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Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech

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A Maid Of Honor Speech Example

Best Maid of Honor Speech

Hello, everyone. I’m so glad to see you all here to celebrate Jane and John as they pledge their love to each other.

In case you don’t know me, my name is Beth, and I’m the maid of honor. I’ve been friends with Jane since we were bunkmates together at camp in sixth grade. It was my first year at camp, Jane’s third, and it just happened to be the year that we were of age to attend the Saturday social dance with the boys’ camp across the lake.

Nervous Maid Of Honor Short & Sweet Speech

Its pretty normal to be nervous when speaking in public. But when youre the maid of honor, you just have to get past it and get it done. Keeping is short & sweet may help. In this maid of honor speech example, she does just that.

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy you are all here today to celebrate the wedding of my best friend, Im the maid of honor, Suzie, and Ill be honest, Im kind of nervous . You know girls are always competitive, but we were never like that I recognized she was so wonderfully exceptional in many ways and was happy to be in her shadow. So today, I am beyond delighted that she has chosen to get married and embark on this wondrous journey.

I knew Robert was the one because every time we talked, she referred to him on every topic. It was always Yeah, Rob likes or Well Rob said It didnt take long for me to realize that she was madly in love and one day wed be here.

Please join me in a toast. To Suzie & Rob, the most exceptional couple I know. I wish you a lifetime of love & happiness. And, remember, Im only a phone call away!

Keep It Short And Sweet

In thinking about how to write a maid of honor speech, remember that it should only be about two to three minutes long. Thats just long enough to tell a few stories about the beloved couple and toast to a happy future. Everyone will probably be anxious to start dancing at this point, so theres no need to drag on. We tend to talk more quickly when were nervous, so be extra aware to speak slowly.

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Heres Wishing You Toasting Success

No matter if your wedding speech is long or short, be sure to end it with one of these bridesmaid toasts. You can use a long or short wedding toast to punctuate your wishes for the new couple. But remember, sometimes less is more. Youll know which line is best based on your relationship with the bride, the formality of the proceedings and your own comfort level.

So conclude your speech by asking the wedding party to raise a glass as you deliver your toast to the new couple. Best of luck!

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Find The Perfect Balance Between Sentimental And Humorous


Your funny and short maid of honor speech should not consist exclusively of jokes and quips. Be mindful of having too many jokes in your speech, as you might end up rushing through your delivery. Doing so may make your guests feel awkward or bored. Ideally, your guests can both laugh and feel touched by your words.

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A Few Loving Words Is All It Takes

Just a few words from the maid of honor is all that it takes to share your love and celebrate the couple. And if you end with a good toast like this maid of honor did, your maid of honor speech will be golden.

I would like to say today what a beautiful couple they make! People talk of fairytales, but real relationships take a lot of work. I must applaud and congratulate the bride and the groom on investing in each other and putting in the work to be the best possible versions of themselves for each other. This is true love, folks! A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. {Quote by Mignon McLaughlin)

A toast to my best friend and her best friend.

Love you both!

Keep The Jokes To A Minimum

In a maid of honor speech, landing one joke is hard landing more than three is nearly impossible. Its important to keep in mind that you dont know everyone on the guest list, so something thats funny to you could be offensive to someone else.

That doesnt mean you shouldnt show off your sense of humor! Just make sure you choose the right jokes. And pro tip: Make sure youre pacing yourself. After you tell a joke, take a pause. If you talk too quickly, you wont give enough time for the laughter to fill the room!

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Good Endings To Any Bridesmaid Toasts

A good way to personalize your toast is to add a simple line that directly addresses the new couple. These toasts also signal to the wedding party that it is time to raise a glass in their honor.

102.) Heres to the bride and the groom!

103.) Please raise your glasses in honor of and .

104.) Best wishes and years of bliss to the new couple!

105.) Heres to love, laughter and happily ever after.

106.) With love and happiness, heres to you, and !

107.) To long life and happiness!

108.) Join me in honoring the marriage of and !

109.) Please join me in toasting the new Mr and Mrs . Ladies and gentlemen, to the bride and groom!

110.) Let us raise our glasses to the happy couple.

111.) Live life to the fullest remember, this is the first day of the rest of your life.

112.) Let us toast the happiness of with her new husband, !

113.) Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses and join with me in wishing the newlyweds a long, healthy and very happy future together. To !

114.) Heres to you, the blessed couple, and !

Get inspiration from these movie quotes for your wedding speech.

Do Show Genuine Emotion

Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

Even if you are nervous, remember to smile and make eye contact with the crowd or with the couple. People tend to be able to hear when you are smiling or not, and by actively smiling you will set yourself up to appear happier and more confident. Your facial expressions should mirror the speech you are giving and reflect your joy for the couple. Its okay to let yourself get a little emotional as well. If you feel yourself starting to tear up, dont feel like you need to force it back it only shows your genuine love and happiness for the couple.

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Maid Of Honor Speech Examples For The Sister

If youre the brides sister, here are some examples you could consider customizing for your own speech.

  • Even though Sarah is my younger sister, the truth is, Ive always looked up to her.

  • Growing up, Lisa felt like more of my shadow than my best friend. But over the years, weve set aside our arguments over clothes and nail polish, and have found common ground through navigating our careers, finding love, and most importantlyour unwavering love for the Backstreet Boys.

  • As the younger sister, Ive always admired Beth and tried to be just like her. There was the time, I begged my mom to make me the same Halloween costume as her and the time I auditioned for the softball team, even though I hate sports. But Ive never wanted to be more like my sister than today with how happy and deeply in love she looks.

How Long Should A Maid Of Honor Speech Be

A maid of honor speech typically only needs to be a few minutes long. Aim for 2-3 minutes, and it shouldnt be longer than five minutes maximum. Very often there will be speeches from the best man, family members, or other members of the bridal party, so the maid of honor isnt responsible for filling up the whole time. Keep it short and sweet!

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Funny Maid Of Honor Speech

In a funny, lighthearted speech, this maid of honor recounts growing up with the bride, and even planning her wedding as little girls. The maid of honor also turns to the groom and thanks him for being the perfect partner for her friend. She fills the speech with memories, from embarrassing to sweet, and ends with a song for a truly memorable wedding moment.

Youre all the things I hoped for my best friend and more, and Im so grateful you found her and that you love her the way she really deserves.

Maid Of Honor Toast Example #: Heartfelt Theme

Best Maid Of Honor Wedding Speeches Examples

If you and the Bride are close, you may want to share your heartfelt emotions in a toast. You can gauge the depth of emotion that is appropriate for your toast.

“I want to share with everyone just how special is. I would never have made it through my last year of college had she not been my friend. I went through several things that threatened to derail my plans to finish my degree, but wouldn’t let me give up on my dreams. She put me and my welfare before her own. She rode with me to the hospital to visit my mom every week.

“I just want you to know, , that I’m always and forever here for you. I don’t care what you need, I’m here. I’m here for both you and . Nothing could ever be too great to ask of me. I love you as though you were my sister. May the two of you have a blessed life together because you both deserve only the best that life has to offer. I love you both!”

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Tips In Delivering A Maid Of Honor Speech

Now that you have an idea on how to make an awesome maid of honor speech, you should now focus on how you can deliver it flawlessly. With that said, here are some useful tips that will surely help you make the best maid of honor speech of all time:

  • Scrap generic praises, instead use stories that will paint a colorful picture of the bride.
  • Transform into an awesome storyteller.
  • Keep in mind that this speech is not about you, it is about the bride and the couple.
  • Avoid mentioning past relationships.
  • Begin your speech by focusing on the bride, end with the couple.
  • Keep it short but full of impact.
  • Pause after delivering a joke.
  • Refrain using inside jokes.
  • Have fun and poke a little fun on the couple, but not to the extent of humiliating them.
  • Practice reading your maid of honor speech out loud.

A maid of honor is someone the bride can lean on in times when shes confused and stresses. She helps her plan out the wedding of her dreams. With that in mind, the maid of honor is someone the bride trusts. The speech you are about to give as the maid of honor will really help the bride feel loved and at ease, so make sure you make it memorable. We hope that this guide has helped you make an awesome maid of honor speech.

What To Avoid Including In Your Speech

  • Inside jokes. Although they may be really funny, odds are your guests would need context to fully understand the joke. If jokes do not land with the audience, the atmosphere can quickly become awkward. Given the limited amount of time you have, including an inside joke may not be in your best interest.
  • Long quotes. Similarly, long quotes may take up a lot of time in your speech. Guests might also find it boring, as it is not words that are coming directly from you.
  • Inappropriate stories or jokes. There is a fine line between risqué and inappropriate, which is sometimes difficult to navigate. It would be best not to include anything too suggestive or vulgar, especially if there are kids, older people, and conservatives in the audience.

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Hilarious Maid Of Honor Speeches For Best Friend

Its hard to keep calm when your best friend is getting married! Youve been through a lot together, and this is her day when you can tell just how happy you are that she found her one and only! Dont be afraid to get a little emotional celebrate your feelings! Here are some of the fun, but romantic things you could say in your maid of honor speech. Wedding reception is a serious event, but dont be afraid to add a bit of humor! ***

If you havent had the chance to meet me yet, my name is X. and I have been best friends for around the last 10 years. We first met at high school one day, and we just couldnt stand each other at the very first sight. As you see, things have changed a bit eventually.

Hi, my name is X and I am a Maid of Honor today. When first asked me to be her Maid of Honor I felt flattered. But as the big day approached, she also told me to give a speech and a toast. I am quite shy usually, so I tried to think of ways to get out of it. But have you ever tried saying no to and succeed?

I wanted to tell you both how absolutely spectacular you look today. I dont think Ive ever seen a better-looking couple .

I never had a sister, but has been like a sister to me for all these years. You could say we are even closer than sisters. We have similar tastes, we like similar clothes I knew had found the one when walked into her life. Well, Im fine with that she saw him first!

Practice In Front Of An Audience

The BEST Twin Maid-of-Honor Wedding Speech EVER & Family!

Practicing your speech is just as important as writing it. As with any public speaking gig, you’ll become more comfortable with the material as you practice it. Read your toast out loud a few times to catch any spelling or grammar errors. This will also help you find a rhythmâyou’ll know exactly when you want to pause for reactions and emphasize certain points, which is key for staying within a designated time frame. You can also read your words to another wedding party member for feedback. When the time comes to stand up in front of the crowd, you’ll be grateful for the pre-performance audience.

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Best Maid Of Honor Toasts Come From The Heart

Giving maid of honor toasts is a tradition honored at many weddings. Offer the bride and her new husband wedding wishes in a toast that honors the new life they are embarking upon. If you’re still looking for more inspiration for your toast, consider adding a meaningful sister quote to what you plan to say. It’s perfect if the bride really is your sister, but you can adapt a quote if you’re simply as close as sisters can be.

A Child Bride And Other Games

Bridget loved to play house, and she loved to play wedding. She was one of those little girls who walked down the upstairs hallway with one of Mom’s good pillowcases bobby-pinned to her hair, making the rest of us hum âHere comes the brideâ as she promised herself to Sam.

Sam was a very patient cat.

Bridget got âmarriedâ in kindergarten and I think again in second grade. But she wasn’t one of those girls who had the pretend wedding, ate the pretend cake, then went back to believing that her beloved husband had cooties. She would ask the kid to play house with us and insist that he be the dad, and she be the mom. She would even share her pudding snacks with him at lunch.

Wait, Bridge, Mom knows about this right? Oops…

Point is, Bridget loves to have someone to love. But she’s never found anyone that she loves quite so much as Sam. John. Frank? … You know I’m kidding, Will, I love you. New bro.

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Who Should It Focus On

A great MOH speech requires a lot of preparation and thought, so take your time on it. When given the chance to be a maid of honor, you need to put yourself in the right headspace to write a speech worth the day.

Regardless if you are giving an emotional toast, a custom rap, or a funny speech, your bridesmaid speech should be about letting your love and support known to the newlyweds.

The speech should be authentic, so think about what you want to say before writing things down. When planning for a MOH speech, you should use your connection and relationship with the bride as a guide to share memories and silly stories.

The maid of honor speech focuses on the friendship between the bride and the selected MOH, but it can also incorporate the new spouse.

When delivering the speech, you can tell a few funny stories about your relationship with the bride from earlier years and tell them how much you have seen them change over time.

This speech is also a platform for you to talk about the first time you met her new husband and how much their relationship has impacted her life. You can take some time to incorporate her spouse in the speech, but only if you know them well, otherwise speak to how much he compliments your friend.

The maid of honor is the next important person in a wedding setting after the couple tying the knot, so you must bring your A-game. Writing a MOH speech can be overwhelming, especially if you are neither a prolific writer nor a good public speaker.

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