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Linguistic Justice Black Language Literacy Identity And Pedagogy

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Words From The Black Language Goat

Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy

In Linguistic Justice, readers learn of Baker-Bells contribution to the ongoing BL conversation through the foreword that precedes its initial chapters. Michigan State University Professor of English, Emerita, the livin legend herself, Dr. Geneva Smitherman highlighted Baker-Bells contribution to the BL and literacy education conversation by continuing da work of those scholars who came before her in the foreword. Smitherman praises Baker-Bell sayin:

At long last, this is the book we have all been waiting for. A book designed to develop our students critical understanding of and historical consciousness about Black Language. A book that builds on that critical inquiry to motivate students to formulate ways of impacting and changing the linguistic status quo. As a leading member of a new generation of language and literature scholar-teacher-activists, Dr. April Baker-Bell represents for Black Language and its speakers because she gets it.

Dr. Smithermans declaration that Baker-Bell gets it is a statement that rings true and is shown throughout Linguistic Justice. As an early-career scholar in composition and applied linguistics whose research centers how Black Women English Teachers-Scholars navigate the field as BL speakers and writers, Linguistic Justice snatched the teeny tiny bit of edges I had left .

This Aint Another Statement This Is A Demand For Black Linguistic Justice

Conference on College Composition and CommunicationJuly 2020

This Aint Another Statement! This is a DEMAND for Black Linguistic Justice!

Though CCCC/NCTE has been active in the ongoing struggle for language rights, Kynard reminds us that the possibilities for SRTOL always imagined, and yet never fully achieved falls squarely in line with our inadequate responses to the anti-systemic nature of the 60s social justice movements . In reflecting on the current historical moment and movement for Black lives, Baker-Bell argues that the way Black language is devalued in schools reflects how Black lives are devalued in the world . . . the anti-Black linguistic racism that is used to diminish Black Language and Black students in classrooms is not separate from the rampant and deliberate anti-Black racism and violence inflicted upon Black people in society . Today, we uphold the updated CCCC statement on Ebonics that explicitly states:

We DEMAND that:

  • teachers stop using academic language and standard English as the accepted communicative norm, which reflects White Mainstream English!
  • Black dispositions are centered in the research and teaching of Black Language!
  • We DEMAND that:


    Linguistic Justice: Black Language Literacy Identity And Pedagogy

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    Whats The : Overview Of Linguistic Justice

    Wit more than 20 years experience teaching English at the high school and collegiate level, Baker-Bell blesses readers with six chapters in Linguistic Justice. In chapter one she identifies the purpose of Linguistic Justice in chapter one arguing:

    peoples language experiences are not separate from their racial experiences. Indeed, the way a Black childs language is devalued in school reflects how Black lives are devalued in the world. Similarly, the way a white childs language is privileged and deemed the norm in schools is directly connected to the invisible ways that white culture is deemed normal, neutral, and superior in the world.

    Linguistic Justice: Critical Language Awareness Translingualism And Linguistically Responsive Pedagogy In The College Writing Classroom


    February-March 2022, Wednesdays 12:30-2:00 on Zoom. Registration available here.

    This seminar explores three key theories of the last ten years that should be shaping our approach to multilingual writers and the diverse populations we teach. Building on Shawna Shapiros 1/22 talk and follow-up workshop on Critical Language Awareness, we will read more about these overlapping concepts and consider their implications for instructors teaching WR 111, WR 112, WR 120, WR 15x, and even upper-level WIN courses. We will discuss issues of feedback, attention to grammar, plagiarism, and class participation as we strive for linguistic justice for all students.

    Note that BU Wheelock will be hosting , author of Linguistic Justice: Black Language, Literacy, Identity, and Pedagogy on Tuesday 2/1 , and we will be reading a chapter from her book a week later in Session 2. Sign up for her talk separately on the Wheelock events page if interested.

    Session 1: Translingualism as a Lens and Challenge

    Readings for Wednesday 2/2:

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    Linguistic Justice : Black Language Literacy Identity And Pedagogy

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    Black Linguistic Justice In The Classroom

    Guest Blogger: Alejandro Granados Vargas For a long time, I didnt have the language to express why that memory has stuck with me for so long, or why it had made me feel uncomfortable at the time. I completely understood, even then, what the girl was communicating. She was asking for something she needed to complete her task. Her pencil didnt work. It aint work. But rather than giving her a working pencil, my teacher chose to ignore the message and scrutinize her way of delivering the message. Gloria Anzaldúa said: Language Portrait Dr. April Baker-BellLinguistic Justice: Black Language, Literature, Identity, and PedagogyDr. Chelsea PrivetteWhite Linguistic Hegemonylinguistic socializationLinguistic JusticeStandardized American Englishlinguistic racismLinguistic Justice

    lack of knowledge about our history is at the root of the problem of miseducation of Black youth today. They have no sense of their role and purpose in history, no understanding of where they came from, and consequently, no vision for where theyre going.

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    Engaging With Linguistic Justice: How Specific Chapters Influenced My Pedagogy

    You cant be out here saying that you believe in linguistic diversity at the same time of shutting students down as soon as they open their mouths. You have to be about this life for real for real! You have to be ready and willing to challenge everything you once understood about language and what students need in language education. You have to be ready for the messiness that comes with the process.

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