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Grammar Usage And Mechanics Language Skills Practice

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Plural Subjects Take Plural Verbs

Remedial Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Instruction: Module 6

The number of a subject usually is not determined by a word in a phrase or clause following the subject. A negative construction following the subject does not change the number of the subject. EXAMPLES Philip, along with Jane, appears in the school play. The coach, not the team members, chooses the captain.

EXERCISE A In each of the following sentences, underline the verb in parentheses that agrees with the subject.

Example 1. The front counter, in addition to the tables, in need of a good cleaning.

Example Will You Promise Mayor To Weigh The Proposal Carefully

Capitalize a word showing family relationship when the word is used before or in place of a persons name, unless the word follows a possessive noun or pronoun. EXAMPLES Aunt Leona Grandpa Goodall Elizas grandpa my uncle Carlos

EXERCISE Circle each letter that is incorrectly lowercased or capitalized in the following items. If an item is already correct, write C on the line provided.

Example 1 Longfellow Wrote The Poem Evangeline About The Acadians

6. The people of New Orleans assembled along the streets for the Mardi Gras parade. The Cajun chef assembled the ingredients for gumbo on the counter.

7. The cars in the Louisiana Sugarcane Festival parade moved slowly down the street. The workers quickly moved the shrimp off the boat to the waiting trucks.

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Examples Footrestfootrests Chief Of Staffchiefs Of Staff

EXERCISE On the line provided, write the plural form of each of the following nouns. Examples 1. alumnus alumni

15m. Spell out a number that begins a sentence. EXAMPLE Four thousand thirty people bought tickets to the concert series. USAGE

15n. Spell out a cardinal numbera number that states how manythat can be expressed in one or two words. Otherwise, use numerals.

Review B: Semicolons And Colons

Elements of Language: Elements of Language: Grammar Usage and Mechanics ...

: : Example 1. I can stay until 3 00 P.M., at 4 00 P.M. I am expected at home. ^ 1. Here are my New Years resolutions to read more, to exercise more, and to eat fewer snacks.

MECHANICS 2. Dear Mrs. Kay 3. At 5 45 P.M., Jocelyn and Theresa arrived at the auditorium. Jocelyn put up streamers, posters, and banners, and Theresa set up the sound equipment, chairs, and podium.

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Exercise Underline The Compound Subjects In The Following Sentences

12. Planes, trains, and buses are all means of public transportation. 13. Will Victor or Elian answer the question? 14. The hippos and giraffes crowded around the water hole. 15. Either exercise or an extended vacation will help relieve your stress. 16. The Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden are two novels by John Steinbeck. 17. The barn and the front pasture were flooded during the storm. 18. In spite of Rogers objection, Kelly and Wilson painted the doghouse bright red. 19. John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the two chief songwriters for the Beatles. 20. Did Ross, Margaret, and Chen recognize the bicycle?

For Chapter 1: Correcting Common Errors 212

Example 1. I didnt want a second helping of spaghetti, which no one at the table could believe. No one at the table could believe that I didnt want a second helping of spaghetti.

1. Before Ann and Miriam started their research, she had to sharpen her pencils.

2. Whenever the sky looks that threatening, it usually means we can expect a bad thunderstorm.

3. My brothers like to jump on the trampoline, which is why they are always at Neils house. COMMON ERRORS

4. In the newspaper article, it did not say when the parade will start.

5. My aunt and uncle told my parents that they would not be able to go to the concert.

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For Chapter 1: Punctuation 392

EXERCISE On the lines provided, rewrite these sentences, correcting all punctuation errors and adding single and double quotation marks as needed. If a sentence is already correct, write C on the line.

Example 1. Tasha listed these sports as way cool: golf, skateboarding, karate, and fly fishing. Tasha listed these sports as way cool: golf, skateboarding, karate, and fly fishing.


Before Learning Of The Party My Weekend Seemed Boring

Language Use and Mechanics

5. Typing the command into the computer, the file was saved on the hard drive.

EXERCISE B Most of the following sentences contain a misplaced modifier. Circle the misplaced modifier. Then, draw an arrow to show where it should go in the sentence. If a sentence is already correct, write C after it.

Example 1. Everyone saw that the pass was dropped but the referee.

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Commas With Independent Clauses

Dont confuse a compound sentence with a simple sentence that has a compound verb. COMPOUND SENTENCE Cal wrote a short story, and he sent it to a magazine editor. SIMPLE SENTENCE Cal wrote a short story and sent it to a magazine editor. MECHANICS

Example 1. Dont talk to the lifeguard or she will lose her concentration.

1. Guillermo ordered two books from a catalog but they havent arrived yet. 2. Hank gave away the tickets for he had made other plans and couldnt go. 3. Dr. Ling saw her surgery patients and then left for the conference. 4. The play was received well by the audience but the critics disliked it. 5. He refused to build a new fence nor would he repair the old one. 6. The test was very difficult yet everyone in the class passed it. 7. There was a long line in front of the theater so we decided to go to a concert. 8. Are you going to the football game or do you want to play squash? 9. Jason followed all the directions carefully but could not get the plants to grow.

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For Chapter 1: Correcting Common Errors 331

Capitalization A EXERCISE A In each of the following sentences, circle any letter that should be capitalized but is not. Example 1. Do you want to go out for chinese or i talian food with aunt r ita and u ncle n ick?

1. jean lives with her family in the hancock arms apartments on forty-fifth street. 2. mom and dads business advisor, uncle raymond, developed the advertising campaign. 3. greta read me an article about buddhist monasteries in tibet. 4. Most passenger trains in the u.s., such as the sunset limited, are run by amtrak. 5. Everyone in the ecology club voted for a trip to the atlantic coast. 6. classes at tubman high school begin august 30, but the next monday, labor day, is a holiday. 7. I asked dad, reggie began, turning to look at frank, if he could take us fishing at lake

COMMON ERRORS jefferson.

8. visitors to yosemite and yellowstone national parks have the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful areas of the american west.

9. your parents or grandparents probably remember exactly where they were when they heard that president john f. kennedy was assassinated on november 22, 1963.

10. Every year on halloween, our radio station replays orson welless adaptation of h.g. wellss novel The War of the Worlds.

letter that should be capitalized and draw a slash through any letter that should be lowercase. If the capitalization in a sentence is correct, write C above the sentence.

Example 1 Stargazers Enjoy A Trip To The Observatory

Grammar Usage and Mechanics Language Skills Practice å¨7å PDFä¸è½½

1. Janice and have always lived next door to each other. 2. Janices father often takes girls on trips. 3. Last month he took Janice and to a nearby observatory to look at the stars. 4. The director of the observatory was a woman Janices father knew. 5. She introduced us to a research assistant showed us the big telescope. 6. The research assistant asked whether girls were amateur astronomers. 7. and Janices father were both surprised when we admitted that we did not even know how to locate the North Star.

8. The two of them led Janice and outside and showed us how to find the North Star by following the pointers in the Big Dipper.

9. Janice grasped the idea immediately, but I was a little slower than . 10. Ever since our trip to the observatory, the two most enthusiastic stargazers in town are my friend and .

EXERCISE B In each sentence, cross out any pronoun that is used incorrectly and write the correct pronoun above it. If a sentence is correct, write C before the number.

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: : : : : : 9 Two Broadway Theaters Are Presenting Shakespearean Plays

______ 10. President Clinton addressed a group of reporters on the lawn of the White house.

EXERCISE B In the following paragraph, circle each lowercase letter that should be a capital. Example I have also studied whitmans poem When lilacs last in the dooryard bloomd.

famous poem from that collection is the one about the assassination of abraham lincoln titled o

captain! my captain! in this poem, the speaker is mourning the death of Lincoln. The line exult, o shores, and ring, o bells conveys the great depth of the speakers grief. The first

Exercise A Underline The Verb Phrase In Each Of The Following Sentences

1. Before the Louisiana Purchase, the Louisiana Territory was owned by France. 2. President Jefferson must have wanted information about these interior lands. 3. Meriwether Lewis, Jeffersons private secretary, and William Clark were chosen as the leaders of the expedition into the Louisiana Territory.

4. A young Shoshone woman, Sacagawea, was living in a Mandan village near Lewis and Clarks camp.

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For Chapter 1: Correcting Common Errors 173

Subject-Verb Agreement A EXERCISE A In each of the following sentences, underline the verb in parentheses that agrees in number with its subject.

Example 1. Neither Renata nor her sister going to the dance on Friday night.

1. Two of our cats and our dog presents from my uncle and aunt. 2. Not one of our animals very well-behaved. 3. The colors in that painting particularly vibrant in this light. 4. My cousin and I usually bikes on Saturday. 5. Which one of these sweaters with this pair of pants? 6. Both the park near the river and the baseball field owned by the city. 7. Either James or Nigel from Australia. COMMON ERRORS

Examples Describe Them To The Group

GUM Grammar Second Grade Workbook flip through // Second grade No Prep Language Arts Curriculum

6f. The possessive pronouns mine, yours, his, hers, its, ours, and theirs can be used in the same way that the personal pronouns in the nominative and objective cases are used.

6g. The possessive pronouns my, your, his, her, its, our, and their are used to modify nouns and pronouns.

6h. A noun or pronoun preceding a gerund generally should be in the possessive case. EXAMPLES Yours is the shovel near my truck. Our shoveling the snow was a help to Mark.

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For Chapter 1: Correcting Common Errors 374

of Kells, which is housed at Trinity College the Ring of Kerry, a scenic route in the western part of Ireland and of course, Blarney Castle.

1. The flight leaves at 1 30 P.M. it arrives in Paris at 7 45 A.M. the next day. 2. When you are at the office supply store, please pick up the following supplies for my science fair project a tri-fold display board, two clear report covers, and a package of graph paper.

3. Some of the relatives at my family reunion came from as far away as Honolulu, Hawaii Anchorage, Alaska and Portland, Maine.

COMMON ERRORS 4. You cant buy both the boots and the shoes youll have to choose one or the other. 5. Bettina introduced us to everyone in her family her mother and father, who came to the United States from Germany when they were in their 20s her brother Ralf, who owns a

catering business and her sister Margaret, who is still in elementary school.

6. The castle was begun in 1294 and occupied off and on for the next two centuries it was conquered and burnt about 1500.

In 1905 When Henry Flagler Gwyneth Tx 77091

born on the two-by-four-mile island is I have been writing stories for several years, called a Conch ) but Ive never submitted anything for publica- are descended from early residents who tion. Im enclosing a copy of my story salvaged shipwrecks. Broken Glasses. The storys setting is 6. When the cry, Wreck ashore! went up, Exeter, England. I grew up there, so the setting everyone would rush out to the wreck to is depicted accurately! A cabdriver disap- see what could be salvaged. pears without a trace, except for his broken 7. One of Key Wests well-known residents glasses. The narrator is Glenda, a self-confident was the author Ernest Hemingway schoolgirl about my age who lives across the , who owned a house on the street from the missing driver. After find- island from 1931 until his death. ing the glasses in the street, Glenda pursues 8. Today, the Hemingway House is among additional clues: loud music, screeching tires, the islands most popular tourist and flashlights at midnight. Although she attractions. is painfully, shy, she interviews at least twenty- five peoplefriends, neighbors, and customers 9. While he lived in Key West, Hemingway of the cabdriverin her effort to find him. wrote several novels, including For Whom She contacts the police, of course, but most the Bell Tolls, and short stories, such as of themshe does make one friend on the The Short Happy Life of Francis police forcedismiss her well-founded worries Macomber.

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Ive Made Up My Mind Regarding The Candidates Too

EXERCISE B On the line provided, add the pronoun described in parentheses to complete each sentence. yourExample 1. Is this _______________ car, Brady?

11. I will read this poem aloud to __________________. 12. Have the artists finished _________________ murals yet? 13. We have made up _________________ minds on the issue. 14. After the movie, ____________________ordered a pizza. 15. The sudden, loud clap of thunder startled ____________________.

Review A: Identifying Parts Of Speech

Grammar Usage and Mechanics Language Skills Practice å¨7å PDFä¸è½½

While yet an obscure young writer, Robert Louis Stevenson traveled through Belgium and

France by canoe and donkey. His account of this trip was his first book, An Inland Voyage.

Although Stevenson wrote a number of plays, articles, and short stories, he is probably best remembered for the works that children love. Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and A Childs Garden of

Verses have been popular since they were first published. Stevenson, who became a writer after studying engineering and law, suffered from ill

health all his life. Well, he and his wife searched for a healthful climate for the ailing

writer. Eventually, they settled in the South Seas, on the island of Samoa. There the

natives revered him they called him Tusitala, which means teller of tales. Stevenson died

in Samoa at the age of forty-four. At his request, he was buried high on a Samoan moun- tain. His famous poem Requiem, which is inscribed on his tomb, ends: Home is the

sailor, home from sea, / And the hunter home from the hill.

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If You Were Called A Monster By A Lawyer How Would You Feel

11. Steve keeps a journal in which he records thoughts about his life before and after the murder. 12. The movie script and journal entries form the book that you read. 13. During certain portions of the book, some readers may think that Steve is guilty. 14. Other readers will be sure that Steve is innocent. 15. Christopher Myers, son of the author Walter Dean Myers, illustrated Monster. 16. If I were Christopher, I would be proud of working on such a project with my dad. 17. Consider the Michael L. Printz Award. 18. The Young Adult Library Services Association believes that outstanding books for teenagers should be honored. 19. Someone suggested that YALSA consider Monster for its Michael L. Printz Award. 20. YALSA believed the suspenseful, realistic Monster had earned the award.

Grammar Usage And Mechanics: Language Skills Practice Answer Key 73

8. Feeling quite hungry, the librarian thought 18. Despite the grounds crews efforts to paint only of her upcoming lunch break. evenly the yard lines even, the paint job looked 9. My friends will love these bagels covered in bad. cream cheese. 10. Walking from door to door, they hung fliers 19. If you work more carefully and draw each slowly on each doorknob. line slow, you will see better results.

Review A: Forms of Modifiers, p. 180 20. Because he was hot and tired after playing really

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Grammar Usage And Mechanics: Language Skills Practice Answer Key 77

homemakers let 6. The workers and housewives who donate 12. Mrs. Ho wouldnt leave us go to the audito- food and clothing know that some people rium for rehearsal until we had cleaned up do care. the classroom. needleworker Because 7. I know a seamstress who gives free sewing 13. Being as I needed money, I took a part-time lessons at a womens shelter. job. meteorologist firefighters

please hang the picture for me? 4. effect 9. inferred burst 5. fewer 10. emigration 14. When a pipe busted last week, our house

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