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How To Change Samsung Phone Language

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What Language Are You Using On Your Android

All Samsung Galaxy Phones: How to Change Language from Chinese, French, Korean, etc to English

Changing the Android language of a device modifies everything from system menus to the names of its native apps. But did you know it also changes the language for talking to your Google Assistant? However, you can change it back or have the Assistant understand more languages, as illustrated in our tutorial, . Before you close this page, tell us what language are you currently using on your Android smartphone or tablet? Did you buy a device in another language? Let us know in the comments.

How To Remove A Display Language On Android

If you do not need a particular Android language installed on your device, delete it after you’re done setting up the language you want to keep. Go to the Languages screen , and tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner of the screen.

NOTE: On Samsung devices, this section is called Language, and you have the Edit option displayed in the top-right corner. Tap on it and then skip the next step.

Tap on the only option from the menu: Remove.

The next step is the same for Samsung and other brands. Android displays a checkbox near the name of each installed language. Check the box next to the name of the language you want to remove. Keep in mind that you can’t remove all the languages, as Android has to keep one to display your interface. Then, tap the Remove button, whose icon looks like a trashcan. It can be found in the top-right corner of the screen or even at the bottom – for Samsung smartphones and tablets.

Next, you are asked to confirm that you want to delete the selected language. Tap OK – or Remove on Samsungs, – and you are done.

The language is instantly removed from the list.

Changing The System Language

Tap Settings on your Home screen and swipe to General Management.

2. Hit Language and Input

Select Language and Input under General Management to access the language settings.

3. Tap Language

This action reveals the default language on your phone. Select Add Language to add to it.

4. Select Your Preferred Language

Browse the list of available languages and tap on the one you wish to add. With some languages like Spanish and French, you also get an option to choose the region .

5. Choose Set As Default

A pop-up window will appear asking if youd like to set the language as default. If you dont want it to be the default language, tap on Keep Current. Hitting Set As Default switches the phone to the language youve chosen.

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Where Do I Find The Languages On My Samsung Phone

Tap the Settings icon. Its the cog-like symbol on the right-hand side near the date and time. Now find General management and then Language and input. Under Keyboards, select On-screen keyboard and then Samsung Keyboard. Here you will see the languages already selected for your device .

How to change language on Samsung Galaxy Note 3?

2 Tap Settings. 3 Tap General management or My device. 4 Tap Language and input. 5 Tap Language. 6 Tap and hold the arrow on the right-hand side next to the language that you would like to select. Drag the language up to the top of the list. 7 Tap Apply.

How To Change Samsung Phone Lock Code

How to change language on Samsung Galaxy A51

The phone lock code is a great security measure that will ensure your device is protected from prying eyes. Setting up the lock code should be one of the things you do on your device when you complete the set up process. You may decide you want to use the old lock code or change to a new one. Whatever you choose, follow these steps to setup the Phone lock code on your Samsung device.

Steps to change Samsung Phone Lock Code

Step 1. Begin by swiping up from the top of the screen and then select the settings icon.

Step 2. From the options presented select “Lock Screen and Security”.

Step 3. In the next window, tap on “Screen Lock Type” and then select your desired screen lock method. In this example, we selected PIN.

Step 4. Enter the desired PIN and the tap “Continue” where you will be required to confirm the PIN. Tap “OK” to continue.

Step 5. In the next window, choose whether you want the notifications to be displayed when the phone is locked. Tap “Done” once you have made the selection.

In this tutorial, we chose to use the PIN. You can choose either of the other methods of screen lock.

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How To Change The Language On A Galaxy Device

Follow the below steps to change the language on your Galaxy device.

Swipe up on the home screen to access your apps.Tap “Settings”.Tap “General management” or “My device”.Tap “Language and input”.Tap “Language”.Tap and hold the arrow on the right-hand side next to the language that you would like to select. Drag the language up to the top of the list.Tap “Apply”.

Update Your Play Store Region

Follow these instructions to change your Google Play Store region. Open the Play Store app.

  • Tap the menu icon .

  • Select Account.

  • Tap the country youre in under Country and profiles.

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to add payment methods.

    • What’s the best Samsung phone?

      Lifewire recommends the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G as the best overall Samsung phone currently available. While the camera has some issues, it’s a powerful device with all the latest connectivity options and a large battery. Check out Lifewire’s full guide to the best Samsung phones for other great picks.

    • How do you unlock a Samsung phone?

      First, you need to locate your phone’s IMEI number. Open the keypad and type *#06#. Write the IMEI down. Then, you can either contact your carrier and ask it to unlock the phone , you can take it to a repair shop, or you can use a third-party carrier unlock service like UnlockRiver. Check out Lifewire’s guide to unlocking your Samsung phone for more information.

    • How do you factory reset a Samsung phone?

      Open the Quick Settings menu and tap Settings > General Management> Reset > Factory Data Reset. Tap the Reset button and follow the on-screen directions. A factory reset deletes all information on your phone, so make sure you backup anything important before beginning this process.

    • How do you back up a Samsung phone?

      Open the Settings app and tap System > Backup> Back Up Now. This could take a few minutes to complete depending on how much information is stored on your device.

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    Before Changing Samsung Phone 6 Tips You Should Get First

    How To Change Language On Samsung Galaxy Phones

    Before we begin with the actual move to the new device, we thought we’d share with you some of the potentially annoying features you are likely to encounter on your device. Granted, you may not find them as annoying as we did but here’s 6 of them and how you can get rid of them, in case they annoy you. Also, getting rid of some of them may be one way to customize your device and can even optimize its performance in some ways.

    1.The Water Droplet Touch Sounds

    When you start up your new Samsung device for the first time, you will hear the water droplets sound every time you touch the screen. If you find it annoying, you can simply turn it off by going to Settings > Sound > Touch Sounds and de-select the option.

    2. The Infamous Samsung Whistle

    We say infamous because, this sound has become synonymous with Samsung device thanks to the fact that it is the first sound you hear when you receive your first notification. The piercing sound can be quite annoying but is easily changed. Just go to Settings > Sound > Notification and choose something else.

    3. The S Voice Shortcut

    Samsung’s personal assistant is a great feature but you can considerably improve the home button’s responsiveness by disabling the S Voice long-press short cut. To do this load S Voice and then tap the menu key. Select settings and uncheck the “Open via Home Key” option. This will make the home key respond instantly as opposed to waiting for a second press.

    4. My Magazine Appearing on Your Home Screen

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    How To Remove A Language From Samsung Keyboard

    If you dont want a language to show up on your Samsung Keyboard, you can easily turn it off. You can even uninstall downloaded languages to free up storage space on your phone.

    1. Go to Samsung Keyboard Settings and hit the Languages and types option.

    2. Tap on Manage input languages. Turn off the toggle next to the language that you want to disable.

    3. To completely uninstall a language, touch and hold the language and hit the Delete button.

    Note: Pre-installed languages cannot be uninstalled.

    Set A New Default Language In Samsung Keyboard

    The above method offers the flexibility to change the Samsung Keyboard language on the go. But what if you want to change the default language and stick to it? Thankfully, you can easily change the default keyboard language on Samsung by following the given steps:

    1. Open the Samsung Keyboard Settings and go to Languages and type.

    2. Make sure to add and enable the new language first as shown above.

    3. Once the desired language appears in the list of languages, tap on the three-dot icon at the top and select Reorder.

    4. Now, touch and hold the two-arrow icon and move the language that you want to make as default to the top.

    Thats it. You have set a new default language on your Samsung Keyboard. Using the Space bar swipe method, you can still switch between the language while typing.

    5. Go back to the previous screen and tap on the language to choose a different layout style from Qwerty, Qwertz, and Azerty. Learn how to make Samsung Keyboard bigger.

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    How To Change The Keyboard Language On Samsung Galaxy Phones

    If you are multilingual, you may need to switch between various languages while typing. Thankfully, changing keyboard languages on Samsung Galaxy phones isnt too difficult. Heres how you can go about it.

    1. Open the Settings app on your phone and head over to General management.

    2. Go to Samsung Keyboard settings. Then, tap on Languages and types.

    3. Tap on Manage input languages.

    4. On this menu, youll see two sections and Available languages.

    5. If your preferred language is under the section, simply enable the toggle next to it.

    6. If your preferred language is under the Available languages section, tap the next to it. Once downloaded, use the toggle to enable it.

    7. Next, you need to define how you want to switch between your input languages. For that, return to the Languages and types menu. Tap on the Language switching method and select your preferred method.

    8. Now, open your Samsung keyboard in any app and switch between languages using the method you defined.

    If you want the Samsung keyboard to open in your preferred language, youll need to reorder the input language preference on your phone. Heres how to do it.

    1. Open the Samsung keyboard and tap the Settings icon on the toolbar. If you cant find it, tap on the three-dot icon on the toolbar and then tap the Settings icon.

    2. Go to Languages and types.

    3. Tap the kebab menu in the top right corner and select Reorder.

    How To Change The Language On The Samsung Galaxy S10 For The First Time

    How to change languages on Samsung Galaxy S20

    1. Start the Settings app.

    2. Tap “General Management.”

    3. Tap “Language and input.”

    4. Tap “Language.”

    5. If this is your first time changing the language on your phone, you should see only an entry for English, and the option to add a language. Tap “Add language.”

    6. Tap the language you want to add to your phone. You’ll now see all the regional variations that are available for example, English and English .

    7. Tap the desired region.

    8. In the pop-up window at the bottom of the screen, tap “Set as default.”

    The phone has now been set to the new language, and you should see all the text change accordingly.

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    How To Update Language In Samsung Keyboard

    To update keyboard languages on Samsung, follow these steps:

    1. Open Samsung Keyboard Settings and tap on Languages and types.

    2. Tap on Manage input languages.

    3. Hit the three-dot icon at the top and select Check for updates.

    4. If an update is available, you will see the Update button next to the languages. Tap on the Update button for the language that you want to update.

    Galaxy S8/s8+ How To Change Language

    AlphrRead moreJanuary 14, 2019

    Changing the language on your phone can be quite useful if you are bilingual or learning a new tongue. And there are plenty of languages to choose from on your Galaxy S8/S8+. In addition, these software tweaks are super easy.

    You can also get a custom keyboard to match your language preferences. This is quite helpful for languages such as Chinese and Arabic. Either way, weve compiled a simple step-by-step guide for how to change language on the Galaxy S8 or S8+.

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    Switch Samsung Keyboard Language While Typing

    After you add and enable the desired languages in Samsung Keyboard, you can easily switch between languages while typing. However, you must first check the method that your phone is using to switch languages as shown below:

    1. Follow the first three steps of the above method. That is open Samsung Keyboard Settings and go to Languages and types.

    2. Tap on the Language switching method. By default, Space bar swipe must be selected. But you can choose from the Language key or Language key and space bar. For the sake of the tutorial, lets keep the Space bar swipe selected.

    3. Now, open Samsung Keyboard in an app.

    4. You will see that the currently active language is mentioned on the space bar. Swipe right or left on the space bar to switch between the languages that you have enabled in the settings.

    How To Change The System Language On Samsung Galaxy Phones

    Samsung Galaxy S9: How to Change the Phone Language

    Changing the display language on your Samsung Galaxy phone is fairly straightforward, as youd expect it to be. Here are the steps you need to follow.

    1. Open the Settings app on your phone and navigate to General management.

    2. Tap on Language.

    3. Tap the Add language button and select your preferred language from the following menu.

    4. Select Set as default to apply the changes.

    5. If the language you want to use is already on the list, tap on it and select Apply.

    Note that your phone will use the language at the top of the list as the default system language. If your phones default language isnt supported by an app, it will use the next language on the list instead.

    You can also remove a language from the list if you want. To do so, tap the Edit option in the top right corner and select the language you want to delete. Then, tap on Remove.

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    How To Switch Languages On A Samsung Phone

    Anytime you use your Samsung keyboard, you can switch between languages on the fly. Open the app you want to type in, such as Messages.

    The spacebar displays the language abbreviations for each one youve installed. Tap and hold the spacebar to select another language.

    You can also tap the globe icon next to the spacebar to toggle between languages.

    How To Change The Keyboard Language Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5g/s21 Ultra 5g

    Step 1: Go to Settings.

    Step 2: Scroll down & click on General Management.

    Step 3: Tap on Samsung Keyboard settings.

    Step 4: Tap on Languages and types.

    Step 5: Tap on Manage input languages.

    Step 6: Toggle on the Language button you want to add a keyboard language.

    Step 7: Now, open the keyboard, swipe the space bar, and select the language you want to use on your Samsung keyboard.

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    How To Change The Language On The Samsung Galaxy S10 After Adding Languages

    Once you’ve added a language to the Galaxy S10, you don’t need to “add” it again you can simply select it from the list of default languages on the Language page.

    1. Start the Settings app.

    2. Tap “General Management.”

    3. Tap “Language and input.”

    4. Tap “Language.”

    5. Find the language you want to use and drag it to the top of the list using the arrows on the right edge of the screen.

    6. Tap “Apply.”

    Language Is Not A Barrier

    How to change language on Samsung Galaxy A51

    Samsung Galaxy phones support almost all popular languages so that users across the globe can use them in the language they prefer. Plus, the steps to change the language on your Samsung Galaxy phone are relatively easy to follow.

    Do you know what else is easy? Customizing your Samsung phone with your own One UI theme.

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