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Proof Of English Language Competency

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For Tests Impacted By The Novel Coronavirus

Quick Takes | J1 Proof of English Language Proficiency Requirement

Due to cancellations of many international English language proficiency tests, MSU will be temporarily accepting the following tests for international students applying for fall semester 2023. In addition, MSU will be expanding the ability for students to receive provisional admission. If a provisionally admitted student is able to take a test that meets our regular admission standards prior to enrollment, we will update their admission status to regular.

Affected applicants may take the Duolingo test online and request scores be sent directly to Michigan State University.Regular admission: Score of 110 or higherProvisional admission: Score of 95-105

Regular admission: Score of 6.5 or higherProvisional admission: Score of 6.0

Regular admission: Score of 79 with no subscore below 17Provisional admission: Score of 60-78

Note: We do not accept the TOEFL MyBest Superscore

Send Another Letter To Cno Confirming That All Proofs Have Been Sent

After confirming with your previous employers and teachers that all reference letters have been sent, you should inform CNO by sending another letter. This letter is necessary so the committee in charge of the review of proofs can start reviewing your case.

Make sure to mention in your letter the list of documents CNO should have received for your proofs of English proficiency.

It may take three to six months to receive a decision letter from the committee.

How To Prove Your Proficiency In English

Another English exam!? Dont sweat it!

They’re not really exams. In fact, they should really be called English evaluations.

Why? Because rather than passing or failing, your score indicates your fluency in English. This means that everyone can judge their level fairly and then put it onto their CV and have it understood by almost anyone who reads it.

Lets have a look at three of the biggest English exams. You might have heard of them…

Were talking about the TOEFL, TOEIC, and the GMAT!

Lets have a look at the Test of English as a Foreign Language first!

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Ways Proficiency Cannot Be Demonstrated

Our office is unable to accept the following as proof of English proficiency:

  • English as a means of instruction alone
  • Citizenship from an English speaking country other than those listed above
  • High School English ESL courses
  • An English intensive course or program at an accredited U.S. college or university other than the University of Utah
  • Successfully completing the University of Utahs English Language Institute Level 8 courses, with a grade of B or better, qualifies as an English waiver for undergraduate admissions only
  • International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement English test scores.
  • IELTS Indicator is not approved for admissions at this time.
  • This list is not comprehensive, as there are other forms of unacceptable proof that have not been included.

    How Can I Prove My English Proficiency

    International Students

    There are a plethora of English proficiency tests to prove your ability. Depending on the school you are applying to, you may be required to take a particular test. Other schools may be more flexible, depending on if you can provide an equivalent examination. To save frustration by taking unnecessary tests and wasting time and money, contact the admissions office of the school you are hoping to attend. They should advise you on the test they require. If you are hoping to use a specific test, be prepared to explain how it compares to the schools preferred method.

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    Pass The Toefl Ielts Or Pte Or Duolingo English Test

    Test of English as a Foreign Language Score of at least 80 on the TOEFL iBT® taken in a testing center. ASU does not accept TOEFL iBT® Home Edition, TOEFL iBT® Paper Edition, or TOEFL Essentials Exams. ASUs institutional code is 4007. ASU accepts only electronic copies of the TOEFL score report.

    International English Language Testing System ASU accepts IELTS Academic, IELTS Online, IELTS UKVI, and IELTS Indicator examsOverall band score of the academic test of at least 6.5. The general training exam is not accepted. No institutional code is needed.

    Pearson Test of English Score of at least 60.ASU does not accept the PTE Academic Online exam.

    Learn more about the Duolingo test

    The exam cost $49 and may be taken from any computer that has a camera, audio and reliable internet. The exam portion of the Duolingo English test contains a series of speaking, reading, writing and listening exercises. Following the exam, there will be an interview portion that will ask you to respond to various prompts in 30 to 90 seconds. The exam will take about 45 minutes to complete and you will need either a passport, driver license, or national or state ID to show the camera. The score results are generally received within a few days of exam completion.

    For additional information, please review the frequently asked questions.

    Global Launch

    Learning How To Speak English

    Learn to Speak English Properly with our Complete Guide Like so many professions or undertakings, no one really knows what goes into excelling at any metier unless they too have experienced the frustrations and difficulties of learning it. Being an English student is laudable, but becoming fluent in English is a lot of hard work,

    17 May 2018 17 minutes to read

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    Analyse Your Language Weaknesses

    Test your English language proficiency in grammar, reading and listening and get the immediate results. You get feedback about which English grammar categories you need to improve for your level of English. Your English spoken and written skills can be tested in the optional English Speaking & Writing test.

    Toefl: Test Of English As A Foreign Language

    Prove English language proficiency for UK VISA How to apply for NARIC or Ecctis

    TOEFL® is a very popular English certificate around the world. In most cases, it is offered as a computer-based test , but there is also a paper-based test offered only in locations without an internet connection.

    There is also an online version TOEFL® iBT Home Edition which can be taken from the comfort of your home.

    TOEFL® iBT takes 3 hours to complete and has 4 parts. Each part is graded with up to 30 points, which adds up to a maximum score of 120 points:

    During the entire test, you are interacting with a computer. In the first two parts, you read texts and listen to recordings about various topics and answer multiple-choice questions about the content afterwards.

    For the Speaking part, your answers are recorded, sent to an online scoring network and evaluated by three to six examiners. The Written part is evaluated by this online scoring network as well.

    The most common scores required by universities range between 7090. Some universities also require a specific minimum score in one of the 4 sections. Prices for TOEFL® iBT vary a lot depending on the country and the test centre where you take the exam. For example, it costs 205 USD in the US and 255 USD in Germany.

    The TOEFL certificate is valid for two years.

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    Ef Leaders In Innovation

    The EF Standard English Test builds on our legacy of producing life-changing experiences by harnessing new technologies to make language learning more relevant and immersive. Our aim is to support individuals in developing and certifying their English proficiency through a reliable, accessible English test. Read about the EF SET’s design


    Why Not Wait As Long As You Can Before You Take An English Test

    After all, the longer you speak/learn in English, the better your English will be! But also keep in mind how much your English proficiency might change during the last two years of high school. Is it really necessary to wait until application time to take an English proficiency test?

    You need to plan ahead in case you are a nervous test taker or something goes wrong on test day. What if there is an issue at the test center? What if your proctor disqualifies your Duolingo English Test after you break one of their rules? Or you ran the ProctorU Equipment Check for the TOEFL test before test day and all was good, but on test day, you experience a problem?

    Using the practice resources linked above, you can identify your growth areas and make a study plan for whichever test you decide to take. Give yourself time to study the format, identify your strengths and weaknesses, improve those weaknesses, and replicate test conditions so that you are ready to give your best performance. We recommend familiarizing yourself with requirements and options ahead of time,and starting to practice at least one year before the time your application is due, with the goal of taking the exam months before your application is even due.

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    Schools That Offer Full Canadian Curricula

    • Your school is provincially authorized to offer the Canadian high school curricula.
    • You have studied at a school that meets the above criteria for four years and have completed the senior or Grade 12 level .
    • Youve studied fewer than four years, but your exam grade in Advanced Placement English Language & Composition or Literature & Composition is 4 or higher, or your final grade in IB English A1 or A2, higher-level or standard-level, is 5 or higher.

    How Do I Demonstrate English Proficiency

    Sample format of certificate of english as medium of instruction

    You can demonstrate proficiency by meeting any of the following exam benchmarks. Keep in mind that you must complete one of these exams by December of your final year of high school/secondary school.

    • Score 24 or higher for the ACT English Language Arts
    • Score 31 or higher on Writing and Language in the SAT
    • Score 3, 4 or 5 on the AP examination in English Language and Composition, or English Literature and Composition
    • Score 6 or 7 on the IB Standard Level examination in English
    • Score 5, 6 or 7 on the IB Higher Level examination in English
    • Score 6.5 or higher on the International English Language Testing System
    • Score 6.5 or higher on the IELTS Indicator
    • Test of English as a Foreign Language * examination:
    • Internet-based test or iBT Home Edition: Minimum score of 80 or better
    • Paper-delivered test: Minimum score of 60 or better
  • Duolingo English Test : Minimum score of 115 *Note: UC does not accept MyBest TOEFL only the highest composite score from a single sitting is allowed.
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    The Different English Dialects

    How to Adapt to the English Spoken Where You Are Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things. – Flora Lewis We cant say it enough, but English is part of so many peoples everyday lives whether for work or for socialising

    12 October 2018 6 minutes to read

    English As Official Language Of Instruction

    International students whose official language of instruction for their bachelor’s degree was not English must submit proof of English proficiency, which is generally evidenced with an official Test of English as a Foreign Language or IELTS exam score. If English was the official language of instruction, applicants must notify the Graduate School via email at after they have completed the submission of the online application form.

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    General Requirements For Internet Assessor Job At Lionbridge

    Here are the basic requires to work at Lionbridge as an Internet Assessor for Google.

    To work as a personalized internet assessor, you must:

    • Be fluent in English and your local language, if youre applying from a non-English speaking country
    • Be living in the country for which you are applying for the last 5 consecutive years.
    • Have a Gmail account
    • Be a daily user of Gmail and social media sites
    • Be comfortable working from home
    • Have a desktop/laptop and a smartphone with a high-speed internet connection

    How Early Is Too Early To Take An Exam

    C2 Proficiency Speaking test – Derk and Annick | Cambridge English

    You can always opt to take an exam for practice, even if it is not considered valid by the university due to its validity, or because you are considering repeating the exam at a later date. You can also take an exam the last few months of the application seasonwith a goal to improve a second time while also solidifying which exam will in fact fulfill the necessary requirements.

    When in doubt, ask the admission office at the college you are interested in directly so you can make sure your scores are valid. For some schools, it will depend on when you are applying for other schools, it will depend on when you are enrolled in classes.

    Here is a table with university responses about the earliest date a student could take an English proficiency exam, specifically following the U.S. timeline for applications for fall semester enrollment. The question he emailed to each U.S. university admission office was: What would be the earliest date my TOEFL score would be considered valid if I am applying to begin class in the fall? .

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    What Is The Importance Of English Language Proficiency

    English is the official language of 53 countries and is the most widely spoken language across the globe. With 20% of the world speaking English, knowing the language significantly increases your prospects. Struggling with communication may hinder your ability to secure positions or opportunities despite your qualifications.

    Proof Of English Language Competence

    Prove your English skills by

  • TOEFL internet-based test or
  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English or
  • Cambridge English: Proficiency or
  • Telc-Certificate English C1 or
  • Pearson Test of English Academic PTE or
  • Completion of eight school years at an English-speaking school or
  • Completion of four years a secondary school including two subjects taught in English and a secondary school leaving exam in the subject English or
  • Successfully completed university degree programme taught in English.
  • The certificates listed in item 1 to 6 may not be older than two years.

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    English Language Proficiency Tests

    CU Anschutz accepts the following tests as proof of English language proficiency.

    Proof of English Language Proficiency

    Production: 85


    • The scores listed above are the university minimum requirements. Some graduate programs require higher scores for admission. Please visit the website for your program of interest for more information.
    • CU Denver’s TOEFL code is 4875. For all other tests, please search for or choose “University of Colorado Denver.”
    • CU Denver accepts TOEFL MyBest scores and superscored IELTS scores.

    Sending English Language Proficiency Scores

    About IELTS

    Applicants may self-report most English language proficiency test scores in their application for admission. All updates after you submit your application must be sent through the testing agency, unless otherwise indicated in the test details below.

    All admitted students using self-reported test scores for admission are required to submit official test scores prior to completing their enrollment at Michigan State University.

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    The Importance Of Intonation For English Fluency

    Become Fluent in English with Proper Intonation Every language has its own rhythm some are overwhelmingly musical – the languages collectively called Indian are a prime example of such. On the other side of the spectrum is French, which frustrates anyone trying to learn it because there is virtually no intonation, save for the rising

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    English Proficiency Exam Policies: A Few Challenges

    The world is a beautifully complex place and university websites/policies are not always perfect in capturing this complexity when it comes to listing English requirements for your particular situation. Two common sources of confusion you may encounter are:

  • Requirements for dual citizens:What if you have citizenship from an English-speaking country, but live and attend school in classes other than English? For example, you are a Canadian citizen taking high school classes in Spanish. Some colleges may not require an English exam , while others may require an English exam . When in doubt? After carefully reading the site, email them: asking the admissions office is the best way to get a clear answer.

  • It is important to note that each university establishes their own standards of who is required to take an English proficiency exam and also make a careful internal review of which exams they accept.

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    Applicants Transferring From A Regionally Accredited College Or University

    Seattle University allows students to use college-level English composition I to satisfy English proficiency. To meet this requirement, students must meet the following criteria:

    • 45 quarter credits from a regionally accredited US college or university complete at the time of application.
    • Complete college-level English composition with a 3.0 of higher grade
    • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

    Seattle University reserves the ability to require English proficiency testing should it be deemed necessary.

    Resources To Learn English Online

    Aligning English Language Proficiency Standards With Content Standards

    Where to Find Online Resources for ESOL Learners We all know that learning a new language is never easy. Especially one that is so different to your mother tongue. However, thanks to many online esol courses and phone applications, learning english online has never been easier! Throughout this article, we will discuss the many different

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    How To Improve Your Spoken English Skills

    How To Develop Your English Speaking Skills And Pass Any Test Why is it so complicated to improve your English speaking skills as an ESOL learner and speaker? Even if you see that your English level is improving you may start to notice a plateau in your learning and be confused about what you can

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    Is It Possible To Take The Ielts Or Toefl For Free

    No. The cost of an IELTS test differs from country to country and whether youre doing it on paper or on the computer. For example, it costs 375 Australian dollars to do the test in Australia, while it ranges between US$245 to US$255 in the US.

    Likewise, it costs approximately US$180 to US$325 to take the TOEFL test. This includes your registration fees, score reports, and four score reports sent to your chosen institutions. Dont forget the additional costs for late registration, retaking, rescheduling, and cancelling a test.

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