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Is Spanish The Easiest Language To Learn

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Its Easy To Get Exposure To Spanish

Learn Spanish in 10 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need

Another reason that Spanish might be easy for English speakers, especially Americans, is due to its prevalence in our everyday lives. As opposed to other languages, say Bulgarian or Hebrew, students of Spanish can find study resourceswithout looking very hard.

You probably get at least one Spanish TV channel or radio station. Many of the signs, menus, and manuals you come across are written in both English and Spanish. If youve ever been to an airport, you probably already know the Spanish word for exit .

In addition to these free reading exercises, you might have a neighbor or coworker whose first language is Spanish and with whom you can practice your conversation skills.

Read And Write In Spanish

Besides listening and watching things in Spanish, you should also try to create your own content.

In other words, try to write in Spanish.

You can literally take a piece of paper and write down whats on your mind.

Or if youre already familiar with the language, write a short story or an essay.

Write about your opinions. Invent a dialogue. Pretend youre writing an article for a Spanish magazine.

You wont only improve your writing skills but youll also boost your creativity and enhance your critical thinking skills.

And once youre done with your text, why not send it to your language partner or online tutor? Or a friend who speaks Spanish? They can give you valuable feedback.

Also, you should read as much as you can. Spanish books might be too challenging, but you can try reading articles or childrens books.

Or read your favorite book in Spanish translation.

You can also put your phone in Spanish. But make sure you know the basics first!

The 11 Easiest Languages To Learn Depending On Your Native Language And Learning Style

Looking for a language thats not gonna require 3-hour evening classes Monday through Friday for the next 10 years?

There are so many languages out there that are arguably easier to pick up than others.

So if youre curious about the easiest languages to learn, weve got a few suggestions to help you out!

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Camino Spanish School Barcelona

This is the next on our list of Spanish language Schools in Spain. The school consistently received the highest tier of Cervantes accreditation, reserved for the best Spanish schools in Spain, for their dynamic Spanish lessons, highly educated and enthusiastic native Spanish teachers, and their uniquely efficient and enjoyable study program.

They also offer 7 cultural and fun activity events per week, always with a Spanish teacher: every afternoon after their Spanish classes and every day at the weekends.

The school offers numerous Spanish Language courses, and it is categorized into three sections namely

  • Morning Group Course

Spanish Is One Of The Easiest Languages To Learn

Spanish is a reasonably easy language to learn

For English speaking students, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to learn. The language is wide-reaching, spoken internationally and its pronunciation is straightforward. Unlike the much tougher languages of Mandarin, Russian, Icelandic or any of the other non-Romance languages, Spanish is a lingo that is considered to be the easiest and most recommended for unilingual folk to master.

In other words, if you speak just one language and you strive to learn a new language, then Spanish comes highly recommended as the most versatile and least challenging to learn. Learning how to speak or write in any language is never as easy as it was when we had English language lessons at school or college. It came as natural to us. And one of the key things we learnt was that any new language consisted of words or rules for how to put them in some sort of order.

Spanish is not only one of the easiest languages to learn, but has a worldwide 420 million people speaking this language from Mexico to Spain, Argentina to Bolivia, Colombia to Cuba and Costa Rica to the holiday paradise nation of the Dominican Republic.

One of the key advantages of learning Spanish is the sentence structure and grammar. It is so similar to English. It is not the same, of course. No language matches the sentence structure of English exactly but Spanish is as close as you might get to it, making it clearly one of the easiest languages to learn.

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The Romance Languages: Spanish French Italian Portuguese And Romanian

Why are they easy? Romance languages have their roots in Latin. As the majority of English vocabulary comes from French or Latin, when you start learning a Romance language, youll realise that you can already say loads of words by simply putting on a hammy accent. Je suis sérieuse. Did a little pout as I was writing that,to make it more French.

Spanish, Italian and Romanian have simpler spelling systems and fewer vowel sounds than English, making pronunciation comparatively straightforward. Heres an example of how similar the Romance languages can be to English:

What Is The Spanish Word For Books

In Spanish, a book is referred to as a manga. A comic book in Spanish is the type of book that is typically printed on a cmic. In Spanish, the term refers to a library.

Duolingo Is A Great Way To Improve Your Spanish Skills!

What are some ways to improve our Spanish? By using Duolingo, you can learn a new language quickly and effectively. You can learn Spanish at your own pace by taking over 1,000 lessons here. Furthermore, it is available on a computer or mobile device, allowing you to learn wherever you are. Why dont you give it a shot? You might be surprised at how much you can learn in a few weeks.

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Playing To Your Strengths

One way to hack this process is to first understand that as English speakers, we have in our hands one of the most connected languages that exists. It’s linked to many European Germanic languages by descent or influence, and over 50 percent of English words stem from Latin or French.

This probably doesn’t come as a big surprise to most, as the structure, alphabet, and makeup of the language is very similar to Spanish, Italian, French, and other languages from the latin root.

Bestselling author and polyglot, Tim Ferriss, says that you should consider a new language like a new sport.

There are certain physical prerequisites , rules , and so on that determine if you can become proficient at all, andâif soâhow long it will take.

For example, it would a wiser choice and a higher likelihood of success if a professional water polo player decided to transition into playing handball. Similar structures, rules, and physical requirements.

However, it wouldn’t be too wise if Kobe Bryant started to play professional ice hockey. It involves learning too many new rules, an entirely new skill , and the likelihood of success decreases significantly .

Language learning is no different.

Romance Languages Similar To Spanish

Learning Spanish is THIS Easy – No MEMORY Required!

Many languages are similar to Spanish, especially Romance languages. These languages are spoken in Europe and derive from Latin.

They share many similarities with Spanish. Making them some of the easiest languages for Spanish speakers to learn.

Portuguese, Italian, and French are the most similar languages to Spanish.

That is because these languages are closely related to Spanish. And share a lot of common grammar and vocabulary.

For this reason, they are some of the easiest languages for Spanish speakers to pick up.

Other Romance languages that are slightly less similar to Spanish. But still fairly easy to learn, include Romanian and Catalan.

These two languages have some different grammar rules and vocabulary than Spanish. But they are still quite close.

Therefore, they should not be too difficult for Spanish speakers to learn.

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Top 7 Easiest Languages To Learn

Who says learning a language needs to be hard? The better question is, what are the easiest languages to learn in the shortest amount of time?

According to a European Commission survey in 2012, 61 per cent of British respondents could not speak a second language. In a world that’s becoming more multicultural and globalized by the second, getting by with just English is simply not enough.

If that alone doesn’t get your juices flowing, learning a language has shown to help you make more money by adding 5-15% increase to one’s wage, and helps expand your career opportunities.

We’ve already written extensively about the most useful languages to learn, but what are the easiest languages to learn?

The Top 5 Easiest Languages To Learn According To Busuus Experts

Now, as weve mentioned, there are also languages that are generally considered to be easier to learn than others.

Check out Busuus top five picks, judged by three main factors: spelling , pronunciation and grammar .

  • Pronunciation: Very challenging
  • Grammar: Very challenging

But remember: While these are universally considered the easiest languages to learn, they may not necessarily be the easiest ones for you.

Now, back to the quiz: there were a handful of factors we considered when putting together this quiz. Heres the low-down on our logic.

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Academic Research On The Easiest Language To Learn

The Foreign Service Institute is the United States governmentâs diplomatic training agency. It prepares diplomats to serve at embassies and consulates around the world. This preparation includes foreign language training.

They specialise in teaching foreign languages to English speakers, so they need to know how long each language takes to learn so they can design their courses. Through research and decades of experience, theyâve ranked all of the languages they teach into categories based on the length of the course.

According to the FSI, the languages that fall into the easiest category are:

This ranking is based only on how similar these languages are to English. Itâs really only useful for the ideal scenario: eight hours a day in an intensive learning environment , a teacher who knows exactly how to train English speakers to use the language in the real world, and the motivation of knowing that failing the exam will negatively affect your career.

For the rest of us, the language-learning experience is very different.

For example, even though Spanish is listed here as one of the easiest languages to learn, I personally found it the hardest out of all of the languages Iâve studied. Why? Because my approach was all wrong at first. I took months-long Spanish courses instead of looking for hacks and shortcuts. I didnât speak from day one. And worst of all, for the first few months of learning Spanish, I didnât feel motivated.

Spanish A Romance Language

The Easiest Way to Learn Spanish!

Spanish is a Romance language that developed from Latin. The word romance has two meanings. First, a love story, and second, any language that developed from Latin.

Spanish is a romance language developed from Latin. Which has roots in the Roman Empires language.

The Roman Empire was a large empire that ruled much of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. After the fall of the Roman Empire, many languages developed from Latin.

These languages are called Romance languages. Spanish is one of these Romance languages.

Spanish is one of the easier languages for speakers of other Romance languages to learn. Because it has retained much of its Latingrammar and vocabulary.

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Spanish Speakers By Country

The following table shows the number of Spanish speakers in some 79 countries.

Worldwide Spanish fluency


Don Quixote

Most of the grammatical and typological features of Spanish are shared with the other Romance languages. Spanish is a fusional language. The noun and adjective systems exhibit two genders and two numbers. In addition, articles and some pronouns and determiners have a neuter gender in their singular form. There are about fifty conjugated forms per verb, with 3 tenses: past, present, future 2 aspects for past: perfective, imperfective 4 moods: indicative, subjunctive, conditional, imperative 3 persons: first, second, third 2 numbers: singular, plural 3 verboid forms: infinitive, gerund, and past participle. The indicative mood is the unmarked one, while the subjunctive mood expresses uncertainty or indetermination, and is commonly paired with the conditional, which is a mood used to express “would” the imperative is a mood to express a command, commonly a one word phrase “¡Di!”, “¡Talk!”.

Verbs express T-V distinction by using different persons for formal and informal addresses.

Spanish syntax is considered right-branching, meaning that subordinate or modifyingconstituents tend to be placed after head words. The language uses prepositions , and usuallythough not alwaysplaces adjectives after nouns, as do most other Romance languages.

Speaking And Practicing Spanish

You need to be mindful of the fact that once you are into Spanish learning, you have to speak it. Was it obvious? Yes, it is but people dont find it obvious and even when they are learning a new language, they keep on communicating in their native language.

It is important that you put in practical efforts and start speaking it. Speak it as much as possible. Speak it daily and make a point to spare a certain time to speak this language and practice it.

You can restrict yourself to not speaking English or your native language and rather focus on speaking Spanish, practice it and you will be learning it in no time.

Have you ever heard about the immersion approach? It is very effective. According to this technique you should only be speaking the language you are learning, regardless of the fact where are you living. So take a note and start practicing the immersion technique right away, if you want to be proficient in Spanish.

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Is It Difficult Or Just New

This is my favourite question to ask students when they complain that something is hard. Because usually, they consider my question for a second and say ah, its just new.

Think about tying your shoelaces. Its easy now, but you probably struggled at the beginning.

It takes time to develop a new skill. That doesnt mean its too hard, you just need practice.

But if you think its going to be hard, it probably will be. Research suggests that when we expect tasks to be difficult, were more likely to lose motivation.

Your attitude to learning matters. By adopting the mantra its not difficult, its just new you can get the benefit of what psychologist Carol Dweck calls the growth mindset: instead of thinking this is too hard, you can turn your focus to a little, but powerful word: yet I dont know how to do this, yet.

But with perseverance, you will.

Other Factors That Affect The Study Of A Language

Learn Spanish in 4 Hours – ALL the Spanish Basics You Need

There are other factors in the success of learning a second language. Like the volume of exposure outside the class, or the history of languages that the person has. For example, studying English can be difficult at first for a Spanish speaker. However, once the structures are understood, learning the language is easy enough.

Some experts assure that the more languages are handled, even without mastering it fully, the easier it is to learn and master another.

Certain aspects such as the obligation and survival in that foreign language, makes the person look for other methods to communicate.

Also, remember that if you want to obtain an official degree in any language, here is the number 1 online platform.


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Your Strengths As A Language Learner

While some of us may have a knack for grammar , others may get their kicks out of memorising vocabulary or even a whole new alphabet.

Whatever your language talents may be, its worth identifying them so you can pick a language thatll play to your strengths. That way, youll find the hardest parts of learning a particular language the most fun!

Heres Why I Believe That Any Language Can Be Easy

Ultimately, all languages have the same absolute difficulty.

As far as Iâm concerned, things like âgrammar complexityâ, âtonesâ, âwriting systemâ and other aspects of a language donât come into play when thinking about how difficult or easy a language is to learn.

In other words, there is no language thatâs inherently more difficult to learn than any other.

How do I know this?

If some languages were more difficult, then children would take longer to pick up those languages. But they donât. Kids around the world start speaking their native languages at around the same time.

With all that in mind, weâre now ready to dip our toes into the question âwhatâs the easiest language to learn?â.

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Going To Spanish Meetups

This one is interesting if you are an extrovert and like meeting up. There are language exchange events that are organized by the communities to promote their language. You can join some Spanish language groups and can always go to language exchange meet-ups.

People from all over the world get together to seek language partners, speak the language they are learning and practice these languages together.

On this note, you may check, as it is a good place to find events like this. Since Spanish is a popular language and also spoken by massive speakers as a second language a lot of meet-ups are conducted to cater the wider audiences.

The best language exchange often avoids the problems or same repeated questions by making it more structured, playing language games, or by distributing the particular topics as conversation starters and creative topics to demonstrate the language skill.

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