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How To Learn Visayan Language

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[LESSON 1] Learn Basic Bisaya Greetings| How To Speak Bisaya Language|Easy Lessons|2020

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Bisaya : Where You Can Learn The Cebuano Language

I know, teaching Cebuano in Cebu doesnt seem to make sense, right? Everybody speaks it and while there are tourists wanting to learn the language, does anybody really want to pay and spend a month or so in a classroom to learn how we communicate? Most of them are happy when we oblige at teaching them a thing or two already, right?

Recently, I got a message from our page asking us where to find a good school he could enroll in to learn Cebuano. I was honestly surprised that someone is interested to learn Cebuano! I answered and said, I dont know any, because I really didnt. Then I promised him to do my research and found TWO schools that offer short courses on the language.

This school offers Cebuano among other languages. It is good to know that certain entities give value to our language and culture! I only found this , maybe because I didnt look hard enough, or maybe others are just too hard to find. If you know of any school that offers Cebuano course, please let us know so we can update the list!

What Is The Course About

Learn to speak Visayan / Bisayas

Speak Visayan like a native

Course description

  • Learn to speak Visayan / Bisayas
  • Learn basic Visayan phrases
  • Master the authentic Visayan accent from a native tutor
  • Interest to learn Visayan
  • A book and a pen to jet down important points
  • 42 mins on-demand video
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Learn to speak Visayan / Bisayas

Course Topic

University, College, Institution

Online, self-paced


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Why Should You Opt For A Language Course Specifically An Online One

Online courses and studies have made things easy and accessible for people with a busy lifestyle. Our mission is to aid in learning new languages in the easiest, most convenient way possible. Learning new languages makes a person different, unique and creative and eliminates the need for interpreters and translators.

Course Features

The course has a variety of features including but not limited to:

  • Lifetime access via web or mobile

Register now to learn Cebuano Online.

Course Content

Bisaya Phrases You Should Learn And Know

Cebuano Visayan illustrated

There are many Bisaya phrases you can use when traveling to Cebu.

You may have plans to go to Cebu for a trip. A local comes up to you and asks for help. You barely know any Cebuano, what do you do? You may speak to them in English since most Cebuanos understand the English language very well, but there are some that struggle understanding. You may have plans to move here and experience all the wonderful things that the island has to offer. If you want to fit in, barely knowing the local dialect is not enough. You must be familiar with several Bisaya phrases that you might hear Cebuanos say.

Bisaya is the language spoken in islands found in Visayas. Cebu is located in Central Visayas, and it is one of the most popular Bisaya speaking islands in the country. There are many words and common phrases that are used by Cebuanos on a daily basis, and it would definitely help if you knew these words yourself. With enough practice, you can have a full length Bisaya conversation with someone.

Here are some words that you will definitely hear when you witness a conversation between two Cebuanos:

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Is It Challenging To Learn Cebuano Language

Cebuano, a fusion of Bisaya/Cebuano and English, is not very hard to learn. If you live in a metropolitan or urban setting, the level of language acquisition is not tremendous, and you dont have to keep traveling to remote highlands to do it.

On the other hand, traveling abroad will be entirely different.

North American Language Academy

NALA is a language school situated in Lahug, Cebu City. Many of their students come to class to learn English, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. Some come to learn how to speak German, Spanish and Dutch fluently. A few have chosen Bisaya among the many available courses they have. Most enrollees are foreigners, but locals are most welcome, too!

Their rates for the Cebuano language for 20 training hours are as follows:

Group Class : 5,500 per person

Private Class : 10,000 pesos

Class schedules: Tuesdays & Thursdays at 8:00 to 10: 00 AM

How to get there

The nearest landmark going to the school is JY Square Mall in Lahug. It is a 4-minute walk from the mall, just look for The Ching Palace and youll get around easily once you find it.

For more information, visit their website at and their page. You may reach them at 232 1353.

Filipinos learn different languages in hopes of finding better opportunities on the other side of the world, while these interested foreigners want to learn more about us, our language, and our culture, because they find a home far away from theirs. I hope that more schools would offer the same teachings to the locals to preserve and enrich what we already have. No hate against all the conyos and the ones who were never taught their own language, but I hope that someday, we would be free to be speaking Bisaya anywhere in the country, loud and proud, without being discriminated.

Start by learning some of the basics by clicking this link.

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Filipino Language Apps For Ios And Android

If you need more practice with languages of the Philippines, check out these recommended apps, available for both iOS and Android! Im not affiliated with the developers, just sharing because they are good apps.

Drops Language Learning App Tagalog version

Drops is an app that combines minimalist images and word games into an fun, interactive, language-learning adventure! There is plenty of vocabulary that is broken down into categories such as essentials, food, and even prison. The free version provides 5 minutes daily of word games and puzzles. The paid subscription provides unlimited time, all categories are unlocked and additional learning features like the Tough Word Dojo, and it allows offline access.

I can speak and understand conversational Tagalog, but I learning by hearing only, I never read in Tagalog. This app was great for me to get the visual side of learning a language. Seeing the word spelled out and a cute icon to associate it with, really made it stick! Even with just the 5 minutes a day, I retained a lot. My 8-year-old son also enjoyed playing the games and said it didnt seem like learning!

And if you love learning multiple languages, the subscription is an awesome deal! You get 30 languages with over 1700 words each! At the time of this article, the prices for subscription are: $9.99/month, $39.99/year, and $159.99 for lifetime access.

Random Ilokano App

Learn Cebuano Phrasebook App

Top 6 Sites Where You Can Learn Cebuano Language

Learn Cebuano Easy Phrases Everyday Conversation with CLOSED CAPTION

Filipino though in general is flexible in terms of speaking english. If you happen to be a foreigner visiting the Philippines or in Cebu, you would not find it difficult to deal with Filipinos. Asking for directions where to go or even bargaining in the market, they can answer you quickly. Most can speak english fluently and some atleast can speak broken english but can 100% understand you.

However, you will get immediately what youre asking or needing if you learn bits and pieces of Cebuano language. You will even given special attention if you can speak the native tongue. Besides, Cebuano is easy and fun to learn. Here are some great top 6 sites where you can learn Cebuano Language.

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Is Bisaya The Same As Cebuano

When you learn the Bisaya language, you will realize that as different as the Visayan languages are, both pertain to specific regional languages or inhabitants of the Visayas region of the Philippines.

The Visayan province is in the Visayas region the Maccabees province came from the Visayan region of the Philippines, the nations next region after the Visayas region.

Cebuano Origins

Cebuano originated in the Islands of Viasaya, mainly Cebu. With the passage of time, it spread across Negros Oriental, Bohol and parts of Mindanao. It was officially recognized and spoken in the Philippines in the early 21st century. The early written scripts found in the Cebuano language were by the Spanish colonists in the 17th century.

Why Learn Cebuano

Island explorers must be excited to explore the beauty of this language. The course is specially designed to aid in routine life conversations with the natives of the Visayan islands. The Philippines Islands have so much to offer and learning Cebuano online will help you get accustomed and familiarized to make your travels an exceptionally satisfying experience. Learn Cebuano online to make new friends, travel confidently and explore the Philippines with an in-depth awareness.

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