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How To Use Anki For Language Learning

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Start Reviewing Only Use The Again And Good Options Use The Shortcuts Space To Show The Answer And 1/3 To Mark The Answer As Again/good

How I use Anki to for language studies – tutorial

This is the moment when you really experience the Spaced Repetition part of the program. Failed cards will be repeated sooner, while Good cars will be repeated later. The more you repeat this process, the stronger and longer-lasting your memory of these notes will become.

Space is the shortcut listed in Anki to show an answer. Enter serves the same purpose. Pressing space/enter again will also mark a card as good.

The Ultimate Guide To Anki Language Learning: Study Tips Benefits Shortfalls And Beyond

For a number of years, Anki was a pretty obscure app on the language learning scene.

Even though it was developed in 2006, it remained fairly niche, often overshadowed by bigger names in the language learning community such as Duolingo and Memrise.

But in the past couple years, it has grown a huge following among the polyglot community. All types of language learnersfrom YouTube polyglots to university academicshave praised its effectiveness.

Anki Lets You Borrow Flashcard Decks From Other Language Learners

What if you love the opportunities that all these features have to offer, but you donât want to go through the motions of making Anki cards yourself? Well, fortunately, Anki hosts . Shared decks are Anki decks created by other users made public, so anybody can access them and learn with them. And you can find a variety of topics, from languages to geography to random history facts.

If you go to the Anki shared decks, you can click through to the most popular subjects. Or, if youâre looking for something else, thereâs a search bar on the upper righthand corner. Search for literally anything in the world and I can guarantee that youâll find something. Youâd be amazed by the kinds of things people are using Anki to learn.

If youâve built up a really helpful Anki deck, you can share it, either with just a couple friends or the entire world. The Anki site is completely open to anybody to access or create any kind of cards imaginable, which is amazing. Plus, users take their Anki decks seriously, so you can find some really helpful, in-depth information.

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Tip #: Use The Cloze Note Type To Learn Secondary Muscles

If you already use context and personalization to recall words, there is yet another technique I suggest for more effective learning – the Cloze note type. If you havent used it before, Cloze gives you a sentence completion card that is impossible to generate with any other note type:

Cloze deletion is the process of hiding one or more words in a sentence. For example, if you have the sentence:

Canberra was founded in 1913.

and you create a cloze deletion on 1913, then the sentence would become:

Canberra was founded in .

I often use Cloze by having cards with small conversations, like so:

- What do you for work?- I work as a programmer

Then, I use Cloze deletion to make several cards from this one note. In one card, Ill delete both words for work. In another, the word for programmer. The nice thing about Cloze deletion is that you get to practice words that you dont even delete. For example, in each card Ill say What do you do, which is not the intended purpose of this specific note, but still lets you practice another aspect of the language.

Using Anki On Different Devices

Using Anki Flashcards To Learn A Language

As stated earlier, Anki is available on a wide range of devices. It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android, and much more. Using the app is generally free. However, a user will need to pay a fee to enjoy the app on a mobile device. A user is given the option to either pay a yearly subscription or a one-time lifetime payment. Also, there are specific services that can only be accessed on a mobile device. Therefore, a user may want to get the mobile application. Nonetheless, the computer application usually gives the option of having a very big screen, which is desired by some users. Users that have multiple devices can seamlessly synchronize flashcards from one device to another.

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What Does The App Do And How Does It Work

Anki is a flashcard software system that uses recall and spaced repetition to help you remember facts. Its a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, and you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying or greatly increase the amount that you learn, says Skillshare instructor Ali Abdaal.

Anki is super flexible, and you can use the system to create and study flashcards on any subject youd like.

Once youve created your own flashcards in Anki, you test yourself the same way you study physical flashcards. But, unlike normal flashcards, this program gives you the opportunity to rate whether you found the answer easy, medium, or hard. Anki uses these ratings to determine what spaced repetition intervals to use.

Whats spaced repetition? Its a learning technique that repeatedly shows you material at the right intervals to increase your comprehension and boost retention. Basically, itll show you tougher subjects more frequently so they stick in your brain better.

Over time as Im going through my flashcards repeatedly, Im rating myself in terms of how hard I found the stuff, and then Anki is resurfacing the relevant things appropriately based on when Im most likely to just pass that threshold of forgetting, says Abdaal.

Tip #8 Add Anki To Your Smartphone And/or Tablet To Study On The Go

If you have a few minutes to spare when you are not doing anything and you have Anki on your phone, then learning new words or grammar can be easily do-able. I have studied vocabulary while on the bus or train, in bed, secretly at work while the boss is not looking, in the queue at the post office and sometimes during the 5 minutes before dinner.

You may be surprised how much time you can find to study if you have the Anki app on your phone and in your pocket ready to go.

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Its great being able to interact with native speaking people and having a conversation with them not just doing all the work on paper. Its also an amazing opportunity to speak with native Spanish-speaking people without having to travel to a native Spanish-speaking country.


HSA offers very affordable, quality, one on one classes with a native speaker. My son has greatly benefited from taking classes. We have seen his confidence increase as well as his pronunciation improve, because he learns from a native Spanish speaker. HSA has quick, personal customer service. I have appreciated the one on one interaction and teaching that my son gets from his teachers. He has gotten to know his teachers, which has increased his confidence in speaking Spanish. Our family has been very pleased with our experience so far!

Maple, Parent of 3

My Son, Heath, is taking the classes. Hes been with Luisa the entire time and we absolutely love her. She is always patient and is a great teacher. Heaths dad speaks Spanish so they get to have little conversations.

William R, Parent of 3

The Secrets Of A Successful Language Learner: Anki

Complete Anki Guide 2021: The Most Efficient Language-Learning Resource

In this article, I want to show you how I set up Anki. I want to explain to you why I set it up that way. But most importantly, I want to establish that Anki has value, and I want you to introduce that added value into your daily life.

With this self-admitted excess of purpose in mind, I have tried to format the tutorial to deliver both necessary and extraneous information while maintaining some semblance of flow.

Essential elements are formatted as titles. Follow these steps and ignore the rest if you already understand the value Anki can provide in your life and are ready to get going. I continue each point with descriptions of whats going on in the background so that youll have more context. Ill conclude the article with a few tips on how Ive used Anki, what its good for, and what it isnt.

When I was at university, I skipped French 1001 and went straight to 1002. Id never taken French before, but my plan was to get my pre-requisites out of the way as fast as I could. I had big dreams, and I sure as hell wasnt going to waste my time on useless classes!

Eventually this process became unmanageable and ineffective. Setting aside for a moment that translation is one of the worst way to learn a language, there was simply too much vocabulary to learn.

Carrying around a large deck of halved index cards and reviewing over a $5 cup of coffee quickly got out of control.

Enter Anki.

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Anki: A Language Learners Best Friend

Anki is a valuable tool for language learners of all levels, whether they want to speed up their learning process or increase their study efficiency. If youre new to the app, youll need to learn the simple cards first. When using the 60% interval, it is suggested that you use it to help you stay on track as an experienced user. Anki is a great way to improve language skills for anyone, regardless of level.

Tip #: Say The Answers Out Loud

Just thinking the answer and then checking it leaves too much wiggle room for your mind to rationalize that you kind-of sort-of did get the answer right. I tried both, and the difference is noticeable. Saying the answers out loud forces you to on the specific answer and leaves no room to think actually, in retrospect, I knew this was answer.

This is doubly so for learning a language – since I might remember how a word is roughly spelled, but not the exact pronunciation. If you dont say it, its difficult to determine if you actually remembered it.

While it is comfortable to use some free time on the bus to quietly ramp up on your Chinese, I suggest you do it only when you can speak it out loud .

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Flashcards For Learning Hiragana And Katakana

Its more difficult to test your ability to write characters with Anki, since the app doesnt have stroke recognition capabilities, but it can certainly be used for character recognition.

For hiragana and katakana, I recommend two types offlashcards:

  • Individual characters
  • Whole words written in hiragana and katakana
  • The former is obvious, but the latter is just as important.

    When we read , our brains dont process letters individually we process words as a whole. Practicing doing this exact thing will help speed up your ability to do it.

    This can, of course, be achieved simply using your vocabulary flashcards, but I recommend focused kana reading practice to improve your ability to parse words written in these characters more quickly.

    Setting Up Your Card Layout

    How to use Anki Cards to Learn a Language

    I have a custom card layout that looks like this:

    Concept : definition of the word, images that illustrate the concept

    Word : name of the word + any unexpected prepositions, audio clip of pronunciation, example phrases

    I call the front of the card the Concept rather than Definition, because when we really speak a language, what were aiming for is not to associate every word in Portuguese with a different word in English, but to associate each Portuguese words with a concept. So try to be creative with the concept field. In addition to an English translation, you might want to add a cartoon or photograph, to illustrate the concept. Anki lets you paste images into any field of a card.

    Another tip for describing the concept is to use other portuguese synonyms that you already know rather than English translations whenever possible. If Im creating a card for saltar , I might put another verb I know that means to jump in the concept field, pular.

    In the Word field, Ill type the vocabulary word. If its a verb, Ill put it in the infinitive, remembering to add -se if its reflexive if it can be used both reflexively and normally, Ill put in parentheses after the verb. If a verb uses an unexpected preposition , Ill include the preposition.

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    Customizing Your Anki Flashcards And Decks To Optimize Learning Japanese

    Downloaded Japanese Anki decks are a great background learning tool, but they shouldnt be your primary way of learning. Rather, focus on making your own deck that suits your learning style. After downloading and trying a variety of shared decks, filter the information that you want.

    You can also add words you pick up from your textbooks or manga. This way, its easier to remember because there is a context to them. A lot of people will download the Core 6k, scrap the layout formatting and start adding words.

    The cards are customizable. When a shared deck is imported, you can change what appears on the front and back of a card by clicking the Edit button.

    Deleting Unwanted Japanese Anki Decks

    A lot of our recommended Japanese Anki decks include several subdecks. You might think its too much. To delete unwanted decks, click on the setting button and select Delete.

    Deleting Japanese Anki Flashcards

    On the home screen , click to Browse. Youll immediately see all the compiled cards, categorized based on decks and note types.

    Select the cards you dont want, right-click and choose Delete. It might be hidden under the Notes subsection.

    Moving Japanese Flashcards to Another Deck

    You can also move it to a brand new Deck. To do that, click the Add button, give it a name and click OK.

    How to Edit Your Flashcards

    When you encounter a card in a deck, you can immediately click Edit, and a new tab will appear.

    Sharing Your Anki Decks

    Setting A Reasonable New Card Limit

    Card limit and new card limit are two different things. When youre still in the initial phases of language learning with Anki, youll likely be adding tons of new words on a daily basis.

    Theres no real reason to wait in bulking up your deck after all. Once you add a card to your deck, its considered new until after you review it for the first time.

    Depending on how many cards you add daily, the amount of new cards available for study can quickly become overwhelming.

    Ankis default is 20 new cards. So if you have 20 new cards to learn, youll have those mixed in along with the cards you need to review for the day. If you have 100 new cards to learn, youll still only have 20 new cards available for you study that day.

    All I can say is to adjust that amount to what will feel most manageable for you. If youre not sure, stick with 20 new cards and see how that goes.

    A nice mix of new and older cards is the way to go. Its all about balance and respecting your minds short-term and long-term memory capabilities.

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    How To Use Anki For Language Learning

    The first thing you need in this department is a list of words and/or phrases to learn. Then follow these steps:

    • Allow the first card to come up
    • Listen to it pronounced by a native speaker
    • Speak the vocabulary or phrase out loud
    • Look at the meaning
    • Look back at the target information
    • Create an association
    • Move forward to the next word
    • Follow the recommended review schedule

    Lets look at an example of a mentally-enhanced Anki card for the French phrase Où suis-je?

    To hear a native speaker pronounce this phrase, I searched for it on Forvo.

    Next, to avoid rote learning and maximize active recall, I used the story method.

    In this case, the story involved hearing Oops shrieked by Greta Thunberg after seeing James Brown balancing a jar on his finger.

    Why these figures?

    • The oops triggers the basic ooh sound of Où
    • Thunberg is a very famous Swede, which helps recall the swee sound of suis
    • The jar and James Browns performance ticks help get the je sound at the end

    If these associations seem abstract to you, dont worry. In the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass I teach you the logic behind how to create such associations quickly and easily.

    And dont worry. You dont have to be creative at all to do so.

    Once youve elaborated your cards in this manner, its just a matter of following up with speaking, reading, writing and listening to more of the language.

    How To Use Anki: Your Guide To Using Spanish Flashcards

    How to use Anki to learn languages

    Anki is among the top tools you can use for learning a language. Many students choose it as their go-to alternative for creating digital Spanish flashcards.

    Although flashcards may not always be your chosen strategy as a language learner, its hard to deny they bring effective results.

    Flashcards are excellent for memorizing difficult words and vocabulary. Theyre also ideal for establishing a learning routine with goals.

    Anki might seem a complex resource, however, mastering it is actually quite intuitive once you have a solid know-how of the basics.

    I scoured the web to find all of your questions about how to use Anki. Join me in this in-depth guide to using Anki and Spanish flashcards for elevating your language learning.

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    Download Anki And Install It On Your Laptop Or Computer

    Its very important that you install the app on your laptop, not on your mobile device or tablet. Building decks is always faster on a computer, and I dont want you to get frustrated building cards on a mobile device and then give up.

    Anki is a free application. The only paid version currently on the market is the iOS app, and considering the use that its given me, Ive been happy to pay the 25USD on two occasions. In exchange for the paid version, iOS users get a much cleaner UI than Android users.

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