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French Language Schools In France For International Students

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Which French Regions Do International Students In France Choose

French language at the Sciences Po Summer School
  • The French region with the highest number of international students is Ile-de-France, with 127,476 students, followed by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes with 48,538 students, as of 2021 statistics.
  • Ranked third as the French region with the most international students, is Occitanie, with 33,956 students, and Grand Est is ranked fourth with 31,680 students.
  • There are 24,732 international students in Hauts-de-France, and 24,555 in New Aquitaine .
  • Other French regions that host foreign students include Provence with 23,145 students, Brittany , Pays de la Loire , Normandy , Bourgogne-Franche-Comté , Centre-Val de Loire , Overseas France , and finally Corsica with 440 students.

International French Language Schools

Of course, you can look for a language school that has locations in both France and your home country. That way, you can easily continue to learn the language after you move. A few institutes have language centers across a number of countries. Below are some that you might want to look into.

Aside from these, most language schools in your country of origin will offer French since it is so widely spoken around the world. Below are some options that you can explore, depending on where you are based.

The online search portal, Language International, can also help you find hundreds of French language schools around the world.

Why Choose A French Conversation Course

You want to be able to throw some witty comments in French, learn the current trends of France and confidently communicate without having to care too much about strict grammar rules. You still need a classroom lesson but hours of guided conversations will be a shortcut to a more relaxed, natural style.

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Paris Sciences Et Lettres University

Paris Sciences et Lettres University is the best university in France for international students. It was established as a merger of five institutions, including a normal school, an engineering institute, and an observatory. PSL has grown significantly into 11 constituent schools across broad academic disciplines like physical sciences, life sciences, economics, humanities, creative arts, and more. For specific subjects, PSL ranks among the highest in Mathematics, Physics, and Ecology. The university has produced notable thinkers through the years, including Louis Pasteur, Jean-Paul Sartre, Jacques Derrida, and Michel Foucault.

PSL Research University places consistently in major university rankings in teaching and research. The university has then cultivated close relationships with international universities like Cambridge, Berkeley, and NYU, to name a few.

Why Ef Has The Best French Language Schools In France

Summer Camps for Kids &  Teens: Paris Passy Campus
  • Large international schools in Paris and Nice offering a wide range of recognized exams
  • Warm and friendly welcome from a team of professional staff, dedicated to providing excellent service and support
  • Excellent nationality mix year round
  • Choice of host family or residential accommodation year round
  • And last but not least, qualified and experienced teachers

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Can International Students Stay In France After Graduation

After graduation, EU/EEA and Switzerland citizen graduates can work immediately and stay in France. For non-European graduates, you must first secure an employment contract with a salary of one and a half times the minimum wage.

While still seeking employment, non-EU/EEA graduates may request a temporary resident permit or Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour . This permit is valid for twelve months for job seeking or starting a business. When your APS is near expiry, you can change your status to a residency permit closest to your occupation, such as employee, entrepreneur, or researcher.

The Benefits Of Learning French In Our Language School In Lyon :

  • learn French in a friendly environment with a support of a qualified and patient international team
  • forget the textbooks, progress quickly thanks to our original and dynamic teaching methods adapted to all needs
  • learn French in small international groups formed according to 6 CEFR levels
  • learn French in immersion focus on daily French in order to be able to interact in French in your daily life in France
  • enjoy our complete French programs to develop speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in French
  • learn French hand in hand with French culture
  • choose from the great variety of French programs : intensive, semi-intensive, personalised, evening, exam preparation French courses
  • join us when you want our French school is open all-year-round and you can study French with us from 1 week to 48 weeks
  • pass your French exams with us in our DELF, DALF, TCF and TEF examination centre
  • make French and international French friends and live a life-changing experience in Lyon

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The University Centre For French As A Foreign Language

The University Center for French as a Foreign Language is an integral part of La Rochelle Université. It offers French classes to international students wishing to improve their level of expression and understanding. The courses promote the acquisition of linguistic knowledge, of course , without forgetting the cultural aspects.

La Rochelle Université provides quality teaching, educational innovation and personalized support for students throughout their course. Our goal is to accompany you as you learn French so that our culture and also the university environment become familiar to you. We wish you a warm welcome and every success in your projects !

Christelle Monteiro, Head of Department

Whats It Like To Study French In Paris

Studying abroad: Why foreign students choose France

Youâve seen so many images of Paris. Itâs truly one of THE iconic cities. But to learn French in Paris is to slip into those pictures, and beyond them, to discover the true Paris that you can only meet by speaking with Parisians. Studying French in Paris youâll have a schedule, responsibilities, perhaps even a host family waiting for your return every evening. Your time will have shape and purpose.

You can frequent a café every day so the waiters come to know your order without asking, find a bench in a small neighbourhood garden where the sun shines just right, taste all the baguettes until you find the perfect bakery. Thatâs what itâs like to learn French in Paris.

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Learning French For Free In France

If you are self-motivated, you can find an enormous amount of language learning resources to help you master French for free. You can read on to find out more about that. Meanwhile, local associations and charities such as Croix Rouge , La Cimade, and Secours Catholique often offer free or low-cost French lessons for newly arrived immigrants.

However, just bear in mind that these classes are usually not as intensive as they are in language institutes and teachers are not necessarily as experienced. If youre in Paris, the Secours Populaire also lists relevant associations and institutes in the city.

It is also a good idea to sign up for local language exchange sessions where you can practice your French for free. Sites like Meetup tend to have plenty of language groups and events in all the major cities. You can also explore the local Facebook groups in your area to find some.

A visit to your local library could also prove to be helpful since many provide free language learning resources and sometimes organize conversation groups or language events.

French Language Schools In France

Language schools that provide an opportunity to learn French are aimed at teaching foreign students. French language schools are divided into separate schools and extensive networked educational organizations. The choice of the school depends on the preferences and interests in learning French: it can be a private or public school.

These are the list of prestigious schools and educational institutions you might want to check:

  • Montpellier Lyon
  • Toulouse Bordeaux

There are many reasons to choose France as your destination to learn French. With its world-renowned cuisine, fashion, art, and history, France is a country that has something for everyone. And, of course, learning French in France will allow you to practice the language in its natural setting.

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What Is Campus France

Campus France is the French national agency for promoting higher education in France for international students. They have offices in 126 countries in order to help you to prepare your student visa application and to provide you with useful pieces of information about student life in France. They can also provide scholarships for studying in France.

Learn French In Paris

Antibes French language Classes  Learn French in Antibes

Established in 1988, our partner-school is universally regarded as the gold standard for those wishing to learn French in Paris.In addition, the school offers short and long term courses for adults as well as language stays in Paris for young people.

Our partner ACCORD-PARIS has been awarded the FLE label for providers of French as a foreign language.

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How Much Does It Cost To Learn French In Paris

You can expect to spend about 850 euros a week to learn French in Paris . Add to that the cost of your round-trip flight to Paris.

This cost estimate includes your French lessons, accommodation, meals, course books, and everyday expenses like transportation, snacks, souvenirs, movies, and evenings out in Paris with friends. It doesnât include any travel you may want to do around France or elsewhere in Europe.

Where To Learn French In France

There are many benefits to learning a language in the country where it is spoken. For instance, you will:

  • Havea wide choice of classes: from intensive French courses to conversational French lessons and French summer courses
  • Learn real, everyday French: you can learn French in natural settings by having class outings to museums, markets, and other places
  • Grasp the nuances of the language: by picking up on the different types of French slang, expressions, phrases, and accents
  • Learn French quicker: as you can easily practice outside the classroom and absorb the language passively throughout the day
  • Have informal learning opportunities: such as free conversation evenings, language exchange events, and state-subsidized classes

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Learning Options For Children

If you enroll your child in a French school in France, they may receive linguistic support and extra language lessons. However, not all schools have the resources for a special teaching assistant. Therefore, its good to develop their knowledge of French before they even start school.

Some of the online resources mentioned above will also provide options for young learners. For example, Berlitz has online classes for children and teens with groups of three to six learners.

Notably, children will likely be more receptive to language learning if its presented as a game or other interactive activity. And fortunately, there are plenty of language learning apps for children that include these. You can check out some of the apps below or search for others that are suited to your childs age, level, and personality:

  • French Learning For Kids learn the French alphabet, numbers, and words by popping balloons, coloring pictures, and doing puzzles
  • Gus Learns French join Gus, the friendly owl, as he travels around the world and explores languages from every corner of the globe
  • Boukili an immersive, interactive, and educational reading experience for children aged 4 and up
  • Studycat: Learn French for Kids for learners from 3 to 8 years, with two themed courses and 14 language lessons
  • Bonjour! French for Kids and Beginners mini learning games designed for both children and adults, making it easier to learn and memorize vocabulary

French Language Tests And Certificates

EF Paris Live the language

There are several French tests and certificates to prove your level of French. They may sometimes be required when you enrol in an institute of higher education.

  • TheTCF is the official test of the Ministry of National Education. Designed by France Education International , some tests may be taken online and by correspondence in certain countries. The TCF scores are valid for two years.

  • TheTEF is an international reference created and distributed by the CCI of Paris Ile-de-France. It assesses the level of knowledge and skill in French on a scale of 0 to 7. It is available in an electronic version, and the result is immediate. You can sit the TEF as many times as you like.

  • The DELF and the DALF and the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française ) are official diplomas awarded by the Ministry of National Education. They incorporate six independent diplomas that certify to the holder’s ability in the four areas of language competence. They are valid indefinitely. Unlike the tests, the DELF and DALF are acquired for life.

  • The DUEF , developed and harmonized by ADCUEFEs Campus FLE network of university centers for French as a foreign language, specify the level reached by the end of the program. They include instruction explicitly designed for students intending to begin a program of academic study in France.

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Cole Jeannine Manuel Lille

French-language, bilingual, and international schools were created in 1954 to promote international understanding via bilingual education of a multicultural community of students in a French-speaking environment. Amid a constantly changing global world, the school believes in pedagogical innovation and the continuous study of best practices as a matter of course.

École Jeannine Manuel Lille, a UNESCO-associated school, enrolls approximately 880 children from nursery to twelfth grade, representing more than fifty different countries, with 120 students living on campus.

The freshly renovated boarding facility is of hotel quality, and it offers boarders a warm and inviting home away from home while they are away from home. Apart from excellent sports facilities, École Jeannine Manuel Lille also has excellent recreational facilities, including a 1500 m2 gym with an in-house climbing wall and a 300m racing track, a playing field, and numerous other amenities that allow students to flourish outside of the classroom. Students daily needs are met by boarding school employees, who also watch out for their overall well-being.

Innovative Teaching Methods To Learn French Quickly

The goal of being closer to the needs of its students, Inflexyon offers six different levels in three main groups :

  • Beginner : This level is for those who do not speak or speak only little French. From the very beginning, our French lessons are given exclusively in French and develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills so that you can deal with the daily life situations in France.
  • Intermediate : This level is for those who have already learned French in the past and want to improve it. The focus is on all four skills, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural specificities.
  • Advanced : This level is for those who already master the French language but still want to continue and go further in certain aspects of the language. Inflexyon gives them a large choice of specialized courses like French business affairs, translation, etc.

Every four weeks, there is an evaluation helping to check your progression. Our teachers have also formal meetings twice per month in order to discuss about the students progression.

When learning French in Inflexyon in Lyon, you can forget the textbooks. Our head teacher prepares the curriculum according to the students needs mixing ressources from several textbooks, teaching methods, media and games. The course content respects the CEFR level definitions and is adapted each month according to the progression of the students enrolled in the French classes.

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With Inflexyon French School In Lyon Learn French Quickly And Efficiently

Our French language courses will allow you to progress in French quickly by adapting to your objectives and providing French lessons of high quality we received the full score in FLE quality label in 2018.

We strongly recommend you to take an intensive French course that will allow you to learn all aspects of French language and practice them during workshops with other international students. If you would like to reinforce your knowledge of French in a specific field , we can recommend you our personalised intensive course combining group lessons with private lessons.

You may also think about living with a French host family in Lyon with whom you will share daily life and use French that you have learnt during the day at school. Your host family will give you many pieces of advice for your stay in France and will help you immerse into French way of life.

Accord : 3bis Rue Jean

Introduction to French higher education

French language courses for adults or specially designed mini-stays for student groups and school groups, ACCORD French Language School offers the ideal language stay for anyone wishing to discover French language and culture in Paris.

Learn French in France with ACCORD: ACCORD is known worldwide for the quality of its speciality courses such as Business French in mini groups, French for Law, French for Executives and Managers, French for professionals .

French courses in Paris: at ACCORD Paris there is a French language course for everybody whatever your age!

Our adult school located in the heart of Paris, nearby the Eiffel Tower, open all year round, welcomes students from all over the world from the age of 16. Our oldest student todate is 86. Lets beat that record!

ACCORD is an official exam center: French exam website

To ensure you study in the best possible conditions, you can download the ACCORD Schools Protocole Sanitaire HEREThis Health Protocol is also made available to you at the school reception service. This Protocol takes into account the General Health Recommendations published on March 15th 2022 by the French Ministry of Health.

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