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How To Write Maid Of Honor Speech

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Ultimate Guide: How To Write A Maid Of Honour Speech


Modern WeddingPosted: January 15, 2020

So your best gal has asked you to be her maid of honour, how exciting! As you look forward to the incredible tasks of wedding dress shopping, hair trials and of course, planning the hen’s party, you realise that you will also have a give a speech! Bit scary right? Well, don’t worry, because we have the ultimate guide for how to write the most amazing maid of honour speech!

Speaking Tips For Toasting

Once you have written your speech, you need to practice giving it. Not everyone is a natural public speaker, so a little practice will go a long way. Try rehearsing your maid of honor speech and toast in the following ways:

  • Take a few sips of water before standing to speak. You do not want to have cottonmouth or a cough while talking.
  • Smile while you are giving the toast. The wedding is a happy occasion.
  • Look at the guests, but remember to glance at the bride, too. Look at the bride and groom if addressing them personally.
  • Feel free to use some hand gestures if you naturally do when speaking otherwise, keep your hands at your side, resting on a podium/table, or hold a glass.

If you are incredibly uncomfortable with public speaking, talk to the bride. She may not feel strongly about having the maid of honor give a long-winded speech. Options you could present include saying the opening and closing remarks for the toast or handing over the duty to a bridesmaid who is more naturally suited to being in the spotlight. However, wedding speeches are a tradition for maids or matrons of honor, so be prepared to deliver at least a short wedding toast.

Does A Maid Of Honor Have To Give A Speech

For most weddings, traditional or non-traditional, the maid of honor gives a speech.

It is customary for the maid of honor to either give a speech or toast/ send-off for the bride and groom. The maid of honor typically wishes the couple good luck, and it turns into a speech of some kind.

However, it is not necessary if the best man will propose a toast or give a speech, and the maid of honor should as well.

If you are giving a speech as a maid of honor, it is advised that you have something written and make sure to practice your speech before the big day.

As a maid of honor, you may be nervous about public speaking. Rehearsing your speech word for word before the wedding can help you prepare for the big day.

Being prepared will help ease the nerves just a little bit.

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She’s Always Right Ok

“In closing, I would just like to offer a few words of advice to thecurrently happy couple.

Remember, even if she sometimes lets you feel like you are right, you’re not.

Most importantly, always remember, that even when he leaves the seat up for the four billionth time that someday he will be properly trained, and you, too, can be that adorable old couple.

I wish both of you a lifetime filled with love and laughter.”

Maid Of Honor Speech Examples For Best Friend

How To Write The Best Maid Of Honor Speech For Any Wedding + Free ...
  • The best way to start your speech is by thanking the bride for inviting you, and letting her know how honored you are.
  • Sincerity and genuine appreciation go a long way in any speech. When speaking about your friendship with the bride and why she chose you as her best friend, be sure that you are sincere in what you say. If a story doesnt feel authentic, it will come across as fake!
  • Be confident! You dont need an obnoxious amount of confidencejust enough so that everyone can tell how happy and excited you are about addressing the room full of guests.
  • Humor is always a great way to keep things lighthearted and fun during your speech however, do not rely on humor too heavily because it can quickly lose its effect if overdone or misused . Instead opt for stories where the punchline is something specific from one of your shared experiences together over time spent growing up together these sorts of anecdotes will help convey both sides personalities without making anyone feel uncomfortable about sharing personal details about themselves with others present at this event. should also reveal something meaningful about both friends as individuals: their values or beliefs , what motivates them professionally/academically etcetera. should also reveal something meaningful about both friends as individuals: their values or beliefs , what motivates them professionally/academically etcetera

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Teenage Dreams Of Love

I particularly remember the day that I broke up with my boyfriend, Dan, when we were juniors in high school. Carolyn came over the second I called to tell her about the breakup and of course, she brought hot chocolate.

This comes as a surprise to none of you, I’m sure. Carolyn knows how to take care of people, and she pays attention to what they like.

Anyway, over our mugs of Swiss Miss, Carolyn and I decided that when the time came to find our forever guys, we weren’t going to settle. Carolyn was absolutely, positively going to have a man who was outdoorsy but not macho, loved animals, wanted exactly three kids, and was close to his family.

Short Maid Of Honor Speech Example

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and family and especially Julie and Alex.

It has been said many times that money cant buy you love, but today we have been shown how that is not true. Over a decade ago, Julie and Alex met at an ATM machine.

Of course, it was not the money the machine might even have been empty. If I am not mistaken, it was Julies blue eyes that might be the real reason we are here today.

As Maid of Honor, I have the privilege of saluting Julie and Alex, two of the most amazing people I know, as well as some very special people in their lives.

You see, this is a couple who surround themselves with a small, tight-knit group of loyal and caring friends.

For instance, it is good to see Alanna here from Seattle, CeCelia from Memphis and Crystal from South Bend, all close friends of Julies for years. And it is equally good to see Alex three best men Darnell, Kurt and Matt too close and loyal all three of them for him to choose just one.

I have also known Julies mother, Joni Payne, for years. Her support and love for Julie, as well as Kevins, Alex father, is surely one of the reasons she is the wonderful person she is today.

And from what I know of Alex, I am sure his family must be just as supportive and loving. I do know that they have certainly taken Julie in and treated her like a daughter.

I want to wish you and Alex many more decades of joy together. May you love. May you smile. May you care. May you live the fairytale.

To Julie and Alex.

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Close With A Killer Last Line

The last line is key in making a strong impact with your maid of honor speech.

Im a huge fan of call-backs. This is when you end the speech by calling back to a line that you mentioned earlier in the speech. These tend to be crowd-pleasers and often elicit heartwarming tears when done in a thoughtful way.

You can also choose to close your speech with something simple but loving.

A Made Of Honor Speech Template

HOW TO: Write a Maid of Honor Speech
  • Part 1: Introduction, Congratulations, & I love you both so much.
  • Part 2: A lovely anecdote about the couples relationship and how awesome they are. This should be the bulk of your speech.
  • Part 3: I hope you are always as happy, joyous, and in love as that moment. OR This proves how madly in love you two are. May you continue to be an inspiration to us all. Etc.
  • Part 4: Everyone drinks!

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Five: Talk About Why The Bride And Groom Are Great Together

Hopefully, youve had the chance to get to know the brides significant other well. But in the event that you havent spent as much time with her new spouse as you might have liked for the sake of writing this speech, focus on how youve noticed how much happier she is since theyve been together.

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Keep In Mind That This Is Not About You

Many of the stories you share should centre on your relationship with the bride, but you shouldn’t make the speech about yourself. Do not bring up your own presence again after you have introduced yourself briefly . You are merely the means by which the newlyweds can extol their virtues. Focus on the other 60 minutes and only insert yourself if absolutely necessary.

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A Maid Of Honor Speech For A Sister

Good evening, everyone. Thank you so much for coming out tonight. Don’t adjust your television sets, you’re not seeing double. I’m Kate, Bridget’s sister. And no, we’re not twins, although we do get that a lot. I’m 11 months older, but I’m totally okay with my little sister getting married before me. She’s always wanted to find the love of her life and settle down.

A Few Loving Words Is All It Takes

Maid Of Honor Speech: 32 Best Examples In 2021

Just a few words from the maid of honor is all that it takes to share your love and celebrate the couple. And if you end with a good toast like this maid of honor did, your maid of honor speech will be golden.

I would like to say today what a beautiful couple they make! People talk of fairytales, but real relationships take a lot of work. I must applaud and congratulate the bride and the groom on investing in each other and putting in the work to be the best possible versions of themselves for each other. This is true love, folks! A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. {Quote by Mignon McLaughlin)

A toast to my best friend and her best friend.

Love you both!

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Talk About Her Partner

After talking about you and the bride, it might be a good idea to include how you first met her almost-spouse in the maid of honor speech. I once witnessed a maid of honor that had been friends with the bride for many years, and during her speech she recalled that the bride actually had set her and the groom up on a blind date at first. The maid of honor and the future groom talked about their common friend for the entire dateand the rest was history. Youre the brides right hand woman, but a wedding is all about celebrating the couple, so its a nice transition from talking about you and the bride into talking about the bride and her partner. It also shows your solidarity and support for their relationship. No matter how you truly feel about her partner, keep a happy face on.

Explain What You Love About Their Relationship

Here is the part where you tie it all together. Youve highlighted the qualities you love about each person, and now its time to share how their relationship has made a positive impact on your life or inspired you in some way.

Theyre the reason everyone has gathered together in celebration today. Does their relationship inspire you to be a better partner in your own relationship? Does their goofy energy spark joy in everyone around them? Highlight exactly why you think these two people are meant to be together.

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How To Write A Winning Maid Of Honor Wedding Speech

As the maid of honour, you will play a pivotal role in the wedding of your best friend. One of the most significant responsibilities of the maid of honour is making the maid of honour speech. You and your best friend deserve all the praise and attention they can get on this special day. But if you’re not a public speaker, the prospect of standing in front of an audience and having to articulate your thoughts and feelings can be daunting.

Your maid-of-honor speech will go off without a hitch if you put in the time and effort to prepare for it. We have compile a comprehensive guide to writing the best possible speech to send off your best friend into her new life with her partner, as we are both avid wedding-goers and strong believers in girl code and BFF love. Keep reading for tried-and-true advice on how to give a maid-of-honor speech that will be remembered for a very long time.

The maid of honour, also known as the bridesmaid or matron of honour, is a highly anticipated role for nearly every female wedding guest. One of the best parts of the wedding day is being invited to participate in one of the most memorable rituals: the walk down the aisle with the bride and groom and other members of the bridal party.

Next to the bride and groom, the maid of honour is the most prominent member of the bridal party. The truth is that she usually gets more compliments at a wedding than the best man does.

  • 13 Content Summary
  • Short Examples Of Maid Of Honor Toasts

    Perfect Maid of Honor Speech

    A good Maid of Honor toast should be short, but to the point. After all, you want your speech to be memorable rather than long-winded. Youll also want to make sure that any jokes you use are appropriate for the audience and venue if there are children present at your wedding, its probably best not to tell any raunchy jokes!

    Think about what you want to say and how you want to say it before writing anything down on paper or in a word processor. Its best if you keep your speech short: A good rule of thumb is that each sentence should only contain one idea or thought no exceptions! If necessary, have a friend practice reading an early draft of your Maid Of Honor toast so she can give feedback on whether it works well for her own tastes.

    Be prepared to speak in front of a large audience as well as small groups . During these situations, its important not only that whats written sounds natural coming from someone else also consider whether there may need editing changes made before speaking aloud.

    Great Maid of Honor wedding speeches often includes great quotes. Of course, you want to make sure to make it personal as we mentioned above by introducing yourself, complimenting the bride and groom and the rest of the family, a cute story, and an invitation to the guests to raise their glasses. But, famous quotes have a way of painting a picture that our own words cant seem to do on their own.

    These beautiful maid of honor toast examples are sure to inspire.

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    How To End A Maid Of Honor Speech

    20 sample maid of honor speech conclusions to help you write your own

    By: Susan Dugdale | Last modified: 09-04-2022

    Your best friend is getting married and her wedding day is getting closer. You want to deliver on your promise to give the best maid of honor speech you can: a speech the happy couple, family members and other wedding guests will be delighted to hear.

    A important part of giving a memorable speech is ensuring it finishes strongly. With a bang rather than whimper!

    Dont Make It About Yourself

    Of course, you should feel free to tell stories that include you and the bride or the couple, but the focus should always be on the people getting married. Even if the bride is your sister or best friend, dont make the speech entirely about your relationship to the bride. Avoid inside jokes that outsiders wont understand, and dont go overboard with anecdotes that take too much backstory or explanation. Absolutely dont talk about your own personal relationship stories unless its to briefly share a piece of wisdom. Even then, those sorts of stories are best left to the mother of the bride or other older family members. Focus instead on what you think the bride would most like to hear from you on her big day.

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    Love Is Not A Matter Of Counting The Years But Of Making The Years Count

    “I looked for one of those special quotes: a few wise words cleverly summing up what I wanted to leave you with at the end of my speech.

    I found this: Love is not a matter of counting the years, but of making the years count Its from Michelle Amand.

    And the two of you personify that statement in every way. You love each other so wholeheartedly, making the most out of every moment you share.

    I know in my heart, that you will have a beautiful, full life together, making every moment, every minute, every hour of every day, of every year count.

    I feel lucky to be a part of your lives and can’t wait to see where you go from here. Thank you for including all of us in your journey.”

    How To Write A Maid Of Honor Speechtemplate Included

    The Perfect Maid of Honor Speech: Tips and Sample Toasts

    Wondering how to write a maid of honor speech? This guide covers everything you need to know and includes a template to help you get started.

    Your best friend is getting married, and shes asked you to be her maid of honorone of the most meaningful and important roles in helping your best friend bring her wedding daydreams to life. With this honor comes a number of important duties, and at the top of that list is delivering the maid of honor speech.

    The maid of honor speech traditionally takes place at the wedding reception, but its possible you might deliver it at the rehearsal dinner. Regardless of when the speech will take place, its best to get started writing it at least three weeks before the wedding day. After all, a meaningful maid of honor speech isnt something you can write up on your phone the morning of the weddingit requires some thought, preparation, and maybe a round of edits or two.

    If the task of giving a moving speech to a room full of people feels a bit nerve-wracking, dont panic. Weve broken down everything you need to know to craft the perfect speech from start to finish, along with how to keep your nerves at bay when it comes time to deliver it.

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