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How To Change Language On Amazon From Spanish To English

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What Language Options Are Available On Amazon

How To Change Language On Amazon – Change Amazon Back to English

Amazon supports languages such as English, French, Spanish , Japanese, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Chinese. Additionally, if you are in a specific location, you can navigate Amazon in your local language to get the best experience.

Amazon is diverse, and the language will change based on the website that you access and region.

Amazon Language Settings: How To Change Language On Amazon

Its not always easy to find your way around Amazon, especially if its not in your first language. Some versions of Amazon are available in multiple languages. For example, is available in English and Spanish. Read on for a complete list of what languages are available – but first, how to switch between them:

Change Audio Language While On Amazon Prime Video

Amazon site language and Video language are different things, Amazon may try to match Series/Movies Video language with the preferred site language, but you shouldnt bet on this, rather manually change any running videos language using these steps.

  • Open subtitle and audio options for a playing video, click on the subtitles and audio icon which is located in the top right corner. This is illustrated below in the screenshot.
  • You may choose another audio language if there is one available.
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    How To Change Country And Language In Amazon App On Iphone


    • Right now, Amazon supports only a few languages such as Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
    • Some of the countries it supportsCanada, India, US, UK, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Mexico, etc

    Step #1. Launch Amazon app on your iOS device.

    Step #2. Next, tap on the menu button at the top left corner.

    Step #3. Now, you need to tap on Settings.

    Step #4. Next up, tap on Country & Language under Settings.

    Step #5. Tap on the arrow next to your country.

    Step #6. Select your preferred country. In this test, Im going to choose the United States.

    Step #7. Now, tap on the arrow next to Language.

    Step #8. Next, you will see the languages currently supported in the US. Right now, Amazon allows you to use Spanish in the US. Choose the supported language.

    If this language is not supported in the country which you have selected, it will show you the name of the countries for which its available.

    Step #9. Finally, tap on Done to confirm.

    Thats it! Now, you can search Amazon in the language you have just selected. Except for price, all the contents will be converted into the selected language.

    The Bottom Line

    Its a very useful feature especially for those people who are living away from their country. By default, Amazon sets the language supported in the country where you are living. But with the option to choose your preferred country and language, you have the needed convenience to search items in the language which you find comfortable.

    Change Language Via The Mobile App

    Amazon App Change Language : Amazon Ios App Launches International ...

    The proceChanginguage on Amazon via mobile application is similar for Android and iOS devices. Here are the steps to follow:

    Step 1: Launch the Amazon App on your device and navigate the Settings feature by tapping on the three-line menu.

    Step 2: Scroll downwards and tap on Settings to open the settings drop-down menu. Choose the Country and Language.

    Step 3: Tap Language and select your favorite language from the available list. Your Amazon app will now read in the language you have settled for.

    Step 4: You can revert to the earlier language by redoing the entire procedure and selecting English.

    Note: The number of available languages on your mobile app depends on your region settings.

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    Now, back to what you came here to read.

    Change The Language On The Amazon Website

    To use a different language on the Amazon website, first, open the site in a web browser on your Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer. Feel free to use any region-specific site.

    Log in to your Amazon account. Then, at the top of the site, right next to the search box, click the flag icon.

    You will see a Change Language & Currency Settings page. Here, the Language Settings section displays all the available languages. To make one of these languages the default, select that on the list.

    Save your changes by scrolling down the page and clicking Save Changes .

    Amazon will now use your preferred language on the site. Youre all set.

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    Change It Back Again If Youve Made A Terrible Mistake

    Oh no! we hear you say. I only did this as a joke, and now Im stuck browsing Amazon in Spanish! How do I change my Amazon account back to English?

    Try and stay calm. Weve all been there. The good news is that the little globe icon will still be in exactly the same place: toward the top right of the screen.1 Hover over it once again, and re-select your beloved mother tongue. Phew.

    How To Change Language On Amazon Onweb Browser

    How to Change Language on Amazon App – 2022

    Many of us do not download mobile apps for a reason and use web browsers for ease and less load on our smartphones memory. If you are one of them, this is how to change language on Amazon on iOS or Android web browsers:

    Step 1. Launch your favorite browser and type Amazons web address.

    Step 2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and locate the globe icon.

    Step 3. Tap on the globe icon.

    Step 4. A new window will load having a menu of available languages.

    Step 5. Tap on the Language you want to keep.

    Step 6. Scroll down and tab Save Changes .

    That is all, you are ready to view the content in the newly selected language.

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    How Do You Change The Language Back To English

  • You will need to create an account with Google.
  • You can access your personal information by clicking on the left.
  • You can edit the language of the web by clicking the Language Edit button under General preferences for the web.
  • Choose the language you prefer by searching for it.
  • You can select from a list of options by clicking Select.
  • Adding another language is a good option if you understand multiple languages.
  • Q How To Set My Default Language In Chrome Browser

    If Chrome is your default browser, you can solve the different language switches on Amazon in various ways. First, input chrome://settings/siteData in the Chromes address bar.

    Once done, type Amazon in the top search bar and click remove all shown. This deletes all Amazon-related cookies and stored data. Proceed on to click clear all on the confirmation prompt. As simple as that. However, on your next Amazon access, you will need to log in again.

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    How To Change Language On Amazon: A Complete Guide

    Amazon is a global marketplace where consumers come from around the world to buy products. It also means that Amazon has a lot of touch points in terms of geography, ethnicity, and language. And to make the experience more user-friendly, Amazon offers various language options. This means you can change the language on Amazon.

    Different language options on Amazon ensure that customers can read reviews and descriptions in their language. If you dont already know how to do it or you switched to Spanish or an unknown language by mistake, this guide will help you change Amazon to another language. But first things first.

    What Are The Language Options On Amazon

    Change Language Settings On Amazon Android App

    Amazon offers several language options to choose from, though youre limited to certain languages depending on your region. Each has its own set of local languages that you can use. For instance, if you are in the US, you can choose between English and Spanish, whereas the users in India have Hindi and a few other local language options.


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    Changing The Language On The Website

  • 1Go to and log in. You can use any web browser to navigate to your Amazon account and change the language.
  • Depending on your browser’s location and the URL you use, you’ll get different languages. For example, if you use , you’ll likely get English and Espanol as choices. However, if you’re using , you’ll be able to change the language between English and French. So if you aren’t seeing the languages you want, log in and then change your country/region.
  • 2Hover your mouse over the flag icon. It’s to the right of the search bar that’s at the top of the page. After a second, a menu will drop down.
  • 3Choose the language you want. When the menu drops down, you’ll see languages that are available in your region that you can use.
  • For example, if your region is the United States, you’ll have English and Espanol available to you.
  • If the language you want is not listed, make sure your preferred region/country is set. Click Change country/region if not.XResearch source
  • Why Is My Amazon In Spanish Now

    If your Amazon suddenly changed to English, it is likely due to a couple of factors. Some of these include accessing Amazon Spanish site, change of browser, change of device, or accidental change of language to Spanish in the Language settings. However, you can easily revert to the English language from the settings menu whenever you want to.

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    Follow The Steps Below To Change Language On Amazon:

  • Open the Amazon app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone.
  • Select the 3 horizontal bars all the way to the right in the bottom menu.
  • Scroll down and select Settings, then select Country & Language.
  • Select Language.
  • Find your desired language in the list and select it.
  • If the language you selected changes the Amazon region, select your desired region.
  • Select done to change language in the Amazon app.
  • Keep The Following Things In Mind:

    How To Change Language On Amazon
    • Some website features may not be available in the language of your choice.
    • The changed language only applies to the website link one is logged in to.
    • If the chosen language does not display on the website make sure to see if you logged into same Amazon site. Some Amazon sites are Amazon ca, Amazon. De. and the likes.
    • If the changes were made on the desktop, same changes wont reflect on mobile application and visa versa.

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    How To Change The Language On Amazon Prime Video Mobile App

    1. Launch the Prime Video app on your mobile device.

    2. You may select the Gear icon at the top right of your profile by clicking on the My Stuff icon at the bottom of the app.

    3. Select the language from this menu. By clicking on the language option, a list of language choices will be displayed.

    4. The language will change when you select your favorite language.

    5. You should have been able to adjust the language on the Amazon Prime Video website or mobile app to the language that you prefer.

    6. It is not possible to change the language of your prime video mobile app along with the Amazon Prime Video website using a single method.

    Why Is My Amazon In Spanish

    Amazon has a large customer base spanning different languages worldwide. For this reason, the platform offers its services in different languages. They have inbuilt systems that can automatically detect and change language settings depending on location.

    You can also tweak these settings to have your preferred language on Amazon. If your Amazon has suddenly changed to Spanish, a couple of reasons could be responsible. Below, well provided answers and possible solutions to this problem.

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    How To Change The Language On The Amazon App:

    Step 1: Open the Amazon app on your phone .

    Step 2: Then tap on the three-line menu at the bottom right.

    Step 3: Now scroll down and tap on Settings.

    Step 4: Tap on Country & Language.

    Step 5: Finally, now select the language you want to use.

    Note: If you choose a language that isn’t available in your country or region, you’ll need to choose a different region.

    Why Are My Amazon Emails In Spanish

    How to Change Alexa Language to Spanish and Other Languages ...

    Are you receiving all your notifications text and email messages in Spanish? Do not fret it can be resolved. The reason this is happening is because your language settings is in Spanish either on browser or on your Amazon Account. You can easily change back to English from the settings menu of either the browser or your Amazon account.

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    How To Change The Language On The Amazon Website

    1. Start a web browser and navigate to the . Log into your Amazon account if you’re not already signed in.

    2. At the top of the page, move the mouse over the Flag icon, which is to the right of the search box. After a moment, you should see the language drop-down menu.

    3. Choose the language you want to use. The options might be limited by region. In the United States, for example, you can only choose English or Espanol .

    If you don’t see the language you want, you can change the region. In the language drop-down menu, click Change country/region. In the Select your preferred country/region website drop-down menu, choose a different country and then click Go to website. Amazon will now open in a new tab with the regional language or give you a choice of regional languages.

    How To Change Language On Amazon App

    Amazon provides you with the ability to change your preference for a language in the Amazon app. Doing this will let you have access to all of the product pages, prices, deals, and more in that language! Heres how to change language on Amazon app on your iPhone or Android.

    Step 1. Open the Amazon App and sign in.

    Step 2. Tap on the three-line menu at the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

    Step 3. Scroll down and tap on Settings.

    Step 4. Under the Settings menu, tap on Country & Language.

    Step 5. Tap on Language

    Step 5. Now select the desired language from the list.

    Step 6. Tap on OK or Continue to view Amazon in your selected language.

    That is how language is changed in Amazon app on iOS or Android smartphones.

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    How To Change Language On Amazon

    Do you want to shop on Amazon in a different language or from a different locale? Youll have to change your settings. This guide will explain how.

    We dont need to explain what Amazon isits the number one shopping destination for online users across the globe. With so many customers in so many countries, its not a surprise that you can tailor your Amazon shopping experience to the language and location that suits you best.

    You can change the language on Amazon if you live in a multilingual household or need to switch to a language that you know best. Amazon offers several languages to choose from, but the languages available to you will depend on your locale.

    If youre unsure how to change the language on Amazon, follow the steps below.

    Why Is My Amazon In Spanish On Mobile

    Amazon App: How To Change The Language From English To Spanish Or Spanish To English

    If you notice a sudden change in your Amazon language settings while browsing on phone, the reason could be that you have recently travelled to Spain or any other Spanish speaking country or region of the globe. Also, the change could have been on your browser language settings or in your Amazon account settings.

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    How To Change Language On Amazon Prime Video

    Nothings worse than starting your binge-watch session on Prime, only to hear a language completely alien to you.

    Unless you want to exercise your foreign language-learning skills, you can do the following to change the language settings back to English without interrupting your video viewing:

  • Select the Subtitles & Audio icon.
  • Under the Audio column, select English.
  • Do the same as in step 2 under the Subtitles column.
  • Assuming English is available as an audio or subtitle option, following the steps above will enhance your viewing experience.

    Now, if you are just beginning to access your Prime Video account using a PC or laptop browser, this is the straightforward procedure to change your language settings:

  • Type in your browsers address bar and log in to your Amazon account when instructed.
  • Select the Language tab.
  • Click on the circular shape to the left of English.
  • Hit the Save button.
  • If youre using your smart TV to access Prime, click the gear icon, then go to Language. Thats where you can select English.

    Now if youre using the Amazon Prime Video app on your smartphone, these are the things you have to do:

  • Tap the gear icon, which will lead to Settings.
  • Select English.
  • Tap Yes to reload or refresh the app.
  • Now that youve seen all the possible causes and solutions for the language barrier you might encounter on Amazon, its time for some commonly asked questions and their answers.

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