that are at a loss for how to begin a birthday speech often use this as a fallback plan.

Quotes About Daughters

If you dont have a particular favorite quote, you can always find one that you feel fits your daughter or your feelings about her. These are some of the most popular, cherished daughter quotes.

The love between a mother and daughter is FOREVER. Unknown

A mother is a daughters best friend. Unknown

Every day is Fathers Day to me when Im with her Saquon Barkley

I hope that my daughter grows up empowered and doesnt define herself by the way she looks but by qualities that make her an intelligent, strong, and responsible woman. Isaiah Mustafa

A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous full of beauty and forever beautiful loving and caring and truly amazing. Deanna Beisser

Poems About Daughters

Poems serve the same purpose as an introduction that a quote does. They set the mood for the speech by being lighthearted, funny or warm, and loving.

There are quite a few poems about daughters so you dont have to write your own if poetry is not your strong suit.

If you could see what I see when I look at you,Youd definitely love you, too.You would hold your head up high,For you possess a beauty that no one can deny.

Father Of The Bride Speech Structure

All speeches should be unique and tailored to your daughters individual story. However, its still worth knowing the standard structure of a father of the bride speech.

  • Welcome all the guests and get them laughing straight away
  • Tell some funny anecdotes from your daughters childhood . Remember a loving tribute also involves taking the mick!
  • Pay tribute to the woman she now is the good stuff, the lovely stuff, but most importantly, the funny stuff
  • Recount meeting the groom for the first time and how youve grown to love him and hisfamily
  • You may want to offer some funny or heart-warming advice to the married couple
  • Conclude your speech with a toast to the married couple. Traditionally its to the health and happiness of the happy couple but make it a bit more interesting than that something that genuinely reflects the character of the couple and echos the themes of your speech.
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    Treat It As Part Of Your Healing Process

    Though it may hurt, healing can begin even before your fathers memorial service. Healing will not occur without some proper preparation, of course, and your funeral speech wont write itself, either.

    Everyone heals differently. But, to move past the worst feelings youre experiencing surrounding your dads death, you have to let yourself feel them. In fact, a big part about becoming death positive is getting comfortable thinking about death and everything that comes with it, no matter your belief system.

    Starting your funeral speech may have to wait until youve written some other things out. You dont have to write in any formal structure or create thought clouds or whatever you learned in elementary school. You may simply choose to scribble out emotions or recurring thoughts until they become clear.

    Recognizing your feelings and your pain will also help you tackle them head-on, rather than let them defeat you. Cry or yell them out even though it may be scary. Dont bury them.

    » MORE:

    How Long Should The Father Of The Bride Speech Be

    Best Ever Father of The Bride Speech

    Typically, the speech itself should be around 5 minutes.


    The first thing you want to do is introduce yourself. You can start off with a joke if you want, but keep it short and clean!

    Next, you want to formally welcome your guests including family members, friends and other esteemed guests, including the grooms parents and officiant. Thank them for coming and sharing in this important occasion.

    Hi! My name is , father. She calls me Dad, to my face at least, but you can call me ______. Id like to welcome all of our family and friends as well as ____ and ____ as well as the rest of our special guests who took the time to share in this joyous day.Id like to thank for the moving wedding ceremony that joined together for eternity.


    Endearing stories about the bride are the heart and soul of the father of the brides speech. You are one of the few people who has known her for her entire life so undoubtedly you have quite a few tender moments you could share. Also, you could talk about how you felt the day the bride was born and how she changed your life for the better.

    Include some funny and touching moments from her childhood and teenage years. Tell her how proud of the woman she is today. Mention how you are happy that she found the love of her life . Also, remember that her best friend may cover some of the same stories in her maid of honor speech so you may want to compare notes with her.

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