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Learn American Sign Language Online

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Learn True American Sign Language With Our Complete Course

Learn Sign Language: Lesson 01 (ASL)

After over a decade of being unable to find a comprehensive way to learn American Sign Language online, the Start ASL team created a full curriculum that includes everything you need to learn the language completely and with total flexibility.

No more buying a bunch of resources that only teach you part of the language and no more endlessly searching online to try to piece together your own lessons.

Everything you need is right here, and even better a complete course will quickly give you the results youve been waiting to see.

Learn Asl In A Live Class With An Expert Teacher For Free

This course has an entirely different format than the other courses on this list, as all the classes are taught live! That doesnt mean youll be trapped by a restrictive schedule though. Classes are offered multiple times a day, so students can choose the time slot that works for them.

Some of the topics covered in this course are 25 must-know signs essential ASL vocabulary for beginners fingerspelling 101 asking and answering questions workplace vocabulary for ASL beginners introduction to deaf culture and must-know ASL for shopping and dining out.

Youll also have the opportunity to practice signing live during the ASL conversation class. Live practice is invaluable when learning ASL with your live teacher, youll receive immediate feedback, corrections, and encouragement! And with a 14-day free trial, this is the perfect option for an online summer ASL class.


How We Chose The Best Online Sign Language Classes

We looked at dozens of online sign language classes before deciding on the top seven. We chose these as the best online sign language classes based on student reviews, pricing, accreditation organizations, and categories that they specialize in. We also considered learning styles and how progress is tracked.

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How To Learn Sign Language: 9 Apps And Resources To Teach Yourself Asl

Learning to sign is easier than ever, thanks to the internet.

The visual language, designed to aid the deaf or hard of hearing, is a set of gesticulations and hand movements that correspond to the spoken word.

There are numerous ways to learn American Sign Language outside the old classroom method. From free online lessons to video tutorials, a world of possibilities is open for those aspiring to teach themselves this hands-on language.

Udemy: American Sign Language Basics

Learn American Sign Language

Next on my list is another great class taught by instructor and ASL educator JP Cappalonga, who has designed this course for complete beginners who want to learn the basics of ASL.

Each lesson that JP teaches is followed by a practice lesson that allows students to practice what they have just learned. This will help students retain the information and build a strong foundation. This class also includes some helpful insights into deaf culture, such as the correct way to get a deaf persons attention, interacting with hard-of-hearing children and deaf children, and more.

Topics covered in this ASL class are the manual alphabet, fingerspelling, numbers 1-10, greetings and introductions, colors, who and where, and tons more!

Overall, this is one of the best well-rounded online ASL classes for those looking to really understand the language. Level 2 and Level 3 also available. Highly recommended!


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Who Should Take A Sign Language Online Course

This is a course that anyone and everyone can benefit from, both personally and professionally. Knowing ASL is an advantage for almost any line of work, especially for jobs where you have to interact with people such as teachers, nurses, baristas and flight attendants. Whether you choose to learn sign language for a loved one, your career or for the opportunity to integrate with the Deaf Community, it will give you an amazing new perspective of the world.

Sign Language 101’s Free Sign Language Classes

Watch dozens of free video lessons from Dr. Byron W Bridges as you’re taught ABC’s, colors, pronouns, gestures, numbers, body language, common phrases, antonyms, verbs, directions, time, common phrases, and more.

ASL Level 1 are the only videos they offer for free. You’re given a deep look at signing as you progress from easier to harder lessons. After completing these videos, you should have a better grasp on the basics of sign language.

You can also watch these sign language videos and others on their YouTube channel.

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How To Learn American Sign Language Online

Follow this step-by-step guide if you’d like to learn American Sign Language , one of the world’s most popular sign languages, online. is supported by our community of learners. When you visit links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

  • American Sign Language is the native language of around 500,000 deaf people in the United States and Canada.
  • ASL works through the usage of both hand and face movements.
  • Refer to our articles on the top ASL courses if youd like to learn ASL with the help of expert-led online classes.

American Sign Language is a visual language thats mainly used by the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.

It is a language that has been around for over 200 years and continues to grow as America diversifies.

According to Modern Language Studies, ASL is also becoming an increasingly popular foreign language ASL is the third most studied language in Institutions of Higher Education in the USA.

The statistics do not lie people are interested in learning ASL.

But, what if one is not hard-of-hearing or deaf? Is ASL still a language worth picking up? The answer is a resounding yes.

The following are some of the benefits of learning ASL:

  • ASL speakersread non-verbal cues better than their non-signer counterparts. Want to become an expert at reading body language? Speaking ASL will make you one.

Heres how you can learn ASL online in 6 steps.

Udemy: Asl Expressions Lessons #1

20+ Basic Sign Language Phrases for Beginners | ASL

This Udemy course consists of 7 lectures and will take an hour and a half to work through. All the lessons come with downloadable PDFs that you can use for future reference or even print out so you can easily follow along with the material!

Tara Adams is your instructor shes been teaching ASL for more than 15 years. By the end of this course, you should have the necessary skills to partake in basic ASL conversations and construct sentences. Some of the things youll learn include introducing yourself, responding to questions, and asking for signs that you dont know.

Youll come away from the course with a knowledge of 120+ signs, 60+ phrases, and the ability to fingerspell. Youll also learn about numbers, basic ASL grammar, and important notes regarding deaf and ASL culture.


  • Low time commitment: 7 lectures, 1h35m
  • Lifetime access to course content
  • Comes with a course completion certificate

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Finding Someone To Practice With Can Really Help With Your Success

Though its possible to learn sign language on your own by using one of the websites or apps weve recommended, its a good idea to find someone else who knows sign language to practice with them and test your learning.

Hopefully weve helped provide you with the resources and tops you need for learning sign language. We hope these websites and apps help you in your journey to learning sign language. Check out the rest of our website to find courses and helpful articles on other great things you can learn yourself.

Join A Sign Language Group Deaf Club Or Visit A Deaf Caf

Many cities have deaf clubs or groups of deaf people who meet regularly and quite often use sign language as their form of communication. Its a fantastic place to meet new people, who share hearing loss in common as well as the chance to polish your sign language skills. You can contact a Deaf charity or organization nearby, or search for a group using websites such as to find a group for you.

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Sign Language Classes & Online Asl Courses

Whether you are just beginning to take sign language courses and lessons, or you have previously taken courses to be at an advanced level, Signing Online has an online ASL class for you. Below you can learn more about our sign language courses offered along with a complete list of lessons for each one of the sign language courses.

Learn Online By Watching Videos

Learn a New Language: American Sign Language

Like many things these days, you can learn easily online! There are plenty of resources, like YouTube or BSL Zone where you can watch videos with sign language. Any form of video is a great way to watch and you can replay it as many times as you like, in the comfort of your own home.

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Why Is Sign Language Important

Sign language is a method of communication for the deaf and hard of hearing. Like spoken languages, it has unique rules of grammar and syntax. One of the most famous sign languages, American Sign Language, is used by around one million people. The deaf community promotes language skills through school and home learning methods and advocates for ASL as a standard method of communication. Schools such as Gallaudet University promote inclusion and accessibility rights in addition to providing quality education specifically for deaf people. Signers frequently experience discrimination in accessibility, but the long history of sign language is a vital part of the expansion of rights for the deaf community. The language has native signers just like any other human language, and young children today have access to more resources than ever.

Types Of Sign Language

The first thing to understand is what type of sign language you want to learn. This will most likely be based on where you live, and what verbal language is spoken in your community. Hand signs can vary based on the type of sign language being used. For example, there is American Sign Language , British Sign Language and various others, based on different languages.

In general, sign language is grouped into three sections :

  • Deaf sign languages: The preferred languages of Deaf communities around the world including village sign languages, shared with the hearing community, and Deaf-community sign languages
  • Auxiliary sign languages: Sign systems used alongside oral, spoken languages.
  • Signed modes of spoken languages, or manually coded languages: Used to bridge signed and spoken languages

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Grow In Your Professional Life

Knowing ASL is an advantage for almost any line of work, especially for jobs where you have to interact with people such as teachers, nurses, baristas and flight attendants. Whether you choose to learn sign language for a loved one, your career or for the opportunity to integrate with the Deaf Community, it will give you an amazing new perspective of the world.

Online Sign Language Games

Learn American Sign Language: 40 Beginner conversational words and phrases in ASL

Online games can make learning sign language fun. If you’ve completed a few courses or spent some time with a sign language app or worksheet, play a game to test what you’ve learned.

  • Choose the Sign gives you random signs, and you must select the right answer from the ones given. There’s also a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th section for similar questions.
  • The Name the Color game on Sporcle tests whether you can name all 18 colors before the 15-minute timer is up.
  • What’s the Number? signs a number to you and you must provide the correct answer. You can adjust the amount of time the sign remains on the screen, and you can play with numbers from zero through nearly a billion!

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What Is American Sign Language Earning A Degree In Asl

Learners can expand their communication skills by studying American Sign Language . Earning a degree in American Sign Language can help them communicate deeper than just the spoken word. Many kinds of sign language exist, but American Sign Language is the primary signed language in North America.

So, what is ASL? American Sign Language is the natural language of over 500,000 deaf people in the United States and Canada. These people learned ASL as their first language.

Many people use ASL, including hearing people. However, ASL is not simply English signed manually. It’s a language in and of itself. ASL’s syntax and grammar differ from written and spoken English.

Learners interested in studying American Sign Language can take college courses online or in person. Students can earn a degree or certificate in language or interpretation.

Read on for information about learning American Sign Language, including degree and career options.

Udemy: American Sign Language Level 1

For those who are looking to move beyond ASL basics and grasp more intermediate modules, this might be the class for you!

In this course, students will learn the foundations of ASL, including the alphabet, numbers 1 to 99, and how to sign the words for colors, animals, family members, food and drink, verbs, emotions, and more. Also included in this Udemy course are lessons that are specially designed to help you practice your signing skills.

Unfortunately, this course does not have any captions, making it inaccessible to deaf learners. However, its a great intermediate-level course for non-deaf people who want to start learning American Sign Language.

Also, for those that are interested, there is a printable certificate of completion once all lessons have been completed!


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Hire A Private Qualified Sign Language Tutor

If you want to learn sign language quickly, a private tutor could be the best way. Research local, qualified sign language tutors in your area who are willing to offer private tuition. Courses could be done in one-to-one sessions, or in small groups of your choice. You may find a private tutor more of a benefit if you find a large class environment is too difficult to learn in.

Is Start Asl Right For Me

Sign Language Images Printable

YES If youve always wanted to learn American Sign Language and cant wait to finally get started!

YES If you want to reach a comfortable conversational level of ASL and see progress right away.

YES If you want to refresh your ASL skills and perfect your ASL grammar.

YES If you enjoy learning online and dont have the time or money to sit in a classroom or spend on expensive tuition.

YES If you want to learn ASL as your foreign language. We have had many students use Start ASL for credit be sure to check with your school for their requirements!

YES If you eventually want to become an ASL interpreter Our course will more than prepare you to take that step.

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The Benefits Of Studying Asl

Students reap many benefits from studying American Sign Language. They do not necessarily need to pursue a career in interpretation or with the deaf community. See below for benefits of learning ASL.

Gain Valuable Skills

Knowing ASL can help students in many career fields. Professionals in customer service, banking, and public health must know how to communicate with partially deaf or fully deaf people.

Growing Career Field

The World Health Organization estimates that 1 in 10 people will experience disabling hearing loss by 2050. ASL interpreters can help address this issue.

Language Spoken by Many

Students who are proficient in ASL can communicate with new groups. ASL is widely used across North America, allowing individuals to interact with more people.

New Form of Expression

ASL differs from spoken and written English. This difference gives learners a new way to express themselves. Studying American Sign Language also helps learners improve their cognitive abilities and attention spans.

Take An Online Course

Online courses can be an alternative to day or evening classes that you take in-person. Some Deaf organizations and universities provide these, so do some research to find the best course for you. For example, Gallaudet University has a free online course to learn ASL.

Online courses are more flexible because they can be done in your own time, or in the comfort of your own home. You can practice as much as you need, and there is often no pressure to complete it.

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The 7 Best Online Sign Language Classes Of 2022

  • Many options for advanced education

  • Specializes in the language and culture of deaf people

  • Beginner courses are somewhat short

  • Courses for special topics are expensive

Founded in 1864, Gallaudet University is a federally chartered and fully accredited liberal arts college that specializes in the language and culture of deaf people. While both hearing and deaf students are admitted into the school, it remains the only higher education institution that structures its curriculum to accommodate deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Not only does Gallaudet offer free ASL basics courses, but the university also has a variety of paid ASL courses for adult learners, including ASL levels 1 through 4, Fingerspelling, and Visual Gestural Communication, all taught by ASL professionals and structured to improve comprehension and communication.

Beyond language learning, the university offers several bilingual deaf studies courses, a catalog that includes Introduction to Deaf Studies, Black Deaf People Studies, Deaf Womens Studies, and more.

Beginner lessons through Gallaudet are free of charge and are intended to prepare students for the more advanced paid ASL courses. Fingerspelling courses are around $316, and ASL courses on special topics are about $950.

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