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Spanish Language Schools Costa Rica

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Spanish Courses Costa Rica: Learn Spanish In Costa Rica

First day of class walk through: CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica

Both an oasis and a jewel, Costa Rica is a true El Dorado. This Central American paradise has much to offer. With colourful and bustling cities and easygoing seaside resorts dotted with straw huts and cool bars, the country is proud of its conservationism, ecotourism and peaceful history. With endless outdoor sporting possibilities, Costa Rica is also a country for adventurers. Whether you prefer to hike in the rainforests and mountains, canoe in the blue-water rapids, surf on the wild ocean waves, or simply relax on a white sandy beach bathed by the ocean, you will certainly find something that fulfils your travel dreams. Costa Rica is also famous for having one the worlds richest fauna and flora, with toucans, macaws, sloths, howler monkeys, tropical fish, dolphins, and many more species that you will come across in abundance in the wild. On top of this, the country has preserved many of its traditions dating back from the old Amerindian civilisations. Take one of our Spanish courses and learn Spanish in Costa Rica in San Jose, Jaco Beach and Manuel Antonio.

Best Spanish Language Schools In Heredia In 2022

Costa Rica is a premiere destination for study abroad and gap year students. The allure of Costa Rica for students studying abroad can be attributed to numerous factors, including its impressive biodiversity, stunning natural beauty, environmental awareness, excellent language programs and great opportunities for adventure and eco-tourism.

Located in the colonial city of Heredia, Tico Lingo offers a complete Spanish immersion program curated by expert Spanish professors. We are devoted to helping students achieve Spanish fluency through immersion and cultural education. Our aim is to teach, immerse, and initiate a global understanding of Costa Rican culture and the Spanish language.In addition to Spanish classes, Tico Lingo offers a Homestay program where students live in the homes with nearby families. We also offer volunteer opportunities, on-site cultural activities like yoga, dance, cooking, and art class, and adventure tours like white-water rafting and canopy zip line tours.We are young, we are connected, and we are passionate about creating the perfect environment to learn Spanish and volunteer in Costa Rica. We want to spark cultural exchanges on a global level with people from around the world. Join our conversation start learning Spanish today!

Tips To Improve Your Spanish

Most Costa Rican language schools have 3 basic Spanish levels beginner, intermediate and the advanced courses, with a few schools also offering specialized subjects like business Spanish, Spanish poetry, etc. To get some excellent information about language schools in Costa Rica go through our website, contact the Union of Spanish Language Centers or go through the advertisements in the English language newspaper The Tico Times.

Usually classes can be taken on a weekly basis. However, it is highly suggested that you enroll for a class of a minimum of 3 weeks. If you stay on for a 5 week class, your grasp over the language will be really great, as the longer you study Spanish the more familiar, the more practiced and the more fluent you will be.

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Volunteer Learn & Study Spanish In Costa Rica

Language and culture are intrinsically linked, and immersing your in the culture is the best way to learn Spanish. Participants errolled on the program who do not meet the language requirements of their projects can enrol on the intensive 20-hour per week course. The course is run by a local language school and the course takes place before you start your volunteer placement.

The intensive Spanish immersion program aims to give students a linguistic fluency through an intensive Spanish language curriculum. The course puts an emphasis on practical language use, oral communication and application of language to be used during your volunteer placement.

Classes begin every Monday and are held from Monday to Friday for all Spanish levels you may study for one week to however many weeks you wish.

What To Expect Learning Spanish In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Spanish School (With images)

So you want to learn Spanish in Costa Rica… but what would it be like to live there? Costa Rica is one of the most exciting and beautiful destinations in the world. With landscapes ranging from mountains to rainforests, to cities, to beautiful coasts, Costa Rica might just have something for everyone.

Despite its relatively small size, Costa Rica may be home to as much as 5% of the worlds biodiversity. And almost a quarter of the countrys land mass is dedicated to national parks and other conservation areas. So if youre passionate about the environment, or long to explore the outdoors, Costa Rica may be a great place for you.

But the great outdoors arent all there is to Costa Rica. Costa Rica is also home to a diverse population, incorporating a variety of influences in its regional cultures. In fact, Costa Ricas immigrant population, in proportion to its overall population, is the largest in the region. Costa Rican culture is influenced by indigenous, Spanish, African, and Caribbean traditions. As a result, Costa Rica is both dynamic and diverse, making it a fascinating place to live as you learn the language.

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Intensive Spanish Program In Costa Rica

If you want to learn Spanish or increase your fluency in a truly unique and interactive way, Costa Rica Spanish immersion programs may be for you. Costa Rica’s particular dialect, slower than most, may be accessible even if you’re a total beginner, while still being a fascinating study for more advanced learners. Plus, studying in Costa Rica, youd get to experience the culture from which the dialect has grown. You might become part of your local community, converse with native speakers, and explore an exciting new place. From vibrant cities to remote rainforests, you could take your Spanish out of the classroom and into the world. Sound like your kind of opportunity? Keep reading.

Cosi Costa Rica Spanish Institute

SINCE 1994

Since 1994, the Costa Rica Spanish Institute has provided the leading Spanish language immersion programs in Costa Rica. For more than 20 years, the COSI Spanish programs have offered the unique opportunity to study Spanish abroad in the bustling university district of San Jose and in the tranquil seaside town of Manuel Antonio overlooking the Pacific coast.


In 2013, COSI merged with Maximo Nivel and since then the two organizations have coordinated their Spanish abroad programs and their 2 separate websites are now unified under the Maximo Nivel name. The joint COSI-Maximo Nivel organization has aligned its goals to provide better client service and improved academic tracking. It has been an excellent partnership over the years, with Maximo Nivel bringing its very successful volunteer abroad and international internship programs to COSI students. This has significantly extended the Spanish abroad program to include community service and international work experiencedirectly contributing to the personal, academic, and professional goals of our international students.

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Great Places To Learn Spanish In Costa Rica

Turn your immersive adventure vacation in Cost Rica into an unforgettable cultural experiences by adding one of the countrys top language courses to your itinerary

Aside from being the best country in all of Latin America for exceptional adventure vacations, Costa Rica also happens to be one of the best for learning Spanish. From intensive immersion schools to casual classes and workshops, the best places to learn Spanish in Costa Rica offer you the chance to not only learn a new language but also the chance to experience a glorious part of the country in a slower and more authentic way. The overwhelming majority of Spanish schools are near and around San Jose, although there are a few brilliant options in every province.

When selecting our top places to learn Spanish in Costa Rica, we were keen to give you plenty of different options, to showcase the sheer variety of language schools and colleges in every province the country.

  • Tico Lingo, Heredia
  • IPED Language Plus, Puerto Viejo
  • Morpho Spanish School, Orosi Valley
  • Perfect Sunset School, Playa Hermosa
  • Istituto Chac-Mool Spanish School, Turrialba
  • Spanish by the River, Turrialba
  • Nosara Spanish Institute, Nosara
  • When it comes someone wanting to learn Spanish in Costa Rica, the options are nearly endless.

    Want to add a language course to your week of exhilarating adventures? Ask us how!

    Intercultura Costa Rica Spanish Schools

    CPI Spanish Immersion School Costa Rica
    Category: Guanacaste

    Intercultura Costa Rica Spanish Schools – Playa Samara With two unique locations Historic Heredia and Samara Beach – Intercultura offers you the opportunity to experience Costa Rica from two very different perspectives and provides total immersion in the Spanish language and culture. Each campus and region has a distinctive character, way of life and charm.Move easily from one campus location to the other, without any interruptions in your learning process. And the best of it – you’ll experience two different lifestyles of Costa Rica.

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    Find Your Costa Rica Spanish Immersion Programs Today

    Now is a perfect time to take those first steps toward a new adventure in a Costa Rica Spanish immersion program. And StudyAbroad.com is here to help. Interested in summer, semester, or full year Costa Rica Spanish immersion programs? Have your eye on living and studying in a certain city or town? Use the menu above to select the appropriate filters and narrow down your search. Then read up on sponsored listings, and reach out to the programs youre interested in for additional information or to enroll. Dont wait any longer. Take advantage of an exciting opportunity to learn Spanish in Costa Rica!

    • Other Programs from Lingua Service Worldwide, Ltd. matching this criteria:

  • The Best Place To Learn Spanish In Costa Rica

    Our school is located in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, a natural paradise in the south-east of Costa Rica, surrounded by lush tropical jungle, pristine beaches, national parks and a unique world of animals, birds and plants along the beautiful Caribbean coast.Here you will meet people from all over the world, have a wide variety of activities and learn Spanish with the help of our professional teachers who love their work.At the same time, you will have the opportunity to apply what you have learned directly on the spot. This way you will experiencie the latin culture on a whole new level, interact with local people, make friends and thus enrich your trip.Equally important is having company along the way, meeting fellow travelers and adventure seekers with whom to share experiences. Join the “Pura Vida family” where you will learn Spanish, spend free time and have fun in the community with like-minded people!

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    Why Learn Spanish With Intercultura Costa Rica

    Internationally recognized


    Our primary goal is to teach you the Spanish language in a warm yet intellectually challenging environment. Classes at both of our campuses Heredia city and Playa Samara are conducted entirely in Spanish, providing students from all over the world with a complete and intensive learning experience.


    Interculturas professors have advanced university degrees and teaching certification, and we are accredited through the US university system, offering undergraduate academic credit to those interested.


    The communicative approach in a total immersion context is the most effective method for learning Spanish quickly. Classes are dynamic, interactive, and structured to maximize the language acquisition process in our immersion programs with small classes and 18 different levels.


    Youll get to know Costa Rica, its traditions and its rich cultural heritage by participating in our daily cultural activities and events. On a larger scale, we hope to promote global awareness and tolerance through this sharing of cultures. We believe that participation in programs such as this one teach not only a new language, but also effective tools for communication and understanding in the constantly evolving world culture in which we live.


    Learn Spanish In Costa Rica For All Ages Levels And Interests

    Personalized Spanish Language School

    Our innovative Efekta⢠Learning System combines quality instruction with advanced technology and cultural immersion for maximum results. We develop our own course curricula, instructional methods, course books and digital learning materials.

    We know the difference a great teacher makes in language learning. All EF teachers hold teaching qualifications and have an average of seven years of teaching experience. But what makes EF teachers truly exceptional is that they are selected for their enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to studentsâ success. All EF teachers are committed to continued professional development. Here’s a quick overview of our Spanish courses in Costa Rica:

    Spanish course type
    EF Intensive Spanish courses in Costa Rica 32 lessons per week Learn all aspects of the Spanish language as quickly as possible for academic or professional reasons
    EF General Spanish courses in Costa Rica 26 lessons per week Gain sound understanding of the Spanish language through a well-rounded course
    EF Basic Spanish courses in Costa Rica 20 lessons per week Focus on how to communicate in Spanish and enjoy lots of activities and free time

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    Manuel Antonio Spanish School


    The Maximo Nivel school and campus in Manuel Antonio lets you study amidst the natural beauty of the rainforest and white sand beaches that only Costa Rica can offer. After class, you can escape to the beach which is just minutes away via bus or on foot. And just down the road, is the quaint town of Quepos with lots of shops and local restaurants, a large marina, and an open air market on the weekends.


    The school is a single story building with 13 open-air classrooms and 2 enclosed air-conditioned classrooms. In true pura vida fashion, the terrace overlooks the clear blue waters of the Pacific coast. The common areas have a beachy-breezy feel, and include both indoor and outdoor spaces, a snack bar, and a computer lab. The institute is open 7 days/week including holidays.

    Where To Go To Learn Spanish

    Home stays are a wonderful way to also help you learn how to speak Spanish. By staying with a local Tico family you will not only get the opportunity to practice what you learn, but you will also get the chance to widen your horizons. Another option is to share an apartment with a local so that you can absorb the culture, while a third option is to get a job. The latter is more difficult though as you need to have some basic Spanish understanding. Offering a friendly and comfortable atmosphere you can take Spanish courses not only in San Jose but in towns like Alajuela, Heredia, Manuel Antonio, Tamarindo and Puerto Limon, where a distinct Caribbean influence can be felt.

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    What Kind Of Activities Can I Do While Learning Spanish In Costa Rica

    With a plethora of outdoor activities and tourist attractions, time will fly by when you enroll in our Spanish language school in Costa Rica. There are parks and nature preserves across the country, so you can get a close-up view of spider monkeys, sloths, and giant leatherback turtles during your stay.

    Learning Spanish in Costa Rica allows you to visit Poas Volcano National Park and climb to the edge of the volcano’s crater. Costa Rica’s beaches are incomparable: you can enjoy surfing, swimming, diving, snorkeling, body surfing and relaxing on these pristine beaches. You’ll be surprised at how much fun you can have while learning Spanish in Costa Rica.

    Learn Spanish With One Of Thelongest Running Spanish Programs In Costa Rica

    Experience the Language – Tico Lingo Spanish School in Costa Rica

    AEC Spanish Institute-Costa Rica designs unique, holistic one of a kind language programs for the individual student or family unit. From our one-on-one instruction to our online classes that start before you enter Costa Rica and continue after your visit. With over 70 combined years of designing family, children, teen summer camps, medical, nursing, and custom high school programs our staff can work with any of your interests.

    AEC-Costa Rica has four locations, Playa Dominical, Arenal, Turrialba and Tamarindo that bring the diversity of Costa Rica to your fingertips. Our experienced staff is dedicated to extending your language skills while introducing you to the diversity of Costa Rica to create a once in a lifetime experience.

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    Spanish Courses In Costa Rica

    We aim to help you improve your Spanish skills and learn as much as possible during your time with us.

    With modern communicative teaching methods, we ensure that our students develop practical skills to communicate effectively in Spanish. Our focus is on assisting our students to speak, understand, read and write in Spanish. Content and the approach to teaching are designed around the needs of each student in their particular groups. In this way, we aim to cater for and meet the needs of every individual student within the group.

    To ensure our teachers are able to give every student the personal attention they need to make rapid progress and improve their Spanish skills, each group as a maximum of 10 students .

    Spanish Courses in Costa Rica

    Childrens And Teenager Program

    WAYRA has created a special Spanish program for childrens and teens.

    The childrenâs Spanish course is more than a set of teaching aids it is rooted in a method that is designed to stimulate different learning styles to capture the attention of our youngest students and the Teenager Program is designed to ensure that students enjoy their Spanish classes as much as they enjoy the time they spend at the beach.

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