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Free Speech On Social Media Pros And Cons

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List Of Cons Of Freedom Of Speech

Informative Speech: Pros and Cons of Social Media

1. It Can Be HarmfulThere are some points that come to mind when it comes to freedom of speech which can be harmful or hurtful to others. This can be observed when an individual shouts Fire in a movie house full of people. This can be damaging as it can cause a stampede that could put the lives of people at risk just because a person exercised his right. Another instance is when extremists groups will utilize this without having to consider how incredibly hurtful, slanderous or mean-spirited they have become.

2. Prior Existence of Freedom of Speech RestrictionsThere are certain laws and legislation that have already considered some expressions to be illegal. One case refers to the person who shouted Fire in a public area. Another example is when an individual threatens elected officials in government. Seeing as a threat to the lives of whom the message was given, the government is set to prosecute and punish an individual who has violated the law.

Limits Creativity & Expression

When you are limited to what you can say or share, it is difficult for people to express themselves if their opinions are too controversial. This should be worked out in your offline life but still allows others to agree or disagree with you publicly while respecting everyone’s right to have an opinion.

Nathan Jurgenson’s Criticism Of Social Media

Some believe, as our world becomes further dependent on technology, our social skills deteriorate. Although technology, and evidentiary social media, have come with numerous benefits, some critics say its increasing presence in our lives has had a negative effect on our social skills. Nathan Jurgenson, one critic of social media, wrote an article on social media and its role in our lives. Jurgenson critiques our misuse of social media and inaccurate obsession of the offline world.

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The Flipside: Social Media Is Slowly Killing Real Activism And Replacing It With Slacktivism

While social media activism brings an increased awareness about societal issues, questions remain as to whether this awareness is translating into real change. Some argue that social sharing has encouraged people to use computers and mobile phones to express their concerns on social issues without actually having to engage actively with campaigns in real life. Their support is limited to pressing the Like button or sharing content.

This passivity is a very human reaction when people are given options that absolve them from the responsibility to act. A 2013 study by the University of British Columbias Sauder School of Business found that when people are presented with the option of liking a social cause, they use this to opt-out of actually committing time and money to a charitable cause. On the other hand, when people are allowed to show support in private, they are more likely to offer meaningful support by making a financial contribution.

The researchers found that a public endorsement is meant to satisfy others opinions, whereas people who give in private do so because the cause is aligned to their values. This peer pressure may be a factor in the recent trend of political polls in the U.S. to misread voter intentions: people who respond to the polls may be answering how they think the pollsters expect or the way they think will please their peers, but in the privacy of the voting booth , they vote according to their true preferences.

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Why Internet Censorship Is Important

Persuasive speech on social networking sites. English 1010 ...

In conclusion, by now you should have a decent understanding of how the use of internet censorship can positively and negatively affect the economy as well as yourself. Many countries have struggled with the factors that lead to censorship, and most countries continue to balance the advantages and disadvantages. Comment below on your thoughts about internet censorships pros and cons. Proponents of stifling the open exchange of ideas on the web often put security over freedom, while those fighting against web censorship argue that internet users should be able to make their own decisions about what can or cannot be posted online. While free speech is important, this freedom must be protected from abuse. We would love to hear what you think.

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Global Situation Of Internet Censorship

Internet censorship finds diversity on a global level. The extent of internet censorship varies from being insignificant to vigilantly restrictive in terms of internet usage and online content consumption by the people. Lets understand how countries on each side of the spectrum impose internet censorship on their populace.

Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of Speech

Many have been fascinated about the concept of freedom of speech. Basically, this is a term that involves laws and regulations on what individuals can say or cannot. In other words, it has the influence to control peoples language and thought.

The United States among other countries have cherished Freedom of Speech as they have seen it as a basic right being shared by citizens. In fact, it has remained a huge part of the American culture.

However, there are constant repeals being posed against this concept. Perhaps a few pros and cons of freedom of speech can make it easier to decide on whether or not it should remain a major part of the American people.

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Johnny Greene Rhetorical Analysis

There arent any justifications for discriminating against others based on their appearance. Johnny and his teammates created offensive stereotypical caricatures of African Americans followed by hateful comments which cant be ignored. Mike, Adam, and Liam claim to have been joking, however, this isnt a joking matter. They feel that their first amendment, which is the right to freedom of speech, protects them from any consequences. However, we dont feel they should be exempt from punishment due to their freedom of speech their posts were gravely inappropriate and offensive.

How Does Social Media Regulation Affect Everyone

Legal Prons And Cons Of Hate Speech And Social Media Bills – Charles Omole

Remember when social media was just a place to keep track of your friends’ lives and post with that one person you don’t see often but want to stay in touch with? Now, you check it first thing in the morning and last before bed. It’s become an ultimate source for almost everything you see around the internet, such as hate speeches, cyberbullying, shaming, and trolling.

Government agencies, Companies, and Internet Providers now have a say in what users post these days. The ever-changing policies for social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more affect how netizens present their opinions for the world to see.

These changes include censorship of offensive language, infographics, and, worst-case scenario, suspending your account permanently. The Social media regulations are equal for everyone, be it the former US President Donald Trump, the Afghan President Amrullah Saleh, or even a celebrity such as Kangana Ranaut.

But what if you don’t have anything to do with something posted by someone else, and you get to pay for it? Because someone else posted something very offensive that you were tagged in when these kinds of incidents occur, it’s not just your account that is affected this can also ruin professional relationships you’ve worked hard to build.

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Post University English 110

Gora JM. Free Speech Still Matters. Brooklyn Law Review. 2021 87:195-245. Accessed July 22, 2022. search-ebscohost-com.postu.idm.oclc/login.aspx?direct=true& AuthType=ip,url,cpid& custid=ns017336& db=lgs& AN=155166397& site=eds-live& scope=site2. Ortega-Sánchez, D., Blanch, J. P., Quintana, J. I., Cal, E. S. de la, & de la Fuente-Anuncibay, R.. Hate Speech, Emotions, and Gender Identities: A Study of Social Narratives on Twitter withTrainee Teachers. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health , 18 .

It Is Too Important To Be Determined By A Handful Of Tech Executives

biggest antitrust suit in two decades. On October 20th the Department of Justice alleged that Google ties up phone-makers, networks and browsers in deals that make it the default search engine. The department says this harms consumers, who are deprived of alternatives. The arrangement is sustained by Googles dominance of search which, because of a global market share of roughly 90%, generates the advertising profits that pay for the deals . The DoJ has not yet said what remedy it wants, but it could force Google and its parent, Alphabet, to change how they structure their business. Dont hold your breath, though: Google dismisses the suit as nonsense, so the case could drag on for years.

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A tenth of Americans think social media are beneficial almost two-thirds that they cause harm. Since February YouTube has identified over 200,000 dangerous or misleading videos on covid-19. Before the vote in 2016, 110m-130m adult Americans saw fake news. In Myanmar Facebook has been used to incite genocidal attacks against the Rohingyas, a Muslim minority . Last week Samuel Paty, a teacher in France who used cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad to talk about free speech, was murdered after a social-media campaign against him . The killer tweeted an image of Mr Patys severed head, lying in the street.

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Who Counts As A Free Speech Absolutist

The majority of people consider free speech to be important. Politically, it allows us to contribute meaningfully to decisions about how we are governed and makes it possible for us to be informed about what is happening in society. On a personal level, the freedom to express ourselves however we choose, from how we dress to the books we read, is intrinsic to our personhood and happiness.

But that doesnt necessarily make us free speech absolutists.

Despite enjoying these liberties, most of us understand that all speech should be protected, if it is politically motivated. But if, say, someone made a public speech in support of a certain politician or political idea and ended by calling on people to commit violence against whoever opposed the politician, that would not fall within the freedom of expression, but rather hate speech, which is not protected.

The core of a free speech absolutists belief is the idea that only through a free exchange of views can we reach the truth. This is also known as the marketplace of ideas, an idea that has origins in John Miltons work from the 17th century, and more concretely in the writings of philosopher John Stuart Mill in the 19th century. The marketplace of ideas holds that truth emerges from the competition of ideas in free public discourse. And this is likely the idea Musk has in mind, as hes even said that Twitter should be a digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.

When My Kids Unplugged Analysis

Hands Holding Speech Bubble With Social Concepts Stock Image

With the growing importance of social media in modern life, you see the increase in the popularity of technology across all age groups. Technology gives people a simple and easy way to communicate with others and to gather information. Because social media comes with multiple benefits it is seen only as a positive in modern day. This may not be exactly the case. Through my recent readings, I have found that social media does in fact have significant drawbacks and because of this I feel that people should cut back on their daily routine of technology use and social media. We have these interactions with friends over social media, and because we are having these interactions we believe that they are significant interactions.

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A Final Thought On The Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of Speech

Once we start deciding good and bad speech, it opens the door for abuses to occur. That is why the Supreme Court in the United States has worked hard for over 200 years to create rigid definitions of what is helpful and what is harmful. The goal is to allow people to express contrary opinions without the threat of legal reprisal. This structure promotes an exchange of ideas, which then encourages the learning processes for everyone.

Negative Impact On The Economy

Nowadays there are more and more entrepreneurs born into our economy. With the highest number of startup companies in history, it is important that these businesses can freely promote themselves. The internet has become a primary economic driver, and that is the result of the free exchange of information. Increasing internet censorship could have devastating consequences for local businesses, potentially locking them out of economic opportunities. By losing the freedom to sell your products online, the result may have dire effects on the nations economy.

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Why Did Hillary Clinton Use Social Media

You can collect and analyse data, it can help you to guide messaging and target channels. Nowadays Political institutions such as politicians, political parties, foundations and institutions are all using social media. They use Facebook and Twitter to communicate with the citizens . This will help them to see how many people they are going to reach, and who they are

Evaluated Pros Of Social Media Regulation Or Censorship

Better Catholics Ep. 13: Pros & Cons of Social Media

Social Media Regulation protects users from cyberbullying & trolls Cyberbullying is an unfortunate reality that has become a huge problem for users of all ages. As technology advances and communication becomes easier than ever before, so do those who use it as a weapon rather than a tool. Keep in mind some pros of Social Media regulation to figure out why its necessary for today’s sensitive world.

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The Impact Of Catfishing

Many people use social media to discover and gather personal information about friends, acquaintances, and even strangers .It is the free will of an individual to decide how much information he or she are willing to share on social media outlets. Many people, myself included, are concerned with the difficulty to protect privacy. Maintaining the confidentiality of information and preventing others from misusing it in ways that are beneficial to them is very important online interactions. The use of social media is creating a society unable to maintain personal confidentiality. The question that comes to my mind is there are people better off interacting amongst themselves knowing that an individuals public and private figure are available online.

What Is Internet Censorship

There are many pros of internet censorship as it works to prevent sites from publishing graphic and explicit content. We all remember these terrorist videos that were leaked on Facebook this is not something you would expect on a family-friendly social media website.

Should the internet be censored?

First of all, internet censorship protects your children from accessing harmful and inappropriate information . This is one reason why many people argue why censorship is good for the community at large.

From the other perspective, censorship limits the freedom you have online. Skeptics of the practice argue that internet censorship leads to the loss of freedom and the free access to information, regardless of its attributes. Using their arguments: Censorship restricts your ability to view the content you want to see when you want to see it. How can censorship be good when access to information is limited?

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The Impact Of Social Media On Training And Development

Job candidates who develop skills in the latest and most advanced social media techniques are far more employable.

A 2020 survey by OnePoll on behalf of Pearson and Connections Academy asked 2,000 U.S. parents and their high-school aged children about the new normal of high school. Sixty-eight percent of students and 65% of their parents believe that social media will be a useful tool and part of the new high school normal.

Blogs, wikis, LinkedIn, Twitter, , and podcasts are now common tools for learning in many educational institutions. Social media has contributed to the increase in long-distance online learning.

Despite issues of lack of privacy and some instances of cheating among long-distance learners, this has not deterred social platforms from being used in education.

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Pros And Cons Of Free Speech Absolutism

Hands Holding Speech Bubbles With Social Media Words. Vector Ill Stock ...

An attractive quality of free speech absolutism is that it allows us to side-step some very messy questions which require answers that are almost impossible to agree on. If not all speech is free, who gets to make the decision about what is protected and what isnt, and how do we stop those gatekeepers from abusing their power?

It is hard to answer such questions without making value judgments about what is good or bad and right or wrong, which could be a slippery slope to censorship. However, free speech absolutism does not guarantee everyone that their voice will be heard. Issues like unequal access to platforms and the revenue-first business models of social media platforms mean that some people will always face difficulties making themselves heard, and some voices will always be amplified more than others.

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Free Speech Absolutists Around The World: Then And Now

Justices Hugo Black and William Douglas, two esteemed American jurists who served on the Supreme Court, were free speech absolutists who held a literal interpretation of the First Amendment. In their view, speech of all kinds should be free, with some exceptions. For example, certain expressive conduct was not protected, such as falsely shouting fire in a cinema, and should be regarded as action rather than words. Douglas, who feared that any limits on free speech risked a gradual shift to state mandated conformity, believed that all political speech was protected.

Today, however, there are many quite possibly including Musk himself who think free speech absolutism extends far beyond political speech. This appears to have a lot to do with cultural shifts, particularly in the United States. Free speech absolutism has gained currency in recent years as a reaction to so-called cancel culture: the decisions by private entities, such as universities or publishing houses, to disinvite certain speakers or decline to publish books from certain individuals with a history of incendiary public comments.

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