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Best App To Learn Sign Language

25 ASL Phrases You Need To Know | Sign Language For Beginners

by Rebecca Salter

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If youre looking for the best sign language apps in 2022, this article is here to help.

With language-learning apps becoming more popular and refined in recent years, its no surprise that learning American Sign Language online is becoming more accessible than ever.

But, theres a range of factors to bear in mind when choosing a sign language learning app, such as instructors credentials, how comprehensive the content is, and who its aimed for.

Youll also want to consider how much coverage the app gives overall is it focused on fingerspelling or still images? Or does it include video content to help with expression?

With all this in mind, weve pulled together the best ASL apps out there to help you decide whats best for you.

In this article, weve considered different types of teaching styles as well as each apps focus whether it be on fingerspelling, reading American Sign Language, or basic letters. Weve also taken into account other aspects like price, value for money, and skill level.

So, lets get started!

What Is The Best Sign Language Learning App

In sum, these are our picks for the 10 best speed reading classes:

Our top recommendation is Preply. This is because the app matches you with an instructor who can provide 1-1 tutoring in sign language. With Preply, you can find tutors that match both your needs and your schedule. This means youre able to get the most for your money by committing to times that fit around your busy lifestyle.

As most ASL tutors will tell you, apps or book-based learning are rarely sufficient on their own. In fact, theyre best used as a supplement to more real-life learning where you express and interpret American Sign Language with another person. So, Preply is not only a way to commit to learning its also the best method to get you reading and expressing confidently in sign language.

Preply offers discounted trial lessons so you can try out different tutors for fit. You also have access to the free Preply blog and Q& A section, which helps you to cement your learning and connect with others. Unlike other apps, Preply also allows for real-time feedback. This means that any mistakes can be addressed early on and your teacher can help to get your learning on track.

Also, if youre not satisfied with your lesson, you can request a full refund or a free replacement.

Alternatives to Preplys ASL tutoring include italki, which also uses a 1-1 teaching model or Lingvano, which focuses more on independent, yet interactive, learning.

Read our mini reviews below to get the full details!

Join A Sign Language Group Deaf Club Or Visit A Deaf Caf

Many cities have deaf clubs or groups of deaf people who meet regularly and quite often use sign language as their form of communication. Its a fantastic place to meet new people, who share hearing loss in common as well as the chance to polish your sign language skills. You can contact a Deaf charity or organization nearby, or search for a group using websites such as to find a group for you.

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Take An Online Course

Online courses can be an alternative to day or evening classes that you take in-person. Some Deaf organizations and universities provide these, so do some research to find the best course for you. For example, Gallaudet University has a free online course to learn ASL.

Online courses are more flexible because they can be done in your own time, or in the comfort of your own home. You can practice as much as you need, and there is often no pressure to complete it.

Etiquette For Sign Language

Pin by Megan Rhaesa on Languages: Sign Language

Wait for the speaker to complete signing and glance at you to indicate that it is your turn to talk when you are the receiver in an ASL conversation.

A speaker may occasionally look away from the audience as they consider the following sign. The speaker isn’t done yet and will continue in a moment if they look away. Here are some more etiquette to keep in mind when conversing with Deaf people.

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How Do We Rank Our Results

We rank our results according to which apps we believe to be the best.

Inevitably, this is subjective. But the factors we consider include:

  • Teachers experience
  • Overall impressions

Where we can, we complete the app courses in order to review them. If this isnt possible, we do extensive research on the app, its syllabus, and student feedback.

Different Flavors Of Sign Language

It’s important to understand that sign language comes in multiple styles, much like unique dialects in a spoken language. What you sign with one person may be different than the way another person signs, and this can be confusing at times.

For instance, some people sign “true American Sign Language,” which is a language that has its own grammar and syntax. Others use signed exact English , a form that mimics the English language as closely as possible. Still others use a form of sign language that combines English with ASL, known as pidgin signed English .

Sign language is also used differently in education. Some schools may follow a philosophy known as total communication and use all means possible to communicate, not just sign language. Others believe in using sign language to teach children English, an approach known as bilingual-bicultural .

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American Sign Language Alphabet

Your kids can easily follow the instructions on this free printable. Theyll see each letter of the American Sign Language alphabet and follow along with their fingers. You can learn right along with them!

The science and research on learning a second language is clear especially for kids. Exposure to more than one language helps develop brains in ways that can pay dividends as they age.

Learning a second language helps to boost the brain power of kids and improve their problem-solving and cognitive abilities. Studies have shown that multilingual children often score higher on academic achievement tests in both reading and math.

Asl Sign Language Pocket Sign

Conversational Sign Language | Part 1

ASL is an app that has been designed to help users learn American sign language or ASL. The app has been created to help users learn, and become more proficient in using ASL so they can communicate with others who use it if they are deaf or if they need to learn how to teach someone else who is deaf to use ASL. Likewise the app could be used by someone who is already deaf and wants to learn ASL so that they are able to communicate with others too.

Devices: iOS and Android

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Free Sign Language Classes At Aslprocc

This website has a large dictionary of signs, a set of conversational phrases, and a number of religious signs. They each have a video to explain how the sign is to be performed.

After you’ve manually gone through the lessons, you can take lots of quizzes and play a handful of games.

Start Asl’s Free Sign Language Classes

There are plenty of free resources available that you can learn at Start ASL.

There are around 40 units spread across three classes, with lots of videos for easy learning and printable workbooks for answering questions. Units are set up in such a way that you start off easy with the basics and then move toward the harder signs, such as conversation practice and storytelling.

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Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks

Little ones will strengthen their fine motor skills while developing a love of learning to sign the alphabet with these beautifully crafted Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks. The high quality, wooden building blocks feature the letters of the alphabet with the corresponding sign to strengthen fingerspelling skills. The blocks are made with sustainable wood with non-toxic inks making them safe for your babe.

6 of 6 Image Credits: Amazon

Ask Your Deaf Family And Friends To Teach You

Why You Should Learn Sign Language

A great way to get started is by asking a Deaf friend or family member to teach you sign language. Asking friends or family who are already proficient in sign language to teach you some signs may also help you and them both avoid some of the difficulties when communicating with Deaf people.

Before inquiring, make sure your friend or relative uses sign language because not all people with hearing loss are familiar with it.

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Learning American Sign Language

Learning American Sign Language takes time, patience, practice, and a sense of humor.

If you are a parent of a newly-identified child who is deaf or hard of hearing, you can request ASL instruction from your childs early intervention system. Early intervention systems are designed to help your child develop in all areas. These systems also are designed to provide services to families so that families can support their child. More information is available at Sign Language for Parents.

Individual signs are relatively easy to learn. Like any spoken language, ASL is a language with its own unique rules of grammar and syntax. To learn enough signs for basic communication and to sign them comfortably, can take a year or more. Some people pick up signs more slowly than others, and if that is the case with you, dont be discouraged. Everyone learns sign language at their own speed. Be patient and you will succeed in learning the language. The rewards will be well worth the effort!

Other ideas include:* Community Centers for the Deaf* Speech and Hearing Centers* State Schools for the Deaf* Deaf Education programs within local mainstreamed schools* State Chapters of the National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

When you dont know the sign for something, spell the word or words . When you discover there is no sign for a word, you should not invent or make up a new sign. To do so may violate the grammatical rules of ASL, or may be unintentionally offensive.

Learn The Finger Alphabet

It is vital to learn the ASL alphabet when you start out with American Sign Language. Knowing the alphabet will give you the skill to sign any word. So, if you forget a sign you can simply spell it.

To become better at fingerspelling, try to spell objects you see around yourself like C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R or T-R-E-E. Lingvano premium users have access to our finger alphabet trainer, which helps to improve fingerspelling skills.

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How To Learn Basic Conversational Sign Language

Do you intend to study sign language? If so, you might be astonished to find that it only takes 60 to 90 hours to acquire the fundamentals of ASL . Comparatively, it can take three to six months to acquire a new spoken language like French.

Learning American Sign Language is a great place to start if you want to expand your linguistic horizons. Additionally, becoming familiar with ASL can help you expand your job options.

All U.S. businesses are mandated by law to provide ASL interpreters upon request for customers, coworkers, and potential employees, thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Therefore, even if you don’t intend to make a career out of interpreting, learning ASL can make you stand out as a valuable asset to potential employers.

In this guide, we will teach you some basic sign language and also suggest an excellent resource to help you get started if you are serious about learning.

Ace Asl: Learn Fingerspelling

25 Easiest Signs to Remember in ASL | ASL Basics | Sign Language for Beginners

: 4.2 stars

A Deaf ASL user guides learning and an AI system provides immediate feedback on signing. Users can choose their dominant hand, set up practice reminders, and take quizzes after each lesson. Users progress from easy to expert and can experiment with options to explore different speeds and difficulties.

iOS: 3.6 stars : 3.8 stars

Language: English

This app was designed by bilingual Deaf people and is meant to teach conversational ASL. Using more than 1,000 videos, its packed with features, reviewers report.

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Be Mindful Of An Unsteady Learning Curve

Remember that everyone experiences bad days. You can feel as though you’ve forgotten all the signs some days and that you’re not moving forward. Do not let these feelings sap your motivation.

Contrary to popular belief, learning does not progress in a linear fashion. Although it’s frequently difficult when you are learning a new language, your skills slowly improve over time.

Ask Your Deaf Friends And Family Teach You

Asking a Deaf friend to teach you some sign language is a great way of making new Deaf friends! If you know friends or family use sign language already, asking them to teach you some signs will also remove some stresses from the struggle of oral/spoken conversation with them making the exchange beneficial for both of you.

Just make sure your friend or family member uses sign language before asking them, as not all people who have hearing loss know sign language.

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Sight Words Flash Cards

Setting up this set is quite easy. There are, as I said, 100 flash cards with sight words on them. We divided up the list and made the borders different colors. This is no particular order, it just makes the cards more fun. We have also included blank cards. This way if you want to add different words, like names, you can do so.

Print the set and cut the cards away from one another. You may want to laminate the cards to make them durable. This will help preserve them from little hands. If you are using these in a classroom or for repeated use you can also laminate the recording sheet to make the activity reusable students can use dry erase markers or crayons to write the words.

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What Is American Sign Language

Sign Language Alphabet

American Sign Language is a complete, natural language that has the same linguistic properties as spoken languages, with grammar that differs from English. ASL is expressed by movements of the hands and face. It is the primary language of many North Americans who are deaf and hard of hearing and is used by some hearing people as well.

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Asking Questions With Basic Sign Language Words

A single word question can keep a conversation flowing and help you get to know others. An important part of asking questions with sign language is using your face to look inquisitive while you sign. When asking a yes or no question, the eyebrows are raised. With questions that may incur a more detailed response, the eyebrows are lowered.

The following video guide from Victoria, an ASL teacher, covers many important phrases, including basic questions like these!

Learning Sign Language Is Crucial For Those Who Are Deaf Or Hearing Impaired As Well As Their Friends And Family Members But What Many People May Not Realize Is That Sign Language Can Be A Valuable Life Skill For Just About Anyone To Develop

Sign language can be particularly useful for those working in public facing roles such as police officers, paramedics, nurses, educators and social workers.

Although there are an estimated 300 forms of sign language currently in use around the world, American Sign Language, or ASL, is one of the more commonly used forms of sign language.

ASL is a beautifully expressive and complete language that follows its own grammar rules and combines hand gestures with facial expressions and body language to convey meaning. Itâs thought to be used by between 500,000 and two million people throughout North America.

While the most important reason to learn ASL is, of course, the ability to communicate without using words, a growing body of research shows that the benefits of learning how to sign go well beyond this. So letâs take a look at some of the other benefits of learning sign language.

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Take A Sign Language Class

If youre ever considering learning sign language, this is one of the best ways to do it! Often community centers, community colleges or other educational centers offer day or evening classes. Qualified sign language tutors can help you work toward sign language qualifications. Classes are also a great way to meet new people and see the signs face-to-face.

There are also online classes. Some of my HearingLikeMe writers have taken classes with ASL For You and have learned a lot through weekly Zoom classes.

Being in a class gives the opportunity to practice signing with different people. It is considered a good investment if the qualification leads to a job!

If youre interested, research for classes in your local area or contact your local education authority.

Be Aware Of An Unsteady Learning Curve

25 Common ASL Phrases | ASL Basics | American Sign Language for Beginners

Keep in mind that everyone has bad days. On some days you might feel like youve forgotten all signs and youre not making any progress. Do not let such emotions take away your motivation. The learning progress is not linear like most people believe. Its often bumpy, but in the long run, your skills are rising.

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Learn The Sign Language Alphabet

When learning American Sign Language, it is essential to become familiar with the ASL alphabet. You’ll be able to sign any word if you know the alphabet. Therefore, you may simply spell out a sign if you forget it.

Try spelling everyday things like H-U-N-G-R-Y or H-A-P-P-Y to improve your fingerspelling skills.

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