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Gkt English Language Skills Practice Test

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Additional Information About The Ftce English Language Skills Exam

Free FTCE General Knowledge Test: English Language Skills Practice Test (082)

The FTCE retesting policy requires that candidates who do not attain a passing score on the English Language Skills exam wait 31 days before attempting a retest. If a candidate fails to follow the FTCE retake policy and takes the exam again within the 31-day window, the results will be considered invalid.

For nursing mothers and individuals with documented disabilities, there are options for accommodations. Candidates who require accommodations or alternative arrangements must apply in advance of their exam appointment by submitting an Alternative Testing Arrangements Request form during the registration process. Candidates will also be asked to submit documentation of their disability. Applications for alternative arrangements take 2 weeks to process, so examinees should be sure to schedule their testing appointment far enough in advance. Some comfort aids such as necessary medical equipment or eyeglasses may be permissible without requesting accommodations. A full list of comfort aids is available for candidates on the FTCE website. It is also important to note that not all testing centers are configured to provide accommodations.

The FTCE also has policies in place for military personnel and military spouses that provide the opportunity to submit a Military Certification Fee Waiver to subsidize the cost of the exam. Candidates should check eligibility requirements before applying.

Topics Covered On The Ftce English Language Skills Exam

The FTCE English Language Skills exam can be broken down into three primary competency sections that each measure a candidate’s command of a different area of the standard conventions of written English. The number of questions on each subsection varies, but each competency area evaluates key skills necessary for effective communication through written English. While some of these skills may seem basic, their foundational nature is what makes them so essential to potential educators in the state of Florida. These competency areas are as follows:

  • Knowledge of Language Structure – Measures organizational skills and ability to utilize structure effectively
  • Knowledge of Vocabulary Application – Evaluates vocabulary use and analysis
  • Knowledge of Standard English Conventions – Assesses command of standard grammatical rules

This FTCE exam utilizes multiple-choice questions to assess candidates’ skills. These questions may take the form of a command, a passage, a direct question, or a sentence-completion format. Each question will have three or four answer options for examinees to choose from. A small majority of the questions on the exam will provide candidates with an example sentence or a similar written exhibit and ask them to identify the error or errors. Alternatively, some questions may ask candidates to select the correct usage of structure, vocabulary, or grammar.

Ftce General Knowledge #: Stop Procrastinating Begin Preparing For The Gke Today

Good teachers fail the FTCE General Knowledge test only to retake it and fail again and again.

Admit that this Florida Teacher Certification Examination is high stakes. Admit that it is difficult. But DONT let your fear of failure stop you from taking the steps that will help you to pass the FTCE GKE!

Your first step is easy: go to the fl.nesinc site to skim the information available about the FTCE GKE.

The FTCE General Knowledge Test is really 4 subtests, which cost $130 your first time:

  • The Essay Subtest allows 50 minutes for you to write 1 essay.
  • The English Language Skills Subtest allows 40 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions.
  • The Reading Subtest allows 55 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions.
  • The Mathematics Subtest allows 1 hour & 40 minutes to answer 45 multiple choice questions.
  • You may already be frustrated, wondering where to begin your preparation. Dont give up!

    Here comes the secret to passing the FTCE GKE: you must dig deeply into the details of each of the 4 subtests to understand all 4 General Knowledge Exam subtests!

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    Ftce General Knowledge Practice Tip #: Understand Your Ftce Gke Weak Areas

    Just because you have read through the Competencies tested by the FTCE General Knowledge doesnt mean you understand the GKE!

    You MUST know your weak areas to pass the FTCE GKE.

    Which areas of the General Knowledge Exam do YOU need to review?

    The best way to begin is to know the details of each subtest and use those details to prepare for the GKE.

    Heres how:

  • As you carefully read each Skill thats tested, highlight the skills that are your weakest.
  • Look at your list. Then ask yourself this question:

    Have you ever been surprised by a low score on an exam because you studied for days, took dozens of FTCE practice test questions and thought you knew all the material?

    If that describes you, take the free FTCE General Knowledge practice tests offered on the fl.nesinc site.

    How well did you do on the skills you thoughtyou knew?

    The IES finds that without training, most learners cannot accurately judge what they do and dont know, and typically overestimate how well they have mastered material when they are finished studying.

    Use the FTCE General Knowledge practice questions and your list to find those weak areas.

    Next, look at the pie charts on your General Knowledge Test Blueprint. Each of the Competencies lists an Approximate Percentage of Subtest Questions.

    How should you focus your test preparation time? Choose practice tests, flashcards or other test-prep materials based on YOUR needs!

    Go to:Finally, Get Rid Of FTCE Overwhelm And Anxiety Once And For All

    Ftce Gkt Essay Subtest

    FTCE GKT ELS (English) Test Practice PDF Download

    For the FTCE General Knowledge Essay subtest, test-takers are assessed on their knowledge of essay writing skills. This portion of the exam includes formulating a thesis statement, citing textual evidence, and demonstrating proficient use of English writing practices. Prospective teachers will have to write an organized essay that utilizes transitional devices, varied word choice, and proper grammar. Test-takers should also be able to identify the purpose and audience they are writing to, while also writing in a consistent point of view. The FTCE Essay Subtest of the General Knowledge test consists of one essay question and the time limit is 50 minutes.

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    What Can I Expect When I Arrive At The Testing Site To Take The Ftce General Knowledge Test

    When you get to the testing site, expect to have your identification checked, your photo taken, your palm scanned, your eyeglasses checked, and to place your belongings in a secure storage space. You will be given an erasable notepad and pen. Before starting the test, youll have to complete a short tutorial and sign an agreement.

    What Is The Passing Score For The Ftce General Knowledge Test

    The passing score for the FTCE General Knowledge Test is scaled at 200 per subtest for the ELS, mathematics, and reading subtests. For the essay subtest, you must score at least 8 out of 12 possible points. You must pass all four GK subtests to pass the entirety of the exam. Unofficial pass/non-pass scores will be accessible immediately after you finish the exam for the multiple-choice questions, and official score reports will be released within 4 weeks of testing.

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    You Have Answered 0 Out Of 15 Correctly

    The correct answers are highlighted with green below.

  • Which of the following words should always be capitalized when used in a sentence?

  • Which of the following sentences contains an inappropriate use for a comma?

  • The dog is a golden retriever, however I think he might have some poodle mixed in.

    Correct Answer

  • Bill, Ted, Joe, and I are all going to the movies.

  • Gina told her mother that she was going to take French next year, but her mother suggested that she take Italian instead.

  • Joseph D’Amico, the brightest student in class, got a 100% on the test.

  • Which of the following punctuation marks is a semi-colon?

  • DIRECTIONS: Choose the option that corrects an error in the bold portion. If no error exists, choose ‘No change is necessary.’Lacey slid further to the left on the couch to accomodate her growing puppy. She began to wonder if choosing a large breed dog was a mistake, and it occurred to her that it wasn’t her choice to begin with. Her young daughter was snuggled up with the puppy, and they had definitely formed a strong bond already.
  • D. No change is necessary

  • “it was thursday, october 15, a cold autumn day.” Which words in the previous sentence should have their first letter capitalized?

  • It, Thursday, Autumn

  • DIRECTIONS: Choose the sentence that is correctly punctuated.

  • Sam’s mom needs to buy a lot of things from the market fresh fish, a tray of eggs, fruits, and canned goods.

  • using the adverb well instead of the adjective good.

    Correct Answer

  • What Do We Mean When We Say Test

    FTCE Exam: English Language Skills Practice Test for Florida Teacher Certification General Knowledge

    Our curriculum team studies all of the standards and competencies for the FTCE General Knowledge: English Language Skills exam and cross-references them with the current and previous questions released by the official testing company. We then work with content and teaching experts to distill down what test-takers need to know. No matter where you are in the study guide, you can always see how the concept you are learning is aligned to the test standards.

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    Who Should Take The Ftce General Knowledge English Language Exam

    All Florida educators hoping to work in the public school systems will need to take and pass some form of FTCE exam. The English Language subtest is part of a larger general knowledge exam required of all teachers in Florida. Be sure to complete your teacher’s education program before registering, though. You’ll want to make sure you’ve covered all the fundamentals and tackled plenty of FTCE General Knowledge English Language exam prep before you take the real thing.

    What Is The Ftce Series Of Tests

    The FTCE is a series of three tests used to determine whether a prospective teaching candidate possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to perform as an entry-level educator in the Florida Public Schools. The FTCE assesses general and specific content as well as pedagogy to determine the granting of a teaching certificate.

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    Ftce General Knowledge Practice Test And Prep

    Welcome to the FTCE General Knowledge Practice Test and Prep Guide! Weve created this free resource to prepare you specifically for the 082 exam. Well go over the key concepts youll need to know to pass your test.

    While this free guide outlines the categories found on the exam, our paid FTCE 082 Study Guide covers EVERY concept you need to know and is set up to ensure your success! Our online FTCE 082 Study Guide provides test-aligned study material using interactive aids, videos, flashcards, quizzes, and practice tests.

    Will I pass using this free article? Will I pass using your paid study guide? If you use this overview guide and research the key concepts on the FTCE 082 on your own, its possible you will pass, but why take that chance? With our paid study guide, we guarantee you will pass.

    Not ready to start studying yet? Thats OK. Keep reading, and when youre ready take our free General Knowledge practice tests.

    In this article, we will share:

    45 Multiple-Choice 100 Minutes

    You can register to take all or any combination of the four subtests in one session. Each subtest is timed separately. If you take all 4 subtests in a single session, you will receive a 15-minute break. For the Mathematics subtest, a reference sheet and an on-screen four-function calculator is provided. You may not bring your own calculator.

    Preparing For The Ftce English Language Skills Exam

    By engaging in GKT English Language Skills practice in the weeks leading up to their test appointment, candidates can help improve their chances of earning an FTCE passing score. Many resources, such as FTCE General Knowledge English Language Skills practice test PDFs, study guides, flashcards, practice questions, practice exams, and online prep courses are available online at a low cost, or for free. FTCE study guides and practice tests for the English Language Skills exam may be particularly helpful at the beginning of the studying process by allowing candidates to familiarize themselves with the general content and types of questions they may encounter on the day of the exam.

    Once prospective test-takers have familiarized themselves with the content and types of questions on the exam, they can assess their competency level in each area and use this information to form a study plan. This may involve creating flashcards for key terms or utilizing online prep courses for a more structured approach. Candidates can also use this information to help determine how much time to spend studying each competency area. Areas in which candidates already have comfort and familiarity may require less studying than those that the candidate has less experience with.

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    What Is The General Knowledge English Language Skills Exam

    The FTCE General Knowledge English Language Skills exam is one of four subsections that comprise the FTCE General Knowledge test. These subsections can be taken separately on different dates or together as one exam under one test appointment. The English Language Skills test is administered on a computer and contains 40 multiple-choice questions to be answered in 40 minutes. Individuals who intend to teach in the state of Florida are required to take and pass each of the four subsections of the FTCE General Knowledge test before they can earn their initial Florida teaching certification. The exams are designed to ensure that candidates have the necessary skills in math, reading, and writing to be successful and effective educators. The English Language Skills test contains three main competency areas that specifically measure the test-taker’s mastery of standard English conventions, vocabulary, and other language skills.

    Practice tests give you a better idea of the topics you have mastered and those you should keep studying.

    What Does The Ftce General Knowledge Test Cover

    The FTCE General Knowledge Test is a computer-based test consisting of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions on the ELS subtest, 40 multiple-choice questions on the reading subtest, 45 multiple-choice questions on the mathematics subtest, and 1 essay subtest. The testing times allotted for the GK Test are 40 minutes for the ESL subtest, 55 minutes for the reading subtest, 1 hour and 40 minutes for the mathematics subtest, and 50 minutes for the essay. Please note that an on-screen calculator will be provided during the math section you are not allowed to bring your own calculator.

    In terms of content, the following outline provides basic details regarding each subtest, covered subareas, and approximate weighted percentages per area:

    • English language skills
    • Knowledge of language structure, 25%
    • Evaluation of correct modifier placement, parallelism, fragments, run-on sentences, comma splices, and modes of rhetoric
  • Knowledge of vocabulary application, 25%
  • Determining word and phrase meaning, context, diction, tone, and word usage
  • Knowledge of standard English conventions, 50%
  • Determining standard verb forms, appropriate verb tenses, subject-verb agreements, pronoun shifts, case forms, adjectives, adverbs, superlatives, spelling conventions, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Knowledge of key details and ideas based on selections of text, 40%
  • Knowledge of craft and structure based on selections of text, 25%
  • Knowledge of concepts, number sense, and operations, 17%
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    Ftce General Knowledge Practice Test

    Florida General Knowledge practice tests help individuals prepare for what to expect on the official exam. GKT Practice tests allow test-takers to familiarize themselves with the format, types of questions, and content of the examination. Since the General Knowledge test is composed of 4 subtests, there is a wide range of topics that will be tested on. Individuals should ensure they allow enough time to practice for each subject area and competency. Test-takers can review how they performed on FTCE exam practice tests to figure out their strengths, weaknesses, and which areas require the most focus. There are online GK preparation materials from the test provider and other sites. Some resource materials include a list of detailed information on the 082 exam, sample questions, and preparation strategies for those studying for this exam.

    Gkt English Language Skills Practice Test

    How to Pass your FTCE General Knowledge Test

    you can register to take all or any combo of the four subtests in one session. to pass the ftce general knowledge test, you must first understand what is on the exam and what you will be expected to know. to pass the ftce general knowledge test, you must first understand what is on the exam and what you will be expected to know. and the last big concept to know is what central ideas and themes are and how to identify them. the first big concept to know is word choice and meaning. and the last big concept is point of view and purpose. the next thing you need to know how to do is synthesize information. and the last big concept to know is patterns of organization. the next big concept to know is how to correctly use words and phrases.

    test format and sample questions. the english language skills subtest is 40 minutes long and consists of approximately 40 multiple-choice questions. take the gk: english language skills practice test take the gk: reading practice test take youve found the right ftce general knowledge study guide. this study guide covers all of the topics youll find on the english language skills subtest of the ftce general knowledge test., general knowledge english language skills practice test pdf, ftce general knowledge english language skills practice test, english language skills subtest ftce general knowledge exam, gkt english language skills quizlet, gkt english language skills quizlet.

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    How To Prepare For The Ftce General Knowledge English Language Exam

    If you’re serious about preparing for the FTCE General Knowledge English Language exam, you’ll want to sign up for an account with Exam Edge. We offer free sample practice exams for new members. It’s the most convenient way to prepare for the big test without having to step outside the comfort of your living room! Get started now and you’ll be on the way to a passing score in no time.

    If you’re looking for a silver bullet for your FTCE General Knowledge English/Essay test, Exam Edge is it. You can even take your first practice test for free!

    The benefits of our practice exams don’t stop there. Once you have completed a practice exam, you will have permanent access to that exam’s review page, which includes a detailed explanation for each practice question! Are you confused by a particular question on the practice test? Simply come back to it after you’ve completed the exam and get a detailed explanation of what the correct answer is and why. No matter how many times you sit for your actual FTCE General Knowledge English/Essay exam, there’s just no comparing the advantages of Exam Edge’s practice tests!

    Our proof of success is with our customers. Many of them have contacted us, stating that they failed the real tests until finding and utilizing our site. Invest your study time in our well-constructed FTCE General Knowledge English/Essay exam practice tests and passing the test becomes a cinch!

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