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Google Speech To Text Online

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How Do I Use Google Text To Speech

Google Docs Speech to Text / Voice Typing and Easy Proofreading Tutorial: FREE Transcription Tools

Here is how you can activate Android Text to Speech on your device: Go to the Language and input panel and tap on Text-to-speech options at the bottom of the screen. Click on your Preferred Text to Speech engine. You will be able to find Google text-to-speech engine, as well as one from your device manufacturer if any.

How To Turn On Talk To Text

Wondering How do i talk to text ? By clicking on the button called start dictation and by allowing the software to access your microphone, you can turn on the talk to text system. Once these two initial steps have been completed, you can start dictating what you want to type and the system will automatically transcribe your voice into text.

Google Voice Typing Voice To Text Converter

Google Voice Typing is a free voice text to speech converter that works with all G Suite apps such as Google Doc and Slides. With this audio text converter, you can use voice commands for making texts bold, italicized, etc.

Google Voice TypingSpeech to Text App Features

  • Recognises multiple languages

Google Voice Typing currently recognises more than 40 languages.

  • Moving the cursor

You can move the cursor by speaking- go to the end of the document.

In case the software does not understand a phrase, it underlines it in grey and suggests alternatives.

  • Inserting hyperlinks

You can hyperlink certain keywords in your text through your voice.

If you are conversing with someone while working, you can turn off the software.

Voice to text app pricing: Google Voice Typing is a completely free speech to text software.

Availability: Google Voice Typing voice to text app for Android can also be used on Windows, Mac OS, iOS and android devices.

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Instructions For A Web App On A Mobile And For Android App

Requirements:1. installed on your android device.2. Any of the supported browsers if you choose to use the web app.

Supported android browsers :Chrome browser , Edge, Opera, Brave, Vivaldi.

Step 1 Tap the button with the language name or language code on the top right corner to select your language.

Step 2 Tap the microphone button. SpeechTexter app will ask you for permission to record the audio, choose ‘allow’. Without this permission the app won’t be able to access your microphone to capture your speech.

How To Do Speech To Text On Google Docs

How to Customize Google Text

Google Docsâ speech to text feature is also great, which you can capitalize on. You can do voice typing and save the time you spend typing every word on your own. Using speech to text on Google Docs is comparatively easy than text to speech.

How can you use speech to text on Google Docs?

Here is the step-by-step guide to it:

#Step 1: Visit the web browser, open Google Docs, and open a new document.

#Step 2: Tap on Tools > Voice Typing. You can also use the alternative shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+S.

#Step 3: A small microphone will appear in the document window. Click on the microphone and start speaking. You can also change the language for accurate detection of your speech.

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Who Uses Speech To Text Also Known As Voice Typing

Speech recognition tools are a useful addition for most people. In other words, almost anyone who wants to use a speech to text software will easily see the benefits of them almost instantly.

This tool is built to help enhance productivity for professionals who can save time by typing faster notes, taking more efficient and effective meeting notes, creating thorough to-do lists, and dictating on the go.

Many people benefit from using the voice typing and talk to text feature. This is a useful talk to text tool for professionals, teachers and students looking to excel. It can enhance the ability to take accurate class notes, be a true game changer for thesis statement work, enhance vocabulary, and improve just about any type of writing or speaking someone might do.

Dictation is an assistive technology and we are thrilled to help thousands of people around the globe everyday who struggle with writing. This speech recognition tool is helping people facing dysgraphia, dyslexia and other learning and thinking differences that impact writing. Blind or vision impaired people also find it helpful.

Speak to text allows you to write with your voice instead of writing by hand or with a keyboard. Speech to text software is designed to make typing easier than ever by only requiring a voice to transcribe dictation.

Voice Finger Voice Typing App

With Voice finger free speech to text app, you can fully control your device without having to rely on a mouse and keyboard. Voice Finger is an upgraded version of Windows Speech Recognition and responds to shorter voice commands for typing numbers, letters, spacing between paragraphs, etc.

Voice Finger Translate VoiceApp Features

  • Disabledfriendly

VoiceFinger is an ideal speech to text software for people with sustained eye orhand disabilities.

  • Suitablefor gaming

Thevoice typing app can also be used in games to relay commands to your player.

  • Accuratecontrol of the mouse

Youcan move the mouse cursor to a specific coordinate with a single command,unlike other voice to text apps which need 2-3 commands.

  • Dragand drop commands

Youcan verbally instruct the mouse to drag and drop any object or application onyour device.

  • Automatingrepeated clicks

Youcan say the number of times you want a cursor to click. This feature is usefulfor zooming in and out of images.

Voice to text app pricing: VoiceFinger is a free translate voice app.

Availability: The best voice to text software is compatible with windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.

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Features Voice To Text

  • Powerful real-time continuous speech recognition
  • Create text notes, emails, write books, blog posts or reports.
  • Custom Voice Commands
  • More than 70 languages supported
  • Increase productivity
  • Helping people with dyslexia and other typing difficulties
  • Improve your foreign language pronunciation
  • Simplify and speed up your work
  • Transcribe your content with correct subtitles
  • Delivering better user experience in products through voice commands
  • Get insights from customer interactions to improve your services
  • Convert speech to text to word file
  • Convert speech to text to txt file

System Requirements

  • Windows/Mac/Linux
  • Internet Connection

Dictation uses Google Speech Recognition to transcribe your spoken words into text. It stores the converted text in your browser locally and no data is uploaded anywhere.This technology is supported by Chrome browser and some browsers on Android OS. Other browsers have not implemented speech recognition yet.Note: iPhones and iPads are not supported

Speech-to-text apps

Common Problems On Desktop

Free Speech To Text Google Chrome Extension!

Error: ‘SpeechTexter cannot access your microphone’.

Please give permission to access your microphone.

Error: ‘No speech was detected. Please try again’.

If you get this error while you are speaking, make sure your microphone is set as default recording device on your browser .

If youre using a headset, make sure the mute switch on the cord is off.

Error: ‘Network error’

The internet connection is poor. Please try again later.

The result won’t transfer to the “editor”.

The result confidence is not high enough or there is a background noise. An accumulation of long text in the buffer can also make the engine stop responding, please make some pauses in the speech.

The results are wrong.

Please speak loudly and clearly. Background noise from fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, etc. can drop the accuracy significantly. Try to turn them off if you can.

Can I upload an audio file and get the transcription?

No, this feature is not available.

How do I transcribe an audio file on my pc or from the web?

Playback your file in any player and hit the ‘Start’ button on SpeechTexter website. For better results select “Stereo Mix” as the default recording device on your browser, if you are accessing SpeechTexter and the file from the same device.

I don’t see “Stereo mix” option

How to use the voice commands list?

Can I prevent my custom voice commands from disappearing after closing the browser?

I lost my dictated work after closing the browser.

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Imb Watson Speech To Text

IBM Watson Speech to Text is a cloud-based speech to text recognition software. It has the option to transcribe in real-time, as well as the ability to download multiple audio files and then transcribe and translate them collectively.

The app has features that allow you to use smart formatting, timestamps and implement editing for technical words, acronyms, and numbers.


  • The app is easy to install and use
  • It has a feature for smart formatting
  • The software allows you to process multiple audio files at one point in time


  • The app may be considered expensive
  • Its ability to recognize multiple speakers may be a bit complex to use


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Speech To Text Online

We need Speech to text online to save you time, as they convert audio to text. It recognizes voice speech and converts it into written text. Perhaps the most prominent of these is the GuinBox online speech recognition. Follow the article to learn about the Speech to text software and how to use the online notepad editor to convert Speech into text.

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Instructions For Web App On Desktop

Requirements: the latest version of browser .

1. Connect a high-quality microphone to your computer.

2. Make sure your microphone is set as the default recording device on your browser.

To go directly to microphone’s settings paste the line below into Chrome’s URL bar.


If you would like to capture speech from video/audio content on the web or from a file stored on your device you should select “Stereo Mix” as default audio input.

3. Select the language you would like to speak .

4. Click the “microphone” button. Chrome browser will request your permission to access your microphone. Choose “allow”.

Step 4. Click the “Start button”. For the first time Chrome browser will request your permission to access the microphone. Choose “allow”.

5. You may start dictating!

Ibm Speech To Text App

Use Google Text

Also known as IBM Watson, IBM Speech to Text voice typing app works on artificial intelligence. In addition to converting spoken words to written text, it extends API for attaching speech transcription capabilities to apps.

IBM Speech to text Software Features

  • Real timespeech recognition

Watsontranscribes spoken words and phrases in real time even from low quality audio.

  • Multiplelanguage support

IBM Watsonidentifies over 7 languages other than English.

  • Accuratespeech engine

The speech totext app recognises specific keywords, terminologies and names spoken in youraudio.

  • Analysis oftranscription
  • Securelybacked to the cloud

All yourtranscriptions are backed to IBM cloud servers

Voice text to speech pricing: IBM text to speech software price starts from 1.47 per minute.

Availability: IBM voice to text online app for Windows and mac OS users.

How to Find the Best Speech to Text Apps for Android & iPhone

With the competition for the best speech to textapps growing, app developers are coming up with new intrinsic features everyday. In some of the best speech to text apps for Android and iPhone, you getthe following features:

Easy integrationwith other apps: The best speech to text software enables easyintegration with other writing related apps for writing SMSs, emails, or tweets.

Added dictionary: The audio to text converter app should also feature a custom dictionary for adding personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.


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Mobile Speech To Text Apps To Consider

Aside from what has already been covered above, there are an increasing number of apps available across all mobile devices for working with speech to text, not least because Google’s speech recognition technology is available for use.

iTranslate Translator is a speech-to-text app for iOS with a difference, in that it focuses on translating voice languages. Not only does it aim to translate different languages you hear into text for your own language, it also works to translate images such as photos you might take of signs in a foreign country and get a translation for them. In that way, iTranslate is a very different app, that takes the idea of speech-to-text in a novel direction, and by all accounts, does it well.

ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes is another speech-to-text app that uses Google’s speech recognition software, but this time does a more comprehensive job of integrating it with a note-taking program than many other apps. The text notes you record are searchable, and you can import/export with other text applications. Additionally there is a password protection option, which encrypts notes after the first 20 characters so that the beginning of the notes are searchable by you. There’s also an organizer feature for your notes, using category or assigned color. The app is free on Android, but includes ads.

Follow These Steps If You Are On Mac

* Please note, these instructions will require you to work with the command-line terminal. It’s very simple – we’ll walk you through each step, with images – so please bare with us. *

Open Terminal

On your Mac, click the Launchpad icon in the Dock / or launch ‘Spotlight Search’, type ‘Terminal’ in the search field, then click Terminal.

Install homebrew & ffmpeg

Install homebrew

– Copy the following into your Terminal and press ‘Enter’ afterwards:/bin/bash -c “$”

Install ffmpeg

Once ‘homebrew’ is installed – type the following in your Terminal:brew install ffmpeg

Got ffmpeg – lets extract some audio

  • Open the terminal in the specific folder where your video files are located. One simple way to do that is:
  • Type cd& nbsp and then
  • Drag from Finder the folder which contains the video files into the Terminal
  • You should now see the name of that directory in the new line that the Terminal’s caret is on.
  • Now you should have created a folder named ‘speechnotes-output-audio-only’ where in it are audio-only files. Congrats.
  • Got more video files to convert in a different directory? Simply repeat Got ffmpeg – lets extract some audio for any directory you need. No need to install brew nor ffmpeg again.
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    How Does A Speech

    Speech-to-text technology is similar to that audio-to-text conversion. The main difference between the two is that audio-to-text conversions take place on the pre-recorded audio files. However, the speech to text conversions takes place in real time. As soon as you speak something, it is converted into text with advanced algorithms.

    Speech to text software works on the personâs audio and converts it into an editable transcript. Here is how speech-to-text solutions actually work:

    1. When an individual speaks words from his mouth, it creates a series of vibrations picked up by speech-to-text technology used in STT solutions. The algorithms work on the vibrations and convert them into digital language that is further decoded.

    2. The analog-to-digital converter within the software picks the sounds of an audio file, measure the waves, analyzes them, and filters the relevant sounds into distinguished categories.

    3. Each sound is matched with the phenomes of the English language or any other language you are conversing with. The next step is running the phenomes through mathematical models to translate them into known words, phrases, and sentences.

    4. Everything is taking place in the thousandth part of a second, and you see the results on your screen in no time.

    What Makes A Great Dictation App

    Getting Started with Google Cloud Speech-To-Text API in Python
    How we evaluate and test apps

    All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who’ve spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it’s intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We’re never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any sitewe value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of .

    It’s amazing how far dictation software has come in the 20-plus years since I first tried it. I wouldn’t have recommended it back then for the casual userit was too much work for too little reward. But now, it’s actually enjoyable to see your words skip across the screen like you’re dictating to your own personal assistant. And with the use of artificial intelligence that recognizes your speech with more accuracy the more the apps are used, it’s hard to go wrongno matter the platform.

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    Best Customizable Dictation Software

    In 1990, Dragon Dictate emerged as the first dictation software. Thirty years later, we have Dragon by Nuance, a leader in the industry and a distant cousin of that first iteration. With a variety of software packages and mobile apps for different use cases , Dragon can handle specialized industry vocabulary, and it comes with excellent features, such as the ability to transcribe text from an audio file you upload.

    For this test, I used Dragon Anywhere, Nuances mobile app, as its the only versionamong otherwise expensive packagesavailable with a free trial. It includes lots of features not found in the others, like Words, which lets you add words that would be difficult to recognize and spell out. For example, if you live on Eichhorn St., Dragon will hear this as I corn. To avoid this, add it to Words and say the word so you train the software.

    It also provides shortcuts. If you wanted to shorten your entire address to one word, go to Auto-Text, give it a name , and type in your address: 1000 Eichhorn St., Davenport, IA 52722 and hit Save. The next time you dictate and say address, youll get the entire thing. Press the comment bubble icon to see text commands while youre dictating, or say What can I say? and the command menu pops up.

    Dragon by Nuance price: $15/month for Dragon Anywhere from $200 to $500 for desktop packages

    Dragon by Nuance accuracy: Dragon Anywhere had a 96% accuracy rate on my second test for the 207-word script.

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