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I Love You In Different Language

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How To Say I Love You In 15 Different Languages

ASMR âI Love Youâ? in 40 Different Languagesð

Oh my gosh, thats my favorite song tooI, like, totally love you!

I freaking lovechocolate cake, and I freaking love you for giving me some!

It seems that we English speakers are guiltiest of using I love you way too lightly.

Elsewhere in the world, the L-word is a heavy, serious and meaningful thingdefinitely not to be delivered at the drop of a hat.

If youre wondering how lovers from around the world and its diverse cultures express love and affection, then youre in the right place.

Are you also one of the following?

Youre an enthusiastic linguist looking to add more diverse phrases to your multilingual arsenal.

Youre a hopeless romantic, and love learning more about loveand its various expressions.

Youve got it bad for one special person whose native language isnt English, and you want to tell them exactly how you feel in their native tongue.

You want to impress every potential love interest you meet with your worldly sophistication by saying I love you with sounds theyve never heard before.

If youve said yes to any of the above, this post is 100% for you! If youve said no to everything, then it sounds like you need a little more international love in your life, so, read on, you wonderful curmudgeon, you.

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I Love You In 50 Languages Around The World

The world has around 6,500 languages, and while it is almost impossible to learn all of these in your lifetime, you can, however, master a few of the common expressions. One of the easiest and classic statements that you should learn, for instance, is how to say I love you in the correct way possible. Below are some of the most native translations, but please note that the intonation and tone on how you will say this must also differ depending on the language. Therefore, we highly recommend that you also listen to how native speakers pronounce these.


How To Say I Love You In 25 Different Languages

Its the most romantic time of year once more or that time when you pay double the usual amount to buy your partner a bunch of roses, then dine in an unusually crowded restaurant. Yes, however you feel about it, Valentines Day is here again!

Here at Tomedes, as a translation company we always like to look at things from a language perspective, so this year were celebrating Valentines Day by taking a tour of the globe and learning how to say I love you in all languages. 25 of them, to be precise.

What’s the most romantic language? Both French and Italian lay claim to that particular title. Why dont you make your own mind up when you read I love you in different language?

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Romantic Phrases In Other Languages

While it’s not likely that anyone will ever get tired of being told “I love you,” you may want to vary the terms of endearment you use to share your feelings with your loved ones.

  • I cherish you in Italian – ti voglio bene
  • I adore you in French –je vous adore
  • I love you forever in Hawaiian – aloha mau loa
  • my eternal love in German – meine ewige liebe
  • you are my heart in Spanish – tú eres mi corazón
  • you are my soulmate in Danish – du er min sjæleven
  • you are the love of my life in Portuguese –você é o amor da minha vida

These phrases are great alternatives to saying “I love you,” either in English or another language. Not all words about love translate directly from one language to another. Review some untranslatable words on love, life and emotions for even more inspiration.

How To Say I Love You In Different Languages

Word I Love You In Different Languages Stock Vector

Love is more than just hormones. Its a unique feeling that consists of passion, intimacy, trust, and commitment. Some say to love is to see yourself in others eyes. When it comes to being romantic, there is never a shortage of love phrases in different languages. From French to Spanish and from Japanese to Korean, each language has its unique way of saying I love you.

Lets celebrate Valentines Day with 30+ sentences to express love in different languages. Read on and get prepared to be romantic!

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How To Say I Love You In Catalan

The Catalan language, almost lost after the War of Spanish Succession was revived early in the 19th century by a new wave of a Catalan artists, authors and playwrights. This period, became known as La Renaixença and saw the reintroduction of traditions such as Jocs Florals . The games saw Catalan poets compete in categories which included best love poem which, as you can imagine makes for a romantic language in which to say to someone I love you.

In Catalan it would sound as Testimo.

Those three little words that mean so much are different in languages across the world, but the heartfelt sentiment they convey is universal. Learning how to say them in different languages reminds us that, no matter where we are from and where we are now, we are all the same. Learning phrases such as I love you can inspire a new relationship with language learning. If learning the 10 phrases above has ignited a passion in you, there is no time like the present to find an online language tutor fall in love all over again this time with the foreign language.

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Mandarin Chinese: W I N

Dont go throwing this phrase around casually for your friends or the first person you start dating in China! The Chinese phrase for I love you expresses a very strong sentiment, so strong in fact that its not even very common among family! And if youre looking for a romantic holiday, dont miss the Qixi Festival on the 7th day of the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar , which commemorates a romantic ancient Chinese legend.

Speak The Language Of Love In 50 Different Ways

How To Say “I LOVE YOU!” In 60 Different Languages
  • Albanian: Te dua
  • Arabic: Ana behibak or Ana behibek
  • Armenian: Yes kyez sirum yem
  • Bulgarian: Ubicham te
  • Cambodian: Soro lahn nhee ah
  • Croatian: Volim te
  • Dutch: Ik hou van je
  • Filipino: Mahal kita
  • French: Je taime or Je tadore
  • German: Ich liebe dich
  • Hawaiian: Aloha au ia oe
  • Hebrew: Ani ohev otah or Ani ohevet othah
  • Hindi: Maim tumase pyara karata hum
  • Hungarian: Szeretlek
  • Irish Gaelic: Taim ingra leat
  • Italian: Ti amo
  • Japanese: Aishiteru or Anata ga daisuki desu
  • Korean: Sarang hapnida
  • Scottish Gaelic: Tha gaol agam ort
  • Serbian: Volim te
  • Spanish: Te quiero or Te amo
  • Swahili: Ninakupenda
  • Swiss: Chha di garn
  • Syrian: Bhebbek or Bhebbak
  • Tahitian: Ua here vau la ie
  • Taiwanese: Gwa ai lee
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    Want To Tell The Person You Love How You Feel Learn How To Say I Love You In Various Languages From Around The World And How To Pronounce Them Correctly

    According to The Beatles, All you need is love, they werent wrong! When you feel loved, it gives you the drive and reassurance needed to conquer whatever life throws at you. When someone loves you and believes in your, it boosts your confidence allowing you to take on challenging tasks such as learning a language,which is why I took this photo of me standing in front of Le mur de je taime in Paris. This beautiful mural features the phrase I Love You written in 250 different languages and dialects.

    Love is awesome! So awesome in fact, that theres even a day where we celebrate it St. Valentines Day. St. Valentines Day is one of the worlds most popular holidays, celebrated by millions of people across the globe and a wonderful opportunity to watch a romantic Italian film.The true history of the holiday is shrouded in mystery, and what we know about it today is mostly legends and tales.

    According to one such legend, Valentine was a Christian priest who married young Roman soldiers against the Emperors orders to do so. According to another, he was persecuted for practising Christianity in pagan Rome. Valentine was beheaded on February 14 and he died as a Christian martyr. Later, the Christian church named Valentine a saint, and February 14 became the day to commemorate the saint by celebrating love and kindness. The legend of St. Valentine may be sad, but Valentines Day is a beautiful holiday so lets celebrate it by celebrating love.

    How To Express Tender Feelings In Arabic

    Arabic is a poetic language that conjures up romantic images. The calligraphy alone is unique and has an air of mysticism about it. And with over 422 million Arabic speakers across the globe, wherever you go there is a fair chance youll meet someone who speaks the language.

    I love you in Arabic translates as

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    How To Say I Love You In 10 Different Languages

    Expressing love is an important matter in any language. Sorry to get sappy here, but love is something that transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. Of course, the actual words I love you do have some linguistic lines drawn around them. You cant just say them to anyone and expect the person to understand what you mean. Therefore, youll want to learn how to say I love you in different languages at least 10 of them, but maybe more!

    In the video above, you can watch 10 people from all around the world expressing their love for another person, including special reasons why their affection runs strong. Below, you can see the various ways to say I love you in different languages. Press the play button next to each term to hear how its pronounced!

    And by the way, the love referred to in each of these translations is only one possibility of many. In English, the word love can be used for friends, family, lovers, pets and slices of pizza, but other languages tend to be more specific about how they express their feelings. Saying te quiero in Spanish, for example, is less intense than saying te amo. If you want to make sure your amorous expression lands how you intend it to, you might want to do some research so you dont accidentally tell your crush I love you like a sibling.

    Saying I Love You In Europe

    I Love You Words In Different Languages Of The World Stock Photo ...

    Speaking of Europe, lets take a look at a few examples of how to say I love you over there. As the home of French and Italian, it could be said that Europe is the home of the languages of love, but will you be able to pronounce all of these declarations?

    Incidentally, if youre looking to learn an entire language this year, instead of just one phrase, why not click the link at the end of this section to read about the 15 best languages to learn in 2020?


    Often considered to be a very business-focused language, German isnt a tongue that you might think of straight away as a language of love. However, I love you in German can be a very moving phrase. Ich liebe dich is descended from Middle High German .


    Definitely known more as a language of love, Italian is a wonderfully romantic language to use when it comes to expressing your feelings. I love you in Italian is ti amo, and its easy to see the same origin here as for te amo in Spanish and Portuguese, with the modern-day phrase descended from Latin with only a minor alteration.


    If youre looking for a different way to declare your love this Valentines Day, why not try your hand at Polish? I love you in Polish is kocham CiÄ. Whats that? Your Polish accent is a little rusty? No problem, try pronouncing it kohaaam chye.



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    Using Sign Language To Say I Love You

    In addition to saying “I love you” in words, you can also sign the words in American Sign Language. This method is the universal way to say “I love you,” no matter what language you speak. To do this:

  • Spread out your hand.
  • Bend down the middle finger and the ring finger.
  • Leave your other fingers up and out.
  • Sharing Words Of Love In Many Languages

    Spoken expressions of love are wonderful, but there are also other ways to use these phrases when communicating with those you love. Consider writing “I love you” in a different language in a love letter or card. You can also text this phrase to your beloved or use it to close an email to your sweetheart. You may also like to include a sweet love quote. Review more Spanish words of love for even more ways to express your love in that lovely language. When you’re ready, expand your horizons by learning how to say thank you in many languages.

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    How To Say That You Have Feelings Toward Someone In Estonian

    Estonia is famous for its lyrical poetry and that translates into its everyday dialect. It is a Uralic language spoken by around 1.1 million people worldwide, with approximately 900,000 of those currently living in Estonia. To tell someone you have feelings toward someone in Estonian, is to be part of a unique group of people.

    I love you in Estonian translates as Ma armastan sind.

    When To Express Love In A Different Language

    How To Say ‘I Love You’ In 10 Languages

    Expressing love does not need to be reserved just for an occasion such as Valentine’s Day you can do so whenever you want to express your true feelings. There are plenty of situations in which it would be appropriate to express love in another language, or even in many languages.

    • If you are looking for a way to impress someone special, declaring your love in many languages can be a great gesture.
    • If your loved one speaks another language it would also be a touching way to show how much you care about them.
    • If you are hesitant to say these words to someone, using another language may make it easier for you to say them for the first time to your love.
    • Sweetly say I love you in a different language as an attention grabber to segue into letting that special someone know how special they are.

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    Ways To Say I Love You In Africa

    Africa is home to more linguistic diversity than any other continent, with over 2,000 distinct languages , so you can truly put your language skills to the test.


    What is the Arabic word for I love you? In North and East Africa, as well as the Middle East, those looking to declare their love will need to say a single word: ahabak . Bear in mind that Arabic dialects vary hugely across this vast region, so if youre looking to say I love you in a specific country, its worth double-checking first how to say it there.


    If you want to say I love you in Swahili, nakupenda is the word that you need. Spoken in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Swahili has several ways to declare affection. Nakupenda is a more formal way to do so, while ninakupenda is a more informal way to tell someone that you love them.


    Should your travels take you to Somalia, or to Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti or Yemen, then the phrase you will need in order to say I love you in Somali is waan ku jeclahay. If youre struggling to get your mouth around that, try the phonetic pronunciation: one ku je la hi.


    Are you looking to say I love you in Hausa? If so, the phrase that you need is ina son ka. This will allow you to share your feelings with those in Nigeria, which is home to some 120 million Hausa speakers.


    Our final language of love is Amharic, which is spoken by around 26 million people in Ethiopia . I love you in Amharic is ewedihalehu.

    + Ways To Say I Love You In Different Languages

    I LOVE YOU: This simple expression has the power and influence to build lasting impressions, and to change another persons day or life even. Feeling connection and love is a part of the human experience, something that transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries. On feeling a deep emotional connection, along with being comfortable and vulnerable, I think it is important to express this. If you love someone, why not let them know? Heres your ultimate guide on how to say I love you in different languages around the world, that is over 130 ways in the most spoken languages of the world.

    If youre looking for how to say the word LOVE in other languages, check out this post.

    So whether youre looking to articulate how you feel to that one special person in a different language, or youre a hopeless romantic pondering the concept of love and its various expressions, or you want to impress a potential love interest with your worldly sophistication, or youre wondering how feelings are expressed by various cultures and people around the globe -> youve come to the right place. Continue reading to discover the complete list on how to say I love you different language.

    Did you know:

    There is a Global Love Day, celebrated on the 1st of May each year.

    This yearly tradition is commemorated to remind humanity that love is the only energy that is real and that anything can be achieved when we attune our minds to the frequency of unconditional love.

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