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Maid Of Honor Example Speech

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How To Easily Write A Great Maid Of Honor Speech For Your Sister

Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

Step by step help, a maid of honor speech template to use, and a speech example

By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 08-24-2022

Understandably many women feel a little bit nervous about writing a maid of honor speech for their sister!

After all, this can be a daunting task. You love your sister. The last thing you want to do is embarrass her, or her wedding guests, on her big day. But what do you say?

What are the right words to reflect your relationship with your sister? How do you sincerely share the happiness you feel for her and her new husband-to-be?

And where, on earth, do you begin?

The answer is here. The good news is that it’s straight forward, and simple. Not hard work at all.

S To Nail Your Delivery

If youre concerned with the performance part of your toast, keep these tips in mind to help you shine in the spotlight:

1. Write out what you plan to say in phrases, not word-for-word. Having blocks of text in front of you gets you to speak more naturally than if you were to read stiffly from complete sentences on a page.

2. Keep it short. No one likes to listen to anyone drone on and on and on. Just a minute , is all you need to deliver the perfect toast. Anything longer, and everyone thinks, She likes to hear herself talk.

3. Read your toast out loud to yourself, as well as a friend, to pluck out any awkward spots or tongue twisters.

4. Speak a little more slowly than you normally would. When people get nervous, they tend to talk super fast, which is when flubs and stammers happen.

5. Breathe! As you practice your toast, mark in red pen places where its best to take a “breath break” so that your reading comes out more naturally, instead of you gasping for air at the end of a long sentence.

6. Dont lock your knees. When youre standing to deliver your toast, keep your knees loose and your body relaxed to stand nice and tall.

7. Stay sober. Liquid courage isnt going to result in a great toast, but rather spins off into slurred tangents, and the bride will never forgive you for being bombed during your big moment in her honor.

If you have games planned, keep your toast short and sweet to stick to the schedule.

The Introduction To Your Maid Of Honor Sister Speech

In the introduction it’s customary to identify yourself because there may be guests who don’t know you and don’t know you are the bride’s sister.

Next you welcome the guests to your sister’s wedding reception, thank the happy couple for letting everyone share in their day, and then you thank your sister for the privilege of being her maid of honor.

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Felicity’s Moh Speech At Sarah & Sam’s Wedding

Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.

That’s what we’re celebrating today: a story of true love, a dream come true, the union of two people who belong together.

My name is Felicity and it’s my privilege to be Sarahs Maid of Honor.

Sarah is my Best Friend. I know it’s a cliché. However clichés become clichés for a very good reason, because they’re true. She’s my BFF: Best Friend Forever.

For her I would wear the gaudiest, frothiest taffeta maid of honor dress possible and still smile. Fortunately I don’t have to.

Through Sarah I’ve learned that being a best friend isn’t a competition between those who have been in your life the longest.

Neither is it about regular daily contact.Or about talking,Or being under the same sky, in the same city.Or even sharing the same tastes.

But it is definitely about sharing the same heart space.

Over the years she’s been my touchstone, always encouraging me to be the best of myself: a work still in progress. I look forward to checking off the score card with her when we’re much, much older.

Sarah you know, and see me clearly. Just like I know and see you. And today you’ve changed the course of your life forever with two words: I do.

Sam, you’ll have understood by now just how much this woman is loved, not just by me but by all of us here. Inevitably that means when a suitor comes along they have to pass not just one test, but multiple ones.

And now a toast. Please raise your glasses.

True Love Stories Never Have Endings

8 Maid Of Honor Speech Ideas That Are Sweet, Funny, And Will Leave ...

“The writer Richard Bach said, True love stories never have endings.

It’s also true that over the course of your lives together, therell be days when your love story doesn’t feel that infinite. In fact you’ll probably think a single paragraph would be betteror maybe even something as short as a sentence!

And yet there’ll be other days, like this one, when chapters: page after page, with photos, will never be enough.

Whats certain is that your love story be a mix.

And like everyone here, I want to be there to watch it unfold. I believe its a real blockbuster: one which will have season after season, without end.”

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Maid Of Honor Vs Matron Of Honor

First things first: Whats the difference between a maid of honor and a matron of honor?-Traditionally, the difference between a maid of honor and matron of honor is based on relationship status. A maid of honor is unmarried, while a matron of honor has already had a wedding of their own. Their roles are the same the difference is purely in semantics. Simple, right?

A Successful Marriage Requires Falling In Love Many Times Always With The Same Person

“Now that Prue and Bill are married, the true work begins. Trust us. We married ones know.

Journalist Mignon McLaughlin says “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” Shes right.

And after witnessing your relationship grow over the years and seeing your happiness here today, Im sure you too, will spend every day for the rest of your lives falling in love with each other, over and over again.


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Skip The Inside Jokes

Like Anna, maid of honor Claire has found that inside jokes are best reserved for times when you arent holding a microphone.

Id definitely skip the inside jokes, she said. Dont mention them, because people wont get it and thatll be awkward.

Few things are more uncomfortable than a single person laughing at a joke told in a room full of people. So if you do want to tell a joke, Claire recommends going for something that will make your guests laugh along with the bride and groom and make sure it hearkens back to a quality about the bride/couple that people will find relatable.

When Does The Maid Of Honor Give Her Speech

Best Maid of Honor Speech

If the couple is following a traditional wedding speech order, the maid of honor gives her speech after the newlyweds’ parents give their speeches. Typically, following the maid of honor is the best man. Keep in mind that that wedding speech order isn’t for everyone since a couple’s wedding party size and wedding reception timeline impacts the order too. Also, sometimes couples opt to have all the wedding speeches delivered during the rehearsal dinner. So check with the to-be-weds about the wedding speech order to confirm your spot in the toast lineup.

Wedding speeches are common activities at receptions. In addition to the maid of honor speech, there might also be a best man speech, toasts from the couple’s parents, or even a thank-you message from the newlyweds. Since there are a number of speeches to fit in with meal courses, dancing, games and additional activities, keep your salutations short and sweet. Aim to make your maid of honor toast between two to three minutes, and try to avoid exceeding five minutes total.

Wedding guests will be excited to hear your well-wishes and funny stories, but a long MOH speech can lose the interest of a crowd . A three-minute speech will give you just enough time to speak about the couple’s love story, offer a personal anecdote or two, and finish with encouragement for married life.

Matt + Jess

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A Short Yet Witty Maid Of Honor Speech

I hope youre all having a lovely evening. My name is if you havent met me yet, you may be at the wrong wedding because I am pretty much inseparable from these two. But, seriously. I am the maid of honor, and I nervous as heck about this speech, so I promise to keep it short so that we can get to the open bar.

I never had a sister, but has been like a sister to me for all these years. We have similar tastes we like similar clothes I knew had found the one when walked into her life. Well, Im okay with that she saw him first!

You could see that it was love at first, second, and third sight. He is her Prince Charming, and it seems to me he gives her all she needs a strong arm, a sympathetic ear, and his credit card.

Reflect On Your Relationship With The Couple

Think about your relationships with each person in the couple. This is your time to write down any personal moments you shared with them. These moments can bring on some tears or laughs, but either way, it shows the wedding guests how you know the happy couple. Maybe you and one of the newlyweds went on an epic trip to Europe together. Or maybe you and the newlyweds have known each other since high school and have plenty of silly and maybe some embarrassing stories from that time. No matter which memory you choose, pick your favorite story and have fun with it.

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Does The Maid Of Honor Have To Give A Speech

It’s expected for a maid of honor to give a speech, especially if the other honor attendants are planning on giving one, but it’s not required. Giving a maid of honor speech can be a fun experience, but it isn’t for everyone. If public speaking makes you nervous, you can express yourself in other ways like through song, dance, or by creating a sweet love story presentation about the happy couple.

Best Examples Of Maid Of Honor Speeches

Examples of some great maid of honor speeches

Categories Celebration

Being asked to be a maid of honor is a huge privilege that comes with some significant responsibilities. In addition to organizing the bachelorette party, the maid of honor must also hold the brides bouquet and keep her dress looking on pointe.

So, youd think that by the time the reception rolls around, her duties for the day would be complete and she could let her hair down a bit. Wrong. Maids of honor have one final responsibility the biggest one of the day: the maid of honor speeches.

The content of maid of honor speeches is largely related to the personality of the bride and her relationship with her maid of honor, as well as the setting of the wedding .

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Your Maid Of Honor Speech

Well, here we are! This is the moment you have been waiting for and now it is time to nail this thing like it is what you were born to do! Yes, your maid of honor speech will be one for the history books, and we will show you how to make it happen.

We are going to make your life so much easier because we have the ultimate guide to writing the perfect maid of honor speech. And we are not just talking about a good game, we WILL deliver!

In this blog post, we will give you a step-by-step guide for writing a fabulous MOH speech that will make the bride and her wedding guests happy to hear. Get your FREE maid of honor speech template at the end of this post if you need an extra boost.

Now it is time for your grand finale! Lets get started so you could get to writing a phenomenal piece for the brides big day.

Are Maids Of Honor Required To Give A Speech

While it is not technically required, maids of honor are highly encouraged and expected to give a speech during the reception. They can be as sweet and sentimental or funny and comedic as they want. However, if a maid of honor would prefer not to speak in front of a crowd, she is more than welcome to refuse.

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Why Am I Providing Maid Of Honor Speech Examples

Im a professional wedding speech writer and I work with the maid of honor or the best woman to write custom wedding speeches all the time.

I understand how challenging it can be to convey how you feel about someone so special to you, in a speech that comes with the pressure of every wedding guest watching you.

Since Im an expert in understanding the structure of a powerful MOH speech, Ive outlined maid of honor speech examples according to the various sections of the speech.

As you reference these examples, remember to use them as inspiration.

Im a big believer in custom wedding speeches. Copy and paste might feel like an instant stress-reliever but nothing will be quite as emotionally meaningful and special as a personalized speech.

So as you reference these maid of honor speech examples, be sure to add your own twist to these examples when you sit down to write your speech.

And remember that if youre still struggling, I can help.

How Do You Start A Thankful Speech

Best Maid of Honor speech

Start with an expression of gratitude.

  • The type of honor youre receiving. To give thanks for an award or professional honor, say something like Im so honored to be here tonight, and grateful to be the recipient of this award.
  • The formality of the event.
  • How long should the brides speech be?

    She advises keeping the bride speech between two to five minutes, max.

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    Bridesmaid Sentimental Toast I

    Has anyone ever seen such a lovely bride? Im going to try not to get emotional, but it is hard not to when my best friend is finally tying the knot with such a wonderful man.

    I still remember when you first told me about . My thought was this: men come and go. Who knows if this will last or not, but for now, he seems to be making her very happy.

    After the weeks and months passed and the relationship held strong, I knew this wasnt just another boyfriend. I knew this wasnt just a fling. This was a solid, lasting relationship. A match between two people who truly loved each other and who very well may spend the rest of their lives together.

    And, now, here I am today, witnessing the final step. The biggest commitment two individuals could make to each other. My best friend and this manwho has transformed her life for the better in so many waysare finally getting married.

    I love you both and hope that you have a long and happy marriage. To the bride and groom. Cheers!

    Create Your Maid Of Honor Speech Outline

    Get creative and personalize your maid of honor speech as much as you want. A customized script will be much more endearing for guests. But when it comes down to it, a great wedding toast will include the following remarks:

    • An introduction, along with an explanation about your connection to the happy couple.

    • A word of thanks to the couple for inviting you to be part of their special day.

    • One or two personal anecdotes, like a favorite memory, joke or sentiment that most guests will understand.

    • Encouraging words of advice or a thoughtful quote about the newlyweds’ future.

    • A closing remark, along with the invitation for guests to raise their glasses.

      Brandi Allyse Photo

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    Inject Humour But Dont Force It

    Working humour into a speech is probably the hardest part. The best way to approach it is to write everything down and then look for the comedy. It might be a story about the bride or how the happy couple met. Comedy is everywhere look to your stories and friends for inspiration if youre having trouble.

    TIP: If youre not comfortable telling jokes or being funny then dont. A genuine heartfelt speech beats try-hard humor every time. Be true to who you are. Oh and avoid internet jokes because a) theyre mostly terrible and b) people have heard them a million times.

    Practice In Front Of An Audience

    A Maid of Honor Speech Written with the Help of a Comedian Specifically ...

    Practicing your speech is just as important as writing it. As with any public speaking gig, you’ll become more comfortable with the material as you practice it. Read your toast out loud a few times to catch any spelling or grammar errors. This will also help you find a rhythmâyou’ll know exactly when you want to pause for reactions and emphasize certain points, which is key for staying within a designated time frame. You can also read your words to another wedding party member for feedback. When the time comes to stand up in front of the crowd, you’ll be grateful for the pre-performance audience.

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    Best Maid Of Honor Toasts Come From The Heart

    Giving maid of honor toasts is a tradition honored at many weddings. Offer the bride and her new husband wedding wishes in a toast that honors the new life they are embarking upon. If you’re still looking for more inspiration for your toast, consider adding a meaningful sister quote to what you plan to say. It’s perfect if the bride really is your sister, but you can adapt a quote if you’re simply as close as sisters can be.

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