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Spanish Language Schools In Mexico

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Spanish Speakers By Country

Spanish Language Schools in Mexico – Learn Spanish at IMAC

The following table shows the number of Spanish speakers in some 79 countries.

Worldwide Spanish fluency


Don Quixote

Most of the grammatical and typological features of Spanish are shared with the other Romance languages. Spanish is a fusional language. The noun and adjective systems exhibit two genders and two numbers. In addition, articles and some pronouns and determiners have a neuter gender in their singular form. There are about fifty conjugated forms per verb, with 3 tenses: past, present, future 2 aspects for past: perfective, imperfective 4 moods: indicative, subjunctive, conditional, imperative 3 persons: first, second, third 2 numbers: singular, plural 3 verboid forms: infinitive, gerund, and past participle. The indicative mood is the unmarked one, while the subjunctive mood expresses uncertainty or indetermination, and is commonly paired with the conditional, which is a mood used to express “would” the imperative is a mood to express a command, commonly a one word phrase “¡Di!”, “¡Talk!”.

Verbs express T-V distinction by using different persons for formal and informal addresses.

Spanish syntax is considered right-branching, meaning that subordinate or modifyingconstituents tend to be placed after head words. The language uses prepositions , and usuallythough not alwaysplaces adjectives after nouns, as do most other Romance languages.

Discover Mexico With Don Quijote

The diversity of Mexicos landscapes also reflects the diversity of its people, regional cultures, dialects, and cuisines. While the majority of Mexicans are monolingual Spanish-speakers, 68 distinct indigenous languages exist within Mexicos borders the remnants of Mexicos incredible history as a pillar of Pre-Columbian civilization .

Discovering Mexico is truly an unforgettable Spanish-language adventure. Witness living history as you visit breathtaking ancient ruins, and trek through thick jungles and enjoy Mexicos exotic wildlife and biodiversity.Travel to the capital, Mexico City the third largest city in the world and take in the great contrasts of majestic colonial buildings next to modern, glass skyscrapers.And when youre looking for a change, find solace in any of Mexicos stunning white sand beaches or charming and colorful colonial towns. Mexico is undoubtedly a travelers paradise if you can imagine it, you can find it in Mexico. Learn Spanish in Mexico and have an unforgettable cultural immersion experience.


Study Spanish With The Best Spanish Immersion Program

At Chac-Mool Spanish School you can choose the location of your school, we have campuses in Mexico and Costa Rica. We offer the best Spanish immersion programto learn Spanish with a unique methodology and native high motivated teachers who make learning Spanish fun and easy.

If you are looking for Spanish Language Schools in Mexico, You´ve come to the right place, at Chac-Mool You can learn Spanish in México´s ideal spot due to it´s weather and Neutral Spanish! very near Mexico City. Cuernavaca is very rich in Culture and Mexican traditions. Learn Spanish while you have a great experience. Our Spanish School in Cuernavaca, Morelos offers a great environment for learning Spanish,and the best teachers.

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Spanish Institute Of Puebla

This school, unlike Dara Idiomas above, is focused only on teaching Spanish through an intense immersion program that emphasizes verbal communication.

There are eight levels, each lasting three weeks, from beginner to near-native speaker. Students can take a placement exam to determine what level to enter. Morning classes are focused on group lessons and work, while youll get one-on-one instruction during the afternoon.

Other activities available through the school include volunteering at an orphanage, cultural excursions, extreme sport adventures, cooking and dance classes and more.

Why Choose Esl For A Spanish Course In Mexico

To Speak Spanish in Mexico fluently like a native, you need to learn ...

At ESL, we want to encourage you to explore new parts of the world and help you reach your language goals at the same time. We take great care in selecting our partner schools, and we maintain a close relationship with them year round to ensure you receive the highest quality courses available. When you learn Spanish in Mexico, youll be in excellent hands with our partner schools, where youll gain the tools you need to progress your skills and create your own unique experience abroad.

Let our experts help you decide – our advice is free & without obligation!

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Centro De Ensenanza Para Extranjeros Cost: 12000mxn For 126 Hours Schedule: 21 Hours Per Week For 6 Weeks Location: Unam Campus & Polanco

This mini-campus is located within the Universidad Nacional Autónomo de México which is considered one of the best universities in all of Latin America. CEPE feels like a gathering center for all foreigners living in Mexico City and you can meet people from all over the world. The courses are 6 weeks long and you actually receive a grade and a formal certificate at the end which is nice if you want something to show for your hard work. However, the rigid 6-week session schedule makes it difficult to just jump in for those who are in Mexico City for a shorter period of time. CEPE offers 9 levels, from basic to superior, so you could really spend a whole year here learning Spanish. CEPE also self-publishes their own textbooks and their curriculum is excellent. As part of your tuition, you also get to choose a few extra clases de cultura which break up the intense Spanish learning . On a side note, many that I interviewed have said that teachers can be hit-or-miss some are young, new and vibrant, while others have been teaching there for over 20 years and are rather burnt-out . CEPE also administers a variety of official Spanish examinations as well as offers diplomados and especializaciones for those who want to be trained as Spanish teachers or just want to take their Spanish to a more academic level. Lastly, CEPE hosts a number of guided weekend trips to more unknown areas of the State of Mexico as well as a select number of trips outside the state.

Spanish Immersion Program: Universidad Del Sagrado Corazn

  • Program Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Required Spanish Level: Advanced
  • Program Terms & Dates: January , June and July

The Immersion Program

Participants take university content courses with local students, in Spanish and can transfer their credits back to their home universities. Doing content work imagine taking History all in Spanish with native speakers provides a tremendous boost to vocabulary and comprehension, and living in an immersive environment increases your speaking ability immediately.

Definitely reach out to the Puerto Rican students in your classes. I found that they were very willing to help the development of my Spanish and I also formed great friendships!

Juliana Cooper

Who is it for?

  • This is a program for American college students with at least a high intermediate level of Spanish. Students should confirm that their campus accepts Puerto Rico as a study abroad destination.

Why choose this program?

  • Close and convenient Spanish-speaking country
  • No passport required for travel from the USA
  • Perfect your Spanish in a university environment
  • Take university courses that will apply to your US degree

Where can I find out more?

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Wonderful Spanish Schools In Mexico

Interested in learning Spanish in Mexico? Trying to choose a Spanish immersion program can be overwhelming. Here are 12 of the best Spanish schools in Mexico, broken down by region. These are all programs Im personally familiar with, or that have outstanding reputations.

May 2020 update: Dont let current travel restrictions keep you from studying Spanish. Ask the schools youre interested in about virtual courses. They are all adapting their offerings now so you can learn online.

Spanish Schools In Mexico Choose Your Campus

Learning Spanish in Mexico City

If you are the adventurous type and are looking for more activities our Costa Rica Campus will be ideal for you, it is near archeological ruins as well as near the highest volcano in the country. There also beautiful beaches as its name indicates Costa Rica which means Rich Coast, has many amazing beaches on both the Pacific side and the Atlantic side.

Even if you studied Spanish previously you can achieve Spanish fluency and acquire conversational Spanish with our Spanish programs that can be taylored to suit your learning needs.

Spanish Schools in Mexico with Language acquisition versus language learning which is the best way competence in a second language occurs.

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When To Study Spanish In Mexico

What is the best time of year to study Spanish in Mexico? North American and European summer is high season for Spanish schools a good time to avoid unless you only have summers off.

Research the seasonal climate try Googling best time to visit ____. Keep in mind that central Mexico can be chilly in winter, and homes and schools are often unheated. On the other hand, the Yucatan can be incredibly hot and humid outside the months of November to February.

Perhaps you can time your stay to coincide with one of the special holidays for which Mexico is famous? Semana Santa and Día de Muertos are incredible celebrations to experience, and schools will often hold special workshops and outings related to the holiday.

Learn Spanish In Mexico

  • Our lessons are interactive and fun, outside of a classroom, learn in museums, markets, art galleries, fancy cafes: get to know Mexico City while you learn Spanish. Entrance fees to museums are included in your fee. We believe we offer not only the best courses but also the best value form money.
  • Our methodology is based on Learn and Discover!
  • Our school has adapted a new teaching methodology based on student needs and based in total immersion.
  • Certificate of course completion at the end of each course.
  • Weekly and personalized progress follow up with your teacher.
  • Our lessons take place in Polanco, Condesa and Colonia Roma mostly, which are very accessible and easy to reach.
  • All our teachers hold a degree in language studies and you will feel you are being taught by a highly qualified teacher, we will take care of you learning Spanish.
  • With six different levels, 2 for beginners, 2 for intermediates and 2 for advanced, we guarantee you will learn hand to hand with students of your same level. Furthermore, we have students form many nationalities visiting, including: Australia, USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, UK, Scandinavia, Germany amongst many others!

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Universidad La Salle Cost: 5700mxn For 45 Hours Schedule: Daily 3

Nestled in the heart of the trendy, bohemian Condesa neighborhood, the Centro Internacional de Educación La Salle is centrally located and easily accessible from all parts of the city. Their Spanish program is offered year round with rotating start dates for both their intensive 3-week courses and semi-intensive 5-week courses . Levels follow the Common European Framework of Reference or Languages, from A1-C1 levels, and La Salle can facilitate official certification exams. Class size ranges from 3-8 students and the curriculum is stellar. Aside from their continuous Spanish courses, La Salle is special in that it offers two wonderful programs. The first is their Intensive Summer Language Program which offers 45 hours of Spanish classes, 6 hours of introductory classes on history and culture of Mexico , as well as 45 hours of cultural field trips and activities in and outside Mexico City. Your tuition also covers housing and two meals daily with Mexican family. The deadline for applications is normally in late March/early April. The second program is there Service Learning and Internship Placements which focus on serving organizations that are working to improve their communities in areas such as education, health care, sustainable and economic development and technology. They range from 6-16 week placements and have various start and end dates.

Whats Special About Learning Spanish In Mexico

Spanish School Mexico City  In

Apart from the fact that Mexico is the country with the highest number of Spanish speakers, at 121 millionover a quarter of the total native Spanish speaking populationit also has a deep relationship with the U.S. Many Mexicans are learning English and watching Hollywood movies. So why not make that exchange mutual?

Mexico has produced some of the worlds best literature and movies that are worth one day being able to understand without translation. Como agua para chocolate is an incredible movie about tradition and the magic of food, and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is one of the worlds most famous female writers of the 17th century.

And Mexicos slang is colorful and expressiveits bien padre in fact. Orale, guey, invítame una chela! .

Studying Spanish in Mexico is a great way to learn about the world, experience a new culture and truly immerse yourself in the language.

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Spanish Language Schools In Mexico Language Study Programs

Language Immersion Vacations WORLDWIDE! Mexico We offer a variety of language courses worldwide for all ages and budgets. Immerse yourself in the local culture, pick your accommodation type and enjoy many cultural activities with international students from around the world. We enjoy what we do and that’s the difference!
Cost: See websiteContact: Language Vacation, 1056 Masters Lane, Minden, Ontario K0M 2K0 CanadaTel: Toll Free 1 888 494 3974 / 705 745 4697

Learn Spanish in Mexico and Earn a Diploma Earn an official Diploma in Spanish as a Second Language at a school in San Miguel de Allende: The Academia Hispano Americana offers an Intensive Spanish Program and related courses a One to One Program a Diploma accredited by the Ministry of Education of the state of Gto. Our credits are transferable to the U.S. Courses are year-round, with family stays, field trips and other fun activities.

The Center for Linguistic Multicultural Studies Since 1980 offering Intensive Spanish Language Programs for executives, bilingual teachers, nurses, healthcare professionals, seniors, high school and kids, with more than 70,000 former students, giving academic credits and guaranteeing interaction with Mexican Students. Specialized programs designed for your needs.

Español Interactivo Language SchoolDevelop conversational skills with total immersion Spanish courses in Oaxaca.

Spanish Experience Center


Why Learn Spanish In Mexico

Mexico is one of our most popular destinations for students looking to learn Spanish, and its not difficult to understand why! With sprawling cities and buttery sand beaches to marvel at, and spicy new dishes to delight your taste buds with, theres more than enough to explore during your Spanish course in Mexico! As if discovering a new country werent enough, youll also experience progression in your Spanish skills, speaking daily with the locals and learning in an authentic environment.

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Why Study At Taan

  • We are 100% Mexican owned spanish school. Why study with a Spanish chain or a school which is foreign owned and run from another country! This is why we have competitive prices!
  • We have a different methodology because we dont have Spanish lessons in a typical classroom, instead, lessons are held in different spots around Playa del Carmen. We have a methodolgy which is very professional and allows students to learn faster and experience the local culture and immersion.
  • Our class is not held in a classroom, but in Mayan caves, near the beach, in local cafes, art shops, Mayan ruins and different places. where you will learn Spanish in a more practical way, experiencing what the city has to offer.
  • All our teachers hold a degree in languages and we focus on student- teacher bonds.
  • We have a strong cultural programme including yoga lessons and a conversation club. We have a wide variety of tours to offer all year round.
  • We offer a certificate of course completion.
  • We offer very high quality Spanish teaching but we adapt to the atmosphere in playa del carmen, we are one minute walking from the beach, we are the school with the best location.
  • We follow our own programme but we are flexible, if a group wants, for instance to focus in conversation we will adapt to that.
  • High quality Spanish lessons + 1 minute walking from the beach

Culture And Language Abroad

Learn ALL the Basics in Spanish: Spanish Level 1

Culture and Language Abroad is a uniquely immersive study program based in the UNESCO World Heritage city of Guanajuato, Mexico. Unlike less personal exchange programs, we focus on designing individual curriculum experiences that are authentic to both students needs and local culture. CLA is a non-profit founded and operated by a dedicated team of international educators who also happen to be Guanajuato natives whose university and community networks assure that program participants will study and live like a true local.

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Why Book With Us

No Fees – We don’t charge extra fees for booking with us. Just pay your school deposit and then when you get to the school, pay off the remaining amount! Simple, easy.

We’re here to help – Choosing a Spanish school isn’t easy. You can call us atif you have any questions, and a real person will answer .

Flexible – Want to start taking classes early? Looking for other locations? We’ll help. Just let us know what you want and we’ll help you design the perfect vacation.

Best Places To Learn Spanish In Mexico

Are you a Spanish language learner? Do you want to learn Spanish in Mexico?

If you are, then this guide is all that you need. Remember that there are many ways of learning the language and one of them includes moving to a country where they speak it.

If your answer is yes read on because we will show you some cool places in Mexico where you can learn the language easily.

But a question may arise in your mind, why Mexico choose your destination to learn the Spanish language? So lets first answer this question before diving deep into the topic.

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