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Include German Voiceovers To Your Powerpoint Presentations

New German text-to-speech voices

Creating German voiceovers for presentations is really easy with Murf Studio. Just follow these simple steps: Firstly, convert your presentation in image format and import it into a new project. Next, add your script for every slide, choose the German voice that you like, make the necessary styling options, and render the voice.

Once you are satisfied with the narration, adjust the slide and audio block timings in the bottom panel. Finally, build the video to create your own voiceover presentation in German. You can also add background music to your production if you like.

Go ahead and create amazing voiceovers for your YouTube videos, e-learning content, and more with our natural-sounding, authentic voices in Murf Studio!

Murf supports Text to speech in

How To Convert German Text To Speech

Convert any German Text Content to a Natural & Realistic Human voice in just a few steps. Preview German AI Male/Female voices & easily Generate German Text to Speech in mp3, mp4, wav, ogg & flac formats with real human emotions.

  • Step 1 : Select the German language from the list
  • Step 2 : Select your favorite voice
  • Step 3 : Enter the text
  • Step 4 : Listen to the preview
  • Step 5 : Adjust the output volume
  • Step 6 : Set the speaking rate
  • Step 7 : Add 1s pause
  • Step 8 : Click on “Synthesize to file”

Voice Over For Youtube Videos With A German Accent

Storytelling has been a basic form of expression in YouTube videos for a long time. The narration demands an alluring voice of command and authority that can lead German viewers through the storyline. We see behind your story and transport your audience to another world in their imagination through our male and female German voices.

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Was Ist Der Beste Freie Text Fr Sprache

Freie Text-zu-Sprache-Apps zum Konvertieren von Text in Audio.Die beste Freitext-zu-Sprache-Software hat viele Anwendungsfälle in Ihrem Computerleben.Das beste kostenlose Text-to-Speech-Programm oder die beste kostenlose Software können Ihren Text innerhalb weniger Sekunden in Sprache / Sprache umwandeln. Wir empfehlen einige Auflistungen der besten kostenlosen Text-to-Speech-Funktionen, die Ihrem Projekt natürlichen Klang verleihen.

Edit And Change The Gender Of The Voice

How to Speak With a German Accent

With Murf’s German accent generator, users can also change the gender of the voiceover from female to male and vice versa without needing additional software. Upload your script to Murf Studio, choose an AI voice in the accent and gender you desire, and render. Tada! You have an updated voiceover in seconds.

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Add Music And Background Sounds

Using the ‘Soundtrack’ tab on Murf Studio, users can add music or prerecorded audio files to their project. Murf supports a library of royalty-free music that can be used as background music for the voiceover narration. There are 50 soundtracks and one ‘Silence’ soundtrack categorized based on their genre enabling you to filter them to suit your content.

Text To Speech / Ai Voice Generator Using German Voices

Using AiVOOV, you can create realistic voices for any text in seconds by using over 900+ realistic voices across 125+ languages. AiVOOV is not restricted to the English language, as it also supports numerous other local languages. For example: AiVOOV has 35 German accents available with Male and Female voice option as well. There is also to choose between standard and premium Ai voices.

to see all available languages on AiVOOV.

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Is Text To Speech Available In Germany

Narakeet has realistic, natural sounding text to speech German voice generators in several dialects. Use them online to create MP3 or WAV files directly on this page, or check out our Tools page for more ways to use German text voice generators, including converting Powerpoint files to audio and batch automation.

Narakeet helps you create narrated videos quickly, using text-to-speech to turn Powerpoint presentations and into engaging videos.It is under active development, so things change frequently. Keep up to date:RSS,Slack,,,,,TikTok


Text To Speech Service In A Variety Of Languages Dialects And Voices

Speak with a German Accent
  • The Text-to-Speech service converts text into natural sounding voices: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Produce high quality, realistic sounding multilingual voices.
  • Remember the paused position, start speaking from where you last stopped.
  • Choose the speech rate to slow down or speed up the voice.
  • Replay the audio as many times as you wish.

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English Tts Speech Corpus Of Air Traffic Messages

The corpus contains recordings of male speaker, native in German, talking in English. The sentences that were read by the speaker originate in the domain of air traffic control , specifically the messages used by plane pilots during routine flight. The text in the corpus originates from the transcripts of the real recordings, part of which has been released in LINDAT/CLARIN , and individual phrases were selected by special algorithm described in Jzová, M. and Tihelka, D.: Minimum Text Corpus Selection for Limited Domain Speech Synthesis . The corpus was used to create a limited domain speech synthesis system capable of simulating a pilot communication with an ATC officer.

Phonetic Transcription Can Help You Improve Your German Pronunciation

German pronunciation may present a difficulty to people starting to learn German. The pronunciation rules in the German language are very complicated. There are a lot of German letters that can be pronounced in different ways.

This online translator allows you to convert German text to phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet symbols.

This tool will serve as a German pronunciation guide. It will help you save time during your first steps in German, while you are still learning the pronunciation rules. If you use the phonetic transcription regularly in combination with German audio and video recordings, your pronunciation and listening skills in the German language will improve.

This German phonetic translator can convert more than 120,000 German words with 90-95% accuracy. Note that the support for compound words is not yet fully implemented.

Note that this phonetic translator is case-sensitive. The German text should be orthographically correct. So for example, the translator will convert “glaube”, “Glaube”, “Augen”, but not “GLAUBE” or “augen”. Before you submit your text we suggest you use this free online German spell checker by Duden to make sure all German words are spelled correctly.

Some German words are spelled the same, but are pronounced differently and have different meanings. They are called homographs. Compare:

Auf die Insel übersetzen auf Englisch übersetzen

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Features Of German Text To Speech Converter

German Audio Files

Convert your German text to audio and use the file as voice-over or background music in the video, podcasts, social media ads, audiobooks, etc. Generate 100% human-sounding audios in a few clicks.

Text to Voice German Narration

This tool can read your text in both male and female voices, It can be used to read German news. For, an audience who doesn’t know any other language it will be very easy to understand what you want to convey.

German Voice Generator

TTS German voices are the most popular online, affordable and precise voices for speaking German. They can be used as an alternative to human voices when you need a professional-sounding accent.

German Accent Audio

The German voice can also be used in your own videos and language lessons as a way to add a local feel to your content, such as travel guides and language learning materials.

Preview Text to Speech in German Accents

How To Learn To Hear A Voice

Swiss German (Schwytzerdütsch) language, alphabets and pronunciation

When animation school students are taught how a film is made, they are often told to turn off the sound and just look at the picture. If you want to conduct an experiment, start watching animation with sound and then turn off the sound for 3 minutes. Compare your impressions.

If there is a last word about the importance of voice-over artists, it may belong to Neil Ross. His theory is that — especially concerning cartoons with limited animation — without the sound track, the cartoon is nothing but a series of drawings. Sounds, such as musical accompaniment, noise, and speech, make the film multidimensional and allow you to convey the necessary information. But how do you choose these sounds and voices?

Voice-over artist Valerie Smaldone said that she really did not like the voice in the Panera Bread commercial. In this video, the creative concept illustrates real life experiences and the movement toward clean food. Watch the video. What impression does it make on you?

According to Valerie, the voice-over actor on this campaign really got slammed. The voice was incredibly youthful and did not fit the campaign. It also sounded too contrived. She soon learned that similar opinions were represented across social media forums, including Facebook. One post about the commercial ignited a flurry of comments, mostly negative, about the commercial and the voice.

Very different feelings arise when watching Ram Truck commercials.

This list of choices will help you a little bit:

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Online German Accent Text

Convert text to voice online with VEEDand make the voice recording sound like a German accent. Add a voice narration to your videos and share them on social medial. Select a language and a male or female voice profile, and our software will read your text aloud in that accent. Then use our built-in video editor to make your video look professional. You can also export the audio only.

Best Text To Speech Tool For German Accents In 2022

Are you trying to improve your German skills but you dont know how to achieve it? This tool is for you!

German is the official language of Germany and Austria, as well as one of Switzerlands official languages. German is part of the Indo-European language familys West Germanic group, which includes English, Dutch, and other Indo-European languages.

German is an inflected language with four cases for nouns, pronouns, and adjectives , three genders , and strong and weak verbs.

About 90 million people use German as their first language, making it one of the most frequently spoken languages on the planet. German is also a widely studied foreign language and one of the most important cultural languages in the Western world.

Furthermore, German is a written language that is quite similar across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. German, on the other hand, is spoken in a range of dialects, most of which are classified as High German or Low German dialects. The primary difference between High and Low German is the sound system, particularly the consonants. High German, the language of Germanys southern highlands, is the official written language.

If you want to learn more about the many German dialects, you should use text-to-speech software. This is an application that uses assistive technology to transform any text or document into audio. If you have a script or novel that youd want to hear or read in German accents, this technology can help.

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Text To Speech Swiss German Accents

State-of-the-art AI voices powered by Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet, IBM Watson and Microsoft Azure.

Swiss German

These are the most realistic and natural sounding voices, built using AI and Machine Learning.

High quality voices that dont sound robotic, built using computer generated algorithms without AI.

Facts About The German Language:

Speak with a German Accent

Modern German derives its roots from the Indo-European language family. The German language falls into the Germanic branch of the family. While that may not come as a shock, it may be surprising to learn other well-known languages, such as English and Danish, also fall into the Germanic branch.

In fact, what we know as Danish today was derived from a Germanic branch named North Germanic. English and German came from the same branch, known as West Germanic. The third, and final, old branch of Germanic is called East Germanic. While it is not used today, East Germanic survives in ancient writings in what we know as the Gothic language.

The old German language was used by and derived from the Holy Roman Empire, and had dialects which varied wildly. It was the late 19th and early 20th centuries which finally saw the German language as we know it come about. It was in this period that spellings and grammar rules were set and published, and the vastly different dialects were brought together.

The modern German language comes in multiple forms, the most common distinction being that between High German and Low German. High German is the main written language of the modern German language, and is widely spoken. Low German exists as a mostly spoken language in certain parts of the northern Germany lowlands. Only rarely do we see literature published in what would be referred to as Low German High German is much more commonly used for writing.

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Easily Clone And Edit Your Voices Through A German Accent Generator

With a great German voiceover for your content, you can win over your customers’ hearts. Our German AI voices are carefully tailored to your needs and are more affordable than you can imagine! That said, our German accent generator goes beyond simply converting text to speech to provide you with everything you need to create voiceovers from scratch.

German Accent Text To Speech

Our TTS German voices speak standard German, but you can also use them to as German accent voice generators for English, to create language lessons or travel guides with local-sounding pronunciation, and German accent videos. Because English and German have many words that are written the same and pronounced differently, you can tell Narakeet to read using a specific language. Check out the lesson on how to Change the voice-over language or voice for more information.

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Add A Tts Voice To Your Pc

To use one of these voices, add it to your PC:

  • Open Narrator settings by pressing the Windows logo key + Ctrl + N.

  • Under Narrators voice, select Add legacy voices. This will take you to the Speech settings page.

  • Under Manage voices, select Add voices.

  • Select the language you would like to install voices for and select Add. The new voices will download and be ready for use in a few minutes, depending on your internet download speed.

  • Once the voices for the new languages are downloaded, go to Narrator settings, and select your preferred voice from the dropdown menu in Narrators voice > Choose a voice.

  • Speechifythe Tts App You Can Use For German Voiceovers

    Pin auf German

    If you want to create a German voiceover without actors, Speechify can help. Its machine learning algorithms and AI-powered speech synthesis can turn written words into speech for various applications.. The TTS reader supports multiple file formats for you to input scripts, from Word documents to PDF files to JPEGs. You can export the audio in either WAV or MP3 formats.

    Furthermore, Speechify enables text highlighting and playback control. It lets users tweak the voiceover until completely satisfied with the result. It also has OCR technology and can read locked text from images, which makes it even better for commercial applications.

    Speechify is an all-in-one solution with support for many languages including German, Czech, Korean, Portuguese, English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Austrian, Hungarian, and more. Try Speechify and try out hundreds of AI natural-sounding voices to create your dream voiceover.

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    Computer Text To Speech Voices Vs Voice Over Actors

    Not long ago, almost a hundred percent of the voice-over market was occupied by real voice actors. Computer Text to speech conversion was used mainly for technical purposes in specific industries, such as Robotech, computers or GPS.

    David Ciccarelli, co-founder and CEO of said a couple years ago: While theres a time and place for synthetic voices to provide navigational prompts or brief instructions, communicating important messages with the intent to inform, educate, and inspire audiences should be left strictly to professional voice actors.

    But a lot has changed in recent years.

    How the voice acting market has changed over the past 20 years

    In 2019, Google presented an audio wherein a very lively, natural voice calls the hairdresser and makes an appointment. In the second audio, the clients voice reserves a table in a restaurant. Both dialogs sounded completely natural, with pauses and interjections. The administrators of the women’s salon and the cafe did not even guess that they were dealing with synthesized voices and artificial intelligence.

    Human brains may not be able to distinguish a speakers voice from its morphed version, said Nitesh Saxena, lead researcher on the study and the director of the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Security and Privacy in Emerging Computing and Networking Systems Lab.

    The new synthesized voices have become much more realistic and therefore already directly compete with voice actors.


    What Are The Major Differences Between Male And Female Voices

    Remember the moment from Back to the Future when Marty woke up in a strange house? What woke him up? His mother’s voice. How did it affect him? This immediately created a sense of peace and reliability, which within seconds was comically shattered when Marty saw a teenage girl next to him.

    It was not about age, but about the voice. Even though the girl was a teenager in this scene, her voice possessed all the characteristics that a mothers, or rather a womans, possesses. What are these characteristics?

    Due to simple anatomical differences, a womans voice is typically about an octave higher than a mans.

    In addition, the female voice has a more complex range of sound frequencies than male voices do. As a result, and also because womens voices activate the same auditory region of the brain as music, their voices are perceived to be more emotional. The melodic and soothing nature of a female voice also makes the audience feel more comfortable and makes listeners more inclined to trust them. Female voices are perceived as more soothing and comforting, as helpful rather than hindering.

    What are male and female voices associated with?

    Some choices are not so obvious, such as voice assistants or navigators. As youve probably noticed, female voices are used much more often than male ones. According to statistics, female text to speech voices are preferred over male synthetic voices by 12.5%.

    Are there any male and female topics?

    Which voice is right for your audience?

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