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How To Add Another Language To Keyboard

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Switch Between Languages When Writing

How to Install and Use a different Language Keyboard in Windows 10

Switch between languages when writing by selecting the language you want to use in the Input menu. You can also set up your Mac to quickly switch between languages using your keyboard.

  • Use the Input menu: Click the Input menu in the menu bar, then choose an input source. If an input source is dimmed, the current app doesnt support it.

    You can also press Option-Control-Space bar to select the next input source in the Input menu, or Control-Space bar to select the previous input source.

  • Use the Caps Lock key: If you set an option in Input Sources preferences to change input sources by using the Caps Lock key or a dedicated language switching key , press the key to switch between a non-Latin input source and a Latin input source .

    To check your settings in Input Sources preferences, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Keyboard

Changing The Keyboard Language

  • In Windows, search for and open Typing settings.
  • On the Devices window, select Typing, and then select Advanced keyboard settings.
  • On the Advanced keyboard settings window, select the language you want from the drop-down menu under Override default input method.
  • To change the keyboard layout, search for and open Language settings.
  • On the Time & Language window, select a language, and then select Options.
  • Under Keyboards, click Add a keyboard, and then select a keyboard layout from the list.
  • To switch between keyboard layouts, press the Windows + SPACE BAR keys.

    note:Switching between keyboards only changes the language of the input. To change the display language for apps, settings, menus, and other areas in Windows, see the Changing the display language section in this document.

  • If you would like each app to utilize a specific keyboard, search for and open Advanced keyboard settings.
  • Under Switching input methods, select Let me use a different input method for each app window.
  • Adding An Input Language Windows 7/8

    The following symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your screen may indicate you have other language keyboards installed on your system. If you do not see it, dont worry, we will fix that. These instructions and images are for Windows 7 but Windows 8 instructions are very similar.

    Illustration 1You can cycle through the various keyboards by using the key command ALT+SHIFT . If you have a Chinese keyboard installed, you might see something like this:

    Illustration 2To install a new input language, follow the next steps.

    1. Open your control panel. This can be done from Start -> Control Panel or you can type into a Windows File Explorer location bar, Control Panel.

    Illustration 3

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    How Do I Make My Keyboard Only Speak One Language

    Depending on the operating system and keyboard software you are using, there may be different methods for changing the keyboard settings to only speak one language. However, some general tips that may be helpful include:

    Checking the keyboard settings in your operating system to see if there is an option to change the language.

    Searching online for specific instructions on how to change the keyboard settings for your particular keyboard software.

    Contacting the manufacturer of your keyboard to see if they have any suggestions on how to change the language settings.

    How Do I Add Multiple Keyboards

    How to Add Another Input Language on Android or Remove Keyboard Language

    You can add multiple keyboards on your iPhone or iPad to type in different languages. Heres how:

    1. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard.

    2. Tap Keyboards.

    3. Tap Add New Keyboard.

    4. Select the keyboard you want to add from the list.

    5. Tap Done.

    Now you can switch between keyboards by tapping the globe icon on the keyboard.

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    Adding A Keyboard Language From The Keyboard Itself

    The second method is faster if youre already typing something and would just like to add another language keyboard.

    In other words, if you would like to do multilingual typing but dont have the other keyboard languages you need yet, you can use this method to do it quickly without having to leave the app youre currently on.

  • Open any app that allows you to type, such as a messaging app. In this case, Ill use my Message app to automatically bring up the iOS Keyboard.
  • Tap and hold the globe button at the bottom-left part of the screen until you see a list of keyboard options.
  • Click Keyboard Settings to immediately go to the Keyboard options on the Settings app of your phone.
  • Follow the steps outlined in the first method. Youre now ready to type in any language you want on your iPhone or iPad.
  • And thats it! Now you know how to add keyboard language on your iPhone, so you can type in two languages or three, or four, or five.

    Just remember that you can always switch keyboards back to your default language by tapping on the globe icon again and selecting the keyboard you want to use.

    Heres a YouTube video showing how its done:

    How To Add Another Language To Your Computer Keyboard

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    Whether you’re attempting to learn a foreign language or talking online in another language it can often be easier to switch the entire keyboard to that language. Instead of trying to search for the symbols and others. Start at step one to learn how to do this.

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    Heres How To Install Keyboard Languages In Windows 11

    Before you can change the keyboard language, you must install the language pack of your desired target language. To do this in Windows 11, follow these steps:

    Step 1: Launch Windows Settings by clicking the Start menu icon and the Settings icon.

    Step 2: Select the Time & language section and then press Language & region.

    Step3: Click Add language and select the language you want to use as the new keyboard language. To continue, click Next.

    You only need to install the language pack of the desired target language to switch the Windows 11 keyboard. You do not need to install the optional packages for speech output, speech recognition, or handwriting.

    Step 4: Install the package by clicking the button with the same name.

    Add Or Change Keyboards On Iphone

    How to add a new keyboard language windows 10

    You can turn typing features, such as spell checking, on or off add keyboards for writing in different languages and change the layout of your onscreen or wireless keyboard.

    If you add keyboards for other languages, you can type in two languages without having to switch between keyboards. Your keyboard automatically switches between the two languages you use most often.

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    How To Change The Keyboard Language On A Computer

    You may want to know how to change the keyboard language if you are studying a new language and want to make it easier to practice on a computer using an website or app like Babble or Duolingo. In addition, many people speak multiple languages in their daily lives whether its in business or in their personal lives. As a result operating systems on computers and smartphones make it easy to change between different keyboard languages. In this article well explain how and why you might want to consider changing your keyboards language.

    Changing your keyboard language on your computer is more difficult than on a smartphone because the keycaps are attached to the keyboard and require manual effort to rearrange. If you are not using a mechanical keyboard and instead have a membrane keyboard or laptop it may not even be possible at all. In this case, you will have to remember where the keys are and wont be able to rely on looking down at your keys as you build your muscle memory to get comfortable knowing where the letters are located on your keyboard for your selected keyboard language.

    How To Add Keyboard Language On Windows 11

    The following are the main steps to add a keyboard layout on Windows 11:

    Step 1: Press Windows + I shortcut key to open the Settings app.

    Step 2: Navigate to the Time & Language option on the left and click on the Language & Region option in the right panel.

    Step 3: Under the Language section, you can see the default and installed language packs. From here, select the language for which you want to add a keyboard layout, and then click the three-dot menu button next to it. Then, click on the Language option from the options that appear.

    Step 4: In the Keyboards section, click the Add a keyboard button. Then select the language keyboard you want.

    After you do that, the selected keyboard language will be added to the system tray on the taskbar.

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    Chromebook Keyboard And Language Settings

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    Want to change the display language of your Chromebook or add a keyboard layout for typing in another language? The Chromebooks operating system is a fully multi-language operating system, so changing the system language or adding keyboard layouts for other languages is really simple. Follow these instructions to add a keyboard language layout for typing in another language .

    Quick Answer: How To Add Another Language To Keyboard Laptop

    How to Add Another Input Language on Android or Remove Keyboard Language

    Add a keyboard Select the Start > Settings > Time & language > Language & region. Select the language that has the keyboard you want, then select Options. Select Add a keyboard and choose the keyboard you want to add. Return to the Language settings page, go to Preferred languages, then select Add a language.

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    How To Add Another Language To Keyboard Iphone: Try These Two Methods

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    Do you want to type in a different language on your iPhone but dont know how to add another keyboard language?

    Maybe you need to type in a different language for work, or you want to be able to write in multiple languages when sending messages to friends and family who speak different languages.

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to add a new keyboard language on iPhone, the process is actually pretty straightforward. In this article, well show you how to add keyboard language to your iPhone so you can type in any language you want.


    How To Install A Keyboard Language On Windows 10

    Microsoft offers several languages to install on your Windows 10 PC using the Settings app.

  • Press Windows + I keys simultaneously to open the Settings App.
  • Select Time & Language.
  • Select Language, from the left sidebar.
  • Scroll down the right pane to the Preferred languages section.
  • Select Add a language in this section.
  • Choose the keyboard language you wish to add and select Next at the bottom.
  • Select the extra language features to enable them. Then, select Install.
  • Once the selected language is installed, you can switch to it using various language switching methods. On the Language page in Settings, click on Keyboard.
  • 9. In the drop down list, go ahead and select your new language for the keyboard input.

  • You can also click on the language under Preferred Languages and click on Options to install more features for your language like additional keyboards, if they exist.
  • To remove a keyboard language, repeat steps 1-3 listed above to reach the Language screen, select the language and choose Remove.
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    How Do I Switch Between Languages On My Keyboard Windows

    Switching Between Languages Press Windows + I or move your mouse to the bottom left corner of the screen and click on the gear icon. You can switch the input language two ways: Press Alt + Shift. Click on the language icon and then click on the language you would like to switch to to switch input languages.

    Finding And Installing A Language Pack

    How to add another keyboard language on windows 10
  • In Windows, search for and open Language settings.
  • On the Time & Language window, select Add a Windows display language in Microsoft Store.
  • On the Local Experience Packs window, scroll through the list to select the language or regional variant you want.
  • On the selected language tile, click Get.
  • On the Install language features screen, select the options you want, and then click Install.
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    How To Change The Keyboard Language On Windows 8 Or 10

  • Press the Windows logo key and type Control to find and open the Control Panel
  • Under Clock, Language, and Region, click Add a language.
  • Search for the language you would like to add in the search bar, then click that language and click add.
  • The language you have added should appear in your list of languages.
  • After you have enabled the keyboard language that you want, open your document and place the cursor in the document where you want to start to type text in a different language.
  • To switch between languages press Alt + Shift, or you can add multiple languages to the desktop language bar by following these steps:

  • Press the Windows logo key and type Control to search for the Control Panel app.
  • Under Clock, Language, and Region, click Change input methods.
  • Under Switching input methods, select the Use the desktop language bar when its available check box, and then click Options.
  • In the Text Services and Input Languages dialog box, click the Language Bar tab, and make sure that either the Floating On Desktop or the Docked in the taskbar option is selected.
  • Spanish Keyboard Language Accent Marks

    When you change your keyboard language to Spanish, the ñ is just to the right of the L and doesnt require you to type any other keys. Additionally, for accents on vowels all you have to do is type the apostrophe key on your keyboard followed by the vowel you want to accent.

    If you are fluent in multiple languages, or even if you are trying to learn a new language, it can be beneficial to change your keyboard language as you type in that language. Doing so can end up saving you a considerable amount of typing time because the letters you use more frequently will be located closer to your fingertips. Additionally, accent marks or punctuations will be much faster because you wont have to press three keys each time.

    For more helpful tips and information about keyboard technology, check out our blog to learn about keyboards, productivity hacks, typing tips, and more. If youre ready to upgrade to the next generation of keyboards shop our mechanical keyboards now!

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    Changing The Display Language

  • Sign in to your account.

    note:Other people using the computer can choose different primary display languages by signing in to their accounts.

  • In Windows, search for and open Language settings.
  • On the Time & Language window, select the language you want from the drop-down menu under Windows display language.
  • Select Yes, sign out now, and then sign in when prompted.The selected language displays for apps, settings, menus, and other areas of Windows.
  • To return to the previous language or select a new language, repeat the previous steps.
  • How To Change Keyboard Language On Samsung Smartphones

    How to Add Another Input Language on Android or Remove Keyboard Language

    Samsung cell phones are also very popular, and if you are using one of these mobile devices you can easily change the keyboard language by following these four easy steps:

  • First, press the gear symbol at the top of your Samsung keyboard in any app.
  • Select the option which allows you to choose languages .
  • Tap on Manage input languages and select the languages you want your devices keyboard to support. When you select more than one language here, you can quickly switch between languages by swiping your finger across the space bar.
  • Press Update to view additional languages available for download.
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    How To Change Or Add Another Keyboard Language In Windows Server

    Whether youre writing a letter or calculating numerical data, your keyboard is the main way to enter information into your computer. Therefore, it is very vital that we select the right keyboard language. This will make the overall user experience flawless. Keyboard also provides ways to interact with your device via shortcuts. Theyre called shortcuts because they help you work faster. In fact, almost any action or command you can perform with a mouse can be performed faster using one or more keys on your keyboard. Kindly refer to these related guides: How to use the On-Screen Keyboard via the Command Prompt and Settings, how to , how to Enable or Disable Touch Screen in Windows 10, and how to configure the FrontFace Lockdown Tool.

    I was recently working in a Lab envoornment that had the English keyboard and this made life very difficult as I currently have the German keyboard connected to my device. For this to work, a language pack needs to be installed on your device.

    How To Add Another Language To Your Keyboard Android

    To add another language to your keyboard for Android, you must first access the settings of your phone. Go to Settings > General > Language. Once there, select the language and keyboard you want to use. Once there, tap OK to confirm the changes. Once youve selected the desired language and keyboard, your phone will automatically be set to that language. Now you can use your new language on your Android device. If you wish to switch back to English, youll need to change the keyboard setting again.

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