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Frisco Feeding And Speech Therapy

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What Can I Expect From My Childs Evaluation And Assessment

Pediatric Therapy in Frisco, Texas

We provide a comprehensive report which includes your childs developmental performance from the evaluation. It includes performance scores and a summary of your childs strengths and weaknesses as well as our impressions, therapy recommendations, and suggested treatment goals, which you can share with your childs teachers and pediatrician.

Feeding & Swallowing Therapy For Adults

Feeding therapy is the treatment of eating-related problems in children and adults. It is required when a child or adult has feeding difficulties or limitations that negatively impact their daily lives, such as not eating more than a few bites of food. Feeding therapy for adults is used for a variety of different reasons, including the following:

  • Inability to chew or swallow food
  • Failure to detect the flavors of food
  • Difficulty swallowing due to a neurologic condition

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Speech & Language Therapists

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What Feeding Issues Might Require Therapy

Feeding and swallowing issues that can benefit from therapy:

  • Oral Phase sucking, chewing, and moving food or liquid into the throat
  • Pharyngeal Phase starting of the swallowing reflex, squeezing food down the throat, and closing off the airway to prevent choking.
  • Esophageal phase squeezing food through the esophagus into the stomach

If your child exhibits feeding difficulties, it would be helpful to evaluate your child to determine the severity of the difficulty and whether feeding therapy may be beneficial.

Welcome To Walkez Talkez Speech Therapy Frisco Texas

Speech and Feeding Therapy in Frisco, McKinney and surrounding area

WalkEZ TalkEZ is a provider of speech-language, feeding and social group therapy servicing children of all ages in Frisco, Plano, Allen, Carrollton, Prosper, Little Elm, Richardson, and surrounding North Dallas cities. We embrace the PROMPT philosophy while including sensory integration to provide a holistic approach to therapy. You will see progress as your child begins to organize information, store it in memory and finally share that experience with peers and family members in a social environment. We collaborate with other therapeutic professionals such as occupational, physical and ABA therapy. We believe that learning should be fun where success becomes intrinsically rewarding as communicative attempts performed by the child are granted as their requests become understood. Preschool to adolescents and young adults, we work toward independence by providing life skills training so that your youngster leads a fulfilling life. Please contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you.

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How Do I Know If My Child Needs Speech Or Feeding Therapy

Each childs development is unique. As a frame of reference, you can review our Developmental Milestone information compared to your childs development. If you are concerned that your child may have a developmental delay or disorder, please contact us for a Free Phone Consultation or complete our on-line Contact Us form.

Evaluation process

What Is Speech Therapy

It is the therapeutic treatment of speech, language & communication delays, and disorders, including related difficulties such as feeding disorders. Therapy can help prevent, diagnose and rehabilitate a childs developmental issues. The purpose is to help a child develop effective communication and life skills

Parental concerns

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Why Doesnt My Child Want To Eat

Depending on your childs condition, it may be difficult to determine why your child wont eat. There are a number of factors that could affect your childs eating habits. For example, a child may have a medical condition that resulted in eating being difficult. Once the medical condition is resolved, our feeding therapy can help a child overcome unhealthy eating habits.

Is Your Child A Picky Eater

What is Feeding Therapy – AZOPT & Kids Place

Traditional therapies, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy, are well known. However, feeding treatment is a lesser-known treatment that is becoming increasingly accessible as feed issues become more recognized in our culture. There are a variety of various feeding therapy methods available across the country based on your childs specific requirements.

Here at Summit Therapy, feeding therapy typically includes the following components:

  • A childs goal during a therapy session isnt always to sit down and eat a whole meal. The objective of a therapy session is for the youngster to play with food in an enjoyable and stimulating way. When worry about trying something new is gone, children have the skills they need to become good eaters.
  • Feeding should be FUN: Its important to remember that feeding shouldnt be a frightening event! Many sessions will focus on simply engaging with non-preferred foods. When a youngster understands that new or non-preferred foods dont have to be frightening, he or she is more likely to try them

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At What Age Should I Consider Therapy For My Child

We provide therapy for children who are toddlers to adolescences. If you are concerned about your childs speech-language communication skills or feeding habits, you can call us for a Free Phone Consultation or complete our on-line Contact Us form to determine if your child would benefit from therapy.

What Are Signs That My Child Might Be On The Autism Spectrum

Signs of autism might be isolated or appear with symptoms of other disorders. Some signs of Autism Spectrum disorder may include:

  • Lacks full ability to get the attention of parents and others.
  • Limited use of pointing to encourage someone to look at what they see.
  • Limited attempt to get attention by showing toys or objects.
  • Limited eye contact with parents and others.
  • Behavior includes repetitive patterns of activities.
  • Indifference or appearance of aloofness toward other people.
  • Doesnt use language as a tool for conveying information.
  • Finds enjoyment in small aspects of things, such as part of a toy and not the whole toy.
  • Increased sensitivity to sound and fascination with visual stimuli.
  • Lack of pleasure from gentle touch but enjoyment of firm pressure.
  • Greater use taste and smell versus hearing and vision.
  • Poor coordination such as clumsiness and posture.
  • Highly active or under active.
  • Unusual mood swings, such as excitement and sadness.
  • Unusual eating, drinking and sleeping habits.

We can provide more detailed information on signs and therapy for Autism Spectrum

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Contact Our Feeding And Speech Pathologist To Get Started

  • Begin with a complimentary phone consultation to answer your questions and discuss your concerns. We will determine the appropriate next steps for your child and when an evaluation is recommended, we will schedule your first appointment.
  • You and your child will meet with a certified speech-language pathologist at our clinic. Our evaluations include observations, standardized testing, parent interviews, and therapist-child interaction. At the end of the session, we will discuss the results and recommendations. If therapy is recommended, you will schedule your sessions.
  • When therapy is recommended, we will collaborate to determine a treatment plan and speech therapy schedule that works best for your family. The frequency of therapy will be based on your needs and your childs goals.
  • What Is Feeding Therapy

    Early Literacy Development

    Children who are picky eaters may be eligible for Feeding Therapy, also known as Feeding Interventions, which are designed to enhance their food selections, volume, texture, and other food-related issues. When youngsters do not get the nutrients they require to develop normally, it might be an indication of picky eating.

    In some situations, a diets limitations may be addressed only with help. According to research, the sooner an intervention can begin, the more likely healthy eating habits will be established and maintained.

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    Does My Child Need Feeding Therapy

    If youre wondering when a kids picky or messy eating becomes more than just a quirky habit and needs intervention, you arent alone. While everyone has a food that they dont care for, feeding therapy is needed when a child fails to consume at least half of his or her entire food group or consumes only tiny amounts of particular foods.

    In other words, if your childs eating habits have an effect on your daily life , and more importantly, his or her nutrition, it may be time to schedule a feed therapy evaluation.

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    What The Difference Between Behavioral And Physiological Therapy Approaches

    A behavioral approach to feeding therapy breaks down your childs eating process into elements that we can evaluate, such as mouth opening, swallowing, etc. Then, we work with your child to learn new healthy eating behaviors. The physiological approach explores possible physical or medical conditions that might be affecting your childs eating. Sometimes both approaches are necessary.

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    Feeding & Swallowing Therapy For Kids

    A child may go to feeding therapy for treatment if they are failing to consume at least half of their entire food group, eating tiny amounts of particular foods, having difficulty holding utensils or putting hands or other objects in their mouth while feeding themselves.

    The child may also be struggling to chew or swallow solid food, or is showing signs of respiratory problems when trying to eat. Feeding therapy would help this child develop the skills needed so they can achieve a better quality of life through eating without their struggles.

    Frisco Feeding & Speech Therapy Opens Location In Mckinney

    Feeding Therapy Through Speech Pathology

    1:47 PM Jul 23, 2019 CDT

    By Cassidy Ritter

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    Why Is A Speech And Language Evaluation Beneficial To My Child

    An evaluation of your child can be the basis for recommending a personalized therapy plan which can include:

    • Social language and social interaction skills treatment plan
    • In-home activities that may help in achieving therapy goals
    • Linguistic speech, oral-motor and other communication therapy goals

    Other therapy goals may be indicated, depending on your childs assessment.

    How Can I Help My Childs Therapy

    Your role in your childs therapy is very important. Therapy research shows that even a little parental involvement results in better outcomes when compared to only the therapists involvement. Your role in your childs therapy can include:

    • Explaining your concerns about your childs developmental progress.
    • Working with the therapist in developing therapy goals.
    • Being engaged in therapy sessions, where appropriate.
    • Asking your therapist questions or concerns about the therapy.
    • Providing feedback on your childs progress at home and in school.
    • Supporting your child on home practice and learning skills.

    We cant underestimate the benefit of your involvement with your childs therapy.

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    Successful Communication Can Open The Developmental Door For Your Child In School And In Life

    Our personalized speech therapy and feeding therapy services enable us to address our clients developmental needs, even if multiple issues affect their progress. If youre concerned about your childs communication progress, the following Communication Development Milestones may be helpful in considering whether your child would benefit from our home-based, school-based or clinic-based therapy.

    We have worked with a range of clients from infancy to young adults striving to achieve their full potential. Every child is different and every solution is a personalized treatment program based on a thorough speech & feeding evaluation.

    Frisco Feeding And Speech Therapy

    What does feeding therapy look like? â Speech &  Feeding of Frisco

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    What Is A Speech Evaluation

    Our speech-language evaluations are performed by Jeanine Roddy, M.A., CCC-SLP. The purpose is to gain insight into your childs speech, language and communication skills. The result of the evaluation will be a variety of scores and assessment information. This information is used to determine if a child has a delay or disorder that could benefit from therapy.

    These communication and behavioral evaluations may also reveal autistic spectrum characteristics or related disorders. The report that we generate provides information that may be helpful to your childs teachers and pediatrician as well as recommendations for therapeutic intervention.

    Feeding Therapy

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