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Google Speech/Voice to Text in Android Studio Tutorial (Kotlin)

Amongst text to speech services, Google text to speech is top rated. Launched in August 2018, it uses Googleâs powerful neural network and is powered by DeepMind, arguably the most sophisticated AI algorithm on the planet. Google text to speech is also known for its scalability. It can be used for simple tasks like Google voice search on Android phones, as well as for global applications like chat and voice based customer service. Through API integrations, developer teams can use Google’s text to speech and speech to text capabilities to create end-to-end solutions.

According to the Cloud TTS team at Google, there are three major use cases for this service – call centers, IoT and mobile, and audio-only media like podcasts and audiobooks.

In this article we will cover the key features of Google cloud TTS, what it’s great for, what you will not find, and outline three reasons to pick an alternative text to speech tool.

How Do I Get Rid Of Google Text

If you want to disable Speech-to-text, you can do it in keyboard settings. The speech-to-text integration in Android keyboards is there as an alternative input method dictation. Gboard comes with Voice typing and other keyboard apps have similar tools. Also, more and more recorder apps have options to transcribe voice dictation in text.

To disable Speech-to-text look into Keyboard settings on your Android. Open Settings > System or General management > Keyboards > and disable Google Voice Typing and other related services.

You can also navigate to Settings > Apps > Speech services by Google and disable that app. Thats the best way to get rid of Google Speech-to-Text.

However, we are talking about something that relies on a similar service but does quite the opposite. It takes a body of text and reads it out loud.

And this mainly falls under Accessibility features. Unless you enable it, it shouldnt appear on its own. For example, Google Assistant offers an option to read web pages but you need to trigger it, as explained here.

Only one feature will read text on its own without you explicitly asking for it and that feature is TalkBack. TalkBack is an Accessibility feature for vision-impaired that provides spoken feedback.

Heres how to disable Text-to-Speech on Android:

  • Turn TalkBack Off.
  • Folio3 Is Your Best Google Speech To Text Tech Partner

    Folio3 is an internationally renowned leading technology solution provider. The company has the relevant experience, expertise, and resources to develop the best technology products.

    It has a team of dedicated professionals that deliver the best Artificial Intelligence services to fast track your growth.

    Folio3 offers industry-leading google cloud speech to text services that are powered with machine learning that can precisely predict vocabulary, text, and language.

    These services include the following main features: Google speech integration, back-end software integration, custom Google speech app development, and support and troubleshooting services.

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    Voices In Different Languages

    From an initial library of 30 standard voices in 14 languages, Google TTS today has over 220 voices across 40+ languages and variants. There are two types of voices – Standard and WaveNet.

    Standard voices use parametric speech to text technology, which typically generates audio data by passing outputs through signal processing algorithms known as vocoders.

    WaveNet voices are premium voices using a WaveNet model, the same technology used to produce speech for Google Assistant, Google Search, and Google Translate.WaveNet voices generate speech that sounds more natural than other text to speech systems.

    Check Out Android’s New Eerily Natural Reading Voice

    Use Google Text

    Screen readouts will have a clearer voice now

    For as complex as modern technology is, we’re also in an age where accessibility features are more advanced than ever. Google is among the many companies that has clearly prioritized their development, actively building out plenty of customizable accessibility features. This week, we’re learning about text-to-speech features getting a major upgrade for most Android devices.

    Google is upgrading Speech Services on 64-bit devices. A new voice model and synthesizer are coming to all 67 supported languages for a total of 421 different voice variants.

    Even if youre using the system default voice for TTS, you should start noticing a different voice for the English-US setting after the update. Google says the new speaker data should bring a drastic improvement to the clarity of speech.

    This change will take place behind the scenes, and you wont need to do anything to start using these improved TTS voices on Android. The update will be delivered through the Speech Services by Google app on the Play Store over the next few weeks.

    Our tipster Eduardo reports the new TTS models didnt work with Google Maps right away, and Assistant stopped working after the Speech Services app update. Hopefully those are just some deployment hiccups that will be ironed out soon.

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    How Do I Turn Off Google Text

    If youre referring to Speech-to-Text instead of Text-to-Speech , you can disable the option to dictate text in Keyboard settings. On the other hand, if you definitely have issues with the latter and want to turn off Google Text-to-Speech, you might want to look in a different direction.

    Best Text To Speech App For Android

    Your mother was right when she told you that you should spend more time reading. The problem with reading is that it requires a lot of mental resources and demands your full attention. When youre driving to work, lifting heavy weights at the gym, preparing a full course dinner for a party of six, or running errands and doing chores, those resources arent available, and your attention is required elsewhere.

    One convenient way how to overcome this hurdle is to use a Text to Speech App for Android. As the name suggest, a TTS app converts written text into natural-sounding audio and plays it back to you. Best of all, theres already a fantastic best text to speech app android preinstalled on your device.

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    How Do I Use Google Text

    Before anything else, you will need to enable Android text-to-speech capabilities from the Android Setting menu. Here is how you can activate Android Text to Speech on your device:

  • Go to the Language and input panel and tap on Text-to-speech options at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the same window, you can customise the Speech rate, Default language status and Listen to an example.
  • You will be able to find a wide range of languages that are supported by the Text to Speech technology.
  • Text To Speech Extensions For Chrome

    Speach to Text using Google API | Android Studio

    The Chrome extensions for text-to-speech are not only useful but also entertaining. This is because you can use them to have fun listening to music lyrics, news articles, or any text on the web. They are mostly used for accessibility purposes, because they help people with reading difficulties enjoy web content more easily.

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    How To Manage Android Text

    Android gives you some control over the language and voice used to read text aloud when you use Select to Speak. It’s easy to change the language, accent, pitch, or speed of the synthesized text voice.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen, then tap the gear icon.

  • Tap General management.

    The placement of features can vary in different versions of Android. If you don’t find it here, use the search icon.

  • Tap Language and input.

  • Tap Text-to-speech.

  • In the menu that appears, adjust the Speech rate and Pitch until it sounds the way you want.

  • To change the language, tap Language, then choose the language you want to hear when text is read aloud.

  • What Is The Use Of Google Text To Speech

    It is a great piece of technology that was developed to help individuals with visual impairments. However, device manufacturers these days enable text-to-speech Android that allows books to be read out loud and new languages to be learned.

    Android text to voice was introduced when Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean was launched with a more conversational capability so that users can have a familiar human-like interaction. More recently, two high-quality digital voices were introduced for Google text-to-speech technology that further enhances the Android app that reads a text, which is uncommon for Android users.

    At the moment, there is not much Android text to speech app available in the market that fully utilise Google text speech technology. In this article, we will guide you on how to use Google text-to-speech on Android.

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    How To Use Google Text To Speech In Chrome

    So how to use google text to speech in chrome and what can you do with it?

    You can hear the entire page or you can even hear parts of the page. Furthermore, you can also hear specific words.

    Accessing this feature in Google Chrome is super simple, all you have to do is follow the simple steps given below:

    Install the Read Aloud plugin from the chrome webstore. You can find it here.

    Once downloaded, go to the webpage you want to be read out aloud.

    Shortcut keys like ALT+P, ALT+O, ALT+comma, and ALT+period are used to play/pause, stop, rewind and forward respectively.

    If you want to read a specific chunk of a text read aloud just select that text before you start the extension.

    Furthermore, if you right-click on a highlighted piece of text it will provide you with another option to start Read Aloud through the context menu.

    How To Use Google Text To Speech To Read Pdf

    Google Translate for Android v2.4 update brings new UI and more text to ...

    Getting text read out to you while browsing through a pdf document can be a bit difficult for new users of this feature. However, using it is just as easy as on android.

    So lets get started.

    To get pdfs read out to you first you have to download and install Adobe Reader on your computer if you dont already have it.

    Once installed, open up the pdf file.

    Open up the View menu present on the top of your screen.

    Then move your cursor to the Readout Aloud sub-menu and click on Activate Read Out Aloud.

    Alternatively, you can also use Ctrl+Shift+Y to activate the text to speech feature

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    Google Speech: What Is It For

    You should know that you will not need to download the APK on your smartphone since it is an application that is preinstalled on Android. However, you may need it in case you have disposed of it or want to upgrade its features to the latest version.

    Once configured correctly, you can use it in circumstances such as the following:

    • To search for addresses on Google Maps from the car.
    • To transcribe recordings from the smartphone recorder.
    • To read books from Google Play Books, equipped with the Read Aloud feature.
    • With Google Translator to hear the translations and how the words are pronounced.
    • With TalkBack and other applications that can provide you with voice messages on the device.
    • With accessibility applications such as Voice Access, developed for people with difficulties manipulating the touch screen.
    • With any application developed to have a voice search function.
    • To learn pronunciation with language apps.

    Use the device with the Google text-to-speech and voice transcription technologies.

    How To Activate Googles Text

    Google Text-to-Speech is a free service that lets you use the voice of an Android phone or tablet for your text-to-speech needs. Read on to learn how you can make the most of it.


    Google Text-to-Speech services have been widely accepted by the corporate world. They allow various applications to talk to you or read written content aloud to you, opening up many different possibilities.

    They can be used to improve employee productivity by freeing them up to do other activities while listening to text. Instead of focusing on the screen all the time, it could be better to have text-to-speech technology that reads the text out loud for you.

    For instance, these tools improve the reading capacity of Google Play Books and the accessibility of Google TalkBack. With Google adding more functions and other developers using text and voice, youâll want to know which buttons to press.

    Google Text-to-Speech allows you to choose another default language and then download your language of preference.

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    How To Use Google Text To Speech

    If you plan to visit a new country any time soon and dont know the language, Google text to speech can be beneficial. Google Translate is handy, but we often have no idea how to pronounce a translated word. Dont worry because you enabled Google text to speech. This feature helps you learn a new language and to improve your knowledge.

    I am sure you enjoy reading books on your Android smartphone or tablet, as many of us do. If you just came home after a long day at school or the office and are tired but want to know the ending of the book you have been reading for the last few days, Google text to speech will help you out. Launch the Google Play Books app, find the book you want, open it, and tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner. Choose the option: Read aloud, and enjoy.

    If you dont have Google Play Books, you can get them here. It is one of the best eBook applications that provide an exceptional reading experience. Millions of eBooks are available for download and purchase, and this app comes with many great features, such as notes, bookmarks, elegant 3D page turns, etc. You can choose fonts and sizes and different reading modes: day, night, and sepia. You can read your books offline, highlight text, bookmark pages, and upload EPUB and PDF files to your library.

    Improve Daily Productivity In The Google Workspace

    Speech To Text | Google Speech Recognition API #android #java

    According to reviewers on G2, text to speech is popular for multi-tasking, daily communication like emails and texts, as well as real time translations during meetings. In line with its other applications like Google Doc, Google Chrome, and Google Maps, once it is integrated the overall user experience is smooth and intuitive. Since it is available on the google cloud platform, accessibility is a breeze.

    If you have an Android phone, you can use the inbuilt text to speech app to read your messages and emails aloud. You can easily enable this in the Accessibility Settings.

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    Apps That Can Read Text Out Loud

    Select to Speak has shortcomings as a reliable, ‘general purpose’ text-to-speech app, in the way that ‘Speak Selection’ can read any text that can be selected on an iPad and Ivona MiniReader, NaturalReader and various other programs can do on a Windows PC.

    The ideal ‘general purpose’ text-to-speech app should:

    • speak any text that can be selected on the screen
    • allow text to be read with a variety of voices
    • read the text in its current location so it can be seen in context
    • highlight each word, or sentence, as it is being read to make it easier to follow the text
    • allow a choice of background and text colours when highlighting
    • be easy to use.

    There are dozens of free, or low cost, text-to-speech apps for Android – search for Text-to-Speech apps in the Google Play store to get a list with many, but not necessarily, all of the options. The app that comes closest to the ideal is T2S: Text to Voice, the only one we have found to read text directly from its location, without transferring to an editing window in the text-to-speech app. We have successfully tested T2S with text in:

    • Microsoft Word documents
    • PDF documents opened in Adobe Acrobat
    • Websites viewed with the Google Chrome browser
    • Digital books viewed in Kindle and Play Books
    • Social Media – Facebook and Twitter.

    End To End Speech Services

    The Google text to speech API is particularly useful for platform integrations and IoT projects. Further, the extensive and comprehensive documentation ensures smooth integrations. It is a web based tool that is very good at what it does, which is voicing content, as is.

    However, consumer-oriented content has to meet multiple criteria to get noticed, in addition to voicing content. This involves hitting its stated objective, being entertaining and informative at the same time, while being compatible and optimal for every platform it is available on. Murf Studio offers a platform that integrates this entire workflow in one screen. Users can import a video through an URL or even upload a series of images to make into a video. They can then add the voice overs of their choice, sync audio and video, and even download a platform specific output.

    Natural language processing can have different applications in the same tool, like text to speech in Google slides. With the, you can add realistic voice overs to your presentation. In Google Slides itself, you can also use Google text to speech to add speaker notes.

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    Nossa Opinio Sobre O Google Text

    Google Text-to-Speech é uma ferramenta de áudio capaz de ler em voz alta o conteúdo disponível na tela do aparelho. Através desta descrição, você pode ficar animado com a funcionalidade do app, mas sua utilização limitada é realmente decepcionante.

    O aplicativo não muda para quem tem os aparelhos mais recentes, já que é uma opção padrão do sistema operacional. A ideia de colocar o download na Google Play é disponibilizar a função para quem tem aparelhos mais antigos, mas sua limitação ao Android 4.0 ou superior acaba não atendendo a muitos usuários.

    Sua ativação é simples, mas encontrar a função nos aplicativos específicos pode ser um pouco mais complexo do que parece. Infelizmente, Google Text-to-Speech tem baixíssima compatibilidade, sendo forte apenas no aplicativo de livros da Google.

    A leitura acontece de forma pausada, da mesma maneira que o Google Translator emite áudio. Por isso, ouvir livros pode não ser uma experiência tão agradável. Além disso, você não pode conferir mensagens de texto ou ler páginas na internet, pois o aplicativo ainda não está disponível para estas funções que seriam, possivelmente, as utilizações mais práticas do Google Text-to-Speech.

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