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I Love You In All Languages

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Ways To Say I Love You In Africa

How To Say “I Love You” In 55 Different Languages

Africa is home to more linguistic diversity than any other continent, with over 2,000 distinct languages , so you can truly put your language skills to the test.


What is the Arabic word for I love you? In North and East Africa, as well as the Middle East, those looking to declare their love will need to say a single word: ahabak . Bear in mind that Arabic dialects vary hugely across this vast region, so if youre looking to say I love you in a specific country, its worth double-checking first how to say it there.


If you want to say I love you in Swahili, nakupenda is the word that you need. Spoken in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, Swahili has several ways to declare affection. Nakupenda is a more formal way to do so, while ninakupenda is a more informal way to tell someone that you love them.


Should your travels take you to Somalia, or to Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti or Yemen, then the phrase you will need in order to say I love you in Somali is waan ku jeclahay. If youre struggling to get your mouth around that, try the phonetic pronunciation: one ku je la hi.


Are you looking to say I love you in Hausa? If so, the phrase that you need is ina son ka. This will allow you to share your feelings with those in Nigeria, which is home to some 120 million Hausa speakers.


Our final language of love is Amharic, which is spoken by around 26 million people in Ethiopia . I love you in Amharic is ewedihalehu.

How To Say That You Have Feelings Toward Someone In Estonian

Estonia is famous for its lyrical poetry and that translates into its everyday dialect. It is a Uralic language spoken by around 1.1 million people worldwide, with approximately 900,000 of those currently living in Estonia. To tell someone you have feelings toward someone in Estonian, is to be part of a unique group of people.

I love you in Estonian translates as Ma armastan sind.

How To Say I Love You In Russian

Russian is an emotive and poetic language perfect for the phrase I love you. Unlike many European languages, Russian does not originate from Latin and actually has its roots in Slavic. This makes it unique and melodic due to the increased number of vowels. It is also the official language of astronauts so if you find yourself falling in love in space, youll be just fine.

I love you in Russian translates as .

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How To Say I Love You In 100 Of The Worlds Most Spoken Languages


One of the coolest things about traveling the world is learning a little bit of the local language.

Itâs amazing how much you can learn about a culture based on how they express themselves. Thereâs always an expression or a word that doesnât exist in other languages, or seems special based on the collective mentality of that particular culture. Itâs amazing to think that through all of the years, wars, and our existence as human beings â one thing remains, our method of communicating using language and our ability to love.

Not long ago I started to wonder, how do people say âI love youâ around the world? I already knew it in French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, Korean, and English of course, but what about the other languages of the world?

So here it is, after hours upon hours of searching and research, this is how to say I love you in different languages â to be exact the 100 most spoken languages in the world!

Here are the languages in order of how many people speak them, how you say âI love you,â and where it is spoken:

Other Ways To Show Love

Love  One Emotion, Many Languages

In addition to saying the words my love in different languages, here are a couple other ways you could show someone how you feel. After all, actions speak louder than words and often the best way to show another that you care is by action.

  • Write a handwritten note of what they mean to you
  • Give them a call
  • Enjoy a spa day together
  • Send a card or post card via post
  • Take a day trip or weekend getaway together
  • Want to learn how to say THANK YOU too? Read this guide to say thank you in different languages.

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    I Love You In Different Languages

    Heres your ultimate guide: 150+ ways on how to say I Love You in different languages around the world.With pronunciation.In brackets you will find how to pronounce the word as it can often be difficult to know how to vocalise the word just by reading or looking at the direct translation.

    Are you ready to take a trip around the world and learn how to express I love you in a different language?

    I have included I love you in all the languages I could think of. If you dont spot your language, let me know and I will be happy to add it to this list.Lets go Scroll to the bottom for a little bonus!

    GOOD MORNINGand GOOD NIGHT around the world.

    How do you say I LOVE YOU in another language?Every language of love in the world here

    Speaking of love, heres how to tell someone they are beautiful in another language:

    Heres how you say I Love you in:

    I Love You In All Languages

    AfrikaansEk het jou liefe Ek is lief vir jou


    Ana Behibak Ana Behibek Ibn hebbak.Ohibokoma Nohiboke Nohiboka Nohibokoma Nohibokom Nohibokon Bahibak Benhibak Benhibik Benhibkom Moi tomak bhal

    I mog di narrisch gern

    BengaliAmi tomAy bhAlobAshi Ami tomake bhalobashi.


    Bon sro lanh oon kh_nhaum soro_lahn nhee_ah

    Canadian FrenchShteme


    Testim molt Testime

    CorsicanTi tengu cara Ti tengu caru


    miluji te MILUJU TE!


    Ik ben verliefd op je


    sagapo, 3rd letter is lower case gamma)

    Greek philo su


    Aloha Ia Au Oe

    HebrewAni ohev otach Ani ohev otcha Ani ohevet otach Ani ohevet otcha

    HessianEi, isch du Disch doch liebbe, gelle

    HindiMai tumase pyar karata hun Mai tumase pyar karati hun Main Tumse Prem Karta HoonMai Tumhe Pyar Karta HoonMain Tumse Pyar Karta HoonMai Tumse Peyar Karta HnuMai tumse pyar karta hoo


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    Russian: Ya Lyublyu Tebya

    Valentines Day is a relatively new acquisition in Russia, having gained popularity in the 1990s and now being celebrated as it is in the rest of the world: with flowers, chocolates and gifts of jewellery for women. If youre not into the romance, you can always curl up with one of the tragic Russian love stories like Anna Karenina or Doctor Zhivago!

    How To Say I Love You In 15 Different Languages

    100 Languages I Love You Projection Necklace

    Have you told anyone the famous phrase, I love you?

    If you still havent, dont worry.

    Saying someone I love you is special and a serious thing. It shouldnt be taken for granted.

    So, when you decide to say it to someone, you have to mean it, from the bottom of your heart.

    If youre wondering how people around the world say I love you, you are in the right place.

    If you have a passion for languages and want to know as many phrases in as many languages possible, then you should continue reading.

    If you are a romantic soul and your significant others native language isnt English, so you want to impress them, then stay here.

    Lets learn how to say I love you in different languages.

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    How To Say I Love You In Arabic

    The Arabic language has one common variation of I love you depending on the gender being addressed. These beautiful expressions have found their way into countless works of art and religious texts as another word for love you.

    Arabic Love Phrases

    Ana Uhibbuka I love you

    Habib Albi Love of my heart

    Enta Habibi You are my love

    Arabic Traditions

    Arranged marriages are still common in some Arabic-speaking countries. In many Arabic-speaking countries, religion and culture strictly discourage dating prior to marriage.

    Similar to other countries, there are several celebrations leading up to a couples wedding ceremony including an engagement celebration in the brides home, a party to celebrate signing the marriage contract, and Henna night where the bride-to-be and her female friends draw Henna tattoos and enjoy refreshments and dancing.

    My Love In Different Languages 77 Weird And Wonderful Romantic Names

    Benny Lewis

    Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. ?

    Have you ever tried calling your significant other âmy loveâ in other languages? There is no better way to impress them than by giving them a special name from another part of the world.

    Around the world and across languages, people express their love in different ways. The ways to say âmy loveâ in other countries can be very imaginative. Sometimes even strange to non-native speakers.

    You may be surprised to learn that some terms of endearment in English don’t translate well into other languages. Or that some languages use creative terms that outshine our own in romance .

    If you want to surprise your partner, this is the post for you! You can jump to the section of the post that youâre most interested in:

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    How To Say I Love You A Quick Guide For I Love Yous In 30 Most Common Languages

    Modern society makes us feel so much and express so little! Weve become shallow. Just like the song says, many of us arent probably happy in this modern world. We bury ourselves every day under mountains of unexpressed feelings often because of social media. Were afraid to show our inner, deeper selves. We put on masks. We dont dare to be romantic anymore. And still, our loved ones are the ones that get to discover more of ourselves. More than just a pretty face and a cool Instagram account. Thats because they drown us in authentic, real love. They see the best in us and stick around even the hardest times. And they deserve the same back. Always. Not just on Valentines Day. But every single day! Wine for him, flowers for her, little gifts for the both of them. Today. This is a reminder.

    Now back to expressing your love in different languages. If you feel like the video above wasnt enough for you, heres the full list of I love yous with transliterations where its needed.

    P.S.: If you are getting too excited to find out how do you say I love you in Spanish, heres the quick answer: te amo!While theres a second form te quiero that is used more for family and friends, te amo is more romantic and has a deeper meaning of love. So if you want to say that to your lover, you should definitely use te amo.

    Heres a short recap with only the correct pronunciations:

    Saying I Love You In North America

    Love Words `I Love You` In All Languages Of The World Stock ...

    North America is home to a heady mix of languages, from indigenous tongues to languages introduced from half a world away. Lets look at how to express your most intimate feelings in four of them.


    After English, Spanish is the most spoken language in North America. I love you in Spanish is te amo or the more casual te quiero. Both will suffice when it comes to letting your loved one know how you feel, though te amo, which comes directly from Latin, is the stronger of the two.

    If your accent isnt that great, dont despair. In case youre still wondering how to say I love you in Spanish to your partner this Valentines Day, use these: Tay-ah-mo or Tay key-aero.


    Spoken to a lesser degree but still with widespread influence, from Canada to the Caribbean, French is the third most spoken language in North America. Often considered to be the language of love, I love you in French is familiar to many of those who dont otherwise speak a word of the language and would need to call on our French translation expertise.

    How do you say I love you in French? Its Je taime pronounced Zhuh tem.


    Up in Alaska, Aleut is one of the 11 Eskimo-Aleut languages that are native to this part of the world . If youre looking to say I love you in Aleut, youll need to wrap your tongue around Txin yaxtakuq.


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    How To Write I Love You In Different Languages

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    Have you ever wondered what “I Love You” is in a foreign language? Well, this article is for you!

    How To Say I Love You In Different Languages

    After learning to say hello, goodbye, please, thank you and wheres the toilet, one of the most commonly learned phrases in any language is I love you. Whether youre trying to impress your special someone on Valentines Day or youre going full-on Casanova, knowing how to say I love you in different languages is a great string to add to your bow!

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    I Love You In 50 Languages Around The World

    The world has around 6,500 languages, and while it is almost impossible to learn all of these in your lifetime, you can, however, master a few of the common expressions. One of the easiest and classic statements that you should learn, for instance, is how to say I love you in the correct way possible. Below are some of the most native translations, but please note that the intonation and tone on how you will say this must also differ depending on the language. Therefore, we highly recommend that you also listen to how native speakers pronounce these.


    Whats Your Favourite Way To Express Your Love From Around The World

    Three Ways to Say “I Love You” in Hindi

    This post offers a lot of options, butâ¦

    If you want to learn even more terms of endearment from around the globe, head to this article! Itâs one of our readers’ favourites.

    You could even discover more by asking native speakers on Preply what terms are used in their country.

    Your possibilities to be romantic in several languages are endless!

    Learn the way you want with Pod101, Benny’s favourite way to start a language. Get your special discount here.

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    How To Express Tender Feelings In Arabic

    Arabic is a poetic language that conjures up romantic images. The calligraphy alone is unique and has an air of mysticism about it. And with over 422 million Arabic speakers across the globe, wherever you go there is a fair chance youll meet someone who speaks the language.

    I love you in Arabic translates as

    How To Say I Love You In 20 Languages

    The romantic phrase “I love you” is said around the world in every language. These sweet words are spoken to profess emotions of fondness, desire, affection, and admiration for another person. Discover 20 ways to say “I love you” in different languages, as well as some additional romantic phrases. You never know when you might want to say those words or otherwise express feelings of love in other ways.

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    How To Say I Love You In Spanish

    In English, we use the same phrase, I love you, with our significant others, family, and friends. However, many other languages have variations of the phrase for different situations. For example, in Spanish you may need to learnanother word for love, so youcan properly address who you are talking to.Lets explore thedifferent ways to translate and spell I love you and I love you morein Spanish!

    Spanish Love Phrases

    Te quiero I love you or I care for you. This phrase is mainly used among friends and family to express affection in non-romantic relationships.

    Te amo I love you. This is a more serious way to express your love. Use this phrase to express your love for a romantic interest or spouse.

    Spanish Traditions

    Culturally, love can be expressed through various rituals and customs. A newer tradition has taken hold in the Spanish city of Seville.

    Here, lovers will say te amo and then symbolize their love by fastening a padlock to the railing of the Isabel II Bridge, and then throwing the keys into the Guadalquivir river below. Many cities around the world have followed suit, and the love padlock tradition is now a worldwide phenomenon.

    Saint Jordis Day on April 23rd, the anniversary of the patron saints death, is the closest thing to Valentines Day in Spain. According to the legend of Saint George, Saint Jordi killed a dragon to save a princess, then plucked a red rose which sprouted from a rose bush on the spot where the dragons blood spilled.

    How To Say I Love You In South America

    I Love You In Different Languages Stock Illustration

    Is your quest for romance likely to take you to South America? If so, then I love you in Spanish will serve you well in many countries. However, head to Brazil and youll need to roll out some Portuguese or even Dutch in order to win over local hearts. Are your head and your heart ready to cope with those fiery Latin temperaments? Then lets get started!


    I love you in Brazilian Portuguese is spelled just the same as it is in Spanish: te amo . Thats because the expression is directly descended from Latin in both languages. However, its not quite the same in Portugal, where it is more common to say amo-te .


    While were on a romantic tour of South America, its also worth checking how to say I love you in Dutch. Thats because Dutch is the official language of Suriname, which was a colony of The Netherlands until 1975. Ik hou van jou might look like a mouthful, but dont be put off! Try saying ick how fon-yuh with the emphasis on the how. Simple!

    Of course, mastering how to say I love you in Dutch will also allow you to romance your way across the Netherlands and parts of Belgium as well.

    Can’t wait to impress your loved ones with a new way to say “I love you”? Don’t worry, we made a short video just for you.

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