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Merida Mexico Spanish Language Schools

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Habla: The Center For Language And Culture

LA CALLE – spanish school Merida, Mexico

If you are looking for a school that takes a creative approach to learning Spanish, then Habla is the place for you. Habla views language learning as an experience involving how we understand the cultural setting we are exploring as well as how we communicate who we are in a new environment. Habla places an emphasis on community, beginning the day with community coffee and taking a break in the middle of classes for a community meal with foods from different parts of Mexico. Hablas teachers have a deep understanding of language development as well as knowledge about the history, culture, and arts of Latin America, so you will learn Spanish by reading literature, discussing artwork, and participating in various cultural experiences around the city of Merida. Spanish classes are student-centered and targeted at the specific level of students so you will never be in a class with students that are at a different place in their language development. Habla also offers many thematic programs where you learn language by exploring various cultural themes including: Flavors of Mexico, Women in Mexican Art and Culture, and Mexican Independence and Revolution.

Spanish Lessons For Kids: Why Immersion

Why fly all the way to Latin America to learn Spanish for immersion when its possible for kids to just take classes in your home country or online? Well, though immersion seems more costly and difficult, Id argue that the costs completely balance out in the end because language learning is SO much faster and deeper in a country that actually speaks it everywhere and in Mexico, the cost of living is far more affordable than the U.S. or Europe.

What do I mean that immersion language learning is more efficient? Heres an example from my own life. I studied French for TWELVE years in the United States yet never progressed beyond level 3 of 5, according to my college assessments. Junior year of college I realized that, since I was going into public school teaching after graduation, Spanish would be essential to learn so I found a language school in Mexico, and flew out for 6 weeks during the summer of 2002.

When I entered Mexico, I was at Spanish level zero. When I returned less than two months later, I was at level FIVE of five. Holy cow immersion works! Given this, you can see why I was so passionate about my own children having experiences like this as soon as possible. But where in Latin America would be best for the first Spanish classes abroad for kids?

Why Does Fifty Plus Nomad Offer So Many Different Courses Workshops And Experiences Why Are Most Of The Workshops And Courses Offered 1

I have an unusually wide variety of experiences that I am extremely eager to share with others about language learning, long-term travel, and living and traveling in Mexico.

I dont like teaching to groups as much as one-on-one courses and workshops because every student has different needs, wants, and learning styles. I enjoy the challenge of designing the perfect course for each student. I also get great satisfaction knowing that my students are genuinely mastering the material.

In addition, by offering one-on-one courses, I can schedule the classes around my students schedules. Some students may need and want to take Spanish or English classes one time a week for a couple of years: others may be able to learn Spanish or English by taking classes every day for a few months. While taking classes for several hours a week is better, you will still learn with either schedule.

I intend to teach the Living and Traveling in Mexico, Yucatan Society and Culture, and Travel Long-Term, Round-the-World on Any Budget Workshop myself.

I love teaching Spanish and English but can train others to teach these courses and workshops. However, I want to be involved with these teachers so that our classes are personalized to meet your needs, interests, and learning styles. .

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Merida Beaches Cenotes And Mayan Ruins

Though Merida is on the Yucatan peninsula a short flight from Florida, its important to note that its not directly ON the beach. That said, the beachside, cruise-port town of Progresso is just a half-hour drive from Merida, and then there are toooooons of other wonderful beaches if you turn either right or left from there.

We adored the area around San Bendito , which is where I took the photo above, and where we saw a Yucatan sailboat race. Fun fact: that area the small town of Chicxulub to be specific is where the meteor that killed the dinosaurs supposedly fell, and theres a delightfully cheesy small park there with plastic dinos that commemorates it!

Cis Centro De Idiomas Del Sureste

Spanish Center Merida

One of the oldest language schools with three locations, C.I.S. is also probably one of the biggest schools, also teaching English to Spanish speakers. English classes start every Monday and go for a minimum of two weeks. In addition, C.I.S.offers extra hours per day in business, medical or legal vocabulary. C.I.S. will arrange a home stay if you request that.

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Excellent Spanish Teaching Techniques

What are Spanish immersion classes like at Habla Center for Language and Culture? I had my son write a daily diary each evening, so I got a detailed run-down of some of the Spanish teaching techniques used in Habla language instruction. Here are a few that made the 18-year veteran teacher in me leap with awe:

  • Each day of camp began with a circle where students practiced introducing themselves in Spanish while also building community.
  • To learn letters, adjectives, and nouns simultaneously, students were guided to do an art project where they took the first letter of their name and their age , and then looked at a code correspondence sheet which then told them what to draw from that. He ended up creating a Happy Giant . The coolness of this assignment blew my mind!
  • For their final presentation , the teachers filmed a stop-motion video of each students hands putting together an art project that matched a sentence they constructed in Spanish, using their newfound adjective and noun knowledge. My sons was La sandia alta en la cancha the tall watermelon in the basketball court. Haha! And also wow Ive been studying Spanish for 20 years now, and my young son beat me in learning the word cancha.

Fifty Plus Nomads Courses Workshops The Yucatan Homemade Rustic Meal Held At The Casa Los Dos Gallos In Merida

Casa Los Dos Gallos is a comfortable, recently renovated, 2-bedroom, 2-bath house complete with modern appliances, tile floors, mamposteria walls, tiled floors, and antique, wooden carved doors. The house is in Meridas trendy Parque Mejorada area within a five to fifteen WALK of Centros major attractions, restaurants, and shops.

Everyone who enters the Casa Los Dos Gallos comments on the houses decoration. One of the things I love about Mexico is the countrys joyful quirkiness. I hope the house captures this spirit and look forward to sharing the house with students.

I love Mexican popular art and spent the first three years after buying the house collecting various pieces of art representing the diversity of Mexican regions, artists, and artistic mediums. Some of the objet dart are elaborate and expensive, and others are simple and inexpensive. I enjoy mixing and matching art objects in unusual and, hopefully, fun combinations.

I also contracted an extremely skilled designer. He know what I wanted without even having to discuss it with me. Often, I would leave for a couple of weeks and return home to a completely revamped bathroom or bedroom. Even though his services were not cheap, I am glad that I trusted him to deliver a product that was totally different but better than I imagined.

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When Is The Best Time To Travel To Merida And Yucatan State

The recommended time to travel to Merida is because the temperatures are comfortable, and its the dry season. Now, our little group of four decided to visit during the worst time to travel to Merida and Yucatan state July and yet it was still totally fine.

Why is summer a less recommended time to go? in Merida are extremely hot and rainy , with ample mosquitos due to the humidity. To combat these issues: AC and pools help, as does staying in the shade . Mosquito repellant and long pants are key, too. Yes, make sure to pack lightweight long pants to protect against bugs, even though its summer!

Our Spanish Courses In Merida Mexico

Learning Spanish The Fast Way! Which School is Right For you?

You have decided to learn Spanish and book a Spanish course in Mexico. We have different options of Spanish courses. Are you looking for a group lessons? Are you studying Spanish to pass the DELE? Do you prefer to learn Spanish in private lessons? At LA CALLE Spanish school Mexico we can offer you all these formulas.

For group classes, you can choose the intensive option, the semi intensive option or the resident course. If you are unsure of your choice, you can start with a formula and change after one week.

You can also combine several formulas, for example group intensive in the morning and private lessons in the afternoon, so you enjoy the benefits of group classes and private lessons.

It is you who decides on the intensity and type of course you want. Each formula has its advantages.

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What We Like About The School

  • Private tropical garden and courtyard.
  • Excellent rating of teaching quality
  • Free assistance in finding flats for long-term students.

The points regarding what we like and dislike about a school are derived from the the following sources:Objective data from student ratings.Objective school data.Expert revision of comments from former students:Expert evaluation of the school.Location:Course selection:School facilities:Additional information:

  • The language school Spanish Center was founded in Merida, Mexico in 2010.
  • Legal name / parent company:Spanish Center Merida S.C.P.
  • Tax registration ID:SCM100506D63
  • Gabriele : I checked the internet a lot for language courses, but this site was the best.
  • Connie : I chose this site because it was the best price. The consultant was excellent and always replied to my emails promptly…
  • Attila : I am very satisfied. I found more relevant information on your webpage than on the school’s website itself. It is the…
  • Gintas : I think it is hard to miss that you seem to be offering the best service in your field, with a lot of information. An…
  • 1.338.883 C$: in course fees saved.
  • Pioneers: We were the first site to publish uncensored reviews of language schools.Established in 1999.
  • World leaders: We are the most visitedindependent site dedicated to language courses.
  • > 20.000 facebook fans.

Spanish And English Teaching Experience

I have devised the unusual and effective Polyglot Method to tutor students in one-on-one Spanish and English classes based on:

  • Taking over 500 hours of Spanish classes at schools in Mexico, Spain, Peru, Nicaragua, and Argentina.
  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language at Kaliningrad Commercial College in Russia for an academic year
  • Completing two additional years of experience teaching classes and tutoring in English and Spanish to students from diverse age groups, nationalities, and financial backgrounds.
  • Studying Spanish, French, Russian, and Italian using many different techniques. I know firsthand the advantages and disadvantages of most language learning methodologies and can match you with the methods that suit your needs.
  • Completing twenty language teacher preparation classes through the University of California at Riverside and various online programs.
  • Receiving a minor in Spanish fromMacalester College.
  • Spending nearly six years living and traveling in Spanish-speaking countries.

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Spanish Immersion For Kids In Mexico In Sum

In conclusion, I am so deeply thankful for and happy with the week of Spanish immersion classes in Merida, Mexico, I did with my son, and Im eager to do more soon! In all honesty, it wasnt easy it took a ton of coordinating, especially since we were doing an AirBnb instead of homestay but it was absolutely worth it, and the phenomenal staff of Habla is in a huge part to thank.

If youre looking for Spanish lessons for your kids, this could be a great option! Feel free to leave a comment or message me if you have any questions. Long-live fruitful intercultural and linguistic exchanges!

Is Merida Mexico Safe

¡Hola!  Spanish Classes Merida

Now, to address the question Ive already gotten several times: Is Merida, Mexico safe? As of the July, 2022 writing of this article, Merida is ranked as one of the safest cities in North America . Of course, nowhere and nothing is 100% safe, so always use wise and responsible judgment during travel. More on the joys of Merida in a moment but first, lets talk about what Habla Spanish camp for kids is like!

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Spanish Classes And Camp At Habla Merida

The Spanish immersion school in Merida, Mexico that my son attended July of 2022 is called Habla Center for Language and Culture. It is world-renowed for its expertise in teaching techniques also known as pedagogy so much so that every year they hold a Teacher Institute for educators of all subjects to impart their instructional wisdom with delicious amounts of art, acting, and dance mixed in, not to mention good food.

Though I speak Spanish, you dont have to worry about coordinating with Habla staff if you do not all of Hablas email and phone support is fully bilingual and the schools staff is also welcoming, charming, and fun! The price of the summer camp and school is also highly affordable, from the perspective of this Boston mama. Finally, I was moved by the commitment Habla has to inclusiveness and diversity. The families and students at the school when we visited were of all races, ages, orientations, and backgrounds, and each and every one was treated with respect.

Stay At Our Onsite Casita Lobita At A Discounted Rate During Your Classes

You can also spend the week at the Casita Lobita, which is at the back of my house, for 33% less than Airbnb prices. The cost of staying with a host family and casita is the same: $100 per week for four weeks and $80 per week for each additional week.

Casita Lobita is a beautifully decorated, quiet haven away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Mérida, Mexico.

A ten-minute walk from the Citys historic Plaza Principal , Casita Lobita is equipped with everything you could need for a comfortable stay, including:

  • A kitchenette with a coffee maker, plates, utensils, cups, and glasses
  • A new air conditioning and fans
  • High-speed internet access, a new TV , and a telephone
  • A private bathroom .

Though guests have to enter through the main house to get to the casita, guests also have easy access to a large, fully equipped kitchen, an enclosed patio, a terrace, a laundry area, and a garden. In addition, the areas of the house that get the most traffic are separate from the areas guests need to pass through to get to the casita.

Paul Heller and his Yucatecan friend and house manager, Juan Carlos Cab, enjoy getting to know their guests and helping them get the most out of their stay in Merida. Breakfasts are also available upon request.

Guests will also be greeted by and get to know the worlds sweetest and most mellow dog, Lobita, which means little wolf in English. .

Note: Smoking is permitted on the patio.

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Most Popular Spanish Courses


The Intensive course aims at developing your communicative competences in the four main skills: speaking, reading, listening and writing. The lessons provide you contextualized grammar and expose you to the local culture. Teachers will assign you out of-class exercises to reinforce the content of the lessons.Lessons per week:25 group lessons per week.Minimun Duration:1 week.Spanish Level:Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.


The Private course is designed considering your individual needs and expectations. During the course, you will be exposed to a wide variety of topics according to your interests. It is tailor-made to your own personal needs. It is perfect if you do not have much time to study and want to focus on a specific area.Lessons per week:10 private lessons / per week.Minimun Duration:1 week.Spanish Level:Basic, Intermediated & Advanced.

Costs Of Fifty Plus Nomads Courses And Workshops


Fifty Plus Nomad offers the following packages:

  • The Yucatan Rustic Home-Cooked Meal and the Yucatan Culture and Society Workshop are $30 each or $45 for both

If you take 50 hours of the Intensive Spanish courses or any of our workshops in person, you will also receive:

Here are the costs of our courses, workshops, and experiences if they are not taken as part of a package:

If you take the courses or workshops in person, you will also receive:

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