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Parts Of The Speech Worksheets

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Why Are Parts Of Speech Important

Parts of Speech English Grammar Lessons and Worksheets

There are many reasons why parts of speech are important. To start with, they help us understand language because we know what words are doing in a sentence. They also help us understand the meaning of sentences because if you change a word place, you change the meaning as well.

Parts of speech also help us understand how the sentence is put together as a whole. Without knowing about parts of speech we may find certain sentences difficult to understand or make sense of them correctly.

We also have a parts of speech infographic to use and share if it is helpful to you, just remember to give us a credit if you do!

What Are The Parts Of Speech In English

As mentioned there are eight parts of speech in English. Just in case you need to know we have listed them here. Below this will be links to some of our resources that cover these different parts of speech.

  • Nouns are words for things, they tell us who or what the sentence is about .
  • Pronouns are words which take the place of a noun .
  • Articles are words either definite or indefinite a/an which state if something is a specific noun or not.
  • Verbs do something in the sentence as well as telling us about action and helping predicate other parts of speech such as nouns and adjectives .
  • Adverbs describe how things happen in the sentence or add extra information about verbs, adjectives and other adverbs .
  • Adjectives describe things in the sentence and often go before nouns .
  • Prepositions show the relationship between other words in the sentence or state where something is , there are also prepositions of time
  • Conjunctions join things together such as words, sentences or phrases .

Fun Christmas Grammar Worksheets Have Arrived

Just like Santa, new Christmas worksheets and activities are soaring in. With this grammar sorting activity, students will independently identify the Christmas nouns, verbs, and adjectives and sort each word or image into its correct part of speech category. This word sort activity contains the following

  • Holiday Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Sorting Worksheet with words only
  • Holiday Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives Sorting Worksheet with pictures and words.

When theyre done, your students will better understand the three parts of speech.

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S Of Speech Worksheets

Learning the parts of speech will help your students better understand how languages work. A strong knowledge of the parts of speech is requisite to language study and also mastering ones own language. Understanding how the parts of speech work will allow students to learn the rules of sentence structure and grammar. I hope that these free parts of speech worksheets will help you achieve your goal.

Ive organized the worksheets on this page based on parts of speech. In order to keep this page from scrolling on forever, Ive only included some of my worksheets. If you are interested in a particular part of speech, like nouns for instance, click the link at the beginning or end of each section to see all of my resources for that topic.

Parts of Speech Worksheets

Free Parts Of Speech Worksheets

Week 1 The 8 Parts of Speech worksheet.docx

These grammar worksheets review the different parts of speech they compliment our earlier noun, pronoun, verb, adjective and adverb worksheets.

  • Write a noun for each adjective
  • Identify nouns, verbs and adjectives
  • The articles “a”, “an”, “the”
  • Select the right word: this / that / these / those
  • Select the right word: enough / either
  • Nouns, verbs and adjectives mixed practice
  • Completing stories with the correct parts of speech
  • Introducing conjunctions
  • Coordinating conjunctions
  • Prepositional phrases and their objects
  • Prepositional phrases as adjectives or adverbs
  • Coordinating conjunctions

Sample parts of speech Worksheet

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Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheets

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheet

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheets1

English Parts Of Speech Worksheets

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheet High School

English Grammar Parts Of Speech

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheet

Understanding Adverbs Worksheets

Parts Of Speech Worksheet Packet

Parts Of Speech Worksheets

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheet High School Worksheets Free

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheet Also Adjectives Search Results

Best Images Of Parts Of Speech Noun Worksheets

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheets14

Esl Parts Of Speech Worksheet

English Worksheets Identify Parts Of Speech

Parts Of Speech: Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives Worksheets

Identifying Part Of Speech For A Given Word Part 1 Worksheet

Parts Of Speech Printable Worksheets

Identifying PARTS OF SPEECH Activities BUNDLE

Identifying Parts Of Speech

Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheets23

The Classroom Key: Making Parts Of Speech Stick

These Free Identifying Parts Of Speech Worksheets exercises will have your kids engaged and entertained while they improve their skills. Click on the image to view or download the image.

What Are The Parts Of Speech

Just like a character in a play, a part of speech is to a sentence. All words used in a sentence follow one of the categories of parts of speech. How a word is placed in a sentence to be delivered determines its part of speech.

There are general considered to be eight parts of speech in the English language. Based on frequency of usage they would be nouns, verbs, adjectives, pronouns, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. Nouns give sentences subjects such as things, places, and people names. Verbs tell us what action is taking place. The tense of the verb must always agree with the subject of the sentence. Verbs can also be used to express a state of being. Adjectives are your normal run of the mill descriptive words. We use adjectives all the time to modify nouns and pronouns. Pronouns give us diversity by allow use to replace common names with other names. Without them language would seem much more formal than it does in today’s spoken form. Adverbs basically are you’re main word modifiers . When you need to join something, be it a clause, phrase, or just words, we use conjunctions. Need to really express emotion in your writing, then you need an injection Need to make a phrase? You’ll probably need little words called prepositions.

The Different Parts of Speech

1. Noun

The United States of America is the wealthiest country in the world.

My shoelaces are tied up.

Basketball is playing worldwide.

2. Pronouns

I have a beautiful dress for the festival.

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Writing Sentences For The Parts Of Speech

Grade 4 – English – Parts of Speech / WorksheetCloud Online Lesson

This is an elementary ESL exercise for practicing the parts of speech by writing sentences. It is a good way to guage the students knowledge of basic grammar. First, the students match the words to the pictures. Then they try to write sentences using the words.

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S Of Speech Vocabulary And Language Exercises

Understanding the parts of speech is fundamental to learning the English language. Sorting exercises help students become familiar with different types of word formation. The exercises below can be used to introduce, review or reinforce students knowledge of the parts of speech.

The two most common exercises for basic parts of speech:

1. Have students identify parts of speech.

2. Have students create a sentence using a certain part of speech.

Brainstorming Elementary Parts Of Speech

The exercise below is for introducing, reviewing or reinforcing commonly used parts of speech. Depending on the level and ability of the students, a teacher may ask students to work in groups or work independently. This activity works really well as simultaneously an individual, group and class activity. While students work independently the teacher can walk around and choose some of the best ideas and write them on the the brainstorming diagram on the board.

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Other Parts Of Speech Resources

We have a Wide selection of resources on the site covering all aspects of English instruction. If you want to check out our free resources just click the link and our shop is available if you want some of the premium resources as well. However if you want the other parts of speech then check out below.

Advanced Parts Of Speech Sorting

Parts of Speech activity for advanced

I had to teach a group of words and I thought Id just do a sorting exercise to reinforce the vocabulary a bit. But I gradually realized that this set of words was a pretty good demonstration of a variety of noun endings. Students were pretty curious about the endings and so this exercise worked really well.

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