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Spanish Language Schools In Puerto Rico

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Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico

. Most classroom courses can be joined in San Juan but there are language schools located throughout the country. Puerto Rico Study Abroad. Top 10 Expensive Schools In Puerto Rico And Their Tuition Fees 2019 Updated Uncategorized best schools puerto rico boarding school in puerto rico charter schools puerto rico international schools puerto rico is puerto rico a school language schools puerto rico nursing schools in puerto rico accreditation puerto rico american school puerto rico.

Walking tour of the city. I highly recommend ISLA for fun and productive Spanish study. You can expect classrooms to be fairly small but comfortable.

We are more than just a school. We offer Spanish schools in 13 countries. The Pura Vida is a peaceful oasis in the heart of Puerto Viejo which provides a pleasant setting for learning.

Below is a list of Spanish language schools in San Juan Puerto Rico. While visiting San Juan I studied at ISLA for three weeks M-F 9am-noon group sessions. In addition to being super knowledgeable about language instruction they were.

Originally claimed for Spain in 1493 by Christopher Columbus Puerto Rico remained under Spanish control until it was ceded to the United States in the Spanish-American War of 1898. Harmony of body mind and soul. Best Spanish Schools.

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50 Avenida Quisqueya San Juan. 1 787 771 88 88. Spanish language schools in puerto rico.

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Welcome To Inlingua Puerto Rico

Your Last Stop Language Center.

inlingua International is the largest partnership of privately owned language centers in the world. inlingua Puerto Rico is the final destination for all your language needs. There is no better place than Puerto Rico to begin and finish your learning. Welcome.

inlingua InternationalWith inlingua you have found the right partner for your language service requirements. In over 350 centers and more than 42 countries around the globe, inlingua centers offer high-quality language training and intercultural services in all languages.Using specially developed teaching materials, qualified trainers provide communicative language training based on the inlingua method. Taught by native speakers of their target language, inlingua students simultaneously learn to speak and to communicate effectively in foreign languages and cultures. In many countries, the quality of our product is certified by national authorities.The range of courses offered is exceptionally wide and divers. Customer-oriented services are of great importance to our Language Centers. By focusing on the requirements of their location and offering tailor-made solutions, our Language Centers ensure the highest-possible fulfillment of their customers needs.

Monday to Thursday: 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.Saturday: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Ofelia García-Bárcena, Director

Life Outside The Classroom

There is always something new and exciting to do in Puerto Rico. South Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan, nicknamed Sofo, is one of the premier places to go for students who want to sample the island’s rich cuisine. There is also El Yunque, the only subtropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, which is known for its breath taking beauty. Puerto Rico also has over 300 pristine beaches, some of which are considered among the most beautiful in the world. There is a wide variety of museums, shops, and theaters as well as an active nightlife, with many clubs and concerts providing entertainment. Salsa is very popular on the island, and you can easily find clubs and cafes devoted entirely to this style of dance. With outdoor activities such as hiking and horseback riding, kayaking, scuba diving, golf, zip lines and hang gliding students will never want for something to do. Spanish Studies wants you to have fun while studying abroad however, you are expected to meet all of your academic responsibilities. Check out See Puerto Rico, a website that lists music, theater, and other events currently happening on the island.

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Learn Spanish In San Juan

Learning Spanish abroad in San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of many language immersion programs offered by AmeriSpan. Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island located just east of the Dominican Republic. About the size of Rhode Island and Delaware combined, the island is characterized by mountains, coastal plains, a rainforest, and pristine beaches. In addition to being rich in Taino Indian Culture and colonial history, Puerto Rico boasts one of the most stable economies in all of Latin America.

Learn Spanish In Puerto Rico: Immersion Program Isla

Spanish school

A while ago Jared published Speaking Latinos most controversial post ever Should You Learn Spanish in Puerto Rico? where he questions if Puerto Rico is a good destination to learn Spanish. Obviously that is his opinion and I dont agree with it. So, now is my time to share my point of view.

In our recent trip to Puerto Rico, Jared and I visited Institute for Spanish Language Acquisition in San Juan to interview the owner Sacha Delgado about their immersion program and witness that you can and you should learn Spanish in Puerto Rico.

Sacha explains that many people dont consider Puerto Rico a destination to learn Spanish because they think that here everybody speaks English. That is not 100% true because there are some areas in Puerto Rico where English is more spoken than others, she said. In fact, the census indicates that 95.2% speak Spanish and 85.3% admits that they speak English less than very well. In other words, only 14.7% of the people believe they speak English very well or better.

To avoid those pockets where students may find locals and tourists that speak English, Sacha strategically located her school out of those areas. We are outside the tourist area. We are not in Condado or in Old San Juan on purpose, to improve the immersion experience, she adds. Part of that immersion experience includes:

Living with a host family that is committed to speak in Spanish to the students.

The use of public transportation such as the buses or the train .

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Language Study & Volunteer Combination Programs

Like the cultural immersion combination programs, volunteer combination programs are for students who want to complement language study within a non-academic context. There are thousands of nonprofits and other organizations across Latin America and Spain that welcome volunteers in field as diverse as education, health care, and conservation youre sure to pick up some specialized vocabulary while youre there!

Language study and volunteer combination programs can be as short as a few weeks or as long as a year, so theyre ideal for people with more restricted schedules who cant take a whole semester, or for those students who want to get more involved in a community while learning the difference between ser and estar.

Did you know…? Many Spanish speakers in South America actually prefer to refer to the language they speak as castellano rather than español , due to its origin in the Castile region. Central Americans, Uruguayans and Colombians typically call their language español, and Spain uses both.

Spanish Immersion Program: Livit Immersion Center Puebla

  • Program Location: Puebla
  • Required Spanish Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Program Terms & Dates: Intakes happen nearly every Monday of the year until early December. Due to the size of the school, some weeks close due to volume.

The Immersion Program

Located in the heart of this beautiful, colonial city, Livit offers intensive morning classes and afternoon conversation practice. In between is a family-style lunch for students to practice their Spanish. This is a boutique-sized program in the heart of a city that has over 2000 buildings considered UNESCO world heritage sites.

Accommodation options include on-site for those who want to be in the thick of the action, as well as many independent lodgings within walking distance of the school. They also work closely with local families to welcome language learners to stay with them for an authentic immersion experience.

Really great program. I enjoyed everything and learned a lot of Spanish. I am planning on returning next year for more. I can’t wait!

Herman T.

Who is it for?

Most of Livits students are adult professionals and retirees. They often welcome adventure seekers on their travels who want to spend some time brushing up on their Spanish. Many backpackers start their South American trip with Livit to get a good base of Spanish before moving on.

Why choose this program?

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Organize Your Language Immersion

Want to make sure you actually use all of these resources in a systematic way to improve your Spanish? Check out our free immersion mini-course!

To do the immersion course, all you need is 30min and a printer.

  • organize all the potential immersion resources
  • understand how to use trackers to create a consistent learning habit
  • and build a flexible, year-long plan for living in at-home language immersion!
  • The course is totally free and youll have lifetime access to all of the videos and printed planner .

    Why give away a whole free course?

    Because I want to help heritage language learners like myself connect to their cultures in a way I wish someone had helped me. That simple.

    Spanish Immersion Program: Epa

    Why learn Spanish in Puerto Rico?
    • Program Location: Panama City
    • Required Spanish Level: Beginner to advanced
    • Program Terms & Dates: Starting dates are every Monday for private classes and most small groups. Absolute beginners have 11 starting dates per year.

    The Immersion Program

    EPA is located in an upscale commercial and residential section of the capital. It provides a wide range of options for Spanish immersion, including small group classes and preparation for the DELE exam, if you seek certification of your fluency.

    Español en Panama promotes Panamanian culture and traditions. It shares the warm hospitality and zest for life of a city that has everything to offer, from modern technology to spectacular scenery.

    Their Spanish Language School courses and special programs provide an excellent opportunity to practice your Spanish and learn about the country of Panama through a variety of fun activities.

    EPA! is a very well structured school, with clearly laid out lessons and learning goals. The teachers and staff were always incredibly helpful and willing to go out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and getting the most out of my experience


    Who is it for?

    • Working professionals who wish to invest in a high-quality program of one-on-one lessons should consider EPA.
    • Adults who want small group instruction in modern and fast-paced Panama City.

    Why choose this program?

    Where can I find out more?

    The Immersion Program

    • North American college students

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    What To Expect From Isla Spanish Immersion Program

    I.S.L.A. have been in operation since January 2010 and has a dozen teachers that offer six levels of Spanish. The classes are from 9am to 12pm with a maximum of seven students per class, but the average is three. According to their website, the institute use the Communicative Approach to Spanish language learning. The focus of this approach is to learn to speak Spanish in meaningful contexts that you may encounter in real-life situations. The courses run from Monday thru Friday covering one chapter that includes common vocabulary for the topics. No Spanish text book is required, they will provide you the materials needed depending on the level you are in.

    Finally, Sacha answers the question How long will it take me to learn Spanish?. Their average student spends three weeks in their program. If a person does not know any Spanish it can take an average of 12 weeks to reach an advanced level, depending on the person. The advanced levels cover idiomatic expressions, slang and local slang, the tone, etc. It is more individualized with smaller groups because of each persons particular needs, she concludes.

    As you can see, to learn Spanish in Puerto Rico is a good option with structured programs such as those offered by I.S.L.A. If you want more information about how to learn Spanish in Puerto Rico read the Top 9 Reasons Why People Learn Spanish in San Juan, Puerto Rico and 3 Tips to Maximize Your Spanish Lessons in Puerto Rico or in Any Other Country.

    About Spanish Language Schools

    With more than 450 million native speakers worldwide, Spanish is the worlds second most widely spoken language and the primary language in the Western Hemisphere overall. It is the first language in 20 countries and Puerto Rico, and a significant second language in several other nations, including Belize, the Philippines, and the United States, where more than 43 million people are Spanish speakers.

    Whether youre embarrassed that you constantly mispronounce quesadillas, want to really understand the lyrics to Shakiras older songs, or just need to get out of your monolingual shell, theres never been a better time to learn Spanish. The best part is that theres likely to be a community of Spanish speakers, possibly even from your country of study, living in your hometown, so you can extend your practice long after you come home!

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    The Puerto Rican Accent

    When I was first learning Puerto Rican Spanish, one of the biggest things that set me apart from my east coast neighbors was how different our accents were.

    But there was no information online.

    In a desperate attempt to understand what I could do to make myself fit in a bit better, I hired and worked with an accent coach to start uncovering the Puerto Rican accent.

    Everything in this section is original to this website, and will hopefully help you understand a bit more about what makes this Spanish variant so smooth and soft.

    Vowel Sounds

    The first way to see what makes the Puerto Rican accent different is by comparing it to two different Mexican accents. I then added how I would say the same words while using my most-Gringa accent.

    In this recording, I had friends say the same words to use the vowels A, E, I, O, and U.

    Now: how can we really represent these differences so we can talk about them concretely?

    With an IPA chart of course!

    This handy invention creates a map of the insides of our mouths. Check out this example and repeat these 4 words: see, tap, thought, goose.

    We call these the 4 cardinal points of English IPAthe further most points in your mouth.

    Now, the trick with mapping out Puerto Rican vowels is to feel them in your mouth while speaking and plant them on the IPA map.

    Heres what I found between the two types of Spanish:

    You can even record yourself to hone in your exact vowels.

    Then, I mapped!

    Its simply its own unique accent!

    Consonant Sounds

    Why Learn Spanish In Puerto Rico With Spanish Faster

    Episode 103: Puerto Rican Spanish Greetings » Learn Spanish con Salsa
    • Short learning period:Even if you don’t know any Spanish and want to learn Spanish in Puerto Rico, wecan help you reach Level 1 in 40 hours, Level 2 in 60 hours,Level 3 in 80 hours, and Level 4 in 120 hours of learning!
    • Experienced bilingual tutors: You can learn Spanish in Puerto Rico fromSpanish tutors who are experts at teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language.
    • Latest exam questions: If you are preparing for a Spanish exam, you get model answers for recent and past exam questions from various test centers around the world.
    • Excellent learning materials: You wouldn’t need to buy any extra learning materials we provide all pdf and audio files.
    • Anytime, anywhere: You can learn Spanish in Puerto Rico online via Skype anytime, anywhere we have tutors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
    • Guaranteed Success: So far, we have a 100% success rate. Just read our Student Testimonials.

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    Universidad Del Sagrado Corazn

    Universidad del Sagrado Corazón has its roots in the year 1880. It began as an elementary boarding school for girls run by three nuns. Today it´s a private, not-for-profit university and has a history stretching back more than 140 years.


    • More than 140 years of experience in education.
    • Spiritual-educational project.
    • High educational standards.

    Language Study & Culture Immersion Combination Programs

    Balancing study and life is important, especially when it comes to learning a language. Many study abroad programs like EF and Maximo Nivel recognize that students arent only there to go to class, and incorporate elements of cultural immersion into the program, whether through group outings to events, special culture-focused classes or offering students the chance to participate in activities, internships or other spaces that facilitate cultural exchange throughout the semester. Mixed language and cultural immersion programs are ideal for students that want language learning to extend outside the classroom and seek opportunities to use the language in a real context, as well as learn more about the country in which they live.

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    Vivir La Isla Del Encanto

    *Additional gateway cities are available: contact us for pricing.

    Arrive in San Juan and transfer to your hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner to introduce you to the fabulous Puerto Rican cuisine!

    Included Meals: Dinner

    Start out with a walking tour of Old San Juan and Fort San Cristóbal. Then head east to Fajardo, where youll navigate the waters of a bioluminescent bay by kayak, an adventure youll never forget.

    Included Meals: Breakfast

    Set sail on a catamaran and enjoy an amazing snorkeling experience.

    Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

    Observe the natural wonders of Puerto Rico during a guided hike through El Yunque Rainforest. On the way back to San Juan, stop at the Paseo Tablado de Piñones to learn about mangroves and the local ecosystem. Then visit a ceremonial cave. Later, experience the rhythms of the Afro-Caribbean culture during a Bomba y Plena workshop before you meet your host family .

    Included Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

    Enjoy breakfast with your familia puertorriqueña and begin your first day of Spanish classes. In the afteroon, explore the local farmers market through a fun scavenger hunt. Later, learn about Puerto Ricos indigenous cultures and art at the Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte de la Universidad de San Juan.

    Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Head south for a tour of Guavate. Learn how to cook traditional Puerto Rican food and enjoy an authentic lechón lunch.

    Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Included Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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