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How To Learn Turkish Language

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Courses Designed Just For Turkish

Learn Turkish in 25 Minutes – ALL the Basics You Need

These courses were custom-made for the Turkish language, so they are not just a copy/paste from a program designed to teach another language like Spanish or English.

Entertaining mix of grammar and culture for all levels of Turkish

For people who are learning Turkish, Turkish Tea Time is a well-known and well-loved resource. The lessons were designed and organized well to suit the Turkish language, and the lessons have entertaining dialogues about topics related to Turkey and Turkish culture. Turkish Tea Time also covers advanced grammar forms that you wont find in most programs, like -yordu and -sayd. It even has a few of the rarer and more obscure forms like -p durmak and -as / esi. So even if you start with a different program, you may want to take another look at Turkish Tea Time after you reach the Intermediate level.


Use The Best App To Learn Turkish

You can combine the best of these ways to learn Turkish by using a language learning app. Its not just convenient to have your lessons in your pocket. Its also much cheaper than joining a class or hiring a tutor. Luckily, the best apps to learn Turkish are all built on scientifically-proven methods. So, theyre guaranteed to bring you fluency. And the best of them is undoubtedly OptiLingo.

OptiLingo is effective and brings you to fluency fast. It gives you the most common Turkish phrases, so you learn exactly how the locals speak. OptiLingo also has built-in spaced repetition. This technique helps you remember your lessons. You wont have to memorize or drill. OptiLingo helps you recall Turkish automatically. Achieve Turkish fluency successfully by !

Try And Employ A Tuition Teacher To Help You:

Learning a foreign language can prove to be very challenging especially if you do not have a proper tuition teacher to guide you. Having a skilled professional who can take Turkish classes and look into your personal needs will ensure that you learn the Turkish language easily and quickly.

Ensure that you get tutored at least a couple of times a week and then things will become rather simple for you. A tutor will proceed according to how fast or slow you are being able to pick up the things which are being taught.

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How To Learn Turkish In 18 Simple Steps

Turkish is an awesome language. And with 80 million speakers worldwide, speaking it fluently will definitely benefit you. But, how do you go about learning Turkish? What are your first steps toward fluency? Turkish for beginners can seem very daunting. Thats why we came up with this ultimate guide for how to learn Turkish. You can easily achieve fluency. Just follow these 18 steps for the best way to learn Turkish fast.

Acquaint Yourself With Some Basic As Well As Useful Words And Phrases:

Pimsleur Basic Turkish

When trying to master the language, as mentioned above it is advisable that you start from the Turkish language basics and then gradually make your way to the top.

However, while learning says the alphabets, along with this you should ask your teacher to teach you some practical things which you can immediately start putting into practice. Ask your teacher to tell you some simple words and phrases.

If you are visiting the place, make it a point to know how to say please, thank you as well as good morning in Turkish!

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Turkish Learning App Lingo Play

Play online

Invite your friends and have fun as you learn Turkish together


Participate in tournaments with other players around the world

Rating + prizes

Participate in rating competitions and win prizes

Learn lessons

You will discover thousands of new words and phrases in Turkish language


Keep your Turkish vocabulary updated

Learn Turkish lessons online

Complete your Lingo course and get your certificate in Turkish language in the app

Learn Useful Turkish Phrases Forreal Situations

Our language experts have identified and selected the most common real-life situations you can find yourself in. As a result, the app breaks the learning process down into short lessons and organizes them into extremely relevant themes. Pick your topic of interest and learn words and phrases related to that topic until you master it. Introducing yourself, getting around the city, buying a ticket, renting a hotel room or shopping – its all covered in detail so you can learn the essentials of the Turkish language in an easy and fun way. Before you know it you will be able to have a real conversationin Turkish.

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Sign Up For A Turkish Language Class:

As mention above taking the services of a skilled professional to study Turkish bound to be of great help to you, yet in addition to that, you should consider signing up for a Turkish course or class at some reputed language school.

This might seem like a waste of money, but if you want to pick up the language quickly, you should be willing to go that extra mile to get what you want to achieve. Being in a class with other students is a good thing as the competition will encourage you to pick up things faster than you otherwise would have.

How To Learn The Turkish Language

Turkish for Beginners | How To Learn Turkish

RECOMMENDED: If youre looking for a quality resource to learn Turkish with, I highly recommend this one.

Since were now in the run up to the ANZAC Centenary I thought it would be fitting to help those of you who are interested in learning Turkish.

Today Ive revisited and repurposed a guest post from Aaron Myers of the Everyday Language Learner blog.

After having spent some time living in that part of the world with his family, Aaron learned an impressive level of Turkish . This is a major point of interest for me personally as Ive lived in Turkey and spent quite a bit of time learning it.

I stayed in Turkey again a few months ago and its made me want to pick up Turkish again so much!

Its definitely one my favorite places in the world and a language I love.

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What Pitfalls Do I Need To Avoid As I Start Learning Turkish

If Turkish is the first foreign language youre learning there are several pitfalls you need to avoid in order to maximise your chances of success.

1. Dont Set Unreasonable Expectations

One thing that can shut down progress in language learning is having unrealistic expectations. If you are planning to be a C2, native level Turkish speaker after just a few months and without the right language learning system in place, you are no doubt going to be discouraged and eventually give up.

Rather, set incremental goals that are reasonable and revel in the successes you do experience.

2. Dont Be A Perfectionist

Language learning requires you to make mistakes. If you always wait to speak until you have your sentence perfectly formatted grammatically, you will never speak at all.

Make mistakes. That is how you learn a language.

3. Avoid Translating

Translating something from English to Turkish is clunky and often doesnt work. It also overlooks the unique way we might say something in English.

For example, in English we eat soup. But in Turkish you drink it: çorba içmek. If you start with your English assumption and then translate it into Turkish, there is a good chance it will be wrong.

4. Dont Be A Cowboy

The whole reason you want to learn a language is so you can communicate with others. It is surprising then, how many people try to learn a language on their own.

5. Dont Write Everything Down

Basic Turkish Phrases And Turkish Greetings

To speak like a native Turkish speaker, there are certain must-know Turkish phrases and expressions that will help you navigate your way through a conversation.

The best place to start, of course, is with hello! There are many greetings in Turkish to choose from, the most common of which is Merhaba! . This greeting is appropriate in almost any context, so its a safe bet to use in most situations. With peers and close friends, selam is a popular option, too. There are even special greetings for guests and visitors, like ho geldin for a singular visitor you know familiarly or ho geldiniz for a group of guests or one you know more formally.

For more time-conscious greetings, günaydn is great if its before noon. After noon passes and before evening starts, you can opt for tünaydn or iyi günler, both of which can be translated to good day. And after the sun sets, iyi akamlar is a classic option.

As you learn Turkish, youll get familiar with basic Turkish phrases like Ne haber? and Naslsnz and its more casual form Naslsn? , to which a classic response is yilik, senden? . If youre meeting someone for the first time, youll want to talk about who you are and perhaps where youre from. To introduce yourself in Turkish, you can say Benim adm X or Ben X . To find out other peoples first names, you can ask Senin adn ne? in a more familiar context and Sizin adnz nedir? if you want to be more formal.

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Wondering How To Learn Turkish

Turkish is very different from other languages, but there are some aspects of the language that make it easier than others. There are many recommended ways to learn Turkish.

Tackle Turkish grammar:â

  • Turkish grammar is relatively easy to learn.
  • You can learn some of the basic structures in Dropsâ Travel Talk category.

Listen to lots of Turkish audio:â

  • Find Turkish dramas you enjoy and watch them to get familiar with the language.
  • Listen to Turkish music.
  • Use Dropsâ Premium listening test feature to test your listening comprehension.

Why You Should Use Apps To Learn Turkish

panosundaki Pin

As you can see, there are a lot of apps available to learn Turkish online. Using apps is one of the best ways to learn a language because they offer so many different ways to practice. Apps like italki let you talk with native Turkish speakers while apps like Babbel and Busuu can help you build a solid foundation in grammar and culture. You can also get a completely immersive experience from an app like Rosetta Stone. The options are endless!

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Learn Turkish With Our Zoom Classes

As we transition into the new normal during the crazy times of a pandemic, we started to offer Turkish classes for our students.

We started to form classes for four students to ensure plenty of interaction and speaking time for each person. We couldnt believe how fun and practical these classes turn out to be!

Heres a couple of feedback from our students:

Honestly, we didnt anticipate these classes to be this effective! Almost all of our students continue the lessons with positive feedback and they form new friendships.

This is perfect because you learn faster if you are doing it with the people you like spending time with.

We highly believe that language and interaction are essential in language learning. The lessons are academic, and we focus on improving reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

You can find more information and times of classes on the Turkish classes page.

Befriend A Person From Turkey Who Can Help You:

One of the best things to do to help you pick up the language faster is that you should befriend someone who is from Turkey so that his accent and manner of speaking the Turkish language will help you tremendously.

Being in such proximity to someone who has a strong grasp over the language will help you to learn the language without even trying hard. Before you know it, you will have picked up so much without even having to make a conscious effort to do so. When you learn things unobtrusively, then you do not even feel strained or pressurized.

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Have A Conversation Anytime With Ourturkish Chatbot

Wouldnt it be fantastic to be able to have a real conversation from the comfort of your own home? Thats exactly why weve built a virtual conversational partner, a computer program so advanced that you can have an intelligent conversation with. Jump right in and the app asks you questions, understands what you are saying and responds like a native speaker would. Afraid of getting a word wrong? Dont worry about it. Every time you get something wrong or have difficulties with your pronunciation the app offers you instant feedback. With each conversation, youll come one step closer to fluency while building your confidence to speak Turkish inreal life.

Whats The Best Way To Become Fluent In Turkish

20 Turkish Words for Everyday Life – Basic Vocabulary #1

Now that you know how not to learn Turkish, lets look at the best ways to learn Turkish. Following these five steps will help your Turkish immensely and put you firmly on the path toward fluency.

1. Enrol In Turkish Uncovered To Learn The Fundamentals

Turkish Uncovered, like with my other courses, teaches you Turkish through the power of story. People are hard wired to learn through stories and my course takes that principle and uses it to help you achieve your language learning goals. You will read and listen to stories in Turkish and before long you will be amazed at your progress.

2. Set A Goal Like Learning The Suffixes

As I noted above, Turkish is a language of suffixes. Each and every suffix is like a building block that you can mix and match to create new words and sentences.

As you progress in your studies pay careful attention to each new suffix you are learning. A great short-term goal is to become familiar with the most common suffixes youve seen in this post.

Listen to them, read them, write them, speak them, even sing them if you need to. The more you interact with each suffix the more successful you will be.

3. Learn Phrases

Turkish is a language filled with useful phrases that native Turks say to each other literally every day. Phrases like ho geldiniz and kolay gelsin punctuate almost every interaction Turks have with each other.

It really doesnt matter what these phrases mean as long as you know to say them when someone is sick or has died.

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Start Speaking Turkish From Day 1

Turkish beginners, listen up. This advice is the ultimate best way to learn Turkish and reach fluency in record time. Not enough language learners do this, but you really need to: start speaking Turkish from your first lesson onwards.

Dont worry about your accent. Disregard your fear of embarrassment. Dont even think about not knowing enough vocabulary/grammar rules/ Turkish recipes. Just start speaking. Pronounce everything. Get familiar with the language. Soon, youll be comfortable with speaking Turkish. And thats the true key to speaking Turkish fluently for beginners.

Explore The Turkish Language Through Common Phrases Notindividual Words

Phrases are easier to remember because they have meaning, they paint a picture, and they tell a story. By focusing on common phrases, in just minutes youll start memorizing the most common Turkish words, form sentences, learn to speak Turkish phrases and take part in conversations. Before you know it, Mondlys fun and smart Turkish lessons will improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation like no other language learning methodever can.

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Beginners Should Practice A Lot

As with any language, the best way to learn Turkish is to practice a lot. You need plenty of reading, writing, listening, and especially speaking practice to reach fluency. Find as many opportunities as you can to listen to or talk in Turkish. For beginners, its crucial to make Turkish learning an everyday activity.

Fortunately, even if youre busy, you have time to learn Turkish. Combine your Turkish lessons with everyday activities. Tune in to a podcast while you clean, review yesterdays lesson on your commute, or listen to some Turkish music at the gym. 20 minutes every day can already yield great results.

Step : Practice With Turkish Native Speakers

Learn Turkish

Communication is the key to speaking any language. You can never speak a language by only studying it, no matter how hard you study. Studying Turkish helps you improve your vocabulary and grammar but it wont help you to speak. What helped me improve my level in Turkish in a few months only is PRACTICING.

I live and work in Turkey. Therefore, every now and then I find myself using one of these words or sentences I have learned in Duolingo. If you are living in Turkey practicing Turkish will be a lot easier since Turkish is the only language you hear daily.

However, you can still join conversations and communities with Turkish native speakers using virtual platforms. I recommend 2 language exchange apps that I have used in the past.

Learn Turkish with Italki

Italki: This is a global language learning community that pairs students and teachers for 1-on-1 online language lessons. Italki has 5 million students and 10,000 high-quality teachers.

With Italki, you can connect with language partners or book a lesson with a teacher for as little as $10 an hour. In addition, you can learn at your own pace and schedule.

HelloTalk: This is a free Language exchange platform that connects you with more than 18 million native speakers of different languages from all over the world.

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What Is Dtccom Membership

DTC Turkish Course is a self-study Turkish language program for Turkish language learners who want to study Turkish themselves at their own pace with self-study Turkish language materials, get online help while studying and take casual online classes with your Turkish language teacher to revise & practice what they have studied.

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